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Version 5 ‐ FINAL   
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 17 March 2008 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL CONTENTS 
       Purpose of this document         How to use this document    1. EVENT OUTLINE  1.1 Nature  1.2 Date and Time  1.3 Route  1.4 Sites  1.5 Programme with approximate timings    2. EVENT MANAGEMENT  2.1 Policy  2.2 Specific Responsibilities  2.3 Planning and Consultation  2.4 Licensing objectives  2.5 Publicity  2.6 Spectator profile    3 EVENT PLAN  3.1 Generic Issues and Controls  3.2 Site Specific Issues and  Controls  3.3 Site Responsibilities  3.4 Event Start  3.5 Event Activities and Controls  3.6 Event Conclusion    4.    EVENT RISK ASSESSMENT COVERAGE  4.1 Sites and Activities  4.2 People  4.3 Risk Categorisation and Application of Good Practice    5.   EMERGENCY PLAN    5.1 Untoward Incident    5.2 Emergency Situation    5.3 Major Incident    5.4 Emergency Response Plan    5.5 Incident Report Form    6.     EVENT EVALUATION    7.  CONTACTS    8.   RISK ASSESSMENT – Tables 1 – 3 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL

CROWD MANAGEMENT ARRANGEMENTS  9.1 On Route, Sites and Locations  9.2 Training and Equipment  9.3 Risk Identification and Controls  9.4 Communication  9.5 Emergency Arrangements  9.6 Crime and Disorder  9.7 The movement of significant numbers of people  9.8 Stewards and Site Crew Responsibilities  9.9 Stewards briefing notes 

  10.   CONSTRUCTION AND STRUCTURE ARRANGEMENTS    10.1 On Route, Sites and Locations  10.2 Training and Equipment  10.3 Risk Identification and controls    11.  COMMUNICATION AND EMERGENCY COMMUNICATION    11.1 Communication    11.2 Emergency Communications    12.  TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN    12.1 Movement    12.2 Sites    13.   LOST CHILDREN    13.1 Persons reporting a lost Child    13.2 Child reporting lost    13.3 Form for a Missing of Found Child    14.  SIGNS PREPARED BEFOREHAND FOR SCREENS    14.1 General Information    14.2 Crowd Movement Notices    14.3 Emergency Communicaions    15. APPENDICES  Appendix A – Site plan of Oram’s Arbour  Appendix B – Site plan of the Great Hall and Law Courts  Appendix C – Site plan of the Buttercross and Cathedral Grounds  Appendix D – Power and Lighting Plans  Appendix E – Additional information from contractors  Appendix F – Risk Assessment from the Army re Field Kitchen  Appendix G – Organisation Chart for the Winchester Passion 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
Purpose of this document   

This  document  provides  those  with  responsibility  for  the  Winchester  Passion,  Winchester  City  Council, Hampshire County Council, Winchester Cathedral and other bodies  with the plans, hazard  identification and risk assessment of activities and arrangements for The Winchester Passion 2008.  

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Document  Version  1  2  Reasons For  Changes  First issue  Numbered paragraphs, for easy  identification of future changes.  Issue  Date  30 Jan 08    8 Feb 08  Circulation  Producers and Abigail Toms for  Environmental Health, WCC.  All Producers, Directors, Site  Managers, Abigail Toms for  WCC, Carlton Bath for the  Cathedral office  For Stewards meeting  Environmental Health and  Producers, for comment.    To Environmental Health for  checking  Producers  Producers, Directors, Site  Managers and Stewards and  Site Crew  Produced for the  representatives of SAG 

2 Stewards  2A  3 

  Emergency procedures ‐  5  Incident report form – 5.5  Amendments suggested by Abigail  Toms, and Neil Jenkins    Movement of people at Great Hall,  see 3.1.10  New paragraph 3.3 and all  following paragraphs in section  renumbered  New section 9.7 – The movement  of significant numbers of people.  Sections and paras following  renumbered.  Replaced sections 11.12. and 3  with greater detail.  Corrected route at 1.3!  Additional detail at section 7  New site plans and Appendices  Assured internal consistency, e.g.  central control is ‘Command Tent’.  Added screen messages  ‐ 14. 

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5  FINAL  Version 

  17 March 

All Producers, Directors, WCC,  HCC, all Stewards, site crew,  technical, staging, Army, Navy  and contractors. 


How  to use this document. The  Event  Management Plan (EMP) is intended to be used by  all who  have  any  responsibility  for  the  Winchester  Passion.    This  present  edition  is  Version  5  FINAL.  Remember – this is the Winchester Passion workbook. 

AUTHORITY  The Information contained within this EMP has been compiled by those with relevant  responsibilities. The EMP is the control document of the whole event.  

For and on behalf of the Producers of The Winchester Passion   

Howard Mellor
Revd Dr Howard Mellor   The Winchester Passion Co‐ordinator 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
1. EVENT OUTLINE    1.1 Nature    The  Winchester  Passion  is  a  Church  inspired  community  event,  portraying  the  events  of  the  last  week  of  the  life  of  Jesus  in  the  midst  of  the  city  using  its  historical  setting  as  a  backdrop  for  a  contemporary working of the Gospel story. The event expects 3,000 attendees but has plans to cope  with  up  to  5,000  attendees.  The  event  is  being  supported  by  over  1,000  volunteers  (including  stewards, cast, site crew, technical crew directors, wardrobe, staging, producers and admin support)  who are being trained in their roles.    The  story  is  to  be  portrayed  using  drama,  music  (including  musicians  and  choirs),  dance  and  a  procession which moves through the City. The event commences with a Festival on the Arbour.    1.2 Date and Time    The event will take place on Good Friday, 21st March 2008 5.00pm to 9.00pm.    1.3 Route    The event route is from Oram’s Arbour, via the Great Hall and Law Courts, the Buttercross, down the  High Street, into Market Street and to the Cathedral Grounds.    1.4 Sites    At each of the following five sites, the event will comprise dramatic presentations of stages of the  Gospel story of the Passion:    Oram’s Arbour  The Great Hall / The Law Courts  The Buttercross  The Cathedral Grounds    1.5 Programme with approximate timings   
5:00pm  6:00   6.22        6.30   7,15   8.10   8.20   8.24   8.30   8.35   8.48   8.50   8.57     ‘Festival’ begins on Oram’s Arbour.  Passion begins on Oram’s Arbour – vision  to screens at Great Hall, Law Courts and Cathedral,  with Radio Solent also broadcasting live.  End of sequence on Oram’s Arbour ‐ audience move to Great Hall/Law Courts    Action begins at Great Hall   Action moves to Law Courts   Via Dolorosa , Procession down High Street  Action at the BUTTER CROSS  Continue, Market St, to the Cathedral grounds  Action at Cathedral  Crucifixion sequence begins,  Lighting: sudden darkness.  Sound effects.  F/x: earthquake.    Resurrection sequence begins  Finale ‐ Keep you in peace (Celtic blessing) 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
2 EVENT MANAGEMENT    2.1 Policy 

As the Event Management Team (EMT) want to encourage an atmosphere of safe celebration, their  intention is to organise an event which:  • Ensures safety for both participants and spectators  • Minimises the risk to road users, businesses and the general public  • Prevents public nuisance and disruption  • Protects children and vulnerable adults from harm  • Promotes  an environment which allows participants and spectators to enjoy the event 

This EMP is an operational document intended to:    • Define the route and parameters of the event  • Identify roles, responsibilities and duties.  • Clarify the communication lines  • Assess the risks involved, safety measures required and their implementation    Advice has been taken from professionals in Health and Safety and consultations have been held  with Winchester City Council (WCC) environmental health.    The policy for the Winchester Passion is directed by the Producers who have met regularly, with a  break  for  August,  since  January  2007.  The  Chair  of  the  Producers  and  the  Co‐ordinator  for  the  Winchester Passion is the Revd Dr Howard Mellor. 

2.2 Specific Responsibilities    The Organisation chart (Appendix G) identifies key management responsibilities.    2.3 Planning and Consultation    Monthly  meetings  have  occurred  since  detailed  planning  commenced  in  January  2007,  after  initial  meetings  which  commenced  in  the  late  spring  of  2006.  Since  June  2007  the  Producers  have  met  weekly each Wednesday morning. A wider group of the Passion Directors, Site Managers and Task  Managers  have  met  with  the  Producers  monthly.    Task  groups  have  met  regularly  to  meet  their  goals.  Since  July  2007  the  Producers  have  called  together  the  Directors  to  share  information  and  ensure co‐ordination of the Passion. Additionally each Director has met with a group of volunteers to  ensure the delivery of a particular aspect of the Passion.                                                        This EMP has benefited from advice from:  - Hampshire County Council  - Winchester City Council  - Winchester Cathedral  - The Army     2.4 Licensing Objectives    2.4.1.  The licences shall have effect on 21 March 2008 only.  2.4.2.   A final agreed EMP shall be submitted to the Local Authority no later than 14 days before  the event.  

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
2.4.3  2.4.4.  2.4.5.  The Producers have sought advice and attend meetings to monitor progress with the  development of a satisfactory EMP.   The EMT have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Police regarding  responsibilities at the event.   The EMT shall submit a structural completion certificate for each structure, provided by a  suitably qualified person, which will be placed in the Production file held at the control node  on the day and otherwise at the United Church. The certificate must confirm that the  structure has been erected safely.   The organizers shall also place in the Production file Electrical completion certificates for all  sites, provided by a suitably qualified electrician. The certificate must confirm that the  electrical installation has been installed safely.  A final agreed traffic management plan shall be submitted to the Local Authority no later  than 14 days before the event. 



  2.5 Publicity    Advance detailed information of the event has been available to people from the end of February.  This ‘Invitation leaflet’ contains information on road and rail links into Winchester, a drawn map of  the route with expected timings, guidance for wheelchair users, information about stewarding, First  Aid, and identifies a Meeting Point. It is the intention of the EMT to give people sufficient advance  information to ensure that any anxiety among people about the route is eliminated. The leaflet is to  be  given  to  every  household  in  Winchester,  and  is  available  through  the  churches  and  other  community  groups,  hotels  and  tourist  information.  All  information  will  also  be  available  via  the  website,     2.6 Spectator Profile    There is no real information on the numbers of spectators that will be attending. The event is being  widely publicised and promoted through the media who will be covering it on TV and Radio.      The make up of spectators is expected to be a 50/50 ratio of male female. The age range will be from  infants to senior citizens with the majority being adults. They will be compliant although that could  easily change as result of any incidents occurring or the actions of other spectators or insensitive or  confrontational stewarding. A good percentage of spectators will be elderly and some will have  special needs.       3 EVENT PLAN    3.1 Generic Issues and Controls  

3.1.1. People attending.   The invitation leaflet will give people advance information about the route and best places to view  the event.  Stewards in high visibility jackets will ensure the numbers of people entering a site area  will be controlled to prevent overcrowding and crowd stress, and offer alternative places to view the  event. The likely crowd area and exit number profiles have been considered assuming one person to  0.5 sq.m. (advised by Mr Fred Randall, Mr Geoff Vaine and Mr Ray Cousins, of the Hampshire Fire  Service).  Similarly  the  comfort  and  safety  of  specific  groups  of  people  have  been  considered,  e.g.  children, elderly or disabled that may have specific needs and who will be directed to the Cathedral  site. Any emergency evacuation procedure (see section 5) will be communicated by stewards using  radio, mobile phone and loudhailer as directed. A public address system is available in all the stage  areas.   
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
3.1.2. Traffic management: access/egress, parking and emergency vehicles  The invitation leaflet will inform people that the Park and Ride bus service will run for an hour before  and  after  the  event.    It  will  also  identify  other  Car  parking  in  the  city.    Transportation  of  items  necessary  for  the  Passion  using  support  vehicles  will  be  allowed  for  unloading  and  loading,  as  directed by stewards and site directors. Most vehicles of those involved in the event will be parked  in city car parks, except where they are essential for the event, e.g. control vehicles for sound and  vision. The vehicles so parked will not contravene parking restrictions or obstruct the highway sight  lines  or  the  footway/road.  No  unplanned  and  uncontrolled  access  and  egress  to  event  site  will  be  permitted.  Barriers  and  signs  will  be  used  to  help  with  closure  and  safe  access  and  egress.  Emergency  vehicle  routes  will  be  open,  directed  and  controlled  on  and  off  the  sites.  Emergency  pedestrian  routes  will  be  kept  clear.  A  traffic  and  pedestrian  control  and  movement  plan  will  be  provided.    3.1.3. Crowd control: stewards Stewards  will  be  fully  briefed  on  all  aspects  of  the  Passion  event  including  crowd  control  and  emergency  procedure  arrangements.  Detailed  site  plans  are  attached  (Appendices  A  –  C).  The  Stewards will be  clearly identified to  the public, in high visibility jackets, appropriately  briefed and  directed  in  actions  for  foreseeable  and  emergency  event  situations.  They  will  be  briefed  to  act  in  teams; ultimate steward control is with Mr Ray Cousins, Chief Steward. Mr Fred Randall & Mr Roland  Burberry will be available through control by radio. Each site area will have a call sign leader. Crowd  movement will also be covered on located point and identification control. Additional stewards and  supervisors will be provided with radios as necessary (Call signs are available in section 7).    Stewards  will  be  organised  into  5  teams  of  10.    Each  team  will  have  a  succession  of  tasks  and  responsibilities and each team will have a Team Leader providing management and who will have a  personal radio.      Stewards  will  receive  training  and  be  allocated  to  responsibility  according  to  training  and  competence.  They  will  be  required  to  look  out  for  hazards,  guide  vehicles,  and  clear  emergency  exits, give general information to people and know how and when to deal with difficult people. They  will be advised what to do in the event of injury occurring, fire, and dealing with people. Stewards  will be readily identified and as this is an evening event, they will need torches. As the crowd moves,  the  steward  teams  will  move  with  the  crowd  so  that  the  number  of  stewards  will  increase  as  the  procession moves.      There will be site crews at each site, with a site manager and 10 crew members. The crews will stay  on site the whole time, helping to set up and clear the site, including litter.     3.1.4. Welfare The Passion organisers have estimated the number of people attending the event (maximum 5,000)  and  the  likely  duration  (4hrs).  Any  requirements  are  based  on  these  estimations.  Records  of  incidents or accidents seen or reported will be kept (incident report form 5.5)and as appropriate the  Passion  will  initially  investigate  the  likely  cause  and  keep  a  report.  Provision  for  dealing  with  lost  children,  missing  people  and  lost  property  is  considered  and  the  stewards  are  briefed  of  all  such  arrangements.  There  will  be  a  designated  Meeting  Point  at  the  Cathedral  site  and  in  the  case  of  missing children this will be carefully overseen by male and female stewards at the Command Tent  with relevant CRB checks.    3.1.5. Temporary Structures/ Specialist Equipment  Equipment is to be obtained from reliable sources, it will be erected by appropriate staff and safety  checks  will  be  made.  This  particularly  applies  to  site  temporary  structures  such  as  staging,  tents,  sound and lighting equipment, stalls etc. The location of any such structures is identified on the site  plans.  Safety  barriers  if  required  to  protect  the  public  against  specific  hazards  will  be  erected  and 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
checked  as  safe.  Specialist  equipment  like  generators  will  be  appropriately  sited,  protected  and  access controlled.     The  EMT  have  considered  the  generic  risks  regarding  the  construction,  use  and  dismantling  this  equipment  and  included  them  as  part  of  our  assessments.    The  EMT  have  a  team  of  competent  people  who  will  construct  from  proven  materials  and  methods.  Additional  construction  will  be  undertaken  by  scaffolding  engineers.  They  will  ensure  that  none  of  the  staging  that  will  be  constructed  presents  any  hazards  or  risks  that  cannot  be  appropriately  eliminated  or  controlled  within the managed arrangements.    3.1.6. Contractors/Performers  The EMT will Contractors at event sites to provide their safety policy and risk assessments to ensure  that they will perform the task safely. Where appropriate risk assessments, method statements, and  structural  calculations  will  be  obtained  from  contractors.  All  such  material  will  be  held  in  a  production file which will be retained at The United Church and at the Command Tent on the day,  available for inspection at any time. Contractors have been required to have their own insurance, or  are covered by the event public liability insurance certificate, which provides a limit of indemnity of  at  least  £10  million.  Contractors  will  be  provided  with  a  copy  of  the  EMP  and  the  organisers  shall  ensure  they  are  adequately  briefed  about  our  health  and  safety  procedures  and  will  follow  event  rules.    3.1.7. Insurance The Passion event has a Public Liability Insurance. A copy of our event Public Liability Insurance (held  by Churches Together in Winchester from the Ecclesiastical Insurance Company) will be submitted to  those who have asked for a copy and the original kept in the EMP file.    3.1.8. Special Permissions The Passion involves activities consisting of acting, music, dancing, singing or similar but will not be  charging for events. The Passion have been granted 3 site Performance Licences and the information  provided is linked to that provided in this plan. All necessary copyright permission will be obtained  for all music that will be used.    3.1.9. Production File A file copy of all plans, permissions, structural calculations, contractors details, risk assessments and  the final EMP will be kept in a file in the office of the United Church and at the Command Node on  the day for consultation.    3.1.10 Access to Great Hall There are three groups of visitors to the Great Hall on the Friday of which the Site Crew need to be  aware of so they can get in!  The times the groups arrive are 12.30, 1.30 and 3pm. Vince Smith,  Technology Site Manager for the Great Hall will ensure it is correctly actioned and access allowed 

