Dear Sir Please refer our visit to your office on September 22, 2011 and subsequent discussions with you

and your colleagues regarding water treatment at your Waste Heat Recovery Power Plant; the following points were discussed and agreed upon.

1. We have had the opportunity to inspect the cooling water system and reviewed the system chemistry in detail. The Lab is doing a good job in analyzing detailed water chemistry but due to limited approach of water treatment technology they are unable to manage the cooling water system which has lead to high make-up rates, extra blow-down and lower condenser efficiencies. The sub-soil water with Total Dissolved Solid content of 476 ppm as such is recommended as cooling water make-up. The reason being your raw water is naturally alkaline and therefore less corrosive to the system metallurgy. We had used this approach in designing our treatment programme for your WHRPP cooling system wherein natural Calcium Carbonate precipitation at the cathode corrosion cell mechanism would form egg-shell film due to localized high pH because of oxygen reduction reaction and inhibit corrosion. A high performance scale control agent and polymeric dispersant would look after the scale potential. Therefore, we think this approach is technically most appropriate, safe and cost effective; instead of first softening or using RO water as make-up to the cooling system. Soft or RO water is a treated water which has capital cost as well as running cost and renders water highly corrosive; and when such treated water is used as CW make-up it attacks the system metallurgy severely. Cooling water corrosion treatment programmes are relatively expensive and difficult to manage and control by your Lab people even when they are very experienced in Cement Manufacturing! No need to install a new Base Exchange Softener as your current unit is good enough! 2. We strongly recommend using our comprehensive ‘Water Management Programme’ for Cooling Water and for Boiler Feedwater treatment at WHRPP. A qualified and experienced Chemical Engineer, as part of Operation & Maintenance Contract, will be provided at Cherat Cement site to Monitor and Control the water treatment programme as we had been doing at Bestway Cement, DGK Cement and Maple Leaf Cement. Your current water treatment approach at best is ‘Bits and Pieces’ approach which is not going to solve your internal water treatment problems!

3. Cooling water system has a fixed evaporation loss and an estimated blow-down rate of approximately 3 4 m /hr at 5 cycles of concentration. The expected TDS in blow-down water would be around 3000 ppm and it may be suggested that a low-rejection RO plant would reclaim major portion of such waters thereby providing substantial water savings. Your existing 15 m /hr soft water can be used as dilution water for above RO and an ROI can be calculated through a detailed exercise at a later stage.

4. The Side-stream Filter installed on the cooling water return needs to be switched back to the cooling water supply because WHRPP cooling tower acts as an air washer and dust in the surrounding air adds suspended matter to the cooling water. These suspended particulate needs to be removed before they enter the surface condenser and foul the critical heat transfer areas. That is the reason why we insist side-stream filter must be re-aligned and, we have installed Sidestream Filters on a similar WHRPP cooling water system at DGK Cement and Bestway Cement and we offer our services to Cherat Cement as well.

39/1000 USG as compared to raw water. like to re-emphasize the fact that we look forward to your support for a national water treatment company to establish ourselves as a conscientious company of world repute and we areprepared to work hard for it! You need to look at us as an economical alternate to your present water treatment vendor with equal. Please give us an opportunity.Let me reiterate again. M A Johar Town.aquaregiapk E-mail: wajahat@aquaregiapk. the surface condenser critical heat transfer areas remain deposit/scale free and proper ‘dosage & control’ is exercised on comprehensive water treatment programme. Block G-4. It may please be noted that with either soft or raw water used as cooling tower make-up you require water treatment any-way! A comprehensive water treatment programme supervised by a site stationed Chemical Engineer would help keep the critical heat transfer areas in cooling water system (surface condenser etc. thats what we require from you! I rest my case with you and look forward to our mutually beneficial business relationship. Alumina dust deposits on the fireside of AQC boiler! I. therefore. comprehensive water management is missing! Base Exchange Soft Water treatment running costs Rs.. where fluctuations in water quality.g. they may be good at cement related analyses but they are not water treatment specialists.0 m /hr provided the water chemistry remains consistent. Water treatment will not improve the situation and will not play any part if the system is limited by deposits on the process side e. A new large capacity Base Exchange Softener is not needed as higher volumes of soft water make-up won’t bring back surface condenser efficiency.67 m /hr whereas 3 the consolidated system blow-down rate would average around 4. that the main problem area is the cooling water system. Pakistan Ph: 0092-42-35314131-2 Fax: 0092-42-35314133 Web: wajahat_m@hotmail. 3 Throughout the year the average evaporation loss from the cooling tower remains 14. if not better. volume of make-up and limitations on water treatment approach has lead to loss of condenser efficiency. The water treatment related analyses by Lab are well managed and documented but.) and boilers (HRSG’s) clean and free from deposits. Regds Wajahat Hussain Manager Technical Mob: 0092-3234457211 AQUA REGIA (PVT) . House No. Lahore. 33. a comprehensive water management approach would!! Cherat Cement has a team of highly experienced Laboratory personnel. credentials.

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