Nobody is born perfect in himself; it is some timely guidance, proper teachings and blessings by well wishers and seniors around us, who gives perfection and skills to make someone prepared to walk on the path of success. My project work has been successfully accomplished due to cooperative efforts of many people. I would like to pay my sincere gratitude and thanks to those people, who directed me at every step in the project work. I am extremely grateful to Miss.Amanpreet kaur , for acting as my mentor during the course of my project and for her precious & illustrious guidance offered. I would also like to thank all those employees of blue net vista technolgye’s, Delhi who helped me in successful completion of the questionnaire and provided their assistance whenever required.


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BlueNetVista has successfully served over 250 Clients belonging to various business domains from all over the globe including Europe. USA.The Company BlueNetVista is a professionally managed premier web solutions agency based in India. Software Engineers and Management Professionals. In 2006. Since its inception 5 years ago. making it a perfect blend of technology and business acumen to add value to its customers’ business. . BlueNetVista started as an enterprise visualized and created by a dynamic group of functional experts comprising Art Directors.CHAPTER 1 Introduction BlueNetVista .

Infact. processes. The wide range of globally proven customized solutions offered by us includes: ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ ⊕ Website Designing Web Development Search Engine Marketing Domain and Web Hosting Email Marketing Mission BlueNetVista BlueNetVista strives to achieve domain perfection so that it can provide exceptional value to its clients and hence acquire more and more delighted client’s spread across the world. Vast Cross-Industry Global Experience . BlueNetVista Edge Our Customer-Focussed Approach From our vast experience of working with over 250 clients across industries and geographies. operating philosophies and your priorities. operating philosophies and your priorities. processes.Australia. we make it our business to understand your enterprise and its direction. Our satisfied client base includes global and domestic giants. That is why we invest considerable time and effort to understand your business and its direction. over 60 % of our business comes from repeat business and client referrals. expectations. This way we can offer you solutions that are tailor-made for your specific business needs. Middle East and India. target audience. we have learnt that every client is unique in terms of business objectives. needs. the complexities of your trade. time zones and so on. This way we can offer solutions that are tailor-made for your specific business needs. the complexities of your trade. At BlueNetVista. Client references can be provided upon request. locations. your success is our success. In short.

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One of the great things about email marketing is that it can reach a wide audience in a short period of time. is an address where you can be found online.Domain & Web Hosting A domain name. Email marketing is especially popular because it can be much cheaper than traditional mail marketing. Many companies. the salary or fee of this individual must be taken into account. or Web address. Email marketing can be used to improve the relationship between a business and its customers or to gain new customers. service. or oversee the emailing in any way. use a subscription service. or rely on referrals from existing customers. After all. An email marketing campaign may actually incur a number of different kinds of fees. It's how you'll express yourself through email or your website and it's what customers think of when trying to find you. however. This does not mean. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server they own or lease for use by their clients as well as providing Internet connectivity. We at BlueNetVista help you to manage your email marketing requirements on demand. typically in a data center. businesses must either pay a fee to an email company. If the company hires someone to design. use a combination of these methods. A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their own website accessible via the World Wide Web. BlueNetVista provides domain & web hosting services right from registration to hosting. . or brand through electronic mail. In order to gain the email addresses of potential customers. an email marking campaign can include a number of successive emails that build upon one another. or has a full-time staff member for this type of work. Web hosts can also provide data center space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own to be located in their data center. Furthermore. As with all our services we add value to your web requirements like     Shared hosting Reseller Hosting Virtual Private Server Dedicated Hosting Collocated Hosting Email Marketing Email marketing is the advertisement of a product. email does not incur printing or postage fees. of course. write copy for. that email is free.

Business case studies We at BlueNetVista fulfill an expansive range of requirements for you .from helping you evaluate and prioritize software and Internet initiatives to advancing those that have the . The effort and experience we have put into researching hardware and material has led us into developing better. faster and more economical solutions. Creative Consulting Group: Virtual Reality Experts Multimedia & Animation Artists Graphic Designers Technical Consulting Group: Project Managers Team Leaders Database Architects Developers Testers Business Consulting Group: Business Consultants Branding Consultants Client Servicing Executives Copy Writers & Content Editors Internet Marketing Experts The Process One of our founding principles is to provide direct dialogue with the people who do the work. internet and new media with extensive experience in the large scale project execution.The Team The competitive advantage of BlueNetVista is our people. Our team is comprised of over 50 seasoned business leaders from the software publishing. We offer best practices in project design and management tailored to your viewpoint. The benefits are faster. more effective communication and undiluted creativity from people with a passion for their work. Our team possesses skill sets required for generating ideas and manifesting them into reality so as to meet the desired business objectives of our clients.

