A team structure is a design in which an organization is made up oI teams, and each team works towards a common
goal. Since the organization is made up oI groups to perIorm the Iunctions oI the company, teams must perIorm well
because they are held accountable Ior their perIormance. In a team structured organization there is no hierarchy or
chain oI command. ThereIore, teams can work the way they want to, and Iigure out the most eIIective and eIIicient
way to perIorm their tasks. Teams are given the power to be as innovative as they want. Some teams may have a
group leader who is in charge oI the group.

2Ŧ Matr|x Structure
A maLrlx sLrucLure ls one LhaL asslgns speclallsLs from dlfferenL funcLlonal deparLmenLs Lo work on one
or more pro[ecLsŦ ln an organlzaLlon Lhere may be dlfferenL pro[ecLs golng on aL onceŦ Lach speclflc
pro[ecL ls asslgned a pro[ecL manager and he has Lhe duLy of allocaLlng all Lhe resources needed Lo
accompllsh Lhe pro[ecLŦ ln a maLrlx sLrucLure Lhose resources lnclude Lhe dlfferenL funcLlons of Lhe
company such as operaLlonsţ accounLlngţ salesţ markeLlngţ englneerlngţ and human resourcesŦ 8aslcally
Lhe pro[ecL manager has Lo gaLher speclallsLs from each funcLlon ln order Lo work on a pro[ecLţ and
compleLe lL successfullyŦ ln Lhls sLrucLure Lhere are Lwo managersţ Lhe pro[ecL manager and Lhe
deparLmenL or funcLlonal managerŦ

3Ŧ Þro[ect Structure
A pro[ecL sLrucLure ls an organlzaLlonal sLrucLure ln whlch employees conLlnuously work on pro[ecLsŦ
1hls ls llke Lhe maLrlx sLrucLureŤ however when Lhe pro[ecL ends Lhe employees don'L go back Lhelr
deparLmenLsŦ 1hey conLlnuously work on pro[ecLs ln a Leam llke sLrucLureŦ Lach Leam has Lhe necessary
employees Lo successfully compleLe Lhe pro[ecLŦ Lach employee brlngs hls or her speclallzed sklll Lo Lhe
LeamŦ Cnce Lhe pro[ecL ls flnlshed Lhen Lhe Leam moves on Lo Lhe nexL pro[ecLŦ
SŦ 8oudary|ess Crgan|zat|on
A boundaryless organlzaLlon ls one ln whlch lLs deslgn ls noL deflned byţ or llmlLed Loţ Lhe horlzonLalţ
verLlcalţ or exLernal boundarles lmposed by a predeflned sLrucLureŦ ln oLher words lL ls an unsLrucLured
deslgnŦ 1hls sLrucLure ls much more flexlble because Lhere ls no boundarles Lo deal wlLh such as chaln of
commandţ deparLmenLallzaLlonţ and organlzaLlonal hlerarchyŦ lnsLead of havlng deparLmenLsţ
companles have used Lhe Leam approachŦ ln order Lo ellmlnaLe boundarles managers may use vlrLualţ
modularţ or neLwork organlzaLlonal sLrucLuresŦ ln a vlrLual organlzaLlon work ls ouLsourced when
necessaryŦ 1here are a small number of permanenL employeesţ however speclallsLs are hlred when a
slLuaLlon arlsesŦ Lxamples of Lhls would be subconLracLors or freelancersŦ A modular organlzaLlon ls one
ln whlch manufacLurlng ls Lhe buslnessŦ 1hls Lype of organlzaLlon has work done ouLslde of Lhe company
from dlfferenL suppllersŦ Lach suppller produces a speclflc plece of Lhe flnal producLŦ When all Lhe pleces
are doneţ Lhe organlzaLlon Lhen assembles Lhe flnal producLŦ A neLwork organlzaLlon ls one ln whlch
companles ouLsource Lhelr ma[or buslness funcLlons ln order Lo focus more on whaL Lhey are ln buslness
Lo doŦ
6Ŧ Learn|ng Crgan|zat|on
A learnlng organlzaLlon ls deflned as an organlzaLlon LhaL has developed Lhe capaclLy Lo conLlnuously
learnţ adapLţ and changeŦ ln order Lo have a learnlng organlzaLlon a company musL have very
knowledgeable employees who are able Lo share Lhelr knowledge wlLh oLhers and be able Lo apply lL ln
a work envlronmenLŦ 1he learnlng organlzaLlon musL also have a sLrong organlzaLlonal culLure where all
employees have a common goal and are wllllng Lo work LogeLher Lhrough sharlng knowledge and
lnformaLlonŦ A learnlng organlzaLlon musL have a Leam deslgn and greaL leadershlpŦ Learnlng
organlzaLlons LhaL are lnnovaLlve and knowledgeable creaLe leverage over compeLlLorsŦ

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