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Competency Mapping Project Proposal

Edwin Ebreo
ExeQserve Corporation 2108, 88 Corporate Center, Sedeno St. Makati City 8933199 * ecebreo@exeQserve.com 9/26/2010


a. To develop the organization’s Competency map b. To equip Managers with the necessary skills to participate in and maintain the company’s competency-based systems.


Organizational Direction

Core Strategies

Competency Mapping
Core Competencies

HR Subsystems
Culture Building Training & Dev't

Vision & Mission Core capabilities Stakeholder requirements Market realities

Business Strategies

Leadership & Management Competencies Functional Competencies

Leadership and Management Development Performance Management

Key Measures

We propose to align the competencies with the organizational direction, strategies and performance measures. This is to ensure that there is direct line of sight between desired performance output and behaviors that define successful performance. This project also equips the organizational participants on the uses of competency models in several areas of performance management but the actual development of competency-based HR systems are scoped and quoted separately to give management a freehand in deciding on whether to engage


an external consultant in the development of the tools or just develop them in-house. Level of Participation In order to get complete buy in on the use of the competency models and profiles, we propose that key employees be deeply involved in the development of the tools. Through thorough orientation and active participation in the mapping activities, the participants will be able to appreciate the rudiments of competency mapping and equip them to carry on review and revision of the models as needed.


Stage 2:Identifying Competency components

Stage 4: Developing Competency Profiles

•Introduction •Scoping •1 Day •Mapping team

Stage 1: Competency Mapping Workshop

•Core Employee Competencies •Leadership & Mgmt competencies •1 day •Mapping team

•Focus grouop discussions •Job Relevant Competencies • 2 hrs/ group •Writeshop
Stage 3: Developing Competency Catalogue/Matrix

•Behavioral Event Interviews •1 hr/ position •Writeshop •Duration: TBD

Project Start Date: TBD Project End Date: TBD A more detailed time table shall be presented and agreed upon after approval of this proposal for better project management. Project Phase Activity Orientation Scoping Approximate Timeline One day Result/Output

Stage 1:

Finalized Project work plan with milestones


Project Phase Project Briefing


Approximate Timeline

Result/Output and deliverables

Stage 2: Identifying Competency Components

Identify core competencies that link with org strategies Identifying Employee Core Competencies Identifying Managerial Competencies Focus Group Discussion on job-relevant competencies Writeshop

1 – 2 weeks

Employee Core Competency Matrix Managerial competency matrix

Stage 3: Developing Competency Catalogue/Matrix

2-3 weeks

Job-relevant competencies Competency Catalogue/Matrix

Stage 4: Developing Competency Profiles

• •

Behavioral Event Interviews Writeshop


Individual job profiles Complete Competency map and profiles

Development of Competency-Based HR Subsystems Performance Competency-based 4 weeks Competency-based Management System Performance Management Performance System Policy & Tools Management System development Policy & Tools Competency Gap Development of 2 Weeks Competency Gap Analysis Competency Gap Analysis Analysis tools and initial Tools report Human Resource & Human Resource & 4 weeks Competency-based Culture Building Culture Building Planning Training and Development Plan Recruitment & Recruitment & Selection 2 - 3 Weeks Competency Based Selection Strategy Development Recruitment & Selection Strategy


Client shall take responsibility for: Provision of documentation and information as required Provision of venue and refreshment as needed. Ensure Timely Submission of deliverables. Selection of Competency Mapping team members and other participants Provision of work area and equipment of consultants as needed Ensure attendance of identified employees for briefing sessions and meetings ExeQserve Consultant shall take responsibility for: Function as the primary interface with The Client’s designated coordinators Ensure correctness of data gathering methods and approaches Ensure Timely Submission of deliverables. Review overall impact of new processes to be introduced into the system. Conduct coordination and follow through meetings to ensure proper implementation of initiatives and action plans. Conduct one-time orientation to educate key managers in the use of the employment policy. Ensure security and safety of confidential information and trade secrets

The Consultants commit to deliver all items and services stated in this proposal on the agreed upon dates. The Client is expected to make the same commitment in ensuring cooperation of employees to achieve Program Goals. Client Company and the Consultants shall not be held liable for any cancellations and postponement triggered by force majeure or natural calamities For cancellations of the program not caused by force majeure or natural calamities any down payments made shall be deemed forfeited. The Consultants and its Client Company shall exert all efforts to resolve the issues emanating from this engagement in the best possible way as to preserve goodwill.


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