Mini Posters

Various dates

Following this page, you will find 8.25 x 11-inch posters that you can print. They can also be used for table top displays or simple handouts. The bottoms have been left blank so you can add any information your council requires. If the original information came from a previously printed item or handbook, the date is on the poster itself. Some items didn’t have dates so I do not know when they were created. The posters are in no particular order, so you will need to look through them to find what you would like to print and use. All of the attached posters have been recreated and reflect the current colors for Girl Scout materials as follows: Green = PMS 355 Daisy Blue = PMS 299 Brownie Brown = PMS 470 Junior Purple = PMS 513 Cadette Red = PMS 186 Senior Orange = PMS 158 Ambassador Yellow = PMS 129 Volunteer Gray = PMS Cool Gray 3 If you have ideas for additional posters, feel free to email me at

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