we effectively document the following activities:      Project Management and Planning (PMP) Configuration Management (CM) & Version Controlling System Architecture Design Automated Testing Bug Management  Quality Assurance The management of the quality process is infinite. is marked only by milestones and never by completion. We implement the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) process that addresses the quality assurance needs. This includes:     Test Planning Test Cases and Test Scripts creation Automated and Manual Functional Testing Test Results Reporting . This drastically reduces the time of solving some of the most common but complex problems. at every phase of the development cycle.most impact on your company’s bottom line and performance. We have put together a series of case studies to exhibit how some of our clients are benefiting from the web technology developed/designed by us.  Project lifecycle In the Project lifecycle. therefore. We do the phase-wise version controlling as well.  Knowledge Management System We understand the power of Knowledge Management and hence ensure that we solve a problem just once.

Our Esteemed Clientele Since its inception 5 years ago. A partial list of our key clients is provided below. BlueNetVista has successfully served over 250 Clients belonging to various business domains from all over the globe. .

Job satisfaction can be influenced by a variety of factors.CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW Job Satisfaction Introduction: Job satisfaction is in regard to one's feelings or state-of-mind regarding the nature of their work. the quality of one's .g. e.

but their performance certainly didn't improve. Others have examined stress. There is no strong acceptance among researchers. These are at the functional core of many jobs.. however. However. and improved job satisfaction can sometimes decrease job performance. and organizational involvement are all factors that affect job satisfaction. And education. This suggests superiors and subordinates may tend to accentuate their differences and be more prone to stereotype one another. Participation in decision making. and commitment to organization. coping skills. dual career families. That may make them more satisfied with their "work" in the short run. Some have looked at factors such as organizational involvement. you could let sometime sit around all day and do nothing. that increased job satisfaction produces improve job performance. . in that first shift workers were more satisfied with pay than were second or various shift workers. shift. procedural justice. Personality type. sex. identification with role. Employees of the Wal-Mart Supercenter in St. etc. Results showed that there were three major predictors of job satisfaction: thinking all employees are treated equally by their boss. This study looks at other factors such as age. Missouri filled out surveys intended to gather information about what makes people satisfied with their jobs. it is known that satisfaction levels are correlated with observable phenomena (such as quit behavior). coping strategies. locus of control. The study by labor economists of job satisfaction is still in its infancy. Type a behavior. age. For example. and employees seeing themselves having a future in their present job. education level. and part or full-time status to see how they affect job satisfaction. sex (females were more satisfied than males). Prause and Dooley found that a larger percentage of intermittently unemployed andnon full-year poverty wage workers expressed dissatisfaction with their jobs compared to the employed and full-year poverty wage workers. the quality of the physical environment in which they work. degree of fulfillment in their work. did not turn out to be significant at all.relationship with their supervisor. because economists are suspicious of the usefulness of data on reported well-being. and what types of people are more likely to be satisfied with their jobs. There have been many studies performed to determine variables that affect job satisfaction. race. Joseph. This may be. locus of control. Factors hypothesized to be significant predictors of job satisfaction. etc. Shift was significant. such as education level and age. in fact. in part. emotional exhaustion. procedural justice. consultants.

Opportunity should be given to employees at regular interval. and club . Co-Workers:.Factors Affecting Job Satisfaction 1. Pay Structure: .Company should be free from dispute. It helps the employee not to deviate from their path. Supervision:-Proper supervision should be there in every organization. And Employee works in a proper way. Employees like to work in friendly environment. culture. 4. 3. Environment: . Some people get Satisfaction only because of the salary and Compensation and they stick to The organization for a long time. 6. They feel happy. politics. because they can gain knowledge. fringe benefits. Advancement Opportunities:-There should be good scope and opportunity To grow. Employee feels comfortable when their colleagues are good. Compensation & Benefits:-Employee wants more compensation & benefits. Benefits attract employees like perquisites. 5. Work Itself:(a)Skill Variety (b) Task Identity (c) Task Significance (d) Autonomy (e) Feedback 2.It is an important factor. 7. & so many things.It should be more attractive & lucrative.

