A Project Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Towards Summer Training By Neha Nahata (N067) To Metas of Seventh Day Adventist College

A Summer Project in Partial Submission On The Subject Effectiveness Of Sales Promotion Scheme and Different Channels Of Advertisement in 92.7 BIG FM

Submitted By:- Neha Nahata Id No:- N067 Submitted To:- Mr. Mohan Rao Submitted On:-26th September 2010


A Project Submitted In Partial Fulfillment Towards Summer Training By Neha Nahata (N067) To Metas of Seventh Day Adventist College

A Summer Project in Partial Submission On The Subject Effectiveness Of Sales Promotion Scheme and Different Channels of Advertisement in 92.7 BIG FM

Submitted By:- Neha Nahata Id No:- N067 Submitted To:-Mr. Mohan Rao Submitted On:-26th September 2010




This project report is written in accordance with the Master of Business Administration course prescribed by NORTH EASTERN HILL UNIVERSITY for one month project training while working on this project every effort has been made to help in view the objective of the study set out in the training. I have also tried my level best to maintain a simple and clear style in presenting the subject matter of this project report. I am highly in debited to MS SWEETY JAIN ARORA who guided me and helped me in bringing out this report in the midst of various odds and constraints. I express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Mohan Rao (Marketing Head) who provided me all the knowledge about my project report topic and also help me in the difficulty and also thankful to them who has given me the precious opportunity to take training at “BIG 92.7 FM” I am also thankful to the staff of the “BIG 92.7 FM” for give me a practical knowledge and help me for satisfactory completing my project report. I am also thankful to my parents and all my friends who have directly or indirectly helped me in bringing out this project report. I am confident that this study meets the complete requirement of the B.B.A. course. It is quite possible that there may be some error of omission for the improvement of this project.


Preface.....................................................................................................................6 Methodology Of project...........................................................................................7 Objective..............................................................................................................7 Limitation.............................................................................................................7 Industry Profile........................................................................................................8 History.................................................................................................................8 History Of Indian Radio ..................................................................................11 Growth Of Radio In India ................................................................................11 Present Scenario Of Private Radio Fm In India ...............................................13 Future Scenario Of Private Radio FM .............................................................14 Private Radio Players in the country..................................................................15 Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM .................................................................................15 Radio City 91.1.............................................................................................16 My Fm 94.3..................................................................................................17 Vividh Bharti ...............................................................................................18 Company Profile....................................................................................................20 History Of Big FM 92.7.....................................................................................20 The BIG Logo........................................................................................................24 Big FM...............................................................................................................24 About WideOrbit...............................................................................................25 Company Overview Of Big FM ......................................................................26 Key Executives ................................................................................................26 Key Development For Reliance Big Entertainment Private Ltd .....................27 The Big Personality...............................................................................................29 The Big Personality...........................................................................................29 The Big Values......................................................................................................30 The Big Values..................................................................................................30 Key Player..........................................................................................................33 Network ............................................................................................................36 SWOT Analysis.................................................................................................37 Organizational Structure of BIG 92.7 F.M. Surat..............................................41 Vision.................................................................................................................44 Mission...............................................................................................................44 Operational Department.....................................................................................46 Copy Writing.....................................................................................................52 Music Policy:.....................................................................................................61 What Is Sales.........................................................................................................62 What Is Sales Promotion?......................................................................................63 The Concept Behind Sales Promotion...............................................................64 Advantages.....................................................................................................65 Tools Of Sales Promotion..............................................................................67 Sales Management.................................................................................................69 Sales Planning....................................................................................................69 Sales Reporting..................................................................................................69 Sales Management Tools...................................................................................71 Departments in BIG 92.7 FM................................................................................75 Sales Department...............................................................................................75 Finance Department...........................................................................................77

5 Marketing Department.......................................................................................81 Sales Effectiveness In Radio Advertising..............................................................88 Sales Effectiveness............................................................................................88 Why Use Radio Advertising for Your Business or Organization......................89 Benefits..............................................................................................................90 What Stations Should You Advertise On?........................................................91 Free Radio Advertising......................................................................................92 Who Should Create Your Radio Ads and What Should They Contain.............93 Keys to Success.................................................................................................94 The Growth........................................................................................................95 Alternatives to Supplement Your Marketing Strategy......................................96 Primary Data..........................................................................................................97 Findings and Interpretations..................................................................................97 Conclusion .........................................................................................................105 Bibliography........................................................................................................106 Appendix..............................................................................................................107


We had undertaken this project in BIG 92.7 F.M. where we had tried to gain knowledge about basic things associated with management and to gain perfect knowledge about working done professionally here. We had also learnt how radio is been initiated and how BIG F.M. is being initiated then we had also learn about different departments like of operating, marketing, finance, human resource and sales. We had also done survey for BIG F.M. to measure the place of BIG F.M. in market even we had also helped BIG F.M. to do on field activities.

To get knowledge about different phases of working in firm. To get experience of working with different working pattern and different kind of experienced people. To fulfill the requirement of college and university to prove our past studies. Maybe we are failing to achieve the quite minute information which can be helpful for our project.7 Methodology Of project Objective: To Study different functions of Management . minute working of firm is not observed. To improve the management skill to get good work done. . Limitation: Time barrier as because of less time of 1 month.

sports. However. Audiences were charmed by the audiovisual experience of TV. It took quite a while before Reginald Fessenden developed the first radio receiver in 1913. Listeners would decide which program to listen to and plan their day accordingly. They were increasingly choosing TV as the active source of entertainment. This era of radio (1920 -1948) was characterized with 'block programming' wherein radio offered something to everyone. This saw the beginning of what was later looked on as the 'Golden Age of Radio'. The 1st paid announcement on radio was a 10-minute capsule from Howthorne Court. became a part of everyday life. drama. Soon a whole spectrum of network programs emerged featuring presenters who. through national radio networks. Radio became the first medium delivering entertainment to the masses in their homes. as the radio industry was also losing a . At this stage sermons were thought to be the only programming that would be of interest or value to listeners. News. Radio stations started creating networks wherein two or more stations in different cities could broadcast the same programs. Then in the 1950s TV began to catch the public's attention. experts give a lot of credit to David Sarnoff who actually conceived what is called as the "radio music box". It was Sarnoff who suggested that radio should be massproduced for public consumption. A network soap opera could be followed by a 15-minute newscast followed by one hour of a concert. Radio stations sold sponsorships of programs as we do for TV programs these days. That was not all. A large number of popular shows moved from radio to TV. that Guglielmo Marconi invented an antenna to send and receive radio signals. His persistence paid off in 1919 when such sets were available for general purchase. There were standard repeat patterns for popular shows. live musical recordings (almost exclusively till 1940s) would be presented in 30 or 60-minute programs. Early 1920s saw the launch of commercial radio. a Queens based Real Estate Company. People in households would gather around the radio to listen to their favorite programs much as they do today with TV.8 Industry Profile History It was way back in 1895.

People in households now. Radio turned 'local' and moved to what is known in the industry as 'Format' programming. They observed that the customers would usually come and play the same songs that they liked. People wake up. This led to a change in the way radio time was being sold. over and over again. news and useful tips on what to expect from the day. cooking a meal. Sales people shifted from selling programs to selling commercials. They realized that radio was the only medium that could be used while doing other things. The medium therefore has a short window to please them. traveling to office. In fact. In fact it was the only medium that could be used while using other media like reading a magazine or a newspaper or even surfing the net. it had to be relevant to the listener at every point of time in the day. like getting dressed for work. They are exposed to radio for a short while. From this insight emerged the "Top 40" format or the "Contemporary Hit Radio (CHR)" format was the most popular hits would be played on a higher rotation. The shows therefore had to be reflective of various day parts in the life of the listener. the staff serving these people would end up playing just the same songs even when the shop was closed. get dressed and leave home at different times. Radio is the only medium that allows you to enjoy entertainment without making itself the entire focus of your attention. It also has the flexibility to be with you throughout the day whether you are at home or outside. Radio presenters have more topics to cover and need to be to the point. which had a jukebox. And the information needs to be repeated often as the listening span and time for various listeners will differ. As radio was being used as a background medium of entertainment. In the early morning most radio listeners are busy getting dressed for the day and want information about weather. studying and more. At this point in time. radio experts discovered an opportunity that only radio could provide. Programmers would select only short songs and just the best of the best. Two persons named Storz and McClendon used to frequent a local malt shop. It is the time when everyone is at home and one can expect the broadest audience tuned in as they all are hungry for information after having been asleep and away from the world overnight. Radio had to begin to compete in its own way in order to survive. .9 large number of talented staff to TV. It also led to a shift in the way radio programs were scheduled. would gather around the TV sets to get their fix of entertainment.

CHR.10 Once a person is out of home at work. The activities may see a minor change once again around lunchtime through to evening when kids are coming back home. . a more conversational host can take charge now. weather and news becomes unnecessary in most cases. theatre shows to advertise. format radios made radio not just survive the assault of TV but also made it grow tremendously. The format strategy worked wonders for the radio industry. One would expect lesser number of listeners at this time though they listen for longer duration. Being the only medium that could be carried and used wherever you are. Traditionally. However the time of leaving office may vary widely. In this day part information on traffic. this day part gets captured in the 'Afternoon Show'. These updates would need to be spread over a longer time. In most cases the activities around him will remain similar till lunchtime and a 'Mid Morning Show' captures this day part. At this time listeners are also planning their evenings and is a good time for TV soaps/ shows. Slow Rock Hits. More and more radio stations started coming up and competition increased. it could update you about your world throughout the day while providing you with the entertainment you like all the time. This included 24 hours news station. Radio needs to respect that. Traffic updates become important once again. The 'Night Show' or day part coincides with high TV viewing time. talk and be more actively involved with the medium. This is also the time when people are not likely to be busy at work or doing other things. It’s a medium that can be used for longer durations than other media and therefore provides an opportunity to a potential advertiser to be able to drive his advertising message home more frequently. A good time to have more interactive programs for the listeners as they have the time to call in. The late afternoon is in many ways similar to the Morning Show as people are leaving offices and want to plan their journey home. Radio became “The Constant Companion". Sentimental Hits to name just a few. talk radio. Adult Contemporary Hits. Nowadays in developed radio markets you could have a radio station that caters to females between 15 and 25 with just love songs. the role of radio for him changes. Depending upon the nature of the city and the lifestyle there. Irrespective of the form it came in. Varied formats started emerging as radio stations tried to create a meaningful niche for themselves.

Vividh Bharati is the main service of AIR. from Mumbai Nagpur . short plays and miscellaneous features are presented in these programmes. All India Radio had in March 1996. The FM service of AIR. Growth Of Radio In India All India Radio's network comprised six radio stations in 1947. In April 1982. Mokokchung and Diphu have been added to the entire network. Sponsored programmes came about in May 1970.96. followed by AIR Mumbai. skits. when the Prasar Bharati Act (1990) was passed. Jowai. It also came to be known as “Akashwani” from 1957. which includes 177 full .fledged stations. Daman. These were operating under the name “Indian Broadcasting Service” until 1936 when it was given the present name “All India Radio (AIR)”. Delhi was launched 24 hours daily. Government of India until 1997. Puri. Commercial broadcasting was introduced in 1967 on an experimental level. Rourkela. commercials were introduced on a limited experimental basis on the primary channel. Film music. 185 radio stations. This was later extended to other categories from 55 AIR stations from . eight radio stations at Mussoorie.Pune.11 History Of Indian Radio Broadcasting started in India in 1927 with two privately owned transmitters at Mumbai and Calcutta. During 1995 . on 14 February 1995. Joranda. Calcutta and Chennai. which were taken over by the Government in 1930. four relay centres. one auxiliary centre and three exclusive Vividh Bharati commercial centres. which generates revenue through commercial advertisements over its different centres. Till the independence there were six broadcasting stations and eighteen transmitters and till the millennium the number changed to two hundred broadcasting stations and three hundred transmitters The entire broadcast spectrum in India was totally controlled by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. and an autonomous corporation was established to oversee the functioning of All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan.

therefore. . By 1997-98.The first private FM station was launched in Chennai in 1977. was ‘Radio Mid-Day’. the car owners. MBPL’s Mumbai and Lucknow stations were next in line of their operations. The first private FM Radio station ‘ RADIO CITY. Prasar Bharati stopped private players from airing in 1998 and Times FM and Radio Mid-Day had to shut shop. October 2001 witnessed the launch of the private FM channel Radio Mirchi of Bennett Coleman & Co. FM91’ by STAR and Music Broadcast Pvt. Red FM. which gained popularity at that time. FM operators were allowed to take up time slots and program such as Times FM and Radio Mid Day gained popularity in Mumbai around the year. Government then called for bids for FM license. However. and came up with the 10-year license deal. 930 million.12 January 1985. the Union Government announced that it would allow private players to operate FM radio stations across the country. The channel’s programs targeted the car owners.96 were around Rs 80. The government issued license to broadcast in a city. Radio City very soon achieved success in these cities and. during 1995 . began functioning in July 2001 in Bangalore. in an attempt to help improve AIR’s revenues. which soon became the most popular Radio Channel. The target audience for this channel was.97 core. This gave private FM a second chance in India. The total revenue earned by Vividh Bharati and the Primary Channels. who had to spend hours in the traffic. decided to privatize FM broadcasts (July 1999). Another FM Radio channel. The afternoon slots were focused on offering programs that appealed to housewives. in June 1998. On the 6th of July1999. In 2000. (MBPL). Thus. registered high listeners’ ratings. Karnataka. Ltd. But this move was not of much good to AIR. Radio Mirchi was initially launched in Ahmedabad and Indore and soon gained an edge over the other private FM Radio players due to its excellent program. There were many players like Radio Mirchi. Government refused to allow any foreign ownership in the sector. Radio City. private FM business had grown to Rs. Prasar Bharti stopped the operations of the private FM channels with the Prasar Bharti Act.’s Times FM. The growing popularity of private FM channels resulted in erosion of revenues for AIR. The Government. however. Go FM and others.

