0 Snatch Theft Crime From Islamic point of View Snatch theft is very worrying crime nowadays, and it is one of the crime that very contravention with Islamic law. Snatch theft is the criminal act of forcefully stealing from the pedestrian’s person by using robs –and run technique. Usually in Malaysia, snatch theft done by two person work together. One acts as the snatcher and the other one do the job of escaping by steering the motorcycle. The other type of snatcher is one person who is work alone by snatching the handbag and run (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snatch_theft). Snatch theft is a very cruel act of criminal for causing harm not only to individuals but to society. Among the adverse effects of snatch theft cases are: 1) Taking other people's rights in the wrong way. 2) Could create chaos and fear. 3) Some incidents, theft victims lost their lives due to injuries arising from the theft case. 4) Gives a bad image of Muslims. 5) The food from the haram source may cause to the other problem for future generations. 3.1 The punishment in Islamic Law. Allah has provided the punishment which acts to provide education in the Al-Quran for cases of crimes committed. There are many type of punishment in Islam for every single case of crime. They are Hudud, Qisas, Takzir, Diyat and else. For the cases of snatch theft, this crime is under the category of hudud because this crime resemble the robbery and theft crimes where the punishment prescribed by Allah in the Quran. For the hudud, the execution is clearly shown in the Quran and cannot be amended. Has been described in the definition of hudud that it was punishment for exercise of the right of Allah imposed and enforced for the well-being of the public (society), which is against the facade of society and ensure the stability and prosperity to them. Every offense is harmful to society and benefit from the sentence imposed on the offender for committing the offense, is returning to the community, then the punishment for it is considered the right of God to secure the attainment of these benefits. To ensure that the harm will be protected, then the sentence is considered to be the rights of God so that the sentence does not fall by the individual or the community when it

the perpetrators of crimes can be divided into four categories: 1) criminals who kill and rob. In the Qur'an Allah has decreed punishment for the offense of robbery and theft. (Abdul Qadir Audah. This crime can occur in individuals. then the punishment will be meted out to criminals is the hadd punishment that God has set. al-Tasyri c al-Jinaiy al-Islamiy. There are cases where property is seized and abducted the victim and there are some cases where in addition to confiscation of property belonging to victims of the victims were also killed during the theft by accident after a struggle with the perpetrator. Implement hudud law is mandatory and is calculated as the rights of God. groups or the perpetrator is a male. p. For the crime of robbery. but more accurately included in the category of robbery offenses in which the means of violence has been used to confiscate the property of others. but scholars have done qiyas on the snatch thefts. Theft crimes may not occur during the lifetime of the Prophet. snatch thefts can be included in the category of theft. From the category that has been shown above. Purpose of the right of Allah is the punishment could not be removed either by individuals or society. So the conclusion. Robbery crime (al_Hibarah) Hirabah in the Islamic term meaning an attack intended to seize the property. If the crime is theft crimes like robbery.n 78). . For this theft offense he may be broken down into several categories.convicted guilty. female or slaves because they are all mukallaf. there are some similarities in how the perpetrators of crimes committed thefts. murder or the fear of frightening the way in public. arrogant and use the power of the remote areas of assistance. It is done by mukallaf that are subject to the law. 2) Criminals do not just kill and rob. 3) Criminals who rob but not murder. 4) Criminals terrifying people without confiscation of property and killing people.

Murderers kill here to intimidate and interfere with the course of the public to use the power without knowing a specific victim. they would be crucified after washed. 4) They are just intimidating without robbery and murder will be punished takzir as banishment. such as wooden beams or the like. However. 3) Those sentenced to rob only will cut the hands and feet by crossed. families of the victims have no right to forgive because the punishment is the right God. However. thieves stole the property in secret while the robbers do with fear and use the power openly.The punishment for each category of the criminals. his left hand and right leg are cut off. If the crime is repeated. be a lesson to the public as well as shows will the misfortune that will befall those who commit such crimes. If not. In fact. kafan and solah jenazah because they are still Muslims. This is because the crime to kill in a different chapter of Banditry killed in chapter Qisas crimes. However. Such The punishment is in order. then the judge may set the punishment for which takzir. the government can pardon if necessary. the punishment for these crimes are the property of Allah and the victim's family cannot drop the sentence. imprisonment and so on. The punishment depends on the government. but he will kill anyone who is in the area. The difference is that thieves and robbers. His right hand cut off at the wrist and left foot at the ankle. 2) Those who kill without robbery be sentenced to death without being crucified. the number of robbed property must reach the rates specified in the offense to steal a quarter dinar or more. 1) Those who kill and rob will be sentenced to death and then his body would be crucified for 3 days in high places. . Therefore.

Hands and feet cut punishment passed on the third category of robbers. (Al-Maidah:33) Only the death penalty imposed on the second category of criminal executions involving robbery. Execution of criminals and the cross involves the first category of crime involving murder and robbery. . Finally.Legality of punishment God has established this punishment of hirabah offense as stated in the Quran. criminals are not life threatening. That is for them a disgrace in this world. the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment. Indeed. the sentence of banishment involving the fourth category in which crime only show intimidation without involving life and property.

That is. then all the specific punishment for the crime of murder hirabah. As word of God: . All the above sentence can only be removed through one way only. Maqosid syariah aims to protect religion. cut the hands and feet will be dropped. So someone who has repented before the criminals were caught are subject to penalties and Qisas and he can be forgiven by the victim's family to pay blood-money claims. The laws that God in the Quran used throughout the ages according to the Day of Judgement. lineage and property. he will be punished by murder. We as humans are not free from making mistakes. And know that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. However. Criminal cases such as this theft would be eradicated if the law of God was implemented. (Al-Maidah:34) However. hiding. life. cross. whether by way of escape.Punishment abortion. It is stated by Allah in the Holy Quran: Except for those who return [repenting] before you apprehend them. to safeguard the well being of the people God has established various laws that must be followed in order to preserve maqosid sharia. or he failed to be detected. intellect. If the criminals repent before being brought to justice. the status of the perpetrators of crimes after the turn treated as murderers or thieves and criminals instead of hirabah. we need to understand that repentance is only omitting a specific sentence penggugur hirabah and it is not any crime. Then. but when good people are those who regularly and to hasten to repent. Allah has set the laws of a comprehensive and thorough to us as servants in their lives in this world. ie when the perpetrators of crimes to repent before successfully captured by the government. The door of repentance is always open to the servants of God who deviate from the path of conscious and regretted the sin he has committed.

(Al Maidah:45) . an ear for an ear.And We ordained for them therein a life for a life. and for wounds is legal retribution. a tooth for a tooth. an eye for an eye. it is an expiation for him. But whoever gives [up his right as] charity. a nose for a nose. And whoever does not judge by what Allah has revealed .then it is those who are the wrongdoers.

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