3.2.      Site Specific Issues and Controls    3.2.1. Site Suitability, Layout and Design  All chosen sites are considered suitable sites. Structures are designed  to be placed on flat  ground.  Additional  lighting  for  sites  and  suitable  access  and  exit  routes  have  been  considered  and  are  identified on the attached plans (Appendices A – C). Site activities are not located where they could  compromise other evacuation routes, e.g. next to fire exit doors of local shops or offices.    3.2.2. Site Plan Three  site  plans  are  available  (Appendices  A  –  C)  showing  the  position  of  all  the  intended  Act  &  Scene  events  and  facilities.  Entrance  and  exit  points,  circulation  routes,  vehicle  access  and 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
emergency evacuation paths have been set out and designated     Event site plans identifying staging, power, speakers, barriers and control features are attached as  Appendices (A‐E) and key responsibilities are identified with details of how they are being managed.  Control Communication throughout the event will be directed through a control centre and briefed  management direction. Contact with other key people will be via Personal Radio and Mobile Phone.    3.3. Site Responsibilities    David Williams is the Producer overseeing all sites.  Fred Randall is the Site Director with operational  responsibility for all sites.  Ray Cousins is the Senior Steward overseeing all stewarding teams.  The  Communications Centre at the Cathedral is under the management of Jamie Cousins.  In addition to  the  above  named  people  each  site  manager  and  each  stewarding  team  Leader  will  be  carrying  a  radio.      3.3.1 Oram’s Arbour  The  Site  Manager  here  is  Derek  Rutherford  who  will  be  coordinating  his  own  site  crew  of  10  and  liaising with all contractors, cast and technical crew.  Liaison over stewarding will be between Derek  Rutherford  and  Ray  Cousins.    Derek  Rutherford  will  also  be  the  responsible  person  to  liaise  with  police and the local residents association.      3.3.2 The Great Hall and Law Courts  This  site  is  the  property  of  HCC.    There  is  24  hour  security  cover  here  and  all  Winchester  Passion  personnel need to be prepared to work to the direction of the security team.  David Williams is the  liaison point between HCC managers and Winchester Passion.  The Law Courts have arranged for a  security  cover.    Terry  Marshall  (Facilities  Maintenance  Contract  Manager)  will  be  supervising  contract work on the site before and after the event.  Under his supervision Winchester Passion will  be removing its aerial equipment from above the Law Courts on Saturday 22 March.      The  Winchester  Passion  Site  Managers  here  are  Eddie  Grimble  (Great  Hall)  and  Peter  Russell  (Law  Courts);  both  are  supervising  site  crew  of  10  personnel.    Paul  Mitchell  and  Richard  Coxhead  (both  HCC)  will  be  on  site  from  1700  to  2200.    There  will  be  meetings  at  the  beginning  and  end  of  this  period between them and the Winchester Passion site managers.  At 2200 responsibility for the site  rests with the Winchester Passion site managers working in liaison with HCC security.      3.3.3 The Buttercross  The Winchester Passion Site Manager here is John Piper supervising a crew of 5 personnel.      3.3.4 Winchester Cathedral  The Winchester Passion Site Managers here are Frank Roberts and Tony Hellard; they will have a site  crew of 10 people.  They will also be the liaison point with the Cathedral staff. The Communications  Centre  will  also  be  situated  here,  managed  by  Jamie  Cousins.    Howard  Mellor  (The  Winchester  Passion Coordinator) will also be based here during the event.      3.4 Event Start    3.4.1. Final Preparations Just prior to the event a detailed safety check will be carried out using an inspection checklist. Site  communications will be checked as working and safe.   As a final action before the event starts the following will be checked:  Routes; Scene & Sites; Signage; Vehicles; Structures; Special Effects (smoke machine on the Arbour);  Barriers; Stewards; Lighting; Public information; Briefing.     
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
3.4.2. Adverse Conditions   Weather  conditions  (event  cancelled  if  outside  control  limits  –  storm,  wind  force)  on  advice  from  emergency services. The Cathedral have agreed to loan coconut matting, and a supplier of matting if  has been identified if there is a need to purchase additional amounts. The need will be determined  by  the  Site  Director,  if  for  instance,  there  is  protracted  rainfall  in  the  days  leading  up  21  March  making the ground soft. We shall ensure safe access and egress for pedestrians from the Arbour into  Clifton Terrace.    3.5. Event Activities and Controls    The following comprises planned activities and controls.    3.5.1. Central Event Management Control  Provided at a Control Node at the Cathedral site where the Event Co‐ordinator can be contacted.    3.5.2. Communication Event  communication  through  all  media  avenues,  Site  and  Activity  communication  through  Radio  Control & PA system at sites and with stewards.    3.5.3. Special Needs Arrangements sited at Cathedral  People  with  restricted  mobility,  deafness  or  visual  impairment,  including  wheelchair  users,  will  be  advised to attend the event in the Cathedral, or at the Cathedral grounds (No specific special needs  provision is intended at other sites).     3.5.4. Toilets  The EMT have secured agreement that the Public Toilets at the Maurice Covert be opened during  the event and also the public toilets at the Cathedral Refectory until 10.30pm    3.5.5. Training Plan for Stewards                          All volunteers to be known personally to the Passion organisation and skills level identified to tasks.  The Passion Stewards are to be trained before the event, and given additional on the day briefing.  Briefing notes for stewards can be found in section 9    3.5.6. Structure Permanent structures (All Sites sound) Temporary structures on plan (All identified and assessed for  condition within weather limits up to Storm).     3.5.7. Barriers Located  at  plan  identified  sites  (All  considered  and  constructed  to  approved  standards  of  construction, checked before event, provided by Brandon Tool Hire).    3.5.8. First Aid provision Provided by St John’s Ambulance with a base at the Cathedral site (ambulance plus 2 people), there  will  be  an  ambulance,  2  crew  and  4  walkers  starting  at  the  Arbour,  walking  with  the  crowd  and  ending at the Cathedral    3.5.9. Litter As indicated in 3.1.3. the site crew will stay at the venue until it is cleared and the litter  collected and taken to a central site (the additional bins at the Cathedral), or one of the churches for  disposal the following day. Waste bins will be provided to collect the litter.       

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
3.6.      Event Conclusion     3.6.1.   Site conditions  After  the  event,  an  inspection  will  be  carried  out  to  make  sure  nothing  has  been  left  on  the  site  which  could  be  hazardous  to  future  users  and  that  the  site  has  been  cleared  of  rubbish.  This  inspection  will  also  identify  any  damage  which  may  have  been  caused  during  the  event.  It  is  not  intended  that  any  structures  are  left  overnight,  but  in  the  event  that  they  are  as  a  result  of  unforeseen  circumstances,  security  guards  will  be  present  to  ensure  they  are  safe  from  vandalism  etc.     3.6.2.  Accidents  If  an  accident  occurs,  the  names  and  addresses  of  witnesses  will  be  obtained,  photographs  taken  (where appropriate) and a report made. An Incident Report Form will be completed and a copy sent  to  Winchester  City  Council,  Environmental  Health.  We  will  also  advise  our  own  event  liability  insurance company, Ecclesiastical Insurance.    3.6.3. Claims  If any person declares an intention to make a claim following an alleged incident associated with the  event, we will contact our insurers who will in any case receive a completed accident form.      4.  EVENT RISK ASSESSMENT COVERAGE    4.1. Sites and Activities     Risk  assessments  for  all  sites  and  activities  at  Oram’s  Arbour,  Great  Hall  &  Law  Courts,  the  Buttercross & Cathedral and in addition technical areas, road control, and crowd movements have  been  produced.  They  identify  safety  hazards,  assess  risks  and  identify  mitigating  measures  to  eliminate or reduce the risk of accidents or injury occurring.    At Table 1 & 2 we indicate the key areas considered and give written evidence of the risk to assure  that Passion 2008 is a safe event. The assessments show adequate process and procedures will be in  place  to  deal  with  identified  detrimental  occurrences  or  emergencies.  Site  plans  and  other  textual  documents also explain how the event risk and other issues are being managed.     4.2 People     The EMT have decided who could be affected:  • There  are  no  people  employed  directly  by  the  Winchester  Passion  although  there  are  a  number of people who have been seconded by their employing organisations.  • Over  1,000  volunteers  (including  500  people  who  are  stewards,  cast,  site  crew,  technical  crew  directors,  production  team  and  producers)  are  being  trained  in  their  roles  and  responsibilities.  • Stewards who will be given suitable training.  • Members  of  the  public  have  been  considered,  all  the  age  groups  and  those  with  disability  requirements.  • Contractors – (Soundbite Productions, Icthus Sound light and Light Productions Multi Media  Services, scaffolding, Brandon Tool Hire, Hewden Power, Warwick Bros, The Army)  • Cathedral scaffolding and electrical contractors.  (Statement of Intent and electrical documents will be issued to the Cathedral).   

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
4.3 Risk Classification and Application of Good Practice     The  EMT  have  assessed  risks  and  introduced  where  appropriate  further  controls  to  eliminate  or  reduce them. 

The  event  identifies  the  two  key  areas  of  risk  to  people  as  “site  related”  and  “crowd/movement  related”. Risks are classified as high, medium or low. Consideration is given as to what controls need  to be in place to stop an incident/accident happening.  The EMT have decided whether risk could be  eliminated completely by change of plan or practice or where it cannot consideration has been given  to what must be done to reduce it to an acceptable managed level. See the Table 1 & 2 for details. 

Health and Safety documents such as guides, codes of good practice, British Standards, have been  considered to best reduce risks and to comply with the law and recognise best practice.      5. EMERGENCY PLAN 

The contingency arrangements contained within this EMP have been devised to allow a coordinated  and effective response to unscheduled occurrences, which impinge on the safe running of the Event.  An  experienced  Passion  Event  Management  Team  (EMT)  has  been  appointed  and  specific  responsibilities  have  been  established.  The  EMT  will  be  in  place  at  least  one  hour  before  the  commencement of the event; the stewarding teams will be in place two hours before the start.    Three  categories  of  occurrence,  each  requiring  a  specific  response  reflecting  their  severity,  have  been identified and are defined below.    5.1 Untoward Incident    An untoward incident is defined as 'a routine occurrence that impacts upon the safe running of the  Event  but does not require the Police to assume the co‐ordination of its resolution' .    Despite  effective  planning  there  may  still  be  occurrences  determined  as  Untoward  Incidents.   However,  it  is  recognised  that  if  the  EMT  do  not  address  such  circumstances  effectively,  a  more  serious Emergency Situation may result.    Resolution  of  such  routine  occurrences  is  an  intrinsic  part  of  the  management  of  the  Winchester  Passion. Given their predictability, appropriate Contingency Arrangements have been identified and  will  be  managed  by  the  EMT.  To  resolve  untoward  incidents  the  EMT  will  initially  co‐ordinate  via  radio/mobile phone.   First line contact will be via the ‘Command Tent’ at the Cathedral.      The  EMT  may  retain  responsibility  for  co‐ordination  of  the  response,  even  if  Emergency  Service  assistance has been requested. However, the Police may decide that circumstances warrant further  intervention. The EMT  will then provide assistance to the Police as required.    5.2 Emergency Situation    An Emergency Situation is defined as 'an occurrence that poses a threat of serious injury, loss of life  or  a  breakdown  in  public  order  and  does  require  the  Police  to  assume  the  coordination  of  its  resolution'.    Whilst the EMT is responsible for dealing with Untoward Incidents, those involved must be aware of  their own ability to cope and recognise the occurrence of Emergency Situations. If the EMT are not  able  to  deal  with  the  incident  they  should  immediately  radio  the  police  and/or  contact  the  other 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
emergency services by telephone. First line contact will be via the ‘Command Tent’ at the Cathedral  where a clear plan of action will be determined.    In such circumstances, responsibility for co‐ordination of the response will pass to the Police. In the  event  of  an  Emergency  Situation,  all  Passion  personnel  will  work  in  support  of  the  Emergency  Services  under  the  co‐ordination  of  the  Police.  All  Stewards  and  Officials  will  have  a  thorough  understanding of the appropriate Contingency Arrangements (see  section 11.2).    It is recognised that circumstances may be such that a Major Incident will have to be declared.    5.3 Major Incident    A  Major  Incident  is  defined  as  'any  emergency  that  requires  the  implementation  of  special  arrangements by one or more of the Emergency Services, the NHS or the Local Authority for:    a. The initial treatment, rescue and transport of a large number of casualties;  b. The involvement either directly or indirectly of large numbers of people;  c. The handling of a large number of enquiries likely to be generated both from the public and the  news media, usually to the Police;    d. The need for the large scale combined resources of two or more of the Emergency Services;    e. The mobilisation and organisation of the Emergency Services and supporting organisations, e.g.  Local Authority, to cater for the threat of death, serious injury or homelessness to a large number  of people.'  The declaration of a major incident will be determined by one or more of the Emergency Services  and is beyond the scope of the Passion organisers.    5.4 Emergency Response Plan    On occurrence of an Untoward Incident or an Emergency Situation, the Event Co‐ordinator, Howard  Mellor,  will  manage  the  response  of  Stewards  and  Officials  in  conjunction  with  the  Chief  Steward,  Ray Cousins.    An Untoward Incident will require a localised response, which should not require general broadcast.    On occurrence of a potential Emergency Situation, the Police will require the assistance of the Event  Co‐ordinator  and  the  Chief  Steward  in  the  communication  of  essential  information  to  Stewards,  Officials and members of the public.    A flexible Emergency Situation Response Plan will be implemented as follows:    1. Any Steward or official becoming aware of a potential Untoward Incident or Emergency Situation  must advise their Supervisor as soon as possible. A concise location and situation report should  be given. (LIRA ‐ location; incident; report; action)    2. On receipt of this information the Supervisor will advise the Event Co‐ordinator, who will conduct  an assessment to determine if the circumstances do, in fact, amount to a potential Emergency  Situation.  If  assessed  as  such  the  Emergency  Situation  Response  Plan  will  be  implemented;  otherwise the occurrence will be managed as an Untoward Incident.   
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
3. If the performance has to be stopped a broadcast of clear and concise instructions to the crowd to  be  made  using  the  PA  system  and  four  screens.  Public  co‐operation  should  be  requested  and  some reasoning behind the shut down and subsequent evacuation explained. Message must be  concise. Public should be requested to leave as quickly and calmly as possible via any available  route. Message along following lines:    Ladies  and  Gentlemen.  We  are  sorry  that  due  to  (insert  brief  explanation  if  appropriate)  the  Winchester Passion cannot continue. Please leave the area by any available exit. OR  :    Please do not approach the (fire engine, stage area, burning structure) Thank you for your co‐ operation  Please leave as quickly and calmly as possible    4. Stewards should actively encourage the crowd to move in accordance with the announcement.  They must attempt to reassure and calm the crowd.    5. Stewards should indicate with arm gesture (straight arm pointing steadily) to the nearest exit    6. Radio traffic, unless essential, will be restricted to that between the initial caller and Event Co‐ ordinator.    7. If an evacuation of part or all of the/site is required, Stewards will prevent any re‐entry      Communication can be passed via Radio Solent, the PA system and the large screens on two sites ‐  the  Cathedral  and  Great  Hall.  In  addition  to  this  emergency  evacuation  procedures  have  been  identified  and  these  are  shown  in  the  movement  of  people  into  the  roadways  at  each  site  (See  arrows in blue on Appendices A ‐ C). 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
5.5 Incident Report Form 