The concept of 'Radio Partner' caught everybody's attention. radio became the 'most happening sector' in the media and entertainment business. who have no experience in the media business showed interest in 'the next big thing’. the FM radio industry also saw several new innovations in 2005. The government set the announcement of Phase II of FM radio policy in which bidding was done for 338 stations in 91 cities under the new revenue-sharing regime. Well-known media houses like Hindustan Times. Apart from the Phase II expansion. the first by any Indian radio player. Also a 20 percent FDI in the sector provided a much-needed financial support. A year later in 2005. out of which 70 names were short-listed in the first list by I&B Ministry. The Government of India. and other players like PCM Cement Concrete Pvt Ltd and Creamline Dairy Products Ltd. Rajasthan Patrika. Radio stations started entering into exclusive . The advertising revenue of the radio sector grew at an impressive 44. which is a clear indication of the renewed attention this sector is receiving. radio was not a very significant player in the media industry.5 per cent to touch the Rs 300 core mark in 2005. Mid-Day. Meanwhile. BAG films. Sri Adhikari Brothers. With 20 percent FDI being allowed in radio. Till 2004. Malayala Manorama. Radio in its current scenario has entered the Phase 2 of the Radio Industry. Adlabs Films. has added fizz to the whole process. foreign players expressed eagerness to have a share of the booming FM radio pie in India. followed by a second list comprising 14 names for financial bidding. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting has formulated a policy on expansion of FM radio broadcasting services through private agencies (Phase-II). Some 100 players jumped into the foray. Deccan Chronicle. languishing under the heavy license-fee regime. while STAR Group showed interest in taking up a stake in one of the successful bidders.13 Present Scenario Of Private Radio Fm In India Radio is a live medium. Foreign radio players like BBC Radio and Germany's Deutsche Welle have also come forward with their plans and more players were expected. Hindustan Times struck an alliance with Radio Virgin. Radio Mirchi's declaration of entering the capital market via an IPO.

exploiting future value of programming content. all of who have been granted licenses over the past 3 to 4 years. Due to heavy licensing fees before. managing cost of operation in line with its business model. which covers 91 percent of India’s area and reaches 99 percent of the population. radio was not a significant player in the industry. To exploit the true potential of this sector. making niche and differentiated programming a viable option. Future Scenario Of Private Radio FM Radio has entered in the Phase 2 and many new players have entered in the industry. It was dominated by the state owned All India Radio (AIR). Win FM. through a wide network of transmitters and broadcasting centers. FM needs to grow from the current 21 stations to 300 stations in 100 cites. Ad labs have got licenses to broadcast their stations in 45 cites. etc. Apart from AIR. The formatting strategy in the present scenario is pretty much the same for all the private stations. Radio Mirchi has also got licenses to broadcast their stations in 45 cites. This industry in future will be concentrating on many things like focusing on mall and local traders. and Red FM have got licenses. Many new players have got licenses to broadcast in different cites. Also many other existing players like Radio City.14 partnerships with Bollywood and aired new movie songs exclusively leading to the launch of the movies. there are 21 privately owned FM stations in 12 major cite. . They all targets the mass audience and so are considered as a general entertainment station and people are not able to differentiate between each of them. Synergy Media has got license s to broadcast in 17 cites. The set up of new stations has already been started.

. which is one of the subsidiaries ofThe Times Group. Currently. connoisseurs and veterans from the music industry. The tagline of Radio Mirchi is "It's hot!". Radio Mirchi has a presence in more than 33 cities. held recently in Mumbai. Radio Mirchi's biggest music awards night recognized and awarded some of the finest music . the Grammy of India.Radio Mirchi believes premiumness can be achieved by charging more from the clients.. February 18. including the 6 metros of India and Radio Mirchi is the costliest station in India as they charge more than double of the competition. It is owned by the Entertainment Network India Ltd (ENIL). came together to cheer and applaud the winners who contributed to some of the outstanding songs of the year. The best talents.15 Private Radio Players in the country Radio Mirchi 98."Mirchi" is Hindi for chili.3 FM Radio Mirchi () is a nationwide network of private FM radio stations in India. was a musical night to remember. 2010 (Sampurn Wire): The second Airtel Mirchi Music Awards 2009. .

Bollywood. Dehradun. RadioCity has launched Fun Ka Antenna . Darius Sunawala. Radio City is eager to launch its more stations in other big cities like Agra.16 Radio City 91. Bhopal.Online Radio Station which plays hits across genres including International. Indore. in Chennai on July 7th 2006 and in Vishakapatnam October 2007. . Jabalpur. the station had been steadily losing popularity with the launch of newer stations in Bangalore. Gwalior. in It 2004). The station has been criticized for multiple format changes and presenter lineup. Indipop and Sufi among others. Radio City recently forayed into New Media in May 2008 with the launch of a new mega music portal .PlanetRadiocity. Patna.Lucknow and New plays Hindi songs. Chandigarh. Radio City Bangalore is India's first private FM radio station and was started on July 3. Over the years. It was launched in Hyderabad in March.1 (earlier 91. It launched with presenters such as Rohit Barker. It broadcasts on 91. Ujjain and Valsad by year 2011. songs.com that offers music related news. English and regional songs.1 Radio City is a FM radio station in India. Kanpur. Ko ta. The Radio station currently plays a mix of Hindi and Kannada music. 2001. and other music-related features. Bangalore (started 2001). Jonzie Kurian and Suresh Venkat.0 in most cities) megahertz from Mumbai (where first in it was started Delhi. 2006 . videos.

Maharashtra. Spread across the 7 states of Rajasthan. Haryana. 94. It has lined up a number of innovative activities including music based contests. Launched after an extensive research. famous music composer's interviews.3 MY FM is the radio station of Synergy Media Entertainment Limited. 94. SMEL. Punjab.3 MY FM Dil Se! caters to the local flavor of the people and aims at becoming the voice of the Indian masses. 94. to rejoice on the Music Day along with its listeners.3 MY FM goes all out to celebrate World Music Day 21st June is World Music Day and 94.17 My Fm 94. . Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh.3 One of the most exciting and the fastest growing brands in the radio space. Gujarat.3 MY FM is going all out to celebrate it across its 17 stations. RJ choice of special song.

The service provides entertainment for nearly 15 to 17 hours a day. Some local programme windows are also provided at these stations to give regional flavour to the listeners. A special programme entitled "Ujaale Unki Yaadon Ke" takes the listeners into the world of nostalgia dipping into the memories of the artists of the yester years. 'JAIMALA'.All these programmes are produced centrally at Vividh Bharati Service. 'CELLULOID KE SITARE'. Eminent actors. In 1999 Vividh Bharati Service proved its success connecting Indian Soliders posted on remote border areas to their family members through a special programme entitled "Hello Kargil". but even a layman including young and old conveyed their best wishes to the soliders to keep up their morale. With the advent of new technology the transmission of programmes gradually migrated from earlier medium wave transmission to high quality digital stereo FM. From time to time new programmes were introduced like 'BISCOPE KE BATEIN'. 40 Vividh Bharati stations across the country down-linked these programmes through captive earth stations provided at each of these AIR stations. &' HELLO FARMAISH'. 'CHHAYA GEET' ETC. Commercials were extended to Primary channels including FM & Local Radio Stations in a phased manner. through which not only the family members of the soliders . Some of the old popular programmes of Vividh Bharati are 'SANGEET SARITA'. Within no time it proved to be a popular channel of every household. directors and music directors have found way to express their experience and opinion through the Vividh Bharati Platform . It presents a mix of film music. These 40 Vividh Bharati stations are known as Commercial Broadcasting Service Stations and are located at all major and commercially vibrant cities covering 97% of the Indian population. 'INSE MILIYE'.. lyricists. Advertsing on Radio is not only cost effective .. 'SARGAM KE SITARE'.18 Vividh Bharti The popular Vividh Bharati Service of All India Radio was conceptualized to combat 'Radio Ceylon' in 1957. renowned writers. short plays and interactive programmes. 'SEHATNAMA'. play back singers. Mumbai and up-linked to the satellite. 'BHULE BISRE GEET'.Borivili. are still distinctly recongnised by the listeners. 'HAWA MAHAL'. skits.

.19 to the advertisers but also has the potential to reach far flung areas where no other mass media has succeeded in making any tangible dent.

since the launch of its first Station in September 2006. BIG 92. Most other Radio Stations in India have adopted the Contemporary Hit Radio format focusing only on the latest music versus the entire body of music people like. Besides innovative and fresh content. 1000 towns and 50. Hyderabad.7 FM to several tier II towns at the end of which the total count will be taken to 45. derived post an extensive consumer research exercise. but also to virgin markets that have never before experienced this medium of entertainment. The second phase of launches have taken BIG 92.20 Company Profile History Of Big FM 92.7 FM’s music positioning is a distinct Hot Adult Contemporary format .000 villages to reach 200 million Indians across the length and breadth of the country. Vrajesh . BIG 92. thus giving listeners the music of their choice. Key shows across BIG 92. BIG 92. The Company is on its way to taking Radio as a medium of entertainment not only to the key metros.7 FM has lined up a stunning array of RJ’s who will be the voice and personality of the Station. The Brand – It’s positioning and unique content to address the competitive nature of Radio and to ensure the Stations’ stand out from the clutter.7 FM set up Stations in the metros of Delhi. In the first phase of its launches. Kolkata.7 FM has undertaken extensive research and in-depth analysis of the likes and dislikes of the listeners before putting together its innovative programming mix. Unique Auditorium Music Tests (AMT’s) have been conducted across all cities and over 1000 songs run past the sample audiences to verify both local flavor and city-connect. spanning across 45 cities. 1 FM Network and the Radio initiative from Adlabs Films Ltd. Chennai. Bangalore and Mumbai.. is expanding at sturdy speed and is poised to create history with its pan India presence.7 FM Stations will be hosted by local personalities like.catering to a good set of favorite tracks from across era’s. BIG 92.7 India’s No.