Sometimes city also matters that it is affordable to him a comparison of salary.The ways a firm is doing business. 9. neurotic individuals experience more negative life events than other individuals in part. Extraversion Whereas Neuroticism is related to the experience of negative life events. extraverts are predisposed to experience positive emotions. as demonstrated meta-analysis of PA-job satisfaction relationships. Relationships of the Big Five Traits with Job Satisfaction Neuroticism Because of their essentially negative nature. . Climate:-City & Neighbors:-Employees wants to work in a good climate. they would lead to diminished levels of job satisfaction. and the link between NA and job satisfaction was documented in meta-analysis. because they select themselves into situations that foster negative effect. They will never compromise with their values & principles. Evidence also indicates that extraverts have more friends and spend more time in social situations than do introverts and. are likely to find interpersonal interactions (such as those that occurat work) more rewarding . because of their social facility. 10. Training:-What kind of training is given to employees. Employees are gaining how many benefits out of it. To the extent that such situations occur on or with respect to the job. 8. Neuroticism has been described as the primary source of NA.memberships etc. Ethics & Principle: . Some people are very ethical. and positive emotionality likely generalizes to job satisfaction.

Indirectly. Conscientiousness Organ and Lingl (1995) argued that Conscientiousness should be related to job satisfaction because it represents a general work-involvement tendency and thus leads to a greater likelihood of obtaining satisfying work rewards. . they found thatAgreeableness was positively related to life satisfaction. rendering its directional influence onaffective reactions like subjective well-being or job satisfaction unclear. the subjective well-being literature also suggests a positive relationship between Conscientiousness and job satisfaction. divergent thinking. and political liberalism.g. both formal (e. then the same process should operate with respect to job satisfaction’s Rg an and Lingl (1995) apparently agreed. it is noted that "Openness to Experience is a 'double-edged sword' that predisposes individuals to feel both the good and the bad more deeply”. although at a relatively low level (mean = .Openness to Experience Openness to Experience is related to scientific and artistic creativity. respect. Agreeableness McCrae and Costa (1991) argued that Agreeableness should be related to Happiness Because agreeable individuals have greater motivation to achieve interpersonal intimacy.. low religiosity. satisfying relationships". pay. Assuming these same communal motivations exist on the job.. Indeed. promotions) and informal (e. Furthermore. which should lead to greater levels of well-being. recognition. feelings of personal accomplishment). None of these psychological states seem to be closely related to job satisfaction.g. commenting that Agreeableness "involves getting along with others in pleasant.16).

in the corner office or on the basketball court. Whether you work on the farm.the kind where work doesn't feel like work anymore . or intrinsic enjoyment that need to be present in your work for you to feel satisfied. when they do not. For many of us. seize the opportunity and enjoy it! Luckily. and you add five days to every week. Jackson Brown." H. When they happily coincide. and golf pros may have found a way of doing what they love and getting paid for it. practical reality is often another. or working to solve other people's problems? Career dreams are one thing. power. it's more about how you approach your job than the actual duties you perform. Building Job Satisfaction Once you have identified the blend of status. you then need to work on some of our seven 'ingredients' for a satisfying job. the secret is to understand the key ingredients of your unique recipe for job satisfaction. You can work at job satisfaction.Creating Job Satisfaction Getting the most from your job. "Find a job you like. and find it in the most unexpected places. the idea of having a job that is truly satisfying . it's good to know that it is possible to get job satisfaction from a practical choice of career. professional athletes. Job satisfaction doesn't have to mean pursuing the ultra-glamorous or making money from your hobby. ski patrollers.is pure fantasy. or watching products fly by them on conveyor belts. a production line. Sure. But is there actually anyone out there who dreams of sitting at a desk and processing paper. The heart of job satisfaction is in your attitude and expectations. Jr. These ingredients are: • • • • • • Self-awareness Challenge Variety Positive attitude Knowing your options Balanced lifestyle .

and try to find a position that uses some of those skills too. Teach others your skills .aim to beat your previous record. The remaining six 'ingredients' determine how much of that potential you actually achieve. you can make it challenging. the more potential for job satisfaction you have. If you're to be happy and successful.• A sense of purpose Self-Awareness The first step in the search for job satisfaction is to know yourself. and minimize those weaknesses.nothing is more challenging. or rewarding. The greater the match between your preferences and the requirements of the job. take a long hard look at the things at which you excel. or set up a friendly competition among co-workers. than passing your skills and knowledge on to others.these will give you opportunities to stretch yourself. Challenge Even if the job itself is not all that challenging. Ask for new responsibilities . Start or take on a project that uses skills you would like to use. you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses. A useful framework for conducting this type of analysis is a Personal SWOT analysis. so rather than spend time beating yourself up about it. Some great ideas here include: • • • • Set performance standards for yourself . It is difficult to feel satisfied with something you aren't very good at. or want to improve. This will help you identify what types of profession will allow you to build on those strengths. .