Time, date, location of  incident  Brief description of  incident, e.g. fight,  accident  Number of persons  involved  Injuries if appropriate  and description    Any treatment  rendered and by  whom  Was there need to  refer injury to  hospital?  If appropriate, was  parent present and/or  notified and by  whom?  Witness contact  details      Was the incident  directly related to the  event eg falling off a  stage?  Give details  Is a claim likely?  Were those involved  satisfied with your  handling of the  situation?  Were the Police called  to the incident?  Name of person  completing this form         









Please make a plan of events overleaf 
    This form to be handed to the appropriate Site Manager, and then to the Site Director,  Revd David Williams 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL


A post event evaluation report will be compiled in which all aspects of the planning,  implementation  and evaluation will be kept in electronic and paper form.      7. CONTACTS 

Name  Howard Mellor*  David Williams  Fred Randall  Ray Cousins  Roland Burberry  Ewen Huffman  Phil Glassborow  Yvonne Secker  Roland Riem  Matthew Dietz*  Juli Wills  Peter Smith      Lorna Browne  Doug Bennett  Steve Lucas  Ken Liddell  Paul Carter  Derek Rutherford  Eddie Grimble  Peter Russell  John Piper  Frank Roberts   Tony Hellard  Ray Cousins  Ben Levings  Rod James  Peter Kent  Alec Martin  Julian Pringle  Ken Liddell  Ray Lovegrove  Thom Swindells  Vince Smith  John Shulz 

Tel No  Mobile  Event Management Team  Event Co‐ordinator  01962867278  07702 562 789  Site Producer  01962 854454  07889 547 095  Director – All sites  01962 884244  07710 328 842  Chief Steward  01962 869382  07918 888 189  Health and Safety  01264 382969  07910 800 494  Technology Producer  01962 868770  07855 666 568  Artistic Director  01962 877443  07814 535 130  Wardrobe  01962 854454  07891 310 517  Pastoral  01962 857216  ‐  Radio liaison  ‐  ‐  Support  Project Manager  01962 878948  07929 509 678  Cast Pastoral  01962 880406  ‐  Meeting Point  Contact ‘Control’  Lost ‐ Child  Contact ‘Control’ 


Call Sign  Howard  David Williams  Fred  Ray  Roland Burberry  Ewen  Philip G  Yvonne  Roly Riem  Control  Juli  Peter Smith      Lorna Browne  Doug Bennett  Steve Lucas  Ken Liddell  Paul Carter  Derek Rutherford  Eddie Grimble  Peter Russell  John Piper  Frank Roberts   Tony Hellard  Ray  Ben Levings  Rod James  Peter Kent  Alec Martin  Julian Pringle  Ken Liddell  Ray Lovegrove  Thom Swindells  Vince Smith  John Shulz 

Technical Directors 
Staging Director  Power & light Director  Sound Director  Video Director  Camera Director  Site Manager ‐ Arbour  Site Mgr – Great Hall  Site Mgr – Law Courts  Site Mgr – Buttercross  Site Mgr ‐ Cathedral  Dep SM – Cathedral  Chief Steward  Team 1  Team 2  Team 3  Team 4  Team 5  Technical Dir  Cathedral Site  Buttercross  Great Hall  Orams Arbour  01794 338717          07960 241 879  07791 058 089  07764 480 309  07769 727 443  07976 917 521  07884 020 772  07516 760 160  07884 333 610  07767 676 600    07765 902 547  07940 321 058  07918 888 189  07774 569 676  07879 434 489  07919 825 152  07976 361 002  07785 520 486  07769 727 443  07952 561 123  07790 116 276  07802 216 940  07910 639 498 

Site Managers 
01962 880797  01962 851892  01962 865689  01962 775956  01962 849786  01962 860503  01962 869382           

Steward Team Leaders 

Technical Managers 

Denotes situated in the Command Tent
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
STAGING TEAM  NAME  Harry Harris  John Garret  Ben Levings  Mike Farrell  Giles Richardson  John Heath  Paul White  Rupert Pitt  Robert McNeely  David White  David Teale  Martin Almer Hall  Frank Goodland 

  PHONE  01962 620979  01962 776469    01962 880844  023 8026 0674  01962 862609  01962 863936  01962 850597  01962 870607  01962 889203  01962 620087  01962 866546  01962 854753 

  MOBILE  07771 557703    07774 569676    07767 698764    07930 332385    07836 622878         


Mark Wheadon  01962 880745        HAMPSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL   Paul Mitchell and Richard Coxhead are the liaison managers on 21 March; both plan to be on site  from 1700 to 2200.  Their mobile numbers for are only to be used during the event.    Control Room          01962 847777  Paul Mitchell          07785 926868  Richard Coxhead        07785 926867    EMERGENCY PLANNING OFFICER    Gen enquiries ‐ 841841  (Hampshire County Council)      847825    WINCHESTER CITY COUNCIL   Emergency contact        01962 840222  Community Services:  Special Events Officer (general advice)    01962 848361  Parks Officer (terms and conditions)    01962 840222    Environmental Health Service:   Public Safety & Noise        01962 848488  Food Safety          01962 848470    Legal:  Licensing           01962 848188  Licensing Hotline HAMPSHIRE POLICE        0845 045 4545    HAMPSHIRE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE 023 8064 4000    What follows in Table 1 ‐ 3 is a summary of the key risks and the measures identified to minimise  and control those risks. 

    STAGE  LOCATION    Buttercross    Buttercross    Buttercross    Buttercross    Buttercross      Buttercross (L)  Cathedral    tower (L)    Great Hall    Great Hall    Great Hall    Great Hall (L)    Orams Arbor    Oram's Arbor  Orams Arbor    (L) 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
8. RISK ASSESSMENT TABLE 1 ‐ SITE ROLLING CROWD & ACTIVITIES KEY RISK ASSESSSMENT FORM       Event – Passion 2008                           Date of events  21st Mar  2008  5pm to 9pm  Sites            Organiser Passion Site Producer 

Hazards Identified    FIRE    - In Building  - In Vehicle  - At Site    Vehicles and People  (rolling movement of  crowd along passion  route to Cathedral)         Slips Trips Falls    Temp Stage       Hazardous Material  Hazardous Process         

Who could be affected?        Staff and Public  Passion Staff   Event Public      Staff and Public  Passion Staff   Event Public  Event Public      Event Public    Passion Staff       Passion Staff  Event Public 

Risk (High, medium or  low)        LOW   LOW  LOW      MED  MED  LOW  MED  HIGH (Brief)    LOW    MED      MED  LOW 

Measures required to  control the risk    Extinguishers  Staff Training  Evacuation Procedure  Site Management   H&S Policy on all  buildings.    Safety Briefing  Control Separation  Direct Supervision  Training        Public Communication of  Activities & Locations 

Action to be taken by  (Name)    Site Managers  Roland  Burberry  Checked H&S Policy  carried out safety audit  by viewing sites.    Stewards & Security  Team Leaders, brief  hazardous activities  System Controls  segregate vehicles and  people.    Site Managers control  people and vehicles,  checks on appliances and  connections       

Date Completed and  Signature 





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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
TABLE 1 ‐ SITE ROLLING CROWD & ACTIVITIES KEY RISK ASSESSSMENT FORM, continued      Event – Passion 2008                           Date of events  21st Mar  2008  5pm to 9pm  Sites            Organiser Passion Site Producer 

Hazards Identified    Electricity                        Catering  There  is  no  intention  to  feed  the  general  public.       Noise 

Who could be  affected?    Site team, stewards,  audience                      Event team            General public,  residents 

Risk (High,  medium or low)    Staff ‐ Medium  Public ‐ Low                      low            Medium   

Action to be taken by  (Name)      All electrics suitable rated and protected  Passion electrician,  against adverse weather conditions.  site managers  Cables routed to eliminate tripping or    electrical hazards.        Generators will be suitably fenced to    prevent public access and away from    combustible materials.         All equipment brought onto the site will      be PAT tested prior to the event.        The Army are providing a field kitchen  and their risk assessment is provided in  Army staff  Site manager  Appendix F          The event will run from 1700 to 2100hrs.    Technical staff  The amplified sound will remain within  Site and event  reasonable levels.  manager.  A letter has been sent to local  businesses and residents within the area  and the residents association at both  Oram’s Arbour and Peninsular Barracks  have been contacted. 

Measures required to control the risk 

Date Completed and  Signature    A electrical safety  certificate for each site  will be issued. 



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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
    TABLE 1 ‐ SITE ROLLING CROWD & ACTIVITIES KEY RISK ASSESSSMENT FORM, continued      Event – Passion 2008                           Date of events  21st Mar  2008  5pm to 9pm  Sites            Organiser Passion Site Producer 

Hazards Identified      Adverse weather      Poor weather                 

Who could be  affected?      Everyone      Everyone               

Risk (High, medium  or low)      Impossible to  predict    Medium               

Measures required to control the risk      Identified in this document.      Whilst the movement of crowds will be  more complex and grassed areas more  slippy, the numbers of people  expected will reduce sharply (approx  50%). Coconut matting to be used.           

Action to be taken  by (Name)      Event Co‐ordinator,  Howard Mellor      

Date Completed and  Signature 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
TABLE 2 ‐ CROWD, MOVEMENT & STRUCTURE KEY RISK ASSESSMENT FORM      Event: Passion Sites, Scenes              Date of event Friday 21st March 2008   5pm to 9pm                  Organiser – Passion Site Producer  Hazards  Identified  Who could be  affected?  Risk (High, medium or  low)  Measures required to control the risk  Action to be taken by  (Name)  Date  Completed  and  Signature   

Vehicles and  Pedestrians at  Site event              Stage Collapse or  Temporary  Structure  Security, object  impact or fall  injury    Falling off stage    Climb  temptation:  speaker, lights  tripods   

Public, staff,  stewards 

MED   (large numbers of  people and children  expected but crowd  control & event vehicle  movement)  

• • • • •

Control road use and inappropriate parking   Direct pedestrian routes. Provide stewards to  direct pedestrians.  Cones to restrict parking where required.  Stewards to be identified in high vis jackets  and  receive training.  Police and local residents advised of event. 

Site Managers &  Producers ‐ Produced  plan and circulated to all  parties.     Site Producer to  providing stewards and  support.  Site Producer Steward   Team Checks    Fred Randall inspection  and control of site 

Public, Staff  Stewards            Actors    Public, staff,  stewards 

LOW   (Constructed by trained  craftsman or approved  temporary stage  provisioned)       medium    LOW  (highly stable) 

• • • • • • •

Appoint competent people erect staging  Risk  assessment  to  ensure  they  have  considered  hazards  Competent  person  to  inspect  stage  once  it  is  constructed and sited.  Audience at  safe distance from stage  barriers and  stewards to control  Lines on stage beyond which actors will not go  Stages to be supervised by security at all times to  avoid ‘climbing’.  Industry  standard  tripods/structures,  used.  Barriered  and  securely  fixed  to  avoid  tripods  to  topple, climb, sound intensity issues. 


  Site Producer  Electrical safety check 


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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
TABLE 3 ‐ Event: Passion Sites, Scenes 

  Event: Passion Sites, Scenes              Date of event Friday 21st March 2008   5pm to 9pm                  Organiser – Site Producer  Hazards  Identified  Who could be  affected?  Risk (High,  medium or low)  Measures required to control the risk  Action to be taken by  (Name)  Date  Completed  and  Signature 
Electrical Site  Safety  Certificates  issued by  Electrician  Douglas  Bennett  (qualifications  below*) 


Site team,  stewards,  audience   

Staff ‐ Medium  Public ‐ Low   

Topple Risk  (of  speaker  &  light  tripods,  gantries) 

Site team,  stewards,  audience   

Staff‐ Medium  Public‐ low 

All electrics suitably rated and protected against  adverse weather conditions. Cables routed to eliminate  tripping or electrical hazards by placing in conduits or  surface burying in ground.  Generators will be suitably fenced to prevent public  access and away from combustible materials. Circuit  Breakers fitted to all supplies  All equipment brought onto the site will be PAT tested  prior to the event. Each site will be issued an electrical  safety certificate on the day      See Power and Lighting and Sound safety  considerations document (Appendix A‐E)  All tripods on grass secured with pegs  Gantry at Cathedral professionally constructed  Camera tower at Arbour (2m high) to have outriggers 

Passion Technology  Team and Technology  Site Managers   

Technology Site  Managers          Staging Director 


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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
TABLE 3, continued ‐ Event: Passion Sites, Scenes                 Event: Passion Sites, Scenes             Friday 21st March 2008   5pm to 9pm                  Organiser – Site Producer 

Topple  Risk  (of  Site team,  large screens)  stewards,  audience 


Screens at Great Hall and Law Courts are in wind  shadow of walls/buildings so no risk  Screen at Cathedral is 16sqm screen that comes with  four outriggers for stability  See safety document (appendix E) 

Video Director Ken  Liddell 


Collapse Risk  (of tripods,  sound staging)  Trip risk (over  tripod legs,  cables)  Fall/Slip risk  (on staging) 

Site team,  stewards,  audience    Site team,  stewards,  audience    Actors 

Staff‐ low  Public ‐low 

Staff‐ Medium  Public low 

See Power and Lighting and Sound safety  considerations document (appendix E)  All  lights  and  speakers  on  tripods  and  staging  well  within load‐bearing capability   All tripods barriered  All cables where people are present to be in conduits or  buried in ground 

Technology Site  Managers 


Technology Site  Managers 


Staff‐ low 

Use of ladders in  assembly 

Technical Team 

Staff‐ medium 

Great  Hall  stage  to  be  covered  with  strawboard  Staging Director  sheeting  ‘No go’ white tape line to be drawn on all staging 2 feet  from Edges   Wind‐up  tripods  used  wherever  possible.  Ladders  only  Technology Site  used as last resort  Managers  Ladders  used  to  fit  lights  against  trees  at  cathedral  (better  than  A‐frames)  spotted  by  2  individuals  at  foot  of ladder  A‐frame  ladder  used  to  fit  light  lights  to  lampstands  outside Law Courts‐ spotted by 4 individuals 



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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
TABLE 3, continued ‐ Event: Passion Sites, Scenes                 Event: Passion Sites, Scenes   Friday 21st March 2008   5pm to 9pm                  Organiser – Site Producer    Physical injury in  assembly/decons truct  Stage Collapse or  Temporary  Structure  Security, object  impact or fall  injury    Technical &  Staging Team  Staff‐ medium  Training of technical and staging team  Suitable attire: gloves, non slip shoes,   Tasks given to suitably fit individuals  Supervision by Technology Site Managers  Professionals contracted for scaffolding at Cathedral (to  be placed in the Production Plan)  Great Hall staging uses robust trailers (see appendix E )  Buttercross staging extremely robust (see appendix E)  Appoint competent people erect staging  Competent  person  to  inspect  stage  once  it  is  constructed and sited.  Audience  at  safe  distance  from  stage  barriers  and  stewards to control  Stages to be supervised by security at all times to avoid  ‘climbing’.  Industry standard tripods/structures, used. Barriered to  avoid tripod topple, climb, sound intensity issues.  Scaffolding at Cathedral to be supervised overnight    All  speakers  to  be  barriered  2m  in  front  of  speaker  to  avoid sound intensity issues  Monitoring  of  overall  sound  level  to  avoid  sound  intensity peaks  Letters  written  to  all  residents  of  Oram’s  Arbour  to  forewarn of noise     Smoke  to  be  set  off  at  site  marked  ‘Army  HQ’  on  Arbour, therefore visible but away from the audience.      Technology Site  Managers, Staging  Director  Staging Director    Steward  Team Checks    Fred Randall inspection  and control of site   

