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Application for a Software Development Engineer position at Microsoft

M'sila, Algeria Cell: **************** email: *******************

I'm a soon to be graduate of computer science that is Silverlight MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) along with a Microsoft Student Partner Country Lead and a world-wide Microsoft's Imagine Cup Finalist in embedded device programming.

Strengths: - Excellent Academic Record1, ranking 2nd in my specialty for the last 2
academic years (4th and 3rd for my first and second years respectively.)

- Recently graduated as a Computer Science Engineer from the Higher

National School of Computer Science.

- Microsoft Student Partner for 2 years (2009 and 2010) then MSP
Country Lead for this year (2011) Accomplishments: o Taught C#, .NET and Object Oriented Programming principals in training sessions at campus. o Did a couple of talks in local events (TechDays, and Web Week) o Vice President of the scientific club in my school, and head of the .NET Group in the club. o Love being part of the community and working with a team

- Microsoft's Imagine Cup Finalist, both in National Finals (Software

Design Category) and World Wide Finals (Embedded Device Development Category)

- Working on a real world project with a leading company in the IT field in

Algeria as part of my graduation project2

Accomplishments: o Having worked with Silverlight 4 to develop my graduation project for one year, I easily got a Silverlight 4, Development MCTS certification (and now working on others). o Good understanding of Object-Oriented Design principals o Have a taste for good software architecture and appreciate Design Patterns and the best practices for software development o Gained some practical experience with Design/Architectural Patterns like MVVM, Dependency Injection, Repository Pattern, etc.

- Very good level in English, both understanding and writing Weaknesses: - Didn't have much experience speaking in English
o Counter measures: I jump into conversation with native speakers whenever I can.

- Have a pile of unread books

o Counter measures: I bought a kindle.

- Not much experience working on large projects, and large teams

o Counter measures: I'm applying to work for Microsoft!

Opportunities: Bright future working with Microsoft development technologies Fair chance to land a job at Microsoft Continue higher education home or abroad I had a number of job offers both in Algeria and abroad.

Threats: - Other applicants, maybe!

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Available upon request Further details about the company and the project available upon request

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