BIG 92. The IP protocol technology being utilized for BIG 92. Apart from the utilities and the music mix. but a Big Station as well. Maninee in Delhi.7 FM promises not only to entertain but to inform and empower the listener with utilities that one may take for granted. The overall manpower strength will stand at 1000 employees nationwide.7 FM will bring to you 24x7 unique entertainment from a highly advanced and state-of-the-art radio broadcast technology via transmitters with web based remote management capability. hot swappable power supply and power amplifier with controller card redundancy. Life Banao. Life Banao.7 FM has signed on none other than Abhishek Bachchan as the Brand Ambassador for the Hindi belt.21 Hirjee in Mumbai. Sekhar in Hyderabad and so on for the each city. The transmitters have the capability of back up play time of four hours of music or pre-programmed content . be in financial or emotional.7 FM has been sourced from AXIA. on a daily basis. BIG 92. These celebrity-RJ’s interact with the listeners in the local language. The Infrastructure BIG 92.7 FM aims to honor the deserving common man who works relentlessly and voluntarily for the betterment of society. BIG 92. as they share their emotions. To ensure the highest aspirational appeal and connect with its listeners. BIG 92. 400 crore dedicated to Transmission Equipment. Sunao. Sunao. USA making this Station amongst the first to utilize such superior gear in Asia. BIG FM has through several of its cause driven initiatives successfully collected funds and got listener’s support for people in need of help. With an investment of Rs. Keeping with the tag line Suno. Dheena in Chennai. The Station has designed utilities such as traffic and weather updates along with time checks and health tips to help optimize the listener’s time management and health. Rakesh & Pragya in Kolkata. adding to the aspirational appeal of the Station.7 FM will not just be a big brand. Suno. Superstar Asin for the Telegu & Tamil markets and Upendra for the Kannada market. Another important content strategy of the Station is “Acknowledgement of local heroes in our Society”. the proposed network will be the largest ever. it is BIG FM’s endeavor to ensure its offerings ‘impact people’s lives positively’. Infrastructure and licensing. Kiran in Bangalore.

India's Biggest Private FM Network and a subsidiary of Adlabs Films Ltd. June 5. BIG FM 92.t New Delhi.7 FM. utilizing WideOrbit BIG 92.000 villages making the proposed network the largest ever in India. is installed in more stations and networks than any other available advertising software system.7 will be a web-based Media Monitoring Center (MMC) at Mumbai to monitor all the 45 stations live and provide round-the-clock hands on solutions and technical support. mobile.BIG 92. the foundation for WO Traffic for Radio. Traffic and Billing software to be installed in each of its Radio Stations.7 BIG 92. When installs are complete. WideOrbit. Traffic and Billing software to be installed in each of its Radio Stations. radio stations. the largest provider of Sales. is currently implemented by more than 760 television stations.7 FM. Radio has the highest and fastest growth in India today and BIG 92. . The highlight of BIG FM 92.7 FM makes waves in Radio. Delhi. WideOrbit’s Sales. BIG 92. WideOrbit's Sales. movie theaters.000 towns and 50.7FM is positioning to capture the majority of the market share. WO Traffic. and digital displays. has chosen WO Traffic for Radio. 2007 /India PRwire/ -. India’s Biggest Private FM Network and a subsidiary of Adlabs Films Ltd.7 FM will be in 45 cities and reach approximately 1.22 in case of any link failure. has chosen WO Traffic for Radio. Traffic and Billing software solutions for the media industry in North America and growing worldwide. cable networks.

7 FM. Chief Technical Officer. BIG FM was impressed with the fact that WideOrbit has operated a customer support and quality assurance office out of Chennai for the past 3 years. This allows for WideOrbit customers in India to receive immediate help with questions and receive the same quality of service WideOrbit prides itself on in the US.” states Eric Mathewson. In addition to the quality of WO Traffic for Radio. WideOrbit will be attending the FM Radio Expo at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai from 7-9 June. choose our product. such as BIG FM. . Their one system provides us with the information we need to continue to grow this network and those we intend to add in the future. Implementation and training have been smooth and successful. Traffic and Billing software. BIG 92. We are pleased to have partnered with WideOrbit. the more WideOrbit is the product of choice. That’s one of several reasons we have risen to become the largest provider of advertising software in the US and the value of choosing WideOrbit is becoming evident worldwide as highly respected companies. “The more homework a company does before choosing its Sales.” says Soumen Choudhury. WideOrbit’s system by far made the most sense. Please visit us at booth E13.23 BIG FM recognizes WO Traffic for Radio as the premier product that can meet their high standards and accomplish their needs with their flagship BIG FM stations and as they add future frequencies. “We looked at solutions offered by companies in both Europe and the US. CEO of WideOrbit.

The Company plans to take FM radio as a medium of entertainment not only to the key metros. BIG 92. but also to virgin markets that have never before experienced this medium of entertainment.big927fm.7 FM is part of Adlabs Films. hot swappable power supply and power amplifier with controller card redundancy. The Station is poised to create history with it’s pan India presence.7 FM will bring to you 24x7 unique entertainment from a highly advanced and state-of-the-art radio broadcast technology via transmitters with web based remote management capability. the Station has a stunning array of RJ’s who will be the voice and personality of the channel. The Station promises not only to entertain but to inform and empower the listener with utilities that one may take for granted. For further information. Big is beautiful! BIG is better! And now its here!! BIG 92.24 About Big FM The BIG Logo BIG 92. Life Banao. spanning across 45 cities. BIG 92. In addition to the utilities. The RJ’s have been selected after a careful and selective nationwide hunt. the proposed network will be the largest ever. 400 crore dedicated to Transmission Equipment.7 FM is the next BIG thing on Radio. Infrastructure and licensing. log onto www. 1000 towns and 50. With an investment of Rs.com or sms to 5454.7 FM. Sunao. Ltd. Suno. .000 villages to reach 200 million Indians across the length and breadth of the country.

cable networks. Madison Square Garden. The company's core WO Traffic software is a scalable. WO Traffic also offers revolutionary. and Qualcomm/MediaFlo. Scripps Television Group. Windows-based solution that provides a complete workflow in the management of advertising infrastructure from the acceptance of an advertising order to the receipt of an invoice. WideOrbit’s client list includes: Hearst-Argyle Television. WideOrbit manages the advertising sales process for television stations. mobile video. cable interconnects. NBC. WO Traffic provides centralized management of traffic and reporting from one location for multi-station groups. Denver and London. WideOrbit was founded in 1999 and has offices in San Francisco. Gannett.25 About WideOrbit WideOrbit is the leading Traffic. modern. England. patent pending. Sales and Billing software in North America and is growing rapidly globally. Meredith Corporation. Seattle. The New York Times. WideOrbit’s solutions help maximize revenue and enhance operational efficiencies. and tracks market history and conditions to help clients make the most appropriate pricing decisions. Telemundo. inventory and yield management tools. Transit TV. movie theatres and digital display networks. . radio stations.

FM radio stations. and TV broadcasting services. Reliance BIG Entertainment Private Limited has strategic alliances with Super Cassettes Industries Ltd.26 Company Overview Of Big FM Reliance BIG Entertainment Private Limited engages in net and new media. sports. mobile gaming.com. and Hungama Mobile. and home videos. The company produces movies and animation films. as well as user-generated content. It also operates movie studios. India. and theme parks. Rajesh Sawhney President Mr. as well as offers online gaming. and Internet and mobile portals. a social networking platform for Web and mobile. Key Executives: Mr. The company provides music. Bigadda. Reliance BIG Entertainment Private Limited. Anil Arjun Senior Vice President . The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Mumbai. film entertainment.

engaged in the media and entertainment space to synergise benefits emanating through co-promotions. through Hungama Mobile. it is targeted at both Indian and the world markets. which will leverage the strengths of all of its Group companies. IPTV and mobile networks. branding. joint promotions and 360 degrees marketing initiatives for the film. mobile and digital formats. KITES is the biggest Indian film ever made. and Hungama Mobile to Distribute the Current Titles in the Big Music Catalogue and Future Titles in Reliance Big Entertainment Reliance BIG Entertainment Private Limited has tied up with Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. to take its music to consumers all over the world. Under the agreement. will provide the digital footprint for Reliance Big Music's catalogue across telecom service providers. BIG Pictures Acquires Worldwide Marketing and Distribution Rights of Filmcraft's Movie . The film will be marketed and distributed worldwide by Reliance Big Entertainment. T-Series. and Hungama Mobile to distribute the current titles in the BIG Music catalogue and future titles in Reliance Big Entertainment.27 Key Development For Reliance Big Entertainment Private Ltd. Slated for release in third quarter of 2009. Reliance BIG Entertainment Private Limited Ties Up with Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. Internet. comprising all telecom carriers in India and 37 other countries. BIG is the entertainment brand of Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group that straddles across Film Entertainment.KITES BIG Pictures has acquired worldwide marketing and distribution rights of Filmcraft's movie-KITES. These catalogue will be available for downloads on Hungama's digital distribution network. such as radio & television. The strategic alliance would comprise all formats and media. Internet & New Media and Broadcasting . The company looks forward to leveraging the fantastic network built by Hungama Mobile & T-Series.

superior technology. So that it defies all paradigms. . wide range of world class offerings and best in class services. The desired vision for brand BIG is to be India’s premium entertainment brand both in and out of home in this fast changing. Simplicity is essential for connecting with the wide audience of BIG. The boxed version is designed to reinforce the idea of BIG.28 The bold typeface of the BIG logo is a reflection of it’s strength and simplicity. A sign of assurance. increasingly connected world. It symbolizes the honest and dependable character of the BIG brand. It is supported by the Reliance heritage. The strength comes from innovation and resolve to be the leading home entertainment and infotainment platform in the country.

It brims with excitement and enthusiasm. BIG is refreshing. . BIG is infectious. It’s fun-loving nature and light-heartedness rubs off on its consumers and spills over in to all its different ventures.29 The Big Personality BIG is fun-loving. Because of its constant innovations and experiments. BIG believes in being light-hearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously. BIG always has something new to say. BIG realizes that its consumer’s life style is constantly changing and hence it innovates to continuously evolve and keep up with the changing times. BIG is not unidimensional. It has got various modes through which it delivers entertainment. BIG is trendy.

BIG is about world-class. Key content initiatives include . The company strives to create converged services and platforms for masses to access innovative. BIG innovates constantly. BIG is continuously transforming the face of the entertainment industry across the country. both inside and outside their homes. BIG brims with an unrestrained enthusiasm and meets all its goals with an unbridled passion and energy. media and entertainment. so that it is always fresh and engaging to its consumers. internet. Whether it is pioneering multiplexes or revolutionizing the gaming industry. Reliance Big Entertainment is geared to create a significant presence in businesses across various vectors of content. BIG is vibrant. Reliance Big Entertainment: India is standing on the threshold of an experience and entertainment economy. BIG is engaging. broadcast and retail services and platforms for distribution. BIG has set high standards for itself and it constantly endeavors to meet them. cutting-edge content. To this effect. It experiments fearlessly and continuously offers its consumers new experiences. BIG aims to provide complete entertainment to individuals or groups across all ages.30 The Big Values BIG is multi-facetted. Reliance Big Entertainment has evolved out of the group’s vision of meeting young India's aspirations and assuming a leadership position in communications. it adopts a multitude of formats and devices and is able to reach its consumers. It is at the cross roads of an exciting phase that will shape its cultural and social framework forever. through its world class technology.

7 FM has undertaken extensive research and in-depth analysis of the likes and dislikes of its listeners before putting together its innovative programmes. DTH and user-generated content. Manav Dhanda. animation. "We have a lot going for us. To address the competitive nature of radio as a medium and to ensure the station stands out from the clutter.7 FM is poised to create history with its pan-India presence. And for the record. Another important content strategy of the station is 'Acknowledgement of Local Heroes in our Society'. every fifth Indian will now listen to the same frequency 92.7 FM Big 92. Big 92. movies. Big 92. The station has designed utilities such as traffic and weather updates along with time checks and health tips to help optimise the listeners' time management and health. Extensive research in region-wise psychographics has helped us construct original and relevant matter that will appeal to the varying emotional make-up of .7 FM aims to give the largest coverage by any private radio channel in the country. The company plans to take radio as a medium of entertainment not only to the key metros. 1. amongst others. Big 92.7 FM. broadcast. but also to virgin markets that have never before experienced radio as a medium of entertainment.7 FM aims to honour the deserving common man who works relentlessly and voluntarily for the betterment of society. Big 92. The station will talk to every third urban Indian and one in every eight rural Indians. music. Big 92. In a nutshell.000 villages and reaching 200 million Indians across the length and breadth of the country. says. spanning across 45 cities. but it will be our unique content that will set us apart. Big 92.000 towns and 50. National Programming Head. Every medium of entertainment relies on its 'content' to get its target audience attracted to it.7 FM all across the country.31 production and strategic collaboration in areas such as gaming.7 FM promises not only to entertain but to inform and empower the listener with "utilities" that one may take for granted.