take courses. Making a change to a positive attitude is a complex process that requires a lot of work and a strong commitment. Get involved with committee work. Ask to work a different shift. Positive Attitude Attitude plays a huge role in how you perceive your job and your life in general. Variety Closely related to the need for challenge is the need to minimize boredom. . Reframe your thoughts to the positive. read books or trade magazines and attend seminars. you can turn your internal dialogues around and start to see most events in your life as positive and worthwhile. Put the events of the day in the correct context. If you are depressed. keep your skills fresh and current. Volunteer to take on new tasks. Some common methods to alleviate boredom at work include: • • • • • • Cross train and learn new skills. However. Boredom is a common culprit when it comes to job dissatisfaction. Ask to be moved to a new assignment or department requiring the same skills. over time. or take a sabbatical. When your mind is bored you lack interest and enthusiasm and even a well-matched job becomes dissatisfying. Here are some tips: • • • Stop negative thoughts from entering your brain.• Commit to professional development . you're much less likely to be satisfied with anything. angry or frustrated. Go on an extended leave. However you do it.

When you focus too much on one at the expense of the other you risk putting your whole . To combat this. Commit to viewing obstacles as challenges. When you make a positive choice to stay with a job. This progresses to the point where you become convinced that anything other than the job you're doing has got to be more satisfying. you have more control. which helps you to identify and change negative and unhappy thinking patterns Know Your Options When you feel trapped. Research other jobs that interest you. Mind Tools has a useful article titled Rational Positive Thinking. Update your resume on a regular basis. Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle You'll have heard many times that you need to keep your life and work in balance. that job has much more appeal than if you feel forced to stay because you feel you have no alternative. When you feel you have options. continuously scan your environment for opportunities. At first you wonder what else is out there for you. • • • • • Keep a list of your accomplishments. Become an optimist. Keep up to date on employment trends. Adopt an 'I'm keeping my options open' approach. To help you with your quest to become positive.• • • • Don't dwell on setbacks. you can start to get anxious. Accept that mistakes are simply opportunities to learn.

but certainly not least (for many people) is the need to find a sense of purpose in the things you do. they Seem remarkable. A natural response is to wonder if human beings accidentally or deliberately exaggerate their difficulties. The overall distributions. and perhaps worrying for the Western democracies. Find a Sense of Purpose Last. Even if you have a boring job. weighted to be representative of the World are as follows: a) Sleep b) Unhappiness c) Lost confidence d) Difficulties e) Strain f) Worthless It is not easy to know what to make of the numbers. The Life Career Rainbow and The Wheel of Life are two great tools to use when seeking to attain and maintain an appropriate work life balance. . responsibility and stress. it is easy to resent it and lose your sense of perspective: Suddenly everything about your life is clouded with negativity. When work takes over your life. Even the most mundane job usually has purpose if you dig deep enough. should you be wasting your life doing it? Conclusion In all cases there is evidence of large perceived increases in strain over time.system in distress. Taken at face value. Approximately a quarter believe that the tightness of supervision has gone up significantly. it helps a lot if you can see the real benefit you're providing for people. And if it doesn't. Roughly half of all Worlds’ workers believe that there has been in their workplace a significant rise in effort.

studentsreview.wikipedia. you can choose to take control and make the changes you need to feel really satisfied and motivated by what you do. References http://www.org/tags/job-satisfaction .build on that change and create a satisfying environment for yourself.com/satisfaction_by_major http://unjobs. When you are dissatisfied with your job. Work plays a significant role in our lives.com http://www. By knowing the key elements that go into job satisfaction.com/jobsatisfaction http://www. Make one small change at work today that makes you feel good or different .Therefore. it is still your responsibility to make sure that what you are doing is satisfying to you. In our quest to be happy and productive. While you may not be in the career of your dreams right now. this tends to have an influence on your overall outlook on life. having a strong sense of job satisfaction is important.mindtools.

google.http://scholar.com/scholar?q=job+satisfaction .

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