Public, Staff  Stewards 

LOW   (Constructed by  trained craftsman  or approved  temporary stage  provisioned)  


  Climb  temptation:  speaker, lights  tripods, gantries  Noise issues 


  LOW  (highly stable) 

Technology Site  Manager    Electrical safety check  Fred Randall  Technology Site  Managers  Sound Engineers    David Williams 


Public, staff,  stewards 



Smoke affect at  Oram’s Arbour 

Public, staff,  stewards 


Drama Director Neil  Simpson & Roland  Burberry 


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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
TABLE 3, continued ‐ Event: Passion Sites, Scenes               Event: Passion Sites, Scenes   Vehicle  movement on  Oram’s Arbor for  Barabbas Scene  Public, staff,  stewards  Medium  Friday 21st March 2008 5pm to 9pm Organiser – Site Producer  

Wheelchair  access/egress  block 



  Hypothermia  Risk 

Actors  (particularly  Jesus) 


Army  vehicles  give  chase  to  Barabbas  at  very  slow  Stewards/security/ Fred  Randall  speed 5mph  Drama Director Neil  Chase path cordoned off by stewards with rope  Simpson  Training of those participating in scene  Doug Bennett re Army    Issue:  wheelchair  base  is  outside  Cathedral  west  end  Stewards/security/Fred  (stable  ground).  Crowd  might  stop  latecomers  with  Randall  wheelchairs and will hem wheelchairs in  Crushing risk minimised by stewards  Exit  path  is  clearly  demonstrated  as  through  the  archway  to  the  South  side  of  the  Cathedral  West  end.  Exit into The Close    Issue: from Law Courts onwards Jesus will be minimally  Cecily O’Neill Cathedral  Drama Director  dressed  Peter Smith‐ hospitality  Resolution: stopping points for warm drinks/blankets  team  20 min stop at the cathedral  Crucifixion  scene  will  have  much  lighting  on  it  generating heat 



The qualifications of our Electrician, Lt Douglas Prasad Bennett B.Eng(Hons) Royal Navy,  overseeing Power and Lighting are:  • Certificate in the Requirements for Electrical Installation, 2381, Level 3, City & Guild (16th Edition Electrical Wiring Regulations)  Part P Building Regulations  • Code of Practice for In‐service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, 2377, Level 3, City & Guilds (Portable Appliance Testing)  • Certificate in Inspection, Testing, Design and Certification of Electrical Installations, 2391, Level 3, City & Guilds  • Electro‐technical Certification Scheme (ECS) Health and Safety (Electrical Contractors Association)  • Factory Electrical Systems Skill Centre Certificate 

  Name of Assessor (printed) …………………Roland Burberry……………………… 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL

9.1 On Route, Sites & Locations  Crowd management in advance of the event will be enabled by communication to the public of sites  and arrangements together with routes and locations for parking and facilities. Crowd control at the  event will be delivered by signing, steward control and communication of situations. Each site will be  supervised and controlled by a manager. Safe crowd movement to and from sites will be directed by  PA  and  stewards  along  predefined  route  with  emergency  diversions  available  if  required.  Pinch  points  are  additionally  controlled  by  stewards.  Numbers  of  people  permitted  access  to  sites  is  controlled against a safe maximum for evacuation in emergency.    9.2 Training & Equipment  All Staff controlling sites and stewards directing crowds will receive briefing and appropriate training.  Communication  equipment  and  torches  will  be  issued  to  assist  safe  movement  and  site  crowd  control. Crowds will be stewarded away from site hazards to reduce risks to sensible low levels.    9.3 Risk Identification & controls  It  is  considered  that  there  is  minimal  crowd  risk  present  at  the  sites  and  movement  risks  are  minimised  as  far  as  reasonable.  Localised  stage  &  equipment  is  protected  so  as  not  to  threaten  crowds  and  site  access  &  control  is  by  Passion  staff.  The  Army  Field  Kitchen  is  on  the  edge  of  the  Cathedral site and has its own equipment and staff capable of controlling crowd risk.    9.4 Communication   The Passion has a communication Command Tent and any problems identified with  crowd activity  can  be  communicated  by  radio,  mobile  phone,  PA  and  Loudhailer.  The  stewards  will  be  briefed  in  emergency procedures (see section 5). The BBC local radio will be sited next to our communications  site and will be able to provide wider communications as appropriate to any situation.      9.5 Emergency arrangements   It is not envisaged that an emergency situation will be caused by the controlled crowd movements.  However  In  the  event  of  fire  or  major  incident  the  site  control  will  be  advised  and  emergency  services  called  and  appropriately  directed.  The  crowds  will  be  directed  on  site  or  location  by  the  emergency services staff in communication with Passion personnel.    It is not anticipated that there will be crowd pressure but as there are no counting devices we will be  relying on stewards to monitor crowd dynamics and to intervene in and report any situation which  indicates crowd stress. The anticipated area required for each person is 0.5sq.m. Spectators will be  under stress when only heads and shoulders can be seen and no other part of the torso because the  crowd is so tightly packed. This will often be accompanied by surges or swaying. Stewards will need  to  remove  the  stress  by  directing  or  facilitating  movement  away  from  that  particular  area.  This  should be reported to team leaders at an early stage so that additional resources can be sent to the  relevant location and also to decide if the Passion should be stopped or delayed.      9.6 Crime and Disorder  The stewards will be briefed to identify untoward incidents, complete an incident report form, and  where necessary to call the Police through their team leader.  They will be instructed it is not their  responsibility  to  apprehend  the  culprits,  but  to  gather  information  and  identify  witnesses  to  pass  onto the Police. In an event of this nature it is not expected that there will any significant levels of  crime during the event. However the EMT are prepared to report incidents and have been advised  on this by Police Chief Inspector (rtd) Fred Randall who is the Site Director (all sites) and briefing the  stewards. A Memo of Understanding has been signed with the Hampshire Constabulary relating to  the responsibilities of the Passion Organisers in relation to the safety and welfare of all involved. 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL

9.7.1 Scenario 1 ‐ present plans are sufficient.  That the number of people attending is ca 5,000 the plans identified at section 12 will be sufficient  to cope.    9.7.2 Scenario 2  ‐ present plans are stretched.  The number attending is significantly above the anticipated 5,000. It is not the intention of the EMT  to count the people attending. The EMT anticipates it will be clear as the people gather at the Great  Hall and Law Courts if there is an issue to deal with. The stewards will be able to assess the numbers  already at the Cathedral and therefore estimate whether those at the Law Courts and Great Hall can  also gather at the Cathedral with safety. The event co‐ordinator will receive advice from Ray Cousins  and Fred Randall about any potential problem.   In the event that it is considered action should be taken the final decision will be made by the event  co‐ordinator. A message will be communicated to the audience at the Law Courts and the Great Hall  that many/most/all/half of the audience will benefit by staying there. In which case information will  appear on the screen and over the public address system as follows:    Information    • Many more people have attended the Winchester Passion than anticipated.  • Already the Cathedral area is half full/full  • We recommend that many/most/half of you to remain here  • You will see everything on screen  • You will have a better view from here    9.7.3 Scenario 3 – present plans are insufficient  It becomes evident that the Cathedral site is already full and cannot absorb the additional people  with safety. The decision about this will be made by the event co‐ordinator after advice from the  Chief Steward and Site Director.  In which case instructions will appear on screen and through the  PA:    Instructions  • There is no room at the Cathedral  • Please remain where you are  • You will see everything on screen  • You will have a better view from here  • Please remain here until instructed by stewards     

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
9.8  STEWARDS AND SITE CREW RESPONSIBILITIES      9.8.1 Site crews.     • Are divided to crews of 10, and each team will have responsibility for one individual site.  • At all times will wear safety reflective jackets  • They will be directly responsible to and under the control of the Site Manager  • Instruction in lifting techniques  • Instruction in consideration of sharing loads.  • To remain at the site until released by the Site Manager  • To be aware of location of speaker stands, lighting stands and generators  • To ensure that barriers are erected to avoid danger to public  • To monitor those barriers to deter vandalism, climbing, or access to equipment  • Particularly to be aware of children climbing  • To assist with stewards as and when required for crowd movement  • Be aware of emergency exit points  • In the event of emergency to report to the Site Manager for instruction      9.8.2 Stewards.     • To be organised into crews of 10 with a Team Leader supervising  • To  be  responsible  to  that  Senior  Steward  and  through  them  to  the  Chief  Steward  Ray  Cousins  • At all times to wear correct safety reflective jackets  • Not to get involved in any task other than stewarding  • To be allocated to individual sites  • When  the  crowd  moves  off,  to  accompany  them  to  next  site  and  those  thereafter  in  a  "rolling" supervision role  • To familiarise themselves with the route  • To be made aware of overflow plans and routing  • To be aware of emergency exits, their locations and routes  • To have in possession a torch with spare batteries  • To  acquaint  themselves  with  location  of  toilet  facilities,  disabled  facilities,  car  parks  and  refreshment facilities for public  • To  be  aware  of  the  location  of  facility  for  First  Aid,  lost  children  (Command  Tent)  and  procedure that such will be directed to the Cathedral site.  • To be familiar with procedures for reporting incidents, accidents, and any crime or disorder.   Forms will be with the Steward Team Leaders.  To be completed as fully as possible.  Handed  to Supervising steward,   • Procedures  to  be  adopted  if  overcrowding  takes  place.   To  be  directed  to  the  Cathedral  Green.  • Procedures of crowd control, including recognising danger signals, preventing overcrowding,   • To  be  made  aware  of  procedures  to  deal  with  rowdy  or  threatening  behaviour  through  reference to Team Leaders and Site Manager  • To  be  particularly  aware  of  the  needs  of  certain  classes  of  persons,  e.g.  children,  elderly,  infirm.  • To be fully briefed individually of responsibilities in areas and procedures when crossing road  junction.  • At Clifton Terrace waiting  until road traffic stopped  by Police and road clear.  Move crowd  steadily to Castle Avenue.  When Castle Avenue is full, divert crowd to Law Courts forecourt.   If overcrowding occurs divert remainder to Cathedral. 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
• • At Upper High Street, be made aware of duties in Pulsing crowd.  Detail how to achieve this,  and maintain safety  Throughout the route be aware of emergency procedures.  At Arbour emergency evacuation  can take place through 360 degrees.  At Great Hall,  emergency exits are back  into Romsey  Road.  Down steps to Law Courts area.  Through footpath to Westgate.  At Law Courts, Exit  routes are Trafalgar Street, Steps to Great Hall and Castle Avenue.  Upper High Street.  At Buttercross emergency exits are side street, and upper and lower precinct  At Cathedral, 360 degree exit points.  Disabled exit through Cathedral Close.  In the event of an emergency necessitating complete closure of the event, adopt procedure  of  notification.   Event  Co‐ordinator  (Howard  Mellor),   Site  Producer  (David  Williams), Site  Director (Fred Randall), Chief Steward (Ray Cousins) and Site Managers.  This procedure to also apply to severe weather closure   Emergency  services  rendezvous  point  to  be  at  Cathedral  Green  adjacent  to  Meeting  Point  facility  To be aware that they are the "front line" and direct point of reference for the public.  To  remain cheerful, calm and helpful  Be aware of location of large screens to inform public of viewing points 

• • •

• • •

•    In the event of AN EMERGENCY KEEP RADIO TRAFFIC TO A MINIMUM      Fred Randall: Site Director   


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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL



9.9.1 Intention  The atmosphere we want to encourage is one of a celebration but one which is safe.    Therefore our intentions are:  • To organise a safe event for participants and spectators  • To promote  an environment which allows participants and spectators to enjoy the event  • To minimise disruption to road users, businesses and the general public     9.9.2Spectator Profile  There is no real information on the numbers of spectators that will be attending. The event is being  promoted through the media who will be covering it on TV and Radio. The make up of spectators is  expected to  be a 50/50 ratio of male  female.  The  age range will be from infants to senior citizens  with the majority being adults.  Many of spectators will be elderly and some will have special needs.    They will be compliant although that could easily change as result of any incidents occurring or the  actions of other spectators or insensitive or confrontational stewarding.    The  EMT  have  estimated  the  numbers  of  spectators  that  can  comfortably  be  accommodated  in  certain areas along the route and this information is in this EMP. This is a rough guide based on an  occupancy of each person occupying 0.5 of a square metre.       It is not anticipated that there will be crowd pressure but as there are no counting devices we will be  relying  on  you  to  monitor  crowd  dynamics  and  to  intervene  in  and  report  any  situation  which  indicates crowd stress. Spectators will be under stress when you can only see heads and shoulders  and  no  other  part  of  the  torso  because  the  crowd  is  so  tightly  packed.  This  will  often  be  accompanied  by  surges  or  swaying.  You  will  need  to  remove  the  stress  by  directing  or  facilitating  movement  away  from  that  particular  area.  This  should  be  reported  at  an  early  stage  so  that  additional  resources  can  be  sent  to  you  and  also  to  decide  if  the  Passion  should  be  stopped  or  delayed.          9.9.3 Command and Control  A  Command  Tent  will  be  set  up  at  the  Cathedral  site  to  which  stewards  will  have  contact  through  their team leader.  All incidents should be reported to the team leader and the Event Leader at the  command centre before taking any action unless urgent intervention is required.    This is an opportunity to demonstrate that Christians in Winchester do work together well and are a  caring, gracious and yet disciplined community.    9.9.4 Medical  The  St  John  Ambulance  Service  will  be  deployed  at  the  event;  an  ambulance  (2  persons)  and  4  walking with 2 persons and an ambulance at the Cathedral. 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
10. CONSTRUCTION & STRUCTURE ARRANGEMENTS    10.1 On Route, Sites & Locations    All staging is constructed from suitable strength materials and constructors are competent to select  and use tools for process. Assembly at sites is supervised by competent persons and sites have been  selected to be fit and suitable for purpose. Attachments and securing arrangements will be chosen  that are safe & suitable and that do not cause damage to locations or surrounding infrastructures.  Where it is necessary to work at any height the risk is managed by use of appropriate staging and  equipment. Where construction or disassembly risk is more than Low then appropriate trained staff  from  reputable  companies  will  be  used.  Scaffolding  and  staging  on  the  Cathedral  is  being  done  by  approved company under Cathedral arrangements.  

10.2 Training & Equipment    Those constructing equipment are checked as competent to the levels required for safe use of tools  and materials. Equipments are suitable and where regulations exist they comply. See appendix E for  details of construction, and the Production Plan.    10.3 Risk Identification & controls    Minimal construction risk is present at sites, at the Cathedral the building arrangements are in place.  The site risk is that of localised stage & equipment which does not threaten crowds and site access &  control is by Passion personnel. The Army Field Kitchen is on the edge of the Cathedral site and has  its own equipment and staff capable of assembly & disassembly. Any risk of minor injury or burns to  staff covered by Army assessment and staff training.  