The radio station will boast of outdoor broadcasting vans which will be stationed across the cities to broadcast listeners' opinions and comments on various topics. but want to attract the nonlistener and that is what we have worked towards." Vishal Mull. It was observed that most cities played songs that were 'perceived' as favourites but in actual fact were not so! Hence. 40 per cent of which will be exclusively heard only on Big 92. based on these findings. National Creative Director. the station will air tunes. infrastructure and licensing.7 FM will be the largest ever.32 the audiences across the nation. With an investment of Rs 400 crore dedicated to transmission equipment. The music played will span eras and genres so that it appeals to all. making this station amongst the first to utilise such superior gear in Asia." Auditorium Music Tests (ATMs) have been conducted across all cities and over 1.7 FM has been sourced from AXIA.500 employees nationwide.7 FM. Big 92. We are doing away with irrelevant information that does not prove useful to our listeners. The IP protocol technology being utilised for Big 92. The overall manpower strength will stand at 1. "The importance of such findings cannot be stressed enough as our research has given us vital facts about this nation's people and are utilising this information to the hilt in order to deliver a fine product. It is our endeavour to ensure we have a station that has relevance to the listener and is also high on aspiration. At the end of the day. US. Big FM will invest over Rs 40 crore in the first year itself. we don't want to restrict our audience to only the existing listener population. the proposed network for Big 92.000 songs run past the sample audiences to verify both local flavour and the city-connect. . adds.7 FM.

 Form competition: A company sees its competitors as all companies manufacturing products that supply the same service. .  Industry competition: A company sees its competitions as all companies making the same product or class of product. COMPETITION Brand Industry Form Generic  Brand competition: Brand Company sees its competition as other companies offering similar products and services to the same customers at similar prices.33 Key Player (Competitors): “Market without competitor is just like body without heart” “Competition includes all the actual and potential rival offering and substitutes that a buyer might consider" There are 4 levels of competition based on the degree of product substitutability.  Generic competition: A company sees its competitor as all companies that compete for the same consumer rupees.

4) Bag films: Radio Dhamaal (106. 2001.3) Company was incorporated under the name of "Entertainment Network (India) Limited" pursuant to a Certificate of Incorporation No.1 Radio City pioneered private FM in India to offer premium quality radio entertainment to every listener. 11-120516 dated June 24. The first station of radio broadcasting was launced in Indore in October 2001.3) The new wave of private FM radio which started in 1999 prompted the group to make a foray in FM where the group decided to apply as a serious contender in the second round of license allotment by the Government. Maharashtra. Competitors of Big Fm are as follows: Player Adlabs South Asia/Kal Radio ENIL Radio City Dainik Bhaskar Bag Films Zee/Century Thanthi/Today/Midday HT/Positive/Raj Pat Red FM Total Stations 44 40 32 20 17 10 8 7 4 3 Of the top 13 towns (A + and A Category) 8 9 13 11 4 0 0 1/3/7 40/1 3 1) ENIL: Radio Mirchi (98. 1999 issued by the Registrar of Companies. 2006.34 In context of BIG 92.. 6 years ago. Radio City Bangalore is India's first private FM radio station and was started on July 3. The first station was launched in Jaipur on 28th May. and hasn't looked back ever since.7 FM. 2) Radio City: 91. 3) Dainik Bhaskar: My Fm (94. it has very strong brand image in the market.4) .

developed and operated by the Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation of India. educate and entertain the masses. and Kolkata. the programming is now 100% exclusively Hindi. 2007.35 BAG Films & Media Ltd has launched its Radio Station ‘Radio Dhamaal’ in Ranchi on the Jharkhand Day i. November 15. It was launched in 2002. as a government organisation. with clear objectives to inform.5 megahertz in the cities of Mumbai.e. Recent RAM survey shows that Red FM is now rated the #1 radio station in Mumbai. However. Delhi. Sound broadcasting started in India in 1927 with the proliferation of private radio clubs. 6) All India radio: Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation of India A national service planned. . playing a mix of Hindi and English songs. with stations broadcasting at 93.5) Red FM is an Indian FM radio brand. The operations of All India Radio began formally in 1936. 5) Indian FM: Red fm (93.

Vadodara. Ranchi. Rajkot. Srinagar. Vishakhapatman. Tirupathi. Jhansi. Agra. Kanpur. New Delhi East 7 cities Guwahati. Shimla. Jamshedpur. Kolkata West 9 cities Panaji. Bikaner. Jalandhar. Udaipur. Aligarh. Amritsar. Indore. Mysore . Jammu. Jodhpur. Ajmer. Surat. Hissar. Sholapur. Allahabad. Bareily.36 The Network North 20 cities Chandigarh. Gwalior. Chennai. Kota. Mangalore. Thurivananthapuram. Patiala. Bhopal. Hyderabad. Mumbai South 9 cities Pondicherry. Asansol. Bangalore. Bhubaneshwar. Rourkela.

This helps BIG FM to garner higher advertisement revenues. BIG FM has been able to attract listeners everywhere and be the market leader as it has been able to customize its content to local tastes.7 FM is the No. share and TARP. In Mumbai. Thus its listeners comprise the higher socio economic class of the country having higher disposable income. High listenership: BIG FM’S programming focus in radio is on contemporary film music shows and celebrity interviews. In Delhi and Mumbai. 1 choice of listeners in Bangalore across all parameters . It has managed prestigious events such as 'ITA 7th Annual Indian Television Academy Awards'. it is the highest reached station. 2 station among 12-34 year old. SEC ABC listeners.37 BIG FM: SWOT Analysis  Strengths:Presence in major cities: BIG FM operates 8 radio stations Of the top 13 towns (A + and A Category) and total 45 stations all over India.including reach. It has a first mover advantage in many of these cities. This helps ‘BIG FM’ (Adlabs Films Ltd radio station) to secure broadcasting rights of the music of leading films for up to two weeks after the initial release of the music. it is the No. Inspite of being present in diverse regions of India.. Good experience in event management: BIG FM has a presence in the event management business through its arm ‘360 Degrees’. As per figures released BIG 92. . BIG FM has developed good relationships with the film industry in India helping it to have innovative and creative content. This experience of managing high profile events would help it in capturing a larger pie of the expected growth in this industry. while in Delhi.

license fees have to be paid upfront for operating FM radio stations. Capital intensive business: The OOH business and even the radio business require huge investments upfront and the revenues start flowing in gradually. Similarly.38 Weaknesses:No subscription revenues in radio: FM radio stations are offered free to air and do not receive any subscription revenues. hurting its bottomline. High music royalties: BIG FM has to pay a high amount of royalty to the music companies for the music content procured from them. This increases the operating expenses of its radio business. Lack of differentiation between different FM radio stations: The content played on different FM radio stations is very similar in nature. Listeners frequently switch between stations leading to listenership fragmentation. upfront payment has to be made for acquiring the advertising rights for multiple years. Most of them play popular film and pop music and very few cater to the niche audience. Thus BIG FM needs a lot of capital to fund its growth plans. . This makes them totally dependent on advertisement revenues for survival. In the OOH business.

desire for more brand visibility and the increase in pageants. Robust growth of the Indian economy. BIG FM by virtue of being the leading player in this segment would be a prime beneficiary of this growth. favorable demographics. the OOH industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 13% from Rs 11 bn in 2006 to Rs 17. Infrastructure development in the form of highways. robust growth of the Indian economy would drive this growth.1% during the same year.39  Opportunities:Benefit from the robust growth in the FM radio industry: The radio industry recorded a growth of nearly 58% in 2006. airports. .4 bn m in 2006 to Rs 18 bn in 2010. corporatisation of the Indian film industry and government regulation is driving the growth of the FM radio industry.4% to 3. The share of radio in the total advertising industry increased from 2. expressways. The size of the radio industry is projected to increase at a CAGR of 28% from Rs 5 bn in 2006 to Rs 17 bn by 2011 as per the FICCI PwC report on the Indian entertainment and media sector. Benefit from the robust growth in the live entertainment industry: As per the FICCI PwC report. increase in commuting time. Increase in corporate sector’s profitability. Benefit from the robust growth in the OOH industry: As per the FICCI PwC report. events and concerts have thrown open a huge market for event organizers like BIG FM. the live entertainment industry is expected to grow from Rs 9.5 bn in 2010. BIG FM would be a major beneficiary of this robust growth.

affecting people’s ability to spend on entertainment. Loss of listenership in radio business: BIG FM derives high advertisement revenues in its radio business due to the high listenership ratings of its radio stations. Radio city and Dainik Bhaskar are all well funded. South Asia. Intense competition in the radio business: The FM radio business is extremely competitive. The live entertainment business would also be adversely affected in case of an economic downturn as disposable incomes would reduce. . Most of them have the right programming strategies in place. Any delay in the rollout of infrastructure would adversely affect the growth of the OOH business. Advertising is a discretionary expenditure and is the first one to be pruned in case of an economic slowdown. Thus any potential slowdown in India’s economy would adversely affect BIG FM. Adlabs’s major competitors ENIL.40  Threats:Economic downturn: The radio and the OOH business of BIG FM garner revenues from advertisements. Slow rollout of infrastructure: The growth of the OOH business depends on the speed in the rollout of the infrastructure in India. Any drop in these ratings would adversely affect its revenues.

T.T.J’s Sound Engineer .7 F.M. Executive Programming Head Marketing Head Financial Head Copy Writer R. Surat: Station Head Sales Department Programming Department Marketing Department I.41 Organizational Structure of BIG 92. Department Sales Manager Finance Department I.

Apurva Pathak  3 .Sound Engineer Mr. Chirag Lalluvadiya . Devang Rawal  5 .Programming Head:  Sweety Jain Arora  4 – Senior Producer  Mr.7 F.R.Finance Head  Mr.Station Head : Mr. Setu  R. Tapan Mahadevia  2 .J.Sales Manager:  Mr.J’S  R.42 In BIG 92. Dipen Singh Chawla  5 .Marketing Head  Mr. Abhishek Tiwari  Mr.M. Mihir  4 .J. Surat 14 employees are there includes:  1 . Jatan Thakur  Mr. Gaurav Jain  3 .

Hyderabad. Bangalore and Mumbai. The Company is on its way to taking Radio as a medium of entertainment not only to the key metros. 1000 towns and 50. In short.43 BIG 92. Kolkata. BIG 92. BIG 92. The second phase of launches have taken BIG 92.7 FM has the capacity to touch every fifth Indian across the country – every third urban Indian and one in every eight Indian in the rural areas.7 FM will have the largest coverage from any private radio channel in the country In the first phase of its launches. spanning across 45 cities.7 FM set up Stations in the metros of Delhi.7 FM. Chennai. is expanding at sturdy speed and is poised to create history with its pan India presence.7 FM to several tier II towns at the end of which the total count will be taken to 45.000 villages to reach 200 million Indians across the length and breadth of the country. BIG 92. . India’s No. but also to virgin markets that have never before experienced this medium of entertainment. 1 FM Network and the Radio initiative from Adlabs Films Ltd. Since the launch of its first Station in September 2006.

44 Vision Our vision is to be a leading city-centric-media company by delivering unique audiences through media vehicles like FM radio. Mission .7 FM’s complete effectiveness is that its programming is geared towards the aspiration-ally conscious and active masses whose daily life is a quest to better their lives and lifestyles. event management and out-ofhome media. What adds to BIG 92.

Asin for the Telegu and Tamil markets. .Superstars Abhishek Bachchan for the Hindi belt. and Upendra for the Kannada market.45 With its mission of impacting its listeners’ lives positively’. BIG 92.7 FM is making a strong personal connect with millions every day! Adding to the overall impact are the Network’s Brand Ambassadors . and applauding the work and achievements of local heroes through its continuous initiatives.

Each person engage in operation department is abide by many things on each and every step they have to take care about many things and has to create a perfect show.46 Operationa l Department Regarding Operation in BIG FM. Each and every thing played on Radio by BIG FM needs full proof reason and logic which is necessary to be approved from Head Office which is there in Mumbai. The basic few steps to create a particular thing on Radio are:  Concept of particular is gathered according to particular day or festival or even many time according to current surrounding of listener programmes are prepared. .  Then Contents are being added to a particular according to it Scripts Supportive programs etc are being planned. And Whole Operation thing is Control by Content and Communication Head Who is also known as programming Head. Even songs played on BIG FM are also abide by the Strategies form by Head Office at Mumbai. For each and every single day BIG FM have to answer head office at Mumbai.