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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
11. COMMUNICATIONS AND EMERGENCY COMMUNICATIONS    11.1 Communications    11.1.1 Communications with the audience The audience can be communicated with immediately by a number of means:  • Locally, in their immediate vicinity‐ by a steward  • At each Passion location/site‐  o Through the PA system  o By a message shown on the video screens (Great Hall, Law Courts and Cathedral sites only)  These screen messages will be pre‐prepared (see emergency messages in 11.2 below)  • Via BBC Radio Solent, which will be covering The Passion live (this will only be a minor way of  communicating as only a minority of the procession are likely to be listening to the radio)  o Radio  Solent  will  be,  however,  part  of  our  strategy  for  communicating  as  people  travel  to  The Passion giving traffic alerts and informing of parking vacancies    Emergency communication protocol is described further below.  11.1.2 Communication between The Passion workers, specifically stewards  Gary  Aitkenhead  and  Norman  Bambridge,  who  work  for  Motorola  and  are  part  of  the  Technology  Team will be overseeing a mobile Radio network for The Passion. They will secure licenses for the  Radios and ensure there are no frequency clashes or modulations with  • Local services (police, fire, ambulance etc). This is assured as our licensed Radios will operate in  the  400MHz  band  (specificallly  between  467  MHz  and  468  Mhz  using  Ofcom  licensed  simplex  channels and)  • The Passion’s wireless microphones. Soundbite Productions microphones will be in the range of  channels 67‐69 (839‐864 MHz). The majority of microphones will be in the range of channels 48‐ 51 (600‐840MHz) and this range will be licenced through HandHeld Audio who will be providing  the majority of them.   • The Passion’s mobile cameras (which, again are licensed to the 2GHz band)       In  brief  summary  there  will  be  7  Radio  frequencies  (see  footnote  overleaf  for  clarification  of  terminology):  • Technology  Site  Managers  will  be  able  to  communicate  globally  (Frequency  1)  and  Locally  to  just their specific site (F2 Arbour, F3 Great Hall and Law Courts, F3 Buttercross, F5 Cathedral)  • Technology  Directors  will  be  able  to  communicate  globally  (F1)  and  onto  the  Steward’s  frequency (F6) in case of emergency  • Technology local  Task Managers will be able to communicate Locally to just their specific site  (F2 Arbour, F3 Great Hall and Law Courts, F4 Buttercross, F5 Cathedral)  • Cameras will be able to communicate globally (F7)      Technology Workers and Task Managers working situated at a desk (e.g. video or sound) will have  their  own  two  way  (full  duplex)  wired  comms  system  to  allow  cuing  and  communication.  An  individual on that wired system will also have a Radio to communicate out/in in case of emergency.    Most importantly:  • Stewards will have their own Global frequency (F6).  o As clarified in section 3.1.3 stewards will be organised in groups of ten with a supervisor to  each group. Each supervising steward will have a Radio for Global communication  o Technology Directors will be able to switch to this frequency if there is an emergency need  to talk with supervising stewards 
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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
• • • Technology Site Managers (along with Supervising Stewards) will be able to communicate ahead  regarding flow of people and forewarn of actors immanent arrival  Each  Frequency  will  have  a  Radio  at  the  Command  Tent  at  the  Cathedral.  Anyone  wishing  to  transmit  across  all  the  frequencies  will  be  able  to  call  the  Command  Tent  and  set  such  a  communication in motion  This Command Tent will also be the link to St John’s Ambulance which will be situated next to it.  SJA will also have their own comms system along with one of our Radios on the Stewards Global  frequency, at the Cathedral base.   A list of mobile phone numbers of key contacts showing a strict chain of command will also be  available (as shown below under ‘Contacts’), section 7. 

  11.1.3 Issues and limitations of this system  This Radio comms system, typically, has limitations and we have sought to overcome and minimise  these:  • Transmission/reception ‘dead spots’ will be minimised (and, we believe, eliminated) by strategic  placement  of  repeaters/boosters  which  shall  be  on  2  extra  half‐duplex  channels  on  public  shared frequencies (which require no license  o Functionality  has  been  confirmed  by  our  Comms  Director  (Gary)  who  has  performed  a  check looking for obvious dead spots before the event – coverage from handhelds without  repeaters  is  very  good,  nonetheless,  repeaters  will  be  available  as  backup  for  critical  comms (cameras and stewards) should we find problems with coverage during setup and  testing prior to the event.  • Battery/power failure. Each location will have a member of the Technology Team delegated to  oversee Radio (and battery) functionality  • Radio failure. A number of spare Radios will be available  • Muting of other transmissions by an individual holding down the ‘transmit’ button  o These Radios are ‘one way’ (or ‘half duplex’) and so you cannot hear/receive when you are  transmitting.  Anyone transmitting also blocks (‘mutes’) others from transmitting as long as  they hold their transmit key down  o This will be overcome by training all those carrying Radios to  Hold ‘transmit’ as short a time as possible  Keep frequencies clear‐ only talk when necessary  If  they  note  radio  silence‐  check  their  transmit  key  is  not  depressed  by  accident.  (this  will be virtually impossible)  If  a  frequency  becomes  jammed‐  communicate  to  another  frequency  (either  by  switching or via the Command Tent) and collect one manually.  • Clogging up the airways‐ particularly in the case of an emergency  o This  will  be  overcome  by  training  and  a  clear  chain  of  command  and  priority  over  the  airwaves.  All  technological  workers  will  be  trained  in  their  need  to  go  silent  on  global  channels in the case of an emergency and leave the airwaves clear for Producers, Stewards  and Security in the priority specified in the chain of command.  o Mobile phones will be kept free and charged as a backup in case of Radio failure or channel  clogging      Explanation of terminology:  “Globally” describes the ability to communicate over the whole of the City (boosted via repeaters if  necessary but probably not needed since radios transmitting on these channels will be set to higher  transmit  power  levels).  “Local”  describes  local  communication  only  (for  example  at  just  the  Cathedral  venue).  Technology  Task  Managers  oversee  a  particular  Technological  Discipline  at  a  Venue (e.g. Sound at the Arbour). Technology Site Managers oversee the all elements of technology 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
at  a  specific  venue/site.  Technology  Directors  oversee  a  specific  discipline  (e.g.  Sound)  over  the  whole of the city.    11.2 Emergency Communications    In the case of an emergency commands will be able to be given locally or globally over the PA and  Video Screens. The following Video screen messages will be pre‐prepared:  11.2.1 Great Hall and Law Courts o Please  leave  calmly  and  carefully  through  the  routes  you  entered.  You  may  also  use  the  steps from the Great Hall to the Law Courts  o Please remain calm and stay where you are  o Due to weather The Winchester Passion has had to be stopped. Please tune to Radio Solent  for more news.  o Due  to  unforeseen  circumstances  The  Winchester  Passion  has  had  to  be  stopped.  Please  tune to Radio Solent for more news.  11.2.2 Cathedral Grounds  o Please leave calmly and carefully through the exit nearest to you  o Please give careful attention to wheelchairs situated in front of the Cathedral  o Please remain calm and stay where you are  o Due to weather The Winchester Passion has had to be stopped. Please tune to Radio Solent  for more news.  o Due  to  unforeseen  circumstances  The  Winchester  Passion  has  had  to  be  stopped.  Please  tune to Radio Solent for more news.  o Lost? OR Parted from your friends – contact a steward.    11.2.3 Emergency Protocols In  the  case  of  an  emergency  a  strict  protocol  will  be  followed.  So  as  not  to  be  obscurest,  names  (rather than titles) will be used as call signs. Communication will be made to Howard Mellor at the  Command  Tent  using  the  call  sign  “Emergency  Call  to  Howard  Mellor”.  Communication  will  then  transmit down the chain of command as follows:    Chain of command‐ with mobile phone numbers – see section 7  Event Co‐ordinator ‐ Howard Mellor  Site Director ‐ David Williams  Site Director ‐ Fred Randall   Chief Steward ‐ Ray Cousins   Stewards and Site Managers      11.2.4 Call sign for immediate cessation This  call  sign  will  be  given  by  Howard  Mellor  and  will  be  ‘This  is  Howard  Mellor  announcing  Armageddon’.  

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
   12. TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT PLAN FOR THE WINCHESTER PASSION     The route will be from Oram’s Arbour via Clifton Terrace, Romsey Road to Castle Avenue, where  the participants and members of the public will enter the area of the Great Hall/Law Courts.  When  leaving there the procession will walk via Upper High Street, crossing the Southgate Street /Jewry  Street junction and enter the upper pedestrian precinct.  It will then proceed past the Buttercross,  the Pentice and turn right into Market Street before entering the Cathedral grounds.     To facilitate this, a management team has been put into place to oversee the movement of  participants and public.     This comprises.  Overall site Director responsible for all sites and the movement between,  Individual Site Directors responsible for each site.  A Chief Steward with overall responsibility for site stewardship and movement between sites.  Teams of 10 stewards each with a team leader.  It is anticipated there will be at least 6 teams.     All site managers and Stewards will have attended a number of briefings for training and direction  on crowd control, and traffic control, coupled with Health & Safety criteria.     All will have appropriate reflective clothing, and torches.     12.1 Movement     The participants and public will leave the Arbour via Clifton Terrace.  They will be preceded, flanked  and followed by teams of stewards.     A Thronging Order has been submitted by Neville Crisp of WCC Traffic Dept, on behalf of the  Winchester Passion which will enable a brief road closure, at Romsey Road at its junction with  Clifton Terrace and at the roundabout adjacent to the Westgate, not permitting traffic to use that  part of Romsey Road between the Westgate and Clifton Terrace, whilst the procession moves down  Romsey Road and into Castle Avenue.  Appropriate signage will be obtained and displayed at the  advice of Neville Crisp.     Upon completion of this phase, Romsey Road will be re‐opened.      An enactment will then take place within the precincts of the Great Hall and the Law Courts, before  the procession leaves that area, to rejoin Upper High Street in the vicinity of the Frink Horse, and  walk down Upper High Street, across the junction with Southgate Street and into the upper portion  of the Pedestrian precinct.     To facilitate this, traffic will be stopped by traffic lights at the Southgate street junction, and also at  the Jewry Street junction to allow safe passage across this junction.  The movement will again be  preceded, flanked and followed by stewards. The Police have indicated that they may be able to  facilitate the procession across the traffic lights at Southgate Street. We are developing plans in  consultation with the police if neither they nor traffic officers are available.     The procession will then proceed down the High Street, pause at the Buttercross and turn right at  Market Street.  Stewards will be in place to stop any conflict with moving vehicular traffic.    

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
All of these arrangements have benefitted from advice given by with the Police and local Traffic  Engineers.  All Senior stewards will remain in constant radio contact, and the procession will be  accompanied at all times by a St John ambulance with 2 crew and 4 walking First Aid personnel.     Signing has been discussed with Police and Traffic Engineers, and other signs as advised by Neville  Crisp, and will comprise of pre warning signs denoting,      ADVANCED WARNING  DELAYS IN CITY CENTRE  GOOD FRIDAY 1800 to 2000  WINCHESTER PASSION PROCESSION     This will be to an acceptable standard by a supplier recommended by Police and Local Authority.     These to be placed on strategic entry roads into the City.  It is the view of the Police and Road  Engineers that this is adequate if placed out a week prior to Good Friday. Exact locations and  methods of fixture have been discussed with the appropriate authority     Arrangements are in hand to show delays on illuminated variable message signs on the approaches  to the City, together with regular broadcasts by local radio.  All emergency services and bus services  have been notified.     12.2  Sites     12.2.1 Oram’s Arbour  This will be overseen by the senior Site Director, to whom the individual Site Director will be  responsible.     There will be a team of 10 site workers allocated to each site, apart from stewards responsible  directly to the Site Director for the erection of structures, site safety and site clearance.  All such  personnel will wear appropriate safety clothing. They will be available for stewarding support during  the enactments.     Areas of performance will be kept separate from the public, and where appropriate barriered.  All  lighting, equipment, and sound systems will be securely fixed behind barriers to avoid damage, or  harm to the public.     The entry and exit from the site will be strictly monitored by stewards.     In the event of an emergency, and bearing in mind the nature of the Arbour, there is no obstruction  to members of the public being able to take an escape route through 360 degrees.      Due to the shortness of occupation of the site, no toilet facilities are available.     The site will be cleared of any debris etc once the public has left.     12.2.2 The Great Hall  Stewards from Oram’s Arbour will proceed to this area as they accompany the crowd and will thus  supplement those already present, and it is anticipated that this will double the number of  stewards.  The participants will move into an area separated by barriers, whilst the public will walk  along Castle Avenue, and occupy the area of Castle Avenue, and the forecourt of the Great Hall.   Members of the public will also be directed to the steps between the Great Hall and the Law Courts 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
and once full, this area will be closed by stewards.  Other members of the public then walking down  Romsey Road will be directed via the High Street to Trafalgar Street and into the precincts of the Law  Courts. All sound and lighting equipment will be behind barriers.  Screens will be visible at both the  Law Courts and Great hall to ensure there will be no crowd discomfort.     12.2.3 The Law Courts  The area directly in front of the Law Courts entrance is to be kept clear by metal barriers.  Those  occupying the steps, will simply turn round, but be retained on the steps.  Those in Castle Avenue  will be directed to return to the High Street and then down the road towards Southgate Street.   Those members of the public in Castle Avenue will have the facility of a large screen television to  follow the event.     The stewards will then accompany the participants and public to the precinct in High Street, and  precede, flank and follow the procession to the Cathedral.  In the event of an emergency, there are  many side streets into which members of the public may be directed.     12.2.4 Cathedral  At the Cathedral there is a team of stewards, who will now be supplemented with the 4 teams who  have accompanied the procession. These will remain under the control of the Chief Steward.  There  is a specific barriered area outside of the West end of the Cathedral for disabled wheel chair  observers to be present.  On site will be a separate St John ambulance with crew, who will then be  supplemented by St John ambulance crews and walkers from the procession.  A Meeting Point will  be identified on site. Any lost Children will be taken to the Command Tent. It will be manned by CRB  approved personnel.     All technical apparatus has been identified and will be surrounded by barriers to avoid any harm to  the public.  Facilities have been arranged for toilets, by the Local Authority opening the public toilets  in the Covert, where there are also disabled facilities. The toilets by the Cathedral Refectory will also  be open.  Refuse facilities are already available on site but will be supplemented by two large industrial refuse  bins supplied by WCC.    Dedicated teams will assist in set up, dismantling and clear up of the site.     No specific arrangement has been made for car parking, however liaison has taken place with the  parking Manager and all public car parks will be open (except the Brook Centre Car Park).  A separate  arrangement has been made with Stagecoach for one park and ride parking area to be available with  a bus service to and from the City centre between 5pm – 6pm and 9.30pm – 10.30pm and WCC  (Parking Office), and the HCC (Planning and Development) have agreed that on this occasion the  park and ride car parks can be used by visitors to this event.    Special bus services will be running from 9.30pm on 4 designated bus routes. 


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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
13. LOST CHILDREN    13.1 Lost Children: Person(s) Reporting a Lost Child "Missing Child"  1. If the report is made to a police officer or steward they should immediately contact the Command  Tent at the Cathedral to ascertain if the child is already there.    2.  If  the  child  is  at  the  Command  Tent,  direct  the  person(s)  to  that  location  where  they  will  be  required  to  complete  the  necessary  documentation  and  show  adequate  proof  of  identity  (e.g.  driving licence, family allowance book etc) before the child is 'released' to them.    3.  If  the  child  is  not  at  the  Command  Tent,  direct  the  person(s)  to  that  area.  There  may  be  a  requirement to escort them to the Command Tent if they are highly stressed or upset. On arrival  they  will  be  asked  to  complete  the  'Missing  Child'  form  with  details  of  the  child's  name,  age,  description etc. Once details of the child have been taken, any person( s) reporting a missing child  should  be  requested  to  remain  at  the  Command  Tent  rather  than  going  out  to  search  for  the  child. It is unlikely that there is any way to contact these persons once they leave the Command  Tent,  and  it  is  possible  that  the  child  could  either  be  brought  in  by  a  police  officer/steward  or  report there themselves. However, neither the Lost Children staff nor the police have any powers  to make any adult stay at the Command Tent if they do not wish to. In this case, the person(s)  reporting  the  missing  child  should  be  asked  to  sign  a  disclaimer  form  stating  that  they  left  the  area of their own accord/wish.    4.  The  Site  Manager  (or  deputy)  will  then  issue  a  message  to  stewards  and  officials  at  the  earliest  opportunity so that all personnel are made aware and can remain vigilant. In the event of a very  young child (6 years and under) or particularly vulnerable child being missing this message should  be broadcast as a matter of urgency.    5. It should be noted that, in the interests of the safety of the child, no details of any missing children  should  be  broadcast  over  the  public  address  system  until  it  is  deemed  to  be  an  emergency  situation.    6. Any steward finding the child should immediately contact their Team Leader who will inform the  Command Tent to advise them that they are bringing the child in. All children found in this way  must  be  escorted  to  the  Command  Tent  to  avoid  them  becoming  'lost'  again.  This  escort  is  a  priority  and  should  be  undertaken  immediately,  stewards  must  not  retain  the  child  any  longer  than is necessary.    7. In the event of a Lost Child not being found within 15 minutes the Police should be   notified  and  further instructions requested.    Note:  It  is  generally  accepted  that  the  special  measures  for  the  Command  Tent  is  provided  for  persons  age  14  and  under.  However,  discretion  may  be  used  regarding  those  over  14  years  or  those who may be particularly vulnerable.    13.2 Lost Children: Child reporting that they have lost their Parent(s)/Guardian(s) "Found Child"    1. If a child approaches, or is brought to, a police officer or steward and advises them that they have  lost their parent(s)/guardian(s) the stewards should immediately contact their Team Leader who  will inform the Command Tent to ascertain if the parent(s)/guardian(s) is/are already there and  to advise them that they are bringing a lost child in.   