J’s Seema Rajput Setu .47 Following is a Schedule of Shows observed in BIG FM 12:00 to 02:00 Time 06:00 04:00 to 2:00 to 07:00 to 06:00 04:00 07:00 to 06:00 to 09:00 12:00 9:00 to 12:00 Rahul Airtel Programmes Show Saher (telecast from Bombay only) Big Star Ka Zamana Hit Gaana From Every Zamana Laughter Morning Big Top 30 Namak Ishq Ka Mihir R.

2) Monitor Shows Saving the Recording 3) Monitor Shows profile of particular R. Server Console Some Software like Negzen audio Control and power Bull.J’s are operating i.J’s also have to look up a lot of technical things like R. Etc Even R. iii. etc. ii. . ii.J is set. Console 4 Pc’s in which one is individual and three monitors are connected where 1) Monitor Consisting of Schedule . Surfing is done.48 Most important technical things used in operation process are many in which some are : i.J according to it only sound of R. 4) And 4th individual PC is for doing local work where different things are done like SMS module is Control.

there are two consoles one is there in ON Air studio and the another one is there in Back Up studio .M.49 Console: After server is another technical thing which is quit costly is console only this is an instrument through which only broadcast of particular show is possible. In BIG F. As console can be said as heart of broadcasting.

to give good quality of sound with great effect.M. There are nearly 10 mics in BIG F. 2 lacs and this are used in BIG F. .50 Mic : This is a mic which cost nearly Rs.M.

.5 lacs and this type of 6 speakers are there with BIG F.M.51 Speakers: This is Speaker which is link with mic and consol and this nearly costs 1.

Copy Writer and Sound Engineer. Logic Positive Humorous Surprising Elements Convey message to target group and society. iv. To conceive a particular concept things are taken into consideration i.M. Even advertisement played on radio are also written firstly by copy writer only promos played on radio are structured by copy writer to make it a perfect thing what a client demanding from F.’s.52 Copy Writing Copy writing is conceive the concept which meets oriental needs and is basically Sales Oriented. . vi. iii. ii.J. R. v. As Sound Engineer is a person helping all the people working in operational department with operating all the technical things needed to make a simple advertisement or show work on radio. Station. So finally operational department consisting of Programming Head.

As in BIG F.53 PLANT LAYOUT When layout of BIG 92.M. As here we observed that there are total three studio in BIG F. Music Policy: .7F. every things are easily available and type of layout is PROCESS LOYOUT. where in 1st studio On Air shows are conducted.M. in 2nd studio Back up work is done where prerecording of program is done and in 3rd studio promos are being recorded. is describe then the first word will be only best manage layout.M.

News or any hurting or disturbing things: Even any kind of news and hurting things which can disturb particular person is also need to be avoid here in BIG F.J. Sweety Jain Arora  Copy Writer :  Mr. no English. Jitendra Dhamecha  R. Apurva Pathak  Information Technology Executive :  Mr.’s should be reasonable they have to give reason for their each and every things played on air through BIG F. channel no kind of music demand program is being heard as in BIG F.J. Punjabi.J.7 F.’s :  R.M.M.54 It is frequently observed that in BIG F. Setu  R.M. they need to maintain some music policy which is designed at Mumbai head office only.J. or any or kind of such songs are being played even here on this F.M.M. And people associated with this department are:  Programming Head :  Ms. because private stations are started with the view of providing joy and entertainment to the people and not making feel them bad. For any thing to be played on BIG 92. Mihir . particular programming head and R.M.

M. Then also some things which are observed at BIG F. Where ever new station get started for recruitment and selection process team of Human Resource Department from Mumbai is being called and they are the only who are conducting the process of recruitment and selection.M. This is the first most important thing to be concern for a job with BIG F. Each and every thing from Recruitment to Retirement are Control by Head Office at Mumbai only. are: Sources of Recruitment: Generally when employees are required then many a times advertisements are given in news papers. recruiting one employee.55 Human Resource Department There is a famous saying for Reliance group. then many a times through p recruitment consulting agency good and efficient employees are being found. . giving salary for two employees and taking work of three employee. Recruitment and Selection: Generally leaving operational department for all other department who so ever employees are being selected must have to be with Masters Degree. Here it is a thought that who so ever employee is there must be a master for his particular work.

whose application is quite impressive. where their ability to become a R. etc. 4) Tests: For whatever respective job candidate has applied according to it only tests are being conduct as per example: for R. Then if a candidate has applied for Marketing .’s kind of test is taken by expert R. 2) Application Check: After collecting the application from the respondents it is being checked which candidates are eligible. is being checked with some shot of test which helps to measure the speaking pattern and presence of mind of candidate.J.56 Process of Selection: 1) Collection of Applications 2) Application Check 3) General Interview 4) Tests 5) Performance are measure 6) Personal interview 7) Final Call 8) 1) Collection of Applications: Firstly after disclosing the requirement for employee in market response applications are being collected.’s only. 3) General Interview: Then selected candidates are being called for general interview where their general introduction is being taken here only it is being found that the candidate is good or not can work for firm or not.J.J.

57 the test taken would be to measure his skill of getting as many costumer as he can so here convincing power of candidate is being checked and even group discussion is also one part of this tests. 7) Final Call: And finally candidate is given offer letter and contract which consist the details regarding pay. holiday. 6) Personal Interview: Then best candidates are being selected and called for personal interview with H. etc. rules and regulation.R person from Mumbai and here only finalization is being done that is candidate is selected or not and here only negotiation of pay is also done. . 5) Measuring the Performance: Then performance of the candidate is being measure here after conducting the tests and who show are best are being called for next stage.

J.’s only because other employee selected are all ready best in their particular field then also if require training the they are provided with the training in their practical work only.5 days each month) + 10 days declared holiday + 2 optional holidays Availing Leave + Maternity Leave (As per Act)  HOD approval for leave to be forwarded to HR via e-mail  Approval at least 15 days prior to going on leave in excess of 5 days  Leave Accumulation Intervening WO & HOL will not be counted when calculating leave availed  Max of 50% leave earned in a year or max 10 days (whichever is lower) can be carried forward  Leave Encashment Maximum 60 days leave balance can be accumulated  No provision for encashment of leave PAY ROLL .58 TRAINING Generally when it comes to training then the only trainee are R.J.J. And training for R.J.a. (Accrual @ 2.ing. LEAVE POLICY Leave Policy Combined leave of 30 days p.’s are being called from different country who are world famous and best with their work of R.’s are arrange for 2 months in Mumbai only there in Mumbai expert R.

59 Step I  Attendance register to be maintained at the station Station to send the attendance report in the prescribed format to Regional HR Validation of Absent. LWP. Leave done at Regional level Regional HR to send consolidated report to    Step II Corporate by 20th of every month  Attendance format sent to Corp Finance for validation  The First Cut salary is sent to Regional HR for inputs and corrections  On confirmation Finance processes salary Some extra given to employee for work purpose: .

250/day Rs. 1500/max GH / Rs. any other supporting. as required Even for business travel many relaxations are also provided in fairs: Grade Mode Travel Train II Tier) Train of Accommodation Boarding Local Conveyance E9 (AC GH / Rs. 500/per day Rs. 250/day OBV / AC Taxi E6 to E8 (AC GH / Rs. 1500/max III Tier) & Train Bus (AC OBV / Taxi E5 below III Tier) / Auto-rickshaw Appraisal Process: .60 Process for Business Travel:  Pre Travel Approval in Travel Requisition Form  All travel claims to be submitted within 7 days of completion of travel  Travel Claims must be submitted along with original ticket. hotel bills. 2000/max Rs.

they need to maintain some music policy which is designed at Mumbai head office only. or any or kind of such songs are being played even here on this F.  Appraisal Forms  Forced Distribution Matrix It is frequently observed that in BIG F. channel no kind of music demand program is being heard as in BIG F.M. no English.M.61 Step I  Business Goals are mutually signed off by Business Manager and Associate before the beginning of the quarter  Associate sends self appraisal to Business Manager 15 days prior to the date of submission  Appraisal is signed off mutually by BM & associate  Station Heads to ensure adherence to station bell curve Step II  Appraisals are sent to Regional HR  Appraisal meetings conducted to share the discrepancies with Station Heads and Functional Heads  Rationalisation done and sent to Regional Head for Approval Step III  Rationalised scores sent to Corp HR  Normalisation done at Corp by HR and ECM Functional Heads  Score shared with Regional HR  Rationalised Scores sent to Corp HR. . ECM Functional Heads & Regional Head for Approval   Adherence Scores shared with team by functional heads.M. Punjabi.

Sweety Jain Arora  Copy Writer :  Mr.J.’s should be reasonable they have to give reason for their each and every things played on air through BIG F. . because private stations are started with the view of providing joy and entertainment to the people and not making feel them bad. particular programming head and R.’s :  R.J. \ And people associated with this department are:  Programming Head :  Ms. Mihir What Is Sales A sale is the pinnacle activity involved in the selling products or services in return for money or other compensation.7 F. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity.62 News or any hurting or disturbing things: Even any kind of news and hurting things which can disturb particular person is also need to be avoid here in BIG F.J.M. For any thing to be played on BIG 92.M. Apurva Pathak  Information Technology Executive :  Mr.J.M. Jitendra Dhamecha  R. Setu  R.

Sales promotions are used by a wide range of organizations in both the consumer and business markets. As a reward. though a party to the sale. and the application and due settlement of a price.the provider of the goods or services .completes a sale in response to an acquisition or to an appropriation[citation needed] or to a request. only the seller does that. . There follows the passing of title (property or ownership) in the item. marketers offer something of value to those responding generally in the form of lower cost of ownership for a purchased product (e. though the frequency and spending levels are much greater for consumer products marketers. To be precise the sale completes prior to the payment and gives rise to the obligation of payment. the obligation for which arises due to the seller's requirement to pass ownership. does not execute the sale.g. money back) or the inclusion of additional value-added material (e. a seller agrees upon a price at which he willingly parts with ownership of or any claim upon the item.g.. What Is Sales Promotion? Sales promotion describes promotional methods using special short-term techniques to persuade members of a target market to respond or undertake certain activity. If the seller completes the first two above stages (consent and passing ownership) of the sale prior to settlement of the price.63 The seller . something more for the same price). lower purchase price. Ideally.. The purchaser. the sale remains valid and gives rise to an obligation to pay.

"Sales Promotion comprises that range of techniques used to attain sales or marketing objectives in a cost effective manner by adding value to a product or service either to intermediaries or end users. Besides advertising and personal selling. consumers become more confident about buying a new product. • Reduced Rates . Consumers like to make use of such occasions to buy larger quantities of such products. all other activities undertaken to promote a product can be classified under sales promotion! According to the Institute of Sales Promotion. Once satisfied with the quality of the sample product.Importance to Consumers is probably the fastest and best way through which manufacturers can push consumers to try a product. companies offer their products at discounted rates. trial or purchase of a product by the end user or other intermediaries in between. there are 3 modes of Sales Promotion • • • Consumer oriented Sales force oriented Retailer oriented • Increased Buying Confidence . normally but not exclusively within a defined time period. .64 The Concept Behind Sales Promotion The term Sales Promotion broadly refers to all those promotional activities which are undertaken to stimulate interest." Almost every Company uses Sales Promotion techniques at some stage of the product life cycle since sales promotion techniques provide a strong incentive to BUY! Generally.During promotional campaigns.Distribution of free samples Advantages of Sales Promotion .

Thanks to the offers and sales. Coupons. from banks to supermarkets. Some of the commonly used Sales Promotion tools include • Free Samples. Cash Refund offers. games and contests. (b) Customer Relationship Management (CRM) incentives such as bonus points or money off coupons.Websites and mobile phones that support a sales promotion. Lucky draws. This is known as a PREMIUM sales promotion tactic. customers are positively inclined towards buying a particular product. initiatives that are not covered by the other elements of the marketing communications or promotions mix). For example. if you sell two for $1. you are still in profit . Free Trials. in the United Kingdom. usage or trial of a product or service (i. and cost 10 cents to manufacture. Companies enjoy increased demands for their products while such campaigns are running.Sales Promotion campaigns enable manufacturers Controlled Expenses & Measurable Results . Tie In Promotion. Point of Purchase Displays etc. Nestle printed individual codes on KIT-KAT .especially if there is a corresponding increase in sales.65 Advantages for Producers and Manufacturers • • Entering New Markets . There are many examples of CRM.Producers have direct to capture new markets. (c) New media . Sales promotions are varied. control over sales promotion campaigns and this enable them to make sure that there are no undue wastages in the process! • Increased Sales . Advantages for the Sales Force • Sales promotion campaigns makes the job of the sales team much easier. For example if a loaf of bread is priced at $1. Sales promotion is any initiative undertaken by an organisation to promote an increase in sales. Often they are original and creative.e.Sales promotion techniques have favourable effect on the sales of products. Here are some examples of popular sales promotions activities: (a) Buy-One-Get-One-Free (BOGOF) . and hence a comprehensive list of all available techniques is virtually impossible (since original sales promotions are launched daily!).which is an example of a self-liquidating promotion.