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
2.  The  steward  must  then  immediately  escort  the  child  to  the  Command  Tent,  after  agreement  of  the  Team  Leader  and  in  company  with  another  Passion  volunteer  ‐  this  escort  is  a  priority  and  must be undertaken immediately. On no account should the stewards retain the child any longer  than is necessary.    3.  On  arrival  at  the  Command  Tent  the  steward  should  wait  whilst  the  'Found  Child'  form  is  completed. Details of where the child was 'found', together with the name of the steward will be  required.    4. Once the 'Found Child' form has been completed, outline details of the child should be passed by  to  Event  Control,  a  'runner'  could  be  employed  to  undertake  this  task.  However,  at  no  time  should one person be left in sole charge of any lost child.    5. Event Control will then ensure that these details are broadcast to stewards and officials so that all  personnel  are  made  aware  in  the  event  of  them  being  approached  by  a  distraught  parent  or  guardian.    6. It should be noted that, in the interests of the safety of the child, no details of any missing children  should be broadcast over the public address system without the authorisation of the Event Co‐ ordinator.    7. On arrival of the parent(s)/guardian(s) they will be requested to show adequate proof of  identity  (e.g.  driving  licence,  family  allowance  book  etc)  before  the  child  will  be  'released'  to  them. In the event of any uncertainty, it will be the responsibility of the police to determine if the  child should be allowed to go with the person who is claiming them and contact should be made  with event control to determine what action should be taken.    8. In the unlikely event of a 'Found Child' not being claimed the Police should be informed.    Note: It is  generally  accepted that  the  special measures for the  Command Tent is provided  for  persons  age  14  and  under.  However,  discretion  may  be  used  regarding  those  over  14  years or those who may be particularly vulnerable.       

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
13.3 Form for a Missing or Found Child   Date  Name 


Age  Parent or Guardian's name  Hair colour 


Distinguishing features 

Time lost 

Location last seen 

Action taken 

Time Found  Form completed by 



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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL


Signs Prepared beforehand for Screens 

14.1  General information    14.1.1 Before the start as a rolling timed set of information – all screens   1. Welcome to the [logo] Winchester Passion  2. There is programme available for you – donations welcome for local charities  3. Access into the Cathedral for frail and elderly – limited space  4. [logo] Winchester Passion supports the Emmaus homelessness project  5. Stewards are on site to help  6. Thanks to all who made this possible  7. Thanks to all listed in programme and ‘The Navy’  8. [logo] Winchester Passion letting the story of Jesus loose on the streets      14.1.2 At the end – all screens   1. Want to talk?   2. Want someone to pray with you?  3. Go to St Lawrence Church, The Square (need directions, ask a steward)  4. Pick up a Gospel at the Meeting Point  5. Celebrate Easter, at a Church near you  6. Thank you for attending the [logo] Winchester    14.2  Crowd Movement Notices    14.2.1 (see EMP 9.7.2 Scenario 2) Many more people. Howard Mellor will decide, after consultation that before the people move from the Great Hall Law  Court  that advice should be given as follows:    Information    • Many more people have attended the Winchester Passion than anticipated.  • Already the Cathedral area is half full/full  • We recommend that many/most/half of you to remain here  • You will see everything on screen  • You will have a better view from here    14. 2.2 (See EMP 9.7.3 Scenario 3) present plans are insufficient Howard Mellor will decide, after consultation that before the people move from the Great Hall Law  Court that instruction should be given as follows:    Instructions  • There is no room at the Cathedral  • Please remain where you are  • You will see everything on screen  • You will have a better view from here  • Please remain here until instructed by stewards 

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL
    14.3  Emergency Communications    In the case of an emergency commands will be able to be given locally or globally over the PA and  Video Screens. The following Video screen messages will be pre‐prepared:    14.3.1  Great Hall and Law Courts o Please  leave  calmly  and  carefully  through  the  routes  you  entered.  You  may  also  use  the  steps from the Great Hall to the Law Courts  o Please remain calm and stay where you are  o Due to weather The Winchester Passion has had to be stopped. Please tune to Radio Solent  for more news.  o Due  to  unforeseen  circumstances  The  Winchester  Passion  has  had  to  be  stopped.  Please  tune to Radio Solent for more news.  o Follow instructions from stewards  o Parted from your friends – contact a steward.      14.3.2  Cathedral Grounds  o Please leave calmly and carefully through the exit nearest to you  o Please give careful attention to wheelchairs situated in front of the Cathedral  o Please remain calm and stay where you are  o Due to weather The Winchester Passion has had to be stopped. Please tune to Radio Solent  for more news.  o Due  to  unforeseen  circumstances  The  Winchester  Passion  has  had  to  be  stopped.  Please  tune to Radio Solent for more news.  o Follow instructions from stewards  o Parted from your friends – contact a steward.   

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Passion 2008 Event Management Plan V5 - FINAL

          Appendix A – Site plan of Oram’s Arbour  Appendix B – Site plan of the Great Hall and Law Courts  Appendix C – Site plan of the Buttercross and Cathedral Grounds  Appendix D – Power and lighting  Appendix E – Additional information from contractors  Appendix F – Risk Assessment from the Army re Field Kitchen  Appendix G – Organisation Chart for the Winchester Passion 

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Appendix A, B & C‐ Technical Site Plans    Large Size PDFs, also available on‐images   Appendix A – Site plan of Oram’s Arbour  Appendix B – Site plan of the Great Hall and Law Courts  Appendix C – Site plan of the Cathedral Grounds  Appendix    ‐ Site plan of the Buttercross     

THE WINCHESTER PASSION Oram's Arbor Scene Technical Site Plan V4

Emergency exit

Emergency exit

Contingency/parallel exit route via bridge & Station Road

Emergency exit

Emergency exit




Emergency exit

Procession/ crowd route (preferred)

Romsey Road (preferred route)

Flow of procession/crowd

THE WINCHESTER PASSION Great Hall and Law Courts Scenes Technical Site Plan V5

Emergency Exits

on tripod

6.2x3.4m screen (7squm)

On Tripod

Procession/crowd route
Emergency exits

Crossing Southgate St with traffic management

THE WINCHESTER PASSION Cathedral Scenes Technical Site Plan V8

9 lighting floods in trees

Comms & lost children tent
9 lighting floods in trees

St John's ambulance tent & vehicle

Or on (5)

BBC O/B van & generator


4 lighting floods in trees


Video Mixing Trailer

Butter Cross Lighting & Power

Strap Lighting Stand to Sign Post
1 1

1 x 1000 W 2 x 500 W 1 x PAR Can (tbc) to light Buttercross)

D1 4
6 6

1 x 500 W 2 2

4 4 3 3 5 5

D1 5

D1 3

D1 6

4 x 13A Mains Supply inside Church (on 2 separate ring mains)

D13 – 13A 4-way extension reel For PA D14 – 2 x 16A 3-way splitter for 3 lights on far side of street using Council Christmas Lights Anchor Points, leading to 2 x 500W and 1 x 1000W on Stand at [ secured to post (No Barriers Required) + 1 Par Can to light Buttercross D15 – 16A supply running through splitters to 1 x 500w on floor stand on ledge above Orange Shop at [2], 1 x Par Can secured to Drain Pipe at [3], 2 x 150W on floor stands At [4] & [5] taped to top step of Buttercross For backlighting, and one Par Can secured to drain pipe at [6] for Buttercross lighting D16 – single 13A supply for Radio Repeater

Appendix D – Power and lighting    More detailed information about Power and Lighting, statements of intent,   Diagrams, safety considerations etc.   

Douglas P. Bennett 4 Cooper Close Worthy Down Winchester, SO21 2RD Tel: (01962) 889353 Mobile: 07791 058089 E-mail:

Winchester Passion 2008 Cathedral Lighting & Power Statement of Intent

Assumptions • • • • • • • • • The Scaffold platform being built above the West door will be suitable for me to ‘hang’ lights from as discussed with your scaffolders last week. A lighting ‘tower’ will be built at the front of the Cathedral slightly to the left and to the front of the monument as shown in the diagram attached. Set up of all equipment will be performed during the day of Thursday 20 Mar 08, taking into account the services that will be taking place on that day. A full test of all equipment, including the lighting to be placed inside the Cathedral, will be need to be conducted on the evening of 20 Mar 08 following the final services. Arrangements will need to be made to permit this to take place. Where cabling or equipment comes into contact with the fabric of the building suitable protection will be used to prevent damage (e.g. rubber matting, carpet, rubber wheels on flight cases, rubber bases to stands etc) Additional security for the generator will not be required for the night of 19 Mar 08 (see item 1 below) Additional security for the site will have been provided in the form of personnel to protect equipment left on site on the night of 20 Mar 08. The LED screen, the BBC trailer and the Army Field Kitchen shown on the diagram come under the overall event management plan and do not form part of this assessment. The PA equipment is being provided by a separate contractor and is only mentioned here where a direct impact on power requirement is shown. These installations will also form part of the overall event management plan and do not form part of this assessment. All the equipment for the lighting will be transported to the site in a large box trailer, towed by a Mitsubishi Pajero. Additional equipment for the lighting or power may be transported in other vehicles which will drop off equipment and immediately leave the site. The box trailer will be re-loaded with flight cases and other unused equipment and will be parked at the position shown, behind the tower. Should the ground be soft, adequate protection in the form of hessian mats will be used to prevent damage to the grass during the movement of this into position. The Trailer will be used as a base for the Video Mixing desk and monitors as the controller will need to communicate with his crew and this prevents his voice carrying to the crowd. All personnel involved in installation of the equipment will be adequately supervised and/or trained. The current floodlighting used for the front of the Cathedral will either be switched off or masked by us during the event. The overall Indemnity, accident and equipment Insurance for the project covers all activities and equipment on this site.

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PA - Concert lighting - Theatrical lighting - Disco lighting - Exhibition Lighting - Video and Slide projection - Sound effects Power Distribution - Outdoor Events - Events Management - In Service Electrical Inspection and Testing - PAT Testing - Equipment Hire

Generators 1. A 4 tonne 200 Kva 3 Phase generator (sled mounted) would be placed just over the wall off Minster Street as shown. All circuits emminating from the generator will have RCD protection at the generator. A local Earth Spike for this will be inserted in the ground. This will be delivered by HEWDEN Power on Wednesday 19 Mar 08 at a time to be agreed. It will be collected on Tuesday 25 Mar 08 at a time to be agreed. Method of delivery and collection will be by HIAB truck. 2. A 20 Kva single phase generator will be used to provide a separate power source for the PA system and the Video Mixing desks. A local Earth Spike for this will be inserted in the ground. This will have been deliverred to a safe location prior to the event and will be transported to the site on Friday 21 Mar 08 at the same time that the rest of the PA equipment being installed arrives. It will be a road tow rig and will be positioned as shown on the diagram. If the ground is soft on the day, suitable protection will be placed on the grass to prevent damage and to spread the load. This generator weighs no more than 1 tonne. The towing vehicle weighs 2760 Kg. 3. A 11 Kva generator will be used to power 4 x 400W UV lights which will be used as specified in Para 22. A local Earth Spike for this will be inserted into the ground. This system will have no contact with any other supply. INSIDE CATHEDRAL for ressurection scenes 4. A 3 phase 32A supply cable would be run into the cathedral as specified in Para 7 below, with the cable runs temporarily routed through the entrance door, passing through an in line 3 phase RCD and terminating at a 3 Phase Lighting Dimmer mounted in a rack on rubber wheels. This dimmer would have 6 individually protected channels (fuses). o From this dimmer the 3 x 8 light Blinders would be powered – 2 mounted on 7M high Manfrotto Tripod stands and a 3rd mounted on a 4M stand. All three of these stands will be weighted down with 3 sand bags to provide additional stability. If required 3 x 4ft long by 3 ft high crowd barriers can also be placed around each of the stands in a triangle arrangement to prevent accidental contact by the public. o A low voltage analogue control cable (5 core telephone cable size) for this dimmer would also be run out to the tower, from which all control will take place. 5. 1 or 2 COEMAR CF1200 Spot dmx movinghead lights (number tbc dependant on response from COEMAR to a request for spare parts). These will be mounted in a Flight case on rubber wheels and can be rapidly deployed. o A dmx control cable will be run in from the tower to control these lights. o Power for these lights will be from 2 x 13A sockets inside the cathedral as previously discussed. 6. A video projector will be set up for rear projection onto a screen located as shown on the diagram. This is intended to permit better viewing for any differently abled persons who choose to watch the performance from in front of the Cathedral, including the hard of hearing, who might otherwise be unable to view or hear the event properly.
PA - Concert lighting - Theatrical lighting - Disco lighting - Exhibition Lighting - Video and Slide projection - Sound effects Power Distribution - Outdoor Events - Events Management - In Service Electrical Inspection and Testing - PAT Testing - Equipment Hire

7. The installations inside the Cathedral will be positioned, tested as discussed in the assumptions above, their positions marked using Tape on the floor, and then placed safely out of the way inside the cathedral at a position specified by you during the Maunday Thursday services. They can then be repositioned rapidly following the Friday services and re-tested briefly prior to the event. OUTSIDE CATHEDRAL - Balcony 8. A 63A 3 phase supply will be run using 16mm cable to a point near the tower. This wil then be split using an RCD protected board, into 2 x 32A 3 phase supplies; one for the balcony and one for inside the cathedral. 9. A 32 A 3 phase supply will be fed up to the balcony, terminating in an RCD protected distribution box. This will feed a number of lighting dimmers and 2 dmx strobe lights. o Strobes will be used in accordance with British Health & Safety Executive advice on use of strobes and in this particular setting will not cause concern for people suffering with epilepsy. The use of strobes in this way will be advised in the brochure and if it is deemed necessray by the H&S staff an announcement made over the PA at the appropriate time. o Each individual circuit will be MCB protected. o The dimmers will be placed in racks (and thus off the floor) underneath the stage and protected from the weather. o All cabling and connectors not inside this shelter will be waterproof Ceeform plugs and sockets. 10. 14-16 x 1K PAR 64 cans (number tbc following discussions with the artistic director) with either white or red gells to protect the lamps from direct contact with the weather will be strategically placed around the balcony to light the crosses, the actors and the architecture. Each fitting will be fed from the dimmers, and each will be individually protected by the fuses and circuitry in the dimmers o All fitings used on the balcony will be firmly fixed to the scaffolding and thus earth bonded, and safety chains will be used to further ensure safe use. o A number of analogue and dmx low voltage control cables will be fed up to the dimmers on the balcony from the tower. 11. 3 x 1500W infrared heater lamps will be mounted using clamps to the scaffolding At front of the balcony to provide heat for the actors. These will be controlled via Dimmers. 12. Equipment placed on the balcony will be lifted into position using the stairs, with the exception of the power cable, which will be carefully routed over rubber matting or carpet to protect the building. 13. The Scaffolding on the balcony will be bonded to the nearest Lightning conductor, and thus to earth.

PA - Concert lighting - Theatrical lighting - Disco lighting - Exhibition Lighting - Video and Slide projection - Sound effects Power Distribution - Outdoor Events - Events Management - In Service Electrical Inspection and Testing - PAT Testing - Equipment Hire

OUTSIDE CATHEDRAL – Tower area 14. Details of the construction of the tower are being submitted seperately, but it will be a 4 tier structure with a footprint of 8ft x 12 ft + stabilisers as required with steps leading up to the second level. o The first level, at ground level, is where we intend placing the control desks for the lighting and PA. o The second level, accessable by steps, is where one or more of the camera crews will be based once they arrive with the procession o The third level, accessable by ladder, is where the 3 follow spots and their operators will be placed o The forth level is for lighting dimmers and for mounting lights. o The whole structure will be protected from the weather as appropriate (side walls) and will have a roof that overhangs the top level by 2 Ft on each side 15. A 32A 3 Phase supply will be run from the 200 Kva generator to the tower, following the line of the wall a distance of approximately 80 meters. Where this passes over public access areas it will pass through conduit to provide protection from trip hazzard. This supply will pass through an in-line RCD and terminate in an MCB protected distribution box on the tower. o Power will be distributed from this supply to a number of dimmer packs, which will be placed in the top level of the tower. All lighting on the tower will be powered from these dimmer and will thus be individually protected by the fuses and circuitry in the dimmer packs. o 12 x 1k Par Cans, 2 x 575 moving head dmx lights and 2 x 1200W cantata profile spots with GOBOs and 3 x 2K follow spots will be mounted under the cover on the tower. All electrical connections for these will be under cover and will be protected by the dimmer circuitry and MCBs on the distribution units. 16. A single 32A 240 Cable wil be run from the generator to the tower to power all the local equipment (Lighting Desks, Safety lighting on the tower, heaters if required). This will terminate in an RCD protected distribution board. 17. An earth cable will be run from the Tower structure to an independent Earth Spike, which will be inserted in the ground at an appropriate point. 18. All distribution boards used on the tower will be bonded to the tower structure. This will also serve to provide linked bonding between the generators. All lighting used on the tower will be bonded to the structure of the tower. OUTSIDE CATHEDRAL – Separate power for PA system 19. A 32A Power lead will be run from the generator specified in Para 2 to a position at the far side of the west entrance to the Cathedral. PA speakers will be positioned in accordance with the overall Event Management Plan. This will terminate in an RCD protected board with single phase 16A outlets. This requirment ensures that all the PA runs off the same supply. Where this cable passes across public access areas it will be routed through conduit to prevent trip hazzard. It will not be routed across the wheelchair ramp at the left hand side of the west entrance.

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20. A 32A lead will be run from the generator specified on Para 2 to the tower, to power the PA mixing desk, the PA equipment on the tower side of the Cathedral. This will terminate in an RCD protected distribution board with 6 x MCB protected 13A sockets that will be under cover and thus also protected from the weather. 21. A 16A lead will be run from the PA generator into the Trailer to power the video mixing equipment. This will terminate in a protected distribution board with 13A sockets inside the trailer and thus out of the weather. The distribution board in the trailer will be bonded to the structure of the trailer, and the trailer will be fitted with an independent earth spike. Additional Site Lighting 22. 18 x 150W floodlights will be placed in the trees alongside the paths as shown on the diagram. These will be powered from the 2 x 6A supply fitted to the lamp posts as shown. Cable runs for these will be placed at least 3.6 m above head height, by running the cables through the trees. Where this is not possible suitable cable ducts will be used. These lights will be adequately fixed to the trees by rope and/or cable ties. Access to the trees will be using a suitable step ladder, supported at its base by additional personnel. 23. An additional 4 floodlights will be placed in the trees behind the tower. Cable runs for these will be placed at least 3.6m height, by running the cables through the trees. Where this is not possible suitable cable ducts will be used. These lights will be adequately fixed to the trees by rope and/or cable ties as above. UV Lighting for procession out at the end 24. A small trailer bourne 11 Kva generator will be sited as shown to provide power for 4 x 400W Ultra Violet Cannons, which will be used to enhance the patterns on the banners which will be used for the final procession out of the Cathedral grounds ate the end of the show. These cannons will be mounted on stands located 2 either side of the pathway as shown and will be surrounded by 3 x crowd barriers each to prevent access by the public. Cabling for these will be run through the trees, and will not fall below 3.6m height. The generator will be surrounded by crowd barriers to prevent access by the public. This will only be in operation for 5 minutes prior to and during the final scene. Power supply to Lost Children / Communication Hub Tent and to St Johns Ambulance Tent 25. A single 13A supply will be run out from the mains supply at No.3 The Square to provide power to Portable Appliance Tube fittings for lighting in each tent, and for power sockets to supply the Radio Battery Chargers. Location of these tents will be to the side of the Army Fieldf Kitchen iaw the overall event management plan and will be such that access by the public behind the tents will be prevented.

PA - Concert lighting - Theatrical lighting - Disco lighting - Exhibition Lighting - Video and Slide projection - Sound effects Power Distribution - Outdoor Events - Events Management - In Service Electrical Inspection and Testing - PAT Testing - Equipment Hire

General Comments 26. All portable equipment, whether listed here or not, will have been PAT tested specifically for this event. Details will be submitted prior to the event and will include readings and date of test. 27. All electrical wiring and distribution systems will comply with the recommendations of BS 7909 “Code of practice for design and installation of temporary distribution systems delivering a.c. electrical supplies for lighting, technical services and other entertainment related purposes” or where applicable BS 7671 “Requirements for electrical installations. IEE Wiring Regulations. Sixteenth Edition”. 28. A site certificate for the electrical installation will be issued following successful testing once complete. This will cover all electrical equipment listed above and all PA or video equipment as specified in the overall event management plan. The site certificate will specify readings taken during the tests.

(Signed on Original)

Douglas Bennett
Sole Proprieter ICTHUS Sound, Light & Multimedia Services

PA - Concert lighting - Theatrical lighting - Disco lighting - Exhibition Lighting - Video and Slide projection - Sound effects Power Distribution - Outdoor Events - Events Management - In Service Electrical Inspection and Testing - PAT Testing - Equipment Hire

Cathedral Grounds Lighting
Legend - Generator - Cables (Cables will be grouped and fed through conduit where they cross paths) - Cable Conduit 1 2 3
•13A supply from No. 3 to Lost Children & Comms Tent to feed 1 x Light and Radio Chargers •Power for Army Kitchen from No. 3 is the responsibility of the Army •13A supply from No. 3 to St Johns for 1 x light & sockets if required


- Lost Children & Comms Hub - St John’s Ambulance Tent - Ambulance

1 2 3

4 x 400W UV Cannons On 3m stands surrounded by 4 ft x 3ft high crowd barriers Cables in trees at >3.6m

9 x 0.15K Floods in trees powered From Cathedral Socket on Lamp Post

400W UV x4

11 KVa Single Phase Generator to feed 4 x UV Lights

200 KVa 3 Phase Generator

9 x 0.15K Floods in trees powered From Cathedral Socket on Lamp Post

4 x 0.5K Floods in trees powered From 200 Kva Generator Exact Cable route tbc on the day But will be over 3.6m height

Trailer for Video Mixing

32A 240v cable from 20 Kva Generator for PA 63A 3 Phase supply + 32A 3phase supply + 32A 240V supply from 200KVa Generator to Tower G

32A 3 Ph cable from 200 Kva Generator to Balcony + Analogue & dmx Control Cables

20 KVa Single Phase Generator

+ 32A 3phase supply for Balcony + 32A 3phase supply for Inside From 200KVa Generator 32A 240V supply for PA from 20 Kva Gen

32A 3 Ph cable from 200 Kva Generator into Cathedral + Analogue & dmx Control Cables


Winchester Passion Cathedral Power Diagrammatic Representation
32A 3Ph (inside Cathedral for Blinders)

Main System 200Kv A D1 Genny

63 A 3Ph 32A 3Ph 32A 240v 16A 240v (lights in Trees)

D5 D2 D3 Towe D4 r


32A 3Ph (Cathedral Balcony)

Balcon y


St Johns & Lost Kids + Comms Tent D1 – Provided by HEWDEN – Multiple RCD protected sockets on Generator D2 – 63A RCD protected 3Ph splitter – Provided by Hewden Mains D3 – 32A RCD protected 3Ph splitter to 3 x 32A 240V sockets – Provided my ICTHUS (Me) RadioAt No. 3 D4 – 32A 240V RCD protected distribution to 6 x 13A sockets – Provided by ICTHUS D5 – 32A in line 3 Ph RCD to 3 Phase BETAPAC dimmer – Provided by ICTHUS s D6 – 32A RCD protected 3Ph splitter to 6 x 16A 240V sockets – Provided my ICTHUS Tube Light Tube Light PA & Video 32 A 240V Cable for Power on far side of Cathedral for PA D8 20 KvA Earth D7 32A 240V supply for PAD9 Tower UV Lights Genny
13 A 13 A

16A 240V supply for Video

D1 0



11KvA Genny

D7 – RCD Protected Distribution on Generator or provided by HEWDEN D8 - 32A 240V RCD protected distribution to 4 x 16A sockets - Provided by Future Media – Loan Unit D9 - 32A 240V splitter to 2 x 32A 240V outlets For PA in Tower - Provided by ICTHUS D10 – 16A 240V to 10 x 13A sockets for Video in Trailer 16A Sockets on 2 Lamp Posts (6 A actual Supply on each)
150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W 150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

150 W

16A Cable with Splitter through Trees for UV Lights on Stands

Great Hall & Law Courts Lighting
Legend G - Generator - Lighting Stand - Lamp Post with cross

1.5 Kw

- Light Direction - Light Power - Cables (Cables will be grouped – shown separated for D2 diagrammatic purposes) 3 - Distribution Box - Focus for lighting at GH
80 Kva 3 Phase Generator 63A per phase 2 for lights + 1 for PA/Video/Broadcast

1.5 Kw Load 6.25A

D2 6 D2 7
1.5 Kw x2 Load 12.5A 1.5 Kw x2

1.5 Kw x2

D2 5
1.5 Kw x2

D2 3 D1 D1 D1 9 8 7


0.5 Kw x2

Load 4.17A 1.5 Kw

2 x 1K PAR Cans running from 3 way dimmer with control Extra Light for Jesus Focussed on GH door Load 31.25A 1.5 Kw

Load 29.17A

D2 8

0.5Kw x 2

1.5 Kw

D2 4

D2 0 PA PA
LED Screen

D2 1 D2 2
Note: Extra Lights for Jesus, & the Follow Spot Not Shown due to space) are being run Directly from the generator with minimal cable runs

Winchester Passion Great Hall and Law Courts Power - Diagrammatic Represe D2 32A 1 D2

D2 0

16A 32A 32A 16A 32A

Red Phase
32A 240V Cable 63A

2 PA Unknown PA Power Consumption
1500 W

D2 4

16A 16A 16A 16A
1500 W

1500 W

D2 3

D2 16A X – Not5 XX Used
1500 W 1500 W

1500 W 1500 W

16A 16A

80KvA Genny

D1 D1 7 8

D1 9

Yellow Phase
32A 16A 16A

D2 32A 240V Cable 6

1500 W


D2 7
1500 W 500 W

32A 16A
1500 W

D2 8

1500 W 500 W 1500 W

16A 16A 16A

500 W

Blue Phase

500 W


D17 – Board/Generator sockets supplied by HEWDEN (tbc) D18 – In Line 63A 3 Ph RCD – Supplied by ICTHUS (Me) D19 – 63A 3 Ph Distribution Box - Supplied by ICTHUS D20 – Yellow RCD Protected 63A Distribution Box – Supplied by ICTHUS D21 – 32A RCD Protected Distribution to 12 x 13A sockets (In a brief case) for PA desk/Video/Local light etc – Supplied by ICTHUS D22 – 16A into 10 x 13A sockets for Video – Supplied by ICTHUS 2 x 32A sockets for PA – NO Distribution planned (supplied by Soundbite as required) D23 – 63A 240V to 2 x 32A – Loan unit supplied by Future Media D24 – 32A In to 32A + 2 x 16A out – Supplied by ICTHUS D25 – 32A into 2 x 16A splitter – supplied by ICTHUS D26 - 32A into 2 x 16A splitter – supplied by ICTHUS D27 - 32A In to 32A + 2 x 16A out – Supplied by ICTHUS D28 - 32A into 4 x 16A splitter – supplied by ICTHUS

Orams Arbour


Orams Arbour Zoom 12 m


D1 1

1.5 Kw

1.5 Kw

D12 PA

10 m
1.5 Kw 1.5 Kw

Cable Requirements 1 x 12m 16A 2 x 10m 16A 1 x 37m 16A 1 x 12m 32A 2 x 16A splitters


D11 – 32A & 16A Distribution supplied on or with generator by HEWDEN D12 – 32A splitter – supplied by Steve Lucas

Appendix E – Additional information from contractors    Sound Statements of intent, certificate, safety considerations. Staging   Information, safety considerations, timetable.    Access times to inside of Cathedral.    Microwave camera setup.     

Method Statement – Winchester Passion, Cathedral Site. Speaker Stands – Two along the front of the cathedral Steel tripod stand, weight 8.6kg, crank raising mechanism, height range 1.4m 2.2m, storage length 1.3m. Rated load capacity 50kg. Load of each speaker will be 22kg. Speakers will be placed in an area where there is no public access. Steel barriers will be placed either side of these stands to avoid actors knocking into them. Steel Decks 2m X 1m platforms for stacking large speaker boxes. Weight of platforms about 24lkg and the load capacity is 453kg. Will be stacked with up to 6 speaker boxes. Each box has a weight of 40kgs. Speakers will be ratchet strapped down to the decs to avoid being knocked off. Speaker stacks will have crowd barriers placed around them. Foldback Speakers, monitors & Microphones Two Foldback speakers will be placed on the performance platform floor above the cathedral west entrance. These Foldbacks stand 300mm high are 489mm height by 316mm width. Cables for these foldbacks will include a single cable running from the left speaker stacks (looking at the west entrance) up the side of the cathedral onto the side balcony. Then along to the speakers at the performance area. All cable runs will be run along side steps and they wont be running across public access areas when they are required. Inc the wheel chair access. Four extra foldbacks will also be used on the ground at the front of the west entrance between the cathedrals railings and the crowd barrier. This is in an area where there is no pubic access and cable runs will be rubber matted and hazard taped to avoid trips from the choir whom are performing in that area. Cables for these foldbacks will be run from the left speaker stack. In the same area 6 microphones will be placed on stands with a height of 2 meters The cables for the microphones will again run along non public areas. The cables running to the microphones and foldbacks are no more than 5mm in diameter

Fast Fold Screen. 8ft x 6ft fast fold screen will be used at the front of the cathedral. The screen will have 4 stage weights (12.5kgs) to avoid the screen tipping. Cable Runs All cables will be routed against walls and steps. Any cables that run across pathways will be placed in cable ducts. Any cables that run across the entrance of the cathedral will be able to be broken to allow wheel chair access and avoid trip hazards during Friday daytime. The routes the cables will be running are: (facing the cathedral) From the PA tower to the left against the bottom steps up to the grass to the right speaker stack. From the PA tower the cables will follow the lighting and power cables round the café area, along the wall, through the cable duct (across the path) then across the front of the cathedral within the gates against the steps to the second speaker stacks. Arrival of Sound Equipment The Sound equipment will be arriving onsite at 8am in two vans. Contact is Gareth Fox Williams 07973838090 Arrival of Army Kitchen The Army Kitchen will be arriving at 8am on Good Friday, Army Contact: SSgt Dave Rimmington b. Contact: Work: 0115 957 3308 (Fax 3121) Mobile: 07985 317 695 E-Mail: 

Douglas P. Bennett 4 Cooper Close Worthy Down Winchester, SO21 2RD Tel: (01962) 889353 Mobile: 07791 058089 E-mail:

Winchester Passion Safety Considerations

Site Certification An Electrical Safety Site certificate will be issued for each site on the day following installation and testing.

PAT Testing All Portable Appliances used at the event will have been PAT tested and certified safe.

Lighting Stands Lighting stands will vary in height and footprint dependant on use, but will all be of the form shown in Annex A and will be fitted with T-Bars for mounting of lights. Each stand has a separate maximum load capacity. The maximum lighting load on any stand will be 8 Kg and the the lightest carrying capacity of any of the stands is 10 Kg. It will thus be impossible to overload any stand. Each stand will have crowd barriers around them to avoid trip hazard. Stands placed on Grass will be additionally secured using 10 “ steel ground pegs and rope. Where possible stands will be placed on flat ground. If this is not possible then all stands are rated for safe use on slopes up to 6o. Stands will be placed where these limits are not exceeded.

Generators All generators will contain integral fuel tanks, will be silenced and regulated, and will be fully insured. These will be hired from HEWDEN Power and will be surrounded by 6 ft crowd barriers to prevent access by the public.