Many of the examples above are focused upon consumers. (i) Vouchers and coupons. Once the card was full the consumer was given a free sandwich. on the TV and radio. (f) Discounted prices e.g. (g) Joint promotions between brands owned by a company. . and on packs. For example Red Bull (a caffeinated fizzy drink) was given away to potential consumers at supermarkets.g. and incentives for distributor sales people and their retail clients. in newspapers. point-of-sale materials and product demonstrations. magazines. Consumers could also text codes via their mobile phones to the same effect. (e) Free gifts e. (l) Finance deals . in high streets and at petrol stations (by a promotions team). (h) Free samples (aka. sales promotion leaflets and other materials (such as T-shirts).66 packaging. or with another company's brands. (d) Merchandising additions such as dump bins. are becoming more popular. Subway gave away a card with six spaces for stickers with each sandwich purchase. Examples here might include joint promotions between a manufacturer and a distributor. tasting of food and drink at sampling points in supermarkets. sampling) e. and the less well off farmers and producers. on packs. or additional destinations are announced. Budget airline such as EasyJet and Ryanair. whereby a consumer would enter the code into a dynamic website to see if they had won a prize. are given away with promoted meals. These are known as Trade Sales Promotions. often seen in newspapers and magazines. (k) Cause-related and fair-trade products that raise money for charities. (j) Competitions and prize draws. For example fast food restaurants often run sales promotions where toys. relating to a specific movie release. 0% finance over 3 years on selected vehicles.for example. Don't forget that promotions can be aimed at wholesales and distributors as well. on The Internet.g. e-mail their customers with the latest low-price deals once new flights are released.

newspaper or mail. Whoever they are targeted to. arouse interest and involvement. There . Who can resist getting anything free? Also through the same mode. sales promotions have to be taken seriously and have to be part of the strategic marketing plan of the brand. If you offer a free ice-cream to a consumer when all she needs to do is cut out a coupon from the newspaper and present it at the store. Of course. Let's take consumer-oriented sales promotions first. Since the sales function is the most important functioning of any marketing activity. It makes a buyer pick up the product. there could be an offer of one pack free on every pack you buy.67 Tools Of Sales Promotion: Sales promotion tools can be varied. because he thinks he's saving by doing so. They can be aimed at different target audiences: the consumer. you can get coupons to the consumer. A variation on this scheme is the more-for-less or a prize-pack deal where there is additional product in the same pack. having POP or point of purchase displays ensures that you catch the customer's eye and make him aware of the scheme that is on. in order to motivate the sales team. too is a great incentive as far as the consumer is concerned. easiest and probably quickest way to get a buyer's attention. Yet another tool targeted to the consumer is the free sample. These can be in-store. they have one common goal: to increase sales. These can be a price-off which is the simplest. she'll do it! Yet another way to keep the consumer coming back for more would be to start a loyalty rewards program. Or. Towards this end. Somehow. there can be sales contests and incentives for achieving sales targets. it seems to stand out in shop shelves. The incentives can be in the form of prizes or cash. out on the roads or can get into the home through a magazine. too. This is a great way to get the consumer to try the product. One needs to carry one's sales team along to ensure that it becomes a success. Having a sales promotion program in place is not enough. This. Competitions. the sales team and the trade.

you'll find that the sky is really the limit! When it comes to the trade. Once the sales team is motivated . new products announced with fanfare. conferences. For another.and what greater motivation than money. conventions and trade shows are also very necessary.68 could even be competitions. again. For one. These measures just inject a new lease of life into the sales curve of the brand. . Also very welcome is joint advertising when two manufacturers join hands over a promotion and in-shop POP or point of purchase. For the trade. it is a sort of support for not just the brand but the trade as well. This not only enthuses the team but also helps to push the sales targets even higher. it shows that the company takes the brand very seriously. incentive programs and contests seem to get the adrenalin flowing. It means new customers could be added.

Failure to plan always means lost sales. Revenue. staffing. people. the product is available. or a combination of both). Sales Planning An essential sales leadership role is to establish a sense of purpose or vision and clear direction to get there. but it also means opportunities for additional sales are presented and the sales assets are available to exploit these opportunities. A key element of a business’ strategic 12-month plan is to answer the question: “Where will all the sales come from?” The sales plan is not a guesstimate. It takes its direction from the marketing strategy and is based on thorough research and a considered positioning of the company within the market place. It should enable the sales managers to take timely corrective action deviate from projected values. but also react quickly when demand decreases. More "results related" than "process related" are information regarding the sales funnel and the hit rate. Sales Reporting The sales reporting includes the key performance indicators of the sales force. It also allows senior management to evaluate the sales manager.69 Sales Management Sales management is attainment of an organization's sales goals in an effective & efficient manner through planning. The Key Performance Indicators indicate whether or not the sales process is being operated effectively and achieves the results as set forth in sales planning. Sales planning involves predicting demand for the product and demand on the sales assets (machines. training. Sales planning improves efficiency and decreases unfocused and uncoordinated activity within the sales process. Planning should allow for meeting increasing customer demand for more products. Planning insures that when a consumer wishes to purchase the product. leading & controlling organizational resources. Sales reporting can provide metrics for sales management . and sources of funds fuel organizations and the management of that process is the most important function. services and/or customization as the business is growing. sales.

sales reports are made for internal use for top management. Finally. If other divisions’ compensation plan depends on final results. Rewarding the best managers without accurate and reliable sales reports is not objective. so the sales management system should have advanced reporting capabilities to satisfy the needs of different stakeholders. it is needed to present results of sales department’s work to other departments. Also. sales reports are required for investors. .70 compensation. partners and government.

contacts. and other information can pile up quickly. and reporting. sharing. What are sales management tools? Sales management tools are a group of software or computer applications that help you manage the sales process for your business. There are many options for sales management tools. Sales management tools include functions that help with data collection. every sales person and manager is looking for sales management tools that could make their lives easier. and report and share this data when they need to. and can share this data easily with your company. about a client. so it important that you find one that fits the needs of your business. As your business grows. Sales management tools help you manage all this information easily. Sales Sales management tools ensure that you never miss a follow up. Picking the right sales management tools can make a huge difference to your company. know important data management tools are essential for effective and efficient business management.71 Sales Management Tools: An introduction to sales management tools. They hope for sales management tools that will help them automate processes. quickly analyze data. sales. In the sales world. The importance of sales management tools. appointment scheduling. Features of sales management tools can vary greatly. . Sales management tools can be an essential part of your business.

by Avidian is one of the top-rated sales management tools on the market. a detailed list of previous contacts. and this helps ensure consistent use. Users don’t have to remember to open an extra program in order to access sales management tools. It is already open and running through Outlook. This makes it sales management tools that are easy to use and easy to learn. a program they are already familiar with and comfortable with. They will not feel intimidated or frustrated by a new program. The fact that are people are familiar with Outlook will also ensure they will use the sales management tools. Outlook is one of the most commonly used software applications and most people have it open and running on their desktop whenever their computer is on. Prophet takes sales management tools to a whole new level. The sales management tools operate directly within Outlook. you not only have the customers information. much more.72 Prophet as sales management tools. and much. Prophet offers sales management tools that plug directly into Outlook. Outlook and Prophet working together as sales management tools. you have the stage in the sales process they are in. It takes all the best features of sales management tools and improves on them in several ways. The fact that Prophet is a plug in to Outlook has countless benefits to sales management tools. Several sales management tools are perfected in Prophet. Common sales management tools such as data collection and sales process monitoring are all done from one location. Prophet. This ensures that your sales management tools are used consistently. Working within Outlook to utilize your sales management tools saves time. Consistent use is one key to making your sales management tools effective. . The pairing of Outlook and Prophet makes outstanding sales management tools easy to use and effective. When you open a contact.

Prophet sales management tools can be trained in a variety of format including quick start classroom training and online training. This means that users only have to learn a small amount in order to use the sales management tools to the full. . As sales management tools built directly into Outlook. Another great benefit of sales management tools that are offered with Prophet is the ease of training.73 Training on your sales management tools. reminders. ensuring that large amounts of extra money does not need to be spent training on new sales management tools that are unfamiliar to users. The features of Prophet sales management tools operate in forms that are built right into Outlook. Users already have a strong foundation in Outlook use so the training is quick and efficient. Contacts. the ease of training is a snap. Whenever new software is being pondered. businesses wonder what type of financial and time impact will it have. As discussed above. Using Prophet as your sales management tools will eliminate many of these worries and frustrations. and emails are all run through the familiar Outlook. They worry about the amount of money they will have to spend on training and how much productivity will be lost while the training is being completed. most users are very familiar with Outlook. Other programs that run as separate sales management tools are unfamiliar and can require long hours of classroom training or costly books and CD-ROM’s to train.

to a whole company. Prophet allows you to share data in several ways. Beyond data collect. to a team. or even peer-to-peer sharing with certain versions. Customers will benefit from the organization that sales management tools bring which will keep them coming back to your business and ensure that they recommend new clients. Sales management tools are essential to every business. Prophet brings several other benefits with its sales management tools.74 Additional benefits offered by Prophet sales management tools. Look into sales management tools for your business and you wonder why you waited so long to implement sales management tools. use server sharing. Your sales management tools can report on several levels from an individual salesperson. . Reports can be run in several formats such as PDF and aspx. Part of sales management tools should help you keep track of your goals. The extra features that Prophet’s sales management tools bring offer features that you will quickly come to rely on. Sales management tools will help your sale people stay organized and efficient. The reporting features of Prophet makes reporting easy. Managing your data is essential and sales management tools can help you do that. You can email it. ensuring you can share data with a wide variety of users. Sales management tools such as reporting can help you motivate and keep the company informed. Sharing data is also an important part of sales management tools. your sales management tools should bring extra features to the table.

e. F = Features A = Advantages B = Benefits are being . industry.M.M. And for F.75 Departments in BIG 92.7 F. is SPANCO approach: S = Suspecting P = Prospecting A = Approach N = Negotiation C = Close O = Order 1) S = Suspecting: In sales process firstly details regarding target customer is collected here only it is analyze that which customers are going to be concern by the firm to play their advertisement on BIG F. industry “client are known as customers and listeners are known as consumers. So here customers are being found to let generate revenue. And this is the only way through which revenue can be generated in radio field.7 FM Sales Department For BIG 92.M. 3) A = Approach: Here in this phase of sales approach meeting is being set with client where F A B i. Instead of this there is no way to gain revenue in whole F.” The approach implemented for sales in BIG 92.M.M.M.M. 2) P = Prospecting: In second phase of prospecting potential customers are being found from the customer found in first phase i.7 F. in suspecting phase to get their product promote through BIG F.e. sales means to convince the customer for getting their promotion done through BIG F.

to attract client to give contract for promotion of their product. 5) C = Close: Then closing phase is being done where all the required formalities are being done and here only new relation between client and BIG F. Abhishek Tiwari . And people associated with sales department are:  Mr. For the sales purpose sometimes directly customers are being concern but sometimes reference of customer is being provided by advertising agencies like shah publicity. 6) O = Order: And then finally order is being placed and further activities like making of advertisements and organizing on field activities are started to satisfy the customer at the most. So to get more an more sales done contact with advertising agency is also required.M.76 displayed in front of client of playing advertisement on radio even for this many presentations are also there with sales team of BIG F. And the greatest example for this is Hotel Taj Gateway and Hotel Golden Star. As money is an important thing this is the most important phase of this whole sales process as here only great relations are being developed with different client. 4) N = Negotiation: Then comes the negotiation part where price is being decided with the mutual discussion of sales executive and client.M. found to be initiated. Here policy of advertisement and linked on field activity is also being decided.

E. The time when BIG F.M.M.7 F. will be achieve. was lounged it was assume that after 5 to 6 years Break Even Point i. stations are introduce only for entertainment purpose the only way to earn some thing is to get advertisement of different customer played on particular F.M. station. stations but On Air promos are charged different The standard rate for single spot is Rs.:  170 per second for Surat  160 per second for Baroda  150 per second for Rajkot  700 per second for Metro City  900 per second for Mumbai .M. B.M.M. And in special conditions according to clients demand.M.7 F. As private F. But right now BIG F. and whole radio industry is making loss only. Some rates decided are mentioned below which are generally standard for all F. 33 per second and required minimum spot is of 10 seconds and maximum spot should be of 30 seconds if marketing tie up is there then it should be maximum of 45 seconds.P. On Air rates of advertisement on BIG 92.e. the most complex working pattern is observed in finance department.77 Finance Department In BIG 92.

Revenue(per month) Revenue – 15 Lac Expanses(per month) House keeping & Security Rs. reaches to Rs.78 On Air rate are not standard for all. Suppose target of achieving 15 lakhs is given per month and even it is achieve too but expense are to many which does not let station earn any thing. get its budget ready from Mumbai head office only. F. So the rates of competitors are as follow:  Radio Mirchi = 160  My F.M. 15 Lac is there. 30000 Music Royalty Depreciation of Machine Rent Electricity Cost Salary Broadcast Rent Total Rs. 22. 8 Lac Rs. Any expense made is being control by Mumbai head office.75 Lac Rs. 4 Lac Rs.80Lac By this we can say that every month nearly expense of BIG F.M. where any expense made is being enter which can be seen by any BIG Station any where.’s are making loss which can be clear with the following expenses made monthly bases. 2 Lac Rs. According to different stations different budgets are being prepared.M. House Keeping & Security: . 25 Lac and in comparison of it revenue is just Rs. Here according to competition rates are decided. There is a kind of software with BIG F. 75000 Rs.M. 1. = 100  Radio City = 150 For whole year BIG F. In a reach of a given budget only particular station of BIG has to work.15 Lac Total Rs. 6 Lac Rs.M. Each and every thing is being regulated by Mumbai finance department.

M. are to expensive like server which costs in crores and as technology changes huge amount is being count for its depreciation . Broadcast Cost: The amount paid for broadcast is paid for using the tower through which only a show can be played on radio it is a single tower on which the antenna of different F.Series. Salary: Amount paid to all the 14 employees for their work is calculated under the banner of salary.. station has to pay this cost to Vividh Bharti as this towers are being owned by Vividh Bharti.79 Amount paid for security and house keeping are included here . stations are there. mic. 180.M. etc.M. Depreciation on Machines: The machines with BIG F. Music Royalty: Music Royalty means amount paid for each single song to be played on radio . . speakers. Each song played on radio nearly costs Rs. Electricity Cost: The cost incurred on electricity is being calculated under this banner of electricity cost. Rent: The place where rite now BIG F.M. etc which cost lacs and crores so to be there in competition huge amount of depreciation is being calculated. P.P. And this amount are paid to companies like T.L. but then also all F. even depreciation is also count on machines like console. costs Rs. is having its office rent. 75000.

80 .

81 Marketing Department Marketing Strategies In marketing basically two types of strategic are there which are applied by BIG F.M. The basic motive to start private radio is to expand economy and entertainment (View of Government). Product Life Cycle Strategies: No Specific Cycle is form as this is in initial stage. . Private radio will design their cycle according to Vividh Bharti but not exactly because it was the only market holder when it was initiated. 2) Price: When it comes to price BIG is charging highest in comparison of all its competitors. And it is proven that promos on BIG really helps in increasing sales of particular. 2) Push Strategies: Push strategy is where product is already there in market and promotion for it is done to increase the use of this product as non users will also use this. are: 1) Pull Strategies: Pull strategy is where product is going to come in market and people are made aware about it before it comes in a market. 7 P’s of Marketing: 1) Product: Here product kind of thing is not there but here BIG helps client to raise their products sales as this is a kind of media which will do marketing for different products.

6) People: When people are concern we must say BIG is having good place in market we can make this statement because to know about the awareness of BIG and liking of people we had done a survey which let us know that BIG is having a great respected and liked position in a market.82 3) Promotion: BIG is a firm which is doing promotion for itself and even also doing promotion for different sectors product as it is a media through which great response can be gather. big chai. 4) Place: Here place is not a thing of concern but BIG is having its office in commercial area from where it can be in center city so that any person can reach there easily. 7) Physical Evidence: The most important evidence is it’s tagline “suno sunao life banao” Progress of BIG is seen with its record that Devlo win Rappa award.etc .J. 5) Process: Here the process is quite simple and same as the work done here is uniform and so working pattern is always nearly same. big mamu. Setu mention in Limka Book even physical evidence of Big consist of Red and white colour. Its umbrella which is used for marketing. record break of R. shows like chal kalti mar.

So the rates of competitors are as follow:  Radio Mirchi = 160  My F. Here according to competition rates are decided.7 F.M.83 Advertisement Planning: It is observe that advertisement avoidance is quite less in radio in comparison of other media this is proven with the survey done by RBC Case Study and initiative media. = 100 . Pricing Policy: On Air rates of advertisement on BIG 92.:  170 per second for Surat  160 per second for Baroda  150 per second for Rajkot  700 per second for Metro City  900 per second for Mumbai On Air rate are not standard for all.M.

84  Radio City = 150 .

M. Similarly umbrella of BIG F.e.85 Distribution Channel: When it comes to distribution channel BIG is having simple concept in it i. juice vendor.: Big F.M. as here in BIG customer is client many a time they reach to client directly and many a times through advertising agency. Promotion of BIG F. Like this which is taken at Café Coffee Day. stereo system. is doing promotion by tying up with different firms and there only they putting their name to represent firm in front of people. listeners through the simple modes of radio now that can be in mobiles.e. And they reaching to consumer i. . is found on every vegetable vendor. etc.M. etc.

etc of people is taken in consideration so this is also maintain in this field. Different Variable: Different variables like Demographic and Physiological variables are not really needed for this field which we had studied because demographic variable where different sectors of target market is being studied and here the target market is all who are there in range of stations reach so for different kind of people as in people with different age different place of living.M. . etc are for young people of target market. As for each event particular target audience and people with similar mentalities are been selected.86 Market Share Market share in whole Surat economy is too less as radio industry is quite new for this economy and the other industries are already develop a lot and so it takes time to develop this business. nature. But when it comes to the media thing then share of radio companies is of notice and in particular radio industry BIG F. is having huge share almost the most huge one. So rite now the share of this firm in earnings of Surat is quite low. etc different programs are being designed to let enjoy themselves as morning show saher is for old people and shows like chal kalti mar. culture. Even what ever on field activities done are also done according to the consideration of all kind of variable like Demographic Variable and Physiological Variable. Then comes Physiological variable where thought. we can say that because on different festivals different kind of celebrations are done. big mamu.

and media are directly connected here when ever any on field activity takes place then there media is always invited and even BIG F. swimming competition.M. We had asked 14 questions to people living in Surat. And had done for analysis for same in BIG F.M.M. only and had prepared a presentation for that particular survey. etc. Even we had participated in T-20 campaign where we get a chance to do recording of DHUN DAR T-20.87 Media Planning: Media planning is quite perfect as here different people are there to do different work as BIG F. Actually when some firms give money for promotions then it is negotiate that they will do some on field activities with that firm like mother’s day and swimming competition done at Hotel Golden Star as they are having deal that promotion will be done through BIG but they have to do three on field activities with them. cooking competition. . is also playing a role of media itself by doing promotions for different products and for entertaining people.M. stand in market and surprisingly it was found that BIG F. stations doing on field activities even we had also taken part in such on field activities like mother’s day. On field activities for promotion purpose: BIG is the only F. is having great place in market .M. Promo Recording Recording done for T-20 Other activity done by us to learn marking: We had also done survey on 200 people living in Surat to found that exactly where BIG F.M.

we see that businesses can become too focused on sales numbers rather than the capabilities of their sales force that produces the numbers. The competitive environment in the new global economy is cutthroat. Consequently.. then it's time management embraced sales effectiveness. many sectors of business were so good their products and services sold themselves. shunned the 'black box' view and invested in their sales force via ongoing sales training. not all businesses have adjusted to the times. tools and support. coaching. In a recent article from the Dynamic Small Business Network." But in today's market. a 'black box'. In other words. they tend to think of sales as. The most indicting line: "Sales effectiveness is typically not seen as a competitive advantage worthy of executive attention.88 Sales Effectiveness In Radio Advertising Sales Effectiveness In the years prior to the global financial crisis. your competitive advantage is your sales effectiveness. So they simply set goals and demand improved sales.. Maybe they're not capable of adjusting. The article cites that sales effectiveness accounts for 39% of customers' buying decisions! If your salespeople are as important to the buying decision as the product itself. Clearly. The reason cited in the article for this: "Most CEO's have little or no sales experience. . too many salespeople across the world had unconsciously fallen into the habit of becoming order takers. But no longer.that will differentiate one competitor from another. and it's the sales force .not the product itself . with no thought put into how to improve sales." It would appear these senior executives have little idea how sales works. Sales: A Strategic Boardroom Issue.

People also need to realize that radio advertising is. they can often find radio stations that will give them some free air time—there is nothing better than free advertising. and they are essentially a group that remains unaffected by television advertising. may be willing to provide free air time and free air time equates to free exposure. especially Internet independent broadcasters. . magazine ads and newspapers ads. there is no telling how many people a business’s message can reach. especially in terms of satellite radio advertising. especially if they are using other methods of advertising like television ads. especially those that appear in prime time slots are extremely expensive: radio advertising offers a more affordable marketing avenue for businesses and organizations to ensue. businesses and organizations are really missing out. to reach their clients and potential customers. Radio advertisements reach thousands of people and they can be heard all over the world in some instances. in some cases. far less expensive than other forms of advertising? Television commercials. With satellite radio. There are many individuals that prefer the radio over television.89 Why Use Radio Advertising for Your Business or Organization? One may wonder why they should bother using radio advertising at all. Plus. Actually. In addition. right? Newly established radio stations. The most effective marketing strategy is conducted using every advertising outlet possible: radio advertising should be included in one’s marketing strategy for complete effectiveness. if an organization or company is fortunate enough. Internet radio offers another audience to tap into—the list of benefits derived from radio advertising is really endless. when radio advertising opportunities are ignored.

radio advertising is just another way to get one's business or organization "on the map" or recognized. to raise awareness and to solicit donations. . Charitable organizations often use radio advertising spots to send public messages. to reach previously unreachable clients. radio advertising offers the small business owner a chance to be recognized. Radio advertising can alert various communities about a business's products or services or it can alert people to the existence of one's organization. To build a larger client base.90 Benefits Corporations. private organizations looking to announce special events or fund raisers. Thus. radio advertising allows small business owners a chance to get an edge on all of the competition they face in their particular market. radio advertising is a good way to teach people about what one's business or organization has to offer the community Corporations: Lots of radio stations play corporate radio ads every hour. The Small Business Owner: The small business owner can reap the same benefits from radio advertising as corporations do. radio advertising is simply another convenient marketing solution. Further. but they make a corporation's products and services memorable to potential consumers. and charitable organizations all benefit from the use of radio advertising. small business owners. Radio advertisements are created in such a way that they not only attract listeners. Just think about the millions of people reached with catchy jingles and company logos. For those entities looking to reach as many people possible. Organizations: Organizations looking to get their presence recognized should certainly take advantage of radio advertising opportunities. also frequent the radio airwaves to gain the attention of every listener Basically. Further.

early morning hours may not reach as many people as a prime time slot on a radio station might. Not all radio stations are created equal. Conversely. and although it would seem that it really should not matter what kind of radio station you advertise on. you are bound to reach more people. Independent Broadcasters: There are more and more independent broadcasters cropping up every day. “What radio stations should you advertise on” may seem like a surprising question. but the audience that they appeal to is pretty much global. If one is considering radio advertising. making the audience even boarder than ever before. As well. it is a sensible one. primetime broadcasting costs more than those time periods where it is not considered peak listening times. Of course. . For instance. Internet radio is the prime opportunity to advertise. then placing an ad on their station is probably a good thing for you and your radio advertising needs. Consequently. it is important to realize that the audience is probably selective: if your ad is along the same theme as what independent broadcasters focus on. If choosing to advertise with an independent broadcaster’s radio station. Standard Radio Stations: Most standard radio stations are great for local areas. with whom one advertises with and when are key factors in the radio advertising business. the radio station selected is truly important to the effectiveness of your advertising strategy. but in truth. While it is a nice idea that one can create a radio show if they like the audience that some independent broadcasters may be selective or relatively small because of their newness in the field. If looking to reach the local audience. it is a good idea to advertise on standard AM/FM stations with a regional focus.91 What Stations Should You Advertise On? The question. Internet Radio: Internet radio is a pretty hot technology right now—not only does Internet radio allow broadcasters to reach the standard radio listener. Plus. the time in which one’s radio advertisement is played will affect the effectiveness of the advertisement overall. Be aware that timing is everything in the radio advertising industry. some Internet radio shows are also broadcast via Satellite radio—again. if you have an advertisement that is heard during peak broadcasting hours.

what you goal is. other people take advantage of the air time that is available by taking part in talk show interviews and the like. your advertisements will be made available to people far beyond your regional access—you could draw potential clients or customers from around the world. how it was established. . just about anything can be addressed. Talk Shows: If you can manage to be interviewed about your business or organization that could mean an hour or more of free advertisement for your business. all from the free advertising you take advantage of. you are getting free advertising exposure. Internet Radio: Why not do a talk show on Internet radio? What is particularly nice about Internet radio is that the shows are often archived on the web. What is more. customer service. What is it equal? Free air time for you and your organization or business and possibly new clients or customers.92 Free Radio Advertising Believe it or not there are free forms of radio advertising available. What would you talk about? You could take about your business or organization. your outlook on the future. what primary services you offer. While some people barter with radio stations by displaying advertisements for the radio station in return for free air time. because you have relied on Internet radio. What does that mean for you? It means that every time someone accesses the shows that you have advertised on that are archived on the web.