Distribution Boards All distribution equipment will have been tested iaw 16th Edition wiring regulations.

Cabling Cabling will be routed along the side of walls and behind crowd barrieres where possible to avoid trip hazzard. Where cables are required to pass across public access paths they will either be burried in the ground or pass through cable conduits. Due consideration will be given to cable sizes iaw 16th edition regs in these circumstances to ensure compliance.


Concert lighting Outdoor Events

Theatrical lighting Disco lighting Exhibition Lighting Power Distribution Video and Slide projection Sound effects Events Management

Annex A to Winchester Passion Safety Considerations LIGHTING STANDS

Lighting Stand Type C 2 Section Stands No Picture Available

Lighting Stand Type A (Telescopic) Millenium Lighting stand SLS6. 30mm black tubing. minimum collapsed length: 120cm; maximum height: 260cm; Maximum weight supported: 18kg. Weight: 6 kg Lightweight Steel Stands, Tripod Base, collapsible upright in 2 sections with T-Bar; Maximum height 3.00m; Minimum Height 2.2m; Maximum weight supported: 15 Kg; Colour Black Upright, Galvanised Steel (Silver) base. Lighting Stand Type D Hired in and certified by StageCraft Ltd, Salisbury. Fully compliant professionally produced stands. Max Height 6m with T-Bars. Max Weight supported 10kg.

Lighting Stand Type B (Telescopic Wind Up) Millenium BLS-2700 lightweight steel maximum height: 3.10m, minimum collapsed length: 176cm. Maximum weight supported: 50kg. Colour: Black. Weight: 11.6kg.


Concert lighting Outdoor Events

Theatrical lighting Disco lighting Exhibition Lighting Power Distribution Video and Slide projection Sound effects Events Management

Speaker Stands - for use on all speakers at Great Hall and Law Courts Steel stand, weight 8.6kg, crank raising mechanism, height range 1.4m 2.2m, storage length 1.3m. Rated load capacity 50kg. Weight 8.6kg. Load of each speaker will be 20kg. Each speaker will have a pair of crowd barriers around to avoid trip hazard. Gap from speaker front, where sound is emitted, to the barrier will be 2m so as to avoid damaging sound intensity to audience. Steel Decks - for use on all speakers at Cathedral and Arbor 2m X 1m platforms for stacking large speaker boxes. Weight of platforms about 24lkg and the load capacity is 453kg. Will be stacked with up to 6 speaker boxes. Each box has a weight of 40kgs. Speakers will be ratchet strapped down to the decs. Crowd barriers will surround each speaker and will have a gap of 2m from the speaker front so as to avoid damaging sound intensity to audience

Departmental Risk Assessment

Page 1

Risk Likelihood
1 to 5

1 to 5


Impact description

Plans for Minimizing Risk

Actions Carried out



















8 9 10 11 12

STROBE LIGHTING VARIOUS HAZARDS WHIST RIGGING EQUIPMENT FIRE EXITS MUST HAVE MAINTAINED ILLUMINED EXIT SIGNS USE OF BUBBLE MACHINE USE OF LASER EQUIPMENT Key High risk Medium risk Low risk Likelihood Extremely unlikely, rare occurrence Unlikely Moderately Likely Highly Likely Extremely likely, frequent occurrence

1 2 1 1 1

3 5 4 3 5

3 10 4 3 5









Over 11 We must concentrate on the highest risk first Between These should be looked at after the highest risks 7&11 Up to 7 These are looked at last, if at all Impact not critical to continued operation minor impact in many areas Significant impact, would not risk continued operations in the short term but might in the long term. Significant impact, in the medium term. Fundamental to continuing operations.

1 2 3 4 5

1 2 3 4 5

You can add rows if you need to, by inserting rows above row 26

See p2 of this document for Great Hall stage

GREAT HALL STAGING See picture of trailers from Warwick Brothers Trailer specification and installation to convert to staging

Spec is 2 x 18ft long by 7ft 2inches wide and they weigh approx. 1.5 tons each. Two will be delivered by Warwick Bros (Alresford) to the Great Hall barrier. At that point a small tractor (weight 1.5 ton) will pull them into position at the Great Hall. Warwick Bros will also provide 'skates' which enable the trailers to be pushed in from the side thus the 18ft trailers can easily be positioned in the 19ft gap between the Great Hall buttresses. The trailers come with braking devices so they will be perfectly stable once in position. They are 3ft high and we were hoping for a 4 ft stage. We can either add a 1ft layer of staging blocks to the trailers or we can jack the trailers up by one foot. Either way, the stage top will then be covered with strawboard sheeting to eliminate any risk of slipping. Two wooden staircases will be in place on either side of the resulting stage and securely fitted. Railings will not be necessary as a ‘no go zone’ white strip of tape will be placed 2 feet from the edge of all stage edges.

STAGING AND STRUCTURES FOR THE WINCHESTER PASSION 21/03/08 DRAFT FOUR – 14/03/08 ORAMS ARBOR Requirement: A camera tower 2m high and 1.5m by 1.5m is required at Oram’s Arbor. Solution: The scaffolding tower is being supplied by the United Church. Storage and transportation: It will be stored at the church until the day of the performance (Mark, Eric will work with your team and is a keyholder atURC) when it will be moved to site in Martin Almerhall’s car. Assembly date: 21/03/08 Delivery time: 10:00 Assembly deadline: 12:00. Site crew security requested from 12:00. Structure: The tower will be assembled by Mark Wheadon (team leader), Frank Goodland and Martin Almerhall. An assembly rehearsal has taken place and the tower was assembled in less than one hour. The tower is too low to require outriggers but will be leveled by means of paving slabs at the four feet. The slabs will be leveled using wooden wedges if required (Mark, I will let you know wha slabs Robert can offer, let David know if you need wedges made…David will supply four resting blocks fr the scaffolding). The tower will be made inaccessible to the public by means of 2 x 2m metal crowd barriers (Fred Randall to arrange delivery to and collectoin from site of 8 x 2m barriers) on all four sides of the tower. This will ensure a 2.5m gap between the barriers and the crowd preventing any members of the public being able to touch the structure. De-construction and removal: Following the end of the performance (and the crowd moving onto the next scene), the tower will be de-constructed by the same team involved in the construction and returned to the United Church the same day via Martin’s car. GREAT HALL Requirement: A stage 1.2m high and 4.9m wide and 4.3m deep with a set of steps stage left and another stage right is required at the Great Hall. Solution: Two bale trailers each 5.5m long and 2.13m wide will be positioned side by side creating a stage 0.91 metres high. The additional 0.3m height required will be achieved using wooden staging blocks each 30cm tall. Storage and transportation: The two bale trailers were delivered to a barn at Crabwood on 11/03/08 (Crabwood Vale Farm, Sarum Road, Winchester, SO22 5QS). Five of the staging blocks were delivered by HMS Sultan to the Crabwood barn on 22/02/08. Two staging blocks from the Winchester Operatic Society were delivered to the barn on 25/02/08. Two additional blocks (2.45m x 0.6m x 0.3m high) have bee constructed by David Teale and are being stored at the barn. The stairs were also delivered to the barn on 25/02/08 and will be altered to suit the stage. The first bale trailer (weight 1.5 tons) will be loaded with the staging blocks and steps (weight 1 ton and secured using bale ties) will be delivered the Great Hall using a small farm tractor. The trailers will be moved into position using the Kubota, ‘skates’ and a trolley jack. The second bale trailers (weight 1.5 tons) will be delivered to the Great Hall using a light agricultural Kubota tractor (weight 1.5 tons on loan from Vitacress). Assembly date: 21/03/08

Delivery time: From 09:00 Assembly deadline: 14:00. Site crew security requested from 14:00. Structure: The stage will be assembled by David Teale (team leader), David White, Robert McNeely and Rupert Pitt. The trailers will be secured using built-in braking devices and will be covered with. The staging blocks will then be placed on top of the trailers and sheets of 3mm hardboard will be nailed to the blocks (David Teale to purchase) to prevent slipping. A striped balck and yellow warning line will be taped (David Teale to purchase) on the stage surface at a distance of one foot from the four edges and the performers will not move beyond these taped lines. A metal crowd barrier is being assembled to prevent the crowd from being able to touch the stage. De-construction and removal: Following the end of the performance (and the crowd moving onto the next scene), the stage will be de-constructed by the same team involved in the construction. HMS Sultan will collect (Bedford lorry) their five blocks to return to HMS Sultan on the night. The other trailers, blocks, steps etc. will be returned to the barn in Crabwood by the same mode of transport that delivered them from the barn in the morning. The trailers will be returned to Warwick at a later date. THE LAW COURTS Requirement: A screen situated by the Law Court doors large enough to conceal four actors during the performance. The screen must be self supporting (not allowed to drill the building for support ) light structure with no protrusions, outriggers, to snag actors, stage hands or audience in the dark. light and portable structure to be managed by two average persons and small enough to be transported by an estate car. Solution: The design is based on an concertina dressing screen (as seen in an old fashioned western) with a straight row of castellations on top. It is 18' long and will vary in height between 7' 00" and 8' 6" at the top of the castellations The concertina design provides floor support and is weighted down by sand bags placed on base diagonal supports fixed to the base of the structure. The structure is made from 12 off, 1800 mm high x600 mm wide light 3mm thick hardboard wooden backed frames. Each section is hinged together using 3 off x 75 mm steel butt hinges. The castellations are also made from 3mm framed backed hardboard and are designed to hide the 62mm x 15mm support bar notched over the concertinas to prevent them collapsing. There will be three manual support points inside the structure to provide additional stability and added safety in the event of very windy day. Low level battery light will be provided inside the frame with just enough intensity to allow the actors with some direction and avoid collisions. A trial 3m section will be built and tested. Permission has been sought and granted to assemble both the test and final structure at the law courts on a Saturday. Storage and transportation: To be stored at Crabwood barn until 21/03/08 and brought to the Law Courts in an estate car. Assembly date: 21/03/08 Delivery time: 09:00 Assembly deadline: 16:00. Site crew security requested from 16:00. Structure: Assembled by 2 persons. De-construction and removal: As construction and delivery.

THE BUTTERCROSS Requirement: A stage 1.2m high and 1.2m deep by 3m wide with a set of steps stage left and another stage right is required at the Buttercross. Solution: HMS Sultan is supplying a pre-constructed stage 0.91m high and 1.2m deep by 5.8m wide (this width incorporates steps) which was delivered to the Crabwood barn on 22/02/08. The remaining 0.3m of height will be achieved by placing one wooden staging block 0.3m high and 3m wide and 1.2m deep on top of the stage. Storage and transportation: The stage (which is made up up of three sections) and the staging block were delivered by HMS Sultan to the barn in Crabwood on 22/02/08. A rehearsal assembly indicated that assembly of the stage will take less than one hour. The stage sections and block will be delivered to the Buttercross using a bale trailer (secured with bale ties) pulled by small tractor -- total weight of 3.5 tons. A second small tractor with forklift will lift the heaviest section of the stage into place, Delivery time: 08:30. Assembly date: 21/03/08 Assembly deadline: 09:30. Site crew security requested from 09:30. Structure: The stage will be assembled by a team of 6 people. The three stage sections will be screwed together and the final staging block placed on top of those. The staging block is carpeted to prevent slipping and a striped black and yellow line will be taped (David Teale to acquire) on the stage surface at a distance of one foot from the four edges and the performers will not move beyond these taped lines. De-construction and removal: Following the end of the performance (and the crowd moving onto the next scene), the stage will be de-constructed by the same team involved in the construction. HMS Sultan will collect the stage (Bedford lorry) to return to HMS Sultan on the night.

CATHEDRAL GREEN Requirement: A four tiered weatherproof scaffolding control tower for lighting and video. Total dimensions 7.6m high; 3.7m wide and 2.5 m deep. To be surrounded by Herris fencing at all times (other than during the performance) to ensure that access by the public is not possible. Solution: Adept Scaffolding have been contracted to erect this structure. The construction will be overseen from our perspective by Paul White. Storage and transportation: TBA by Adept Scaffolding. Delivery date: 18/03/08 Assembly date: 18 + 19/03/08 Assembly deadline: 5pm on 19/03/08 De-construction and removal: Adept Scaffolding will remove the structure on Tuesday 25th March.

APPROXIMATE TIMETABLE ON 20/03/08 and 21/03/08
Buttercross team (leader in bold): JH, HH, JG, BL, MF and GR Great Hall team: DT, DW, RM and RP Oram’s Arbor team: MW, FG and MA-H PB = Peter Bray of Vitacress 20/03/08 During the day RM will load the stages, block, sceren, tables, hardwood and shairs (possibly some paving slabs) onto the two bale trailers for pick-up ni the morning,

21/03/08 07:30 08:00 08:00 PB to arrive at Crawood with Kubota tractor. PB to leave Crabwood barn with Buttercross staging trailer. RM to leave Crabwood with second trailer loaded with staging blocks, stairs and ply sheeting. RM to drop first trailer (loaded) at Greeat Hall. Both tractors and second trailer arrive at Buttercross. All available members of the Buttercross staging team to be at the Buttercross for unloading and assembly of Buttercross stage (JH, HH, JG, BL, MF, GR). Second bale trailer (empty at this point) to be delivered to the Great Hall by PB. Great Hall team commence assembly to be joined by the Buttercross team as soon as the Buttercross stage is completed (DT, DW, RM, LB, LB, JH, HH, JG, BL, MF and GR). Both tractors to be moved to Hilliers Garden Centre (permission OK Robert?). Oram’s Arbor assembly team to collect scaffolding from URC and commence assembly of camera tower (MW, FG and MA-H). Scenery team to take over at the Great Hall stage. Wings to be collected and assembled at the Law Courts by the Great Hall assembly team (DT, DW, RM and RP). Official prayer time across all sites. De-construction of scaffolding tower at Oram’s Arbor to commence and be returned to URC (MW, FG and MA-H). Chairs to be picked up by Oram’s Arbor team and taken to URC for return to Chesil Theatre the following week. De-construction of Great Hall stage to commence. 5 army staging blocks to be collected by army. Trailers, tables, steps, 2 x WOS blocksand 2 x

08:30 08:30-08:45 08:30-10:00





14:00 14:00-16:00

16:00 19:00-21:00



constructed blocks plus plywood to be returned to Crabwood (DT, DW, RM, RP, PB and LB) together with Law Court wings. 21:00-23:00 De-construction of Buttercross stage to commence (JH, HH, JG, BL, MF and GR). Army to help during de-construction and and return stage to HMS Sultan.

At later date – trailers to be returned to Warwick (22/03); blocks returned to WOS, and anyone who wants the plywood can have it! Directions to Crabwood Barn: From the Romsey Road end, follow Sarum Road for 1.8 miles (past hospital, golf course etc.) and then turn right into Lanham Lane (signposted as a dead end and opposite a farm with a sign advertising the sale of lamb and beef). Follow this lane past a few houses for a few hundred yards until you reach a large wooden double gate on the lhs. Enter through the gates and follow the rough path for about 100 yards until a fork; take the right fork which leads to the barn. .

Company Name ARB Audio & Visual Hire Ltd Office / Department Area / Location Buckingham / H & S All Locations where LED Screens are used. Operation Covered by this Assessment Rigging and De-Rigging of LED Screen POD and Vehicle mounted 16 Square Meters Maximum number of persons exposed, frequency and duration 2 x Employees, 15 Minutes to demount POD and place in a stable position Hazards 1) Vehicle Access and Egress 2) Contact with overhead obstructions 3) Hydraulics (crushing of fingers) 4) Stability 5) Screen / POD Overturning 6) Structure Collapse 7) Falls from Height 8) Public 9) Wind Loading Controls taken to reduce the risk a) Vehicle movement on site to be done out of the way of the public and all hazard lights working. b) Clear access, egress, firm level ground and no obstructions are required for the vehicle when manoeuvring the POD into position. c) Vehicle operators are to be over 21 years, trained, certificated and authorised to operate LED screen trucks, also responsible for daily maintenance and defect reporting. d) All overhead hazards and obstructions to be identified prior to movement on site of vehicle and where necessary fenced off and area avoided. e) Lowering off the POD