Every second must be utilized to get your message across to the public effectively if you want your investment to pay off. feel free to create your own ads. you have experience creating your own logo and creative advertisements. Most radio advertising slots are a mere 30 seconds. If however. They also know the importance of timing. . by all means. the ads you create may be analyzed to make sure that they do not violate any regulations set forth by the FCC. If you have a boring advertisement or one that is too fast to even understand. the significance of the company logo. you better stick with the professionals. Radio advertisement creation firms and companies have people that know exactly what a listener expects from an advertisement. the lure of a company jingle and ultimately how to create a successful advertisement that works for you. If you have no experience in radio advertising.93 Who Should Create Your Radio Ads and What Should They Contain? Without a doubt if you have no experience creating radio ads you should leave the creation of your radio advertisements to the pros. a radio listen might just decide to change stations. If you are unsure of what regulations exist. why risk losing your advertising dollar? You do not want radio listeners to tune out when you are tuned on. Of course.

94 Keys to Success You can’t get a 30 second spot on the radio. A jingle will address the consumers desire to hear music. talk for 30 seconds and expect a miracle to occur. and your advertisement will have to create a lasting memory for the listener. Most of all. Radio advertising is an art—the right things need to be said. Persistence: Do not expect for one advertisement to equate to pay dirt. if the catch phrase and the commercial are humorous. you have a better chance of getting the listener to pay attention. Catchy jingle: A catchy jingle is the first thing a listener is going to remember from an advertisement. Catchy logo: A catchy logo or catchy phrase is the next best thing to a jingle. while sending your message in a creative way. this is because listeners have short memory spans when it comes to radio or television advertisements and repetition is how the advertisements begin to stick. Consequently. Further. Statistics have revealed that consumers prefer humor over other forms of advertisement—remember 30 seconds is all you have and you are going to have to make the most of it Good Choices: You will need to choose the right radio stations for your needs. the right times needed be accessed. Repeat exposure is required if you plan on being successful with your radio marketing strategies. your advertisement has a hard job ahead—working for you and working for you well. Find the radio station with a large audience or those that share the same focus as you do. You may find that you have to repeat the advertising technique several times. . You can’t just pick any radio station and hope for the best. a jingle is an easy way to remember your business or organization’s offer. The truth is a listener may tune out when talk is on and tune in when music is heard.

giving you a chance to reap the benefits! Internet Radio: Internet radio is a great tool: archived shows. With the mixture of the two media forms. Instead. Satellite Radio: satellite radio often broadcasts Internet stations. What is more. making it possible for you reach an untapped audience. many radio broadcasts are now available for download in mp3 players. talk. Long gone are the days that one had to have a radio to tune in to music. It is a nice conjunction of the two media that results in more exposure for you and your business or organization.95 The Growth Radio is no longer available from a single source and there are new methods of listening to the radio. your radio advertising may be heard by millions of listeners! . and the like. as well as global audience are part and parcel of the Internet radio show package. alternative radio avenues are cropping up.

In using every advertising technique possible.96 Alternatives to Supplement Your Marketing Strategy Every business or organization needs to know that they should rely on more than one form of advertising. If you place an ad in a newspaper. magazine ads. in conjunction with radio advertising can maximize the benefits of your marketing strategy. Business Cards: Business cards contain your company logo and contact information—the more you hand out the better off you will be. Email Marketing: Email marketing campaigns have proven pretty successful— businesses or organizations can create an email marketing database and keep in touch with current clients as well as potential ones. the more advertising techniques used the better. you may go well beyond the regional reach of that paper and attract new customers or clients. television advertising and Internet or website advertising. . Many people make a pit stop at community boards to keep abreast of new products or services. you are ensured that you will reach as many people as possible and height the awareness of your presence in the community. brochures. Television Marketing: Some consumers are appealed to more easily with visual applications. people need to utilize other forms of advertising like email marketing. When a client needs your products or services they are liable to use the information to contact you instead of a competitor. all of the above advertising methods. Newspaper Marketing: Newspapers have extended their reach to the World Wide Web. newspapers. In conjunction with radio advertising. Internet Marketing: Creating a website that explains products or services is another innovative way to reach people. For all intents and purposes. television commercials can serve your advertising needs. If you manage to get the website appropriately ranked in search engines their really is no limit to amount of website traffic you can draw. To that end. business cards. In fact. Community Bulletin Boards: Do not forget to utilize the community bulletin boards in local shops in your area.

Citylight. If we talk about accuracy level we can say 90%. professionals. In this way i have completed my research. Station road. Findings and Interpretations 1. The type of people we covered were student. . I have done a survey on 200 people of which male were 108 and female were 92. Dumas road. professionals.97 Primary Data. Ringroad. Adajan. as well as housewife and was conducted in surat. housewife and businessman. I covered most of the places like Ghoddod. Nanpura. OF PEOPLE 110 105 100 95 90 85 80 M ALE 108 F EM ALE 92 Interpretation:I was given a target of 200 people which contained mixture of students. Because while answering the questionnaire they were just doing for the sake of it because of length of the questionnaire. Objective-Do you listen to radio? TOTAL NO.

. This is the time when people are on the way back to home or when they are free from their hectic schedule.Objective-MAZIMUM LISTENERSHIP DURING TIME BAND 11:00pm-1:00am 9:00pm-11:00pm 5:00pm-9:00pm 2:00pm-5:00pm 12:00pm-2:00pm 7:00am-12:00pm 6:00am-7:00am 0 10 11 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 30 49 33 36 47 72 Interpretation:While getting the questionnaire filled we came to know that when do they prefer to listen radio and by which it helped us to know that what time listeners are more and the conclusion was 9pm to 11pm.98 2.

99 3. .Objective-STATION PLAYING MOST POPULAR SONGS VIVIDH BHARTI 12 MY FM 19 RADIO CITY 27 BIG FM 53 RADIO MIRCHI 55 Interpretation:As we can see above that the radio mirchi percentage is more compare to any other station because they have basically targeted youth and have played songs on air accordingly but if we go to see big fm they have targeted all types of people and plays mixture of songs.

Objective:-Preference of songs by male and female.e. PREFERENCE OF SONG (MALE) ML AE 4 21 2 4 CRE T URN H S IT R M N IC O A T B AA S HJ N GAAS HZL E G IS N L H GJ RT UA A I 2 2 3 4 21 RTO ER RM E IX PREFERENCE OF SONG (FEMALE) FEM LE A 9 30 CURRENT HITS RO A M NTIC BHA NS JA G ZA HA LS 41 20 1 7 7 5 ENG LISH G UJA TI RA RETRO REM IX Interpretation:As we can see that the type of songs preffered by both male and female is retro i.100 4. And then they like to hear current hits and English songs. current hits and English. Other than these three the preference given to other type of song is very less compare to those three i. old songs.e. . retro.

1. and then big fm and then other radio stations that are radio city.Objective:. my fm and vividh bharti.101 5.Most popular station in surat. and romantic songs compare to other stations. This is because they have targeted only students and plays mostly current hit nos. . 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 HI M IR C 42 32 26 24 14 16 12 5 9 7 CI TY FM FM BI G M Y DI O DI O RA VI VI RA MALE DH BH AR TI FEMALE Interpretation:When we talk about most popular station radio mirch stands no.

According to our survey Big fm was the radio station which played lot of music and less of advertisement and then radio mirchi and other station as shown above.Objective:-To know which station plays lot of music.102 6. . STATION PLAYING LOTS OF MUSIC 19 32 RADIO MIRCHI BIG FM RADIO CITY MY FM VIVIDH BHARTI 45 18 22 Interpretation:When we talk about station playing lot of music we mean less of advertisement done between the songs.


7.Objective:- What contents they preferred while listening songs. CONTENTS PREFERRED


10 4 2 9 9 13 10 16 6 23 3 30 24 10 20 30 40 50 60 MALE FEMALE


3 4 5 7 8

Interpretation:People listening to radio prefers mostly bollywood gossips because for them listening all this give them tips in becoming like them. And then they like to know cricket updates and jokes because they are crazy about cricket and it is not possible for everyone to have tv. around them and because of new technology in mobile phone where they have radio in it that makes them kill there time and get updated about the things which are happening.


8.Objective:-What kind of songs they would like to hear in night i.e. from 9pm-1am. PREFERENCE FROM 9P.M - 1 A.M
13 12 16 5 2





Interpretation:While doing research we wanted to know that during night time i.e. late night what preference they give on the type of song they want to hear and came to know that romantic was the first preference and then old songs or we can say retro.


Radio definitely has a two to three times wider reach than television."Besides, as a medium, it cuts across people of different strata. Apart from the ones who listen to radio in their air-conditioned cars, the ads would reach the down-the-line strata where the only source of entertainment and news is the radio. And radio as a medium is just cost-effective for advertising consumer product. There is no debating that the radio is the best local media available to connect with people even in far-flung areas. And it makes more sense to campaign through it rather than print because it is cost effective and is a mass medium it cuts across all literacy levels. After we finished our research I came to know that mostly people listen to radio at the night i.e. 9p.m to 11.pm. and the kind of songs they want to hear is retro i.e. old songs. They hate the interruption while listening the songs i.e. advertisement instead of that they would love to get updated of news, cricket, jokes or health tips. I would conclude that if radio industry or any fm company if they want to advertise they should advertise along with updates by which both the objective will get achieved of the company as well as the listeners.

106 Bibliography • • • • • • • www.marketingteacher.linkedin.7-fm • .avidian.bnet.com/companies/big-92.7fm.com/principles-of-marketing-tutorials/salespromotion/what-is-sales-promotion/ http://www.com/abstract.aspx?docid=83643 http://www.org/wiki/Radio_industry http://www.html http://jobfunctions.big92.com http://en.com/sales/sales-management-tools.aspx http://www.wikipedia.knowthis.com/lesson-store/lesson-salespromotion.

NO WHEN DO YOU LISTEN RADIO? 6:00AM . 5.12:00PM 12:00PM .1 RADIO CITY 94.1:00AM WHICH RADIO CHANNEL YOU LISTEN TO THE MOST ? (RANK THEM) 92. NAME: SEX: AGE: PROFESSION: CONTACT NO. 3. : □ M □F 2.9:00PM 9:00PM -11:00PM 11:00PM . 4.7:00AM □ □ □ □ □ □ □ 8.107 Appendix QUESTIONS THAT WERE ASKED DURING RADIO RESEARCH 1.3 RADIO MIRCHI 91. 6.3 MY FM .2:00PM 2:00PM – 5:00PM 5:00PM .7 BIG FM □ □ □ □ 98. DO YOU LISTEN RADIO ? YES □ □ 7. 7:00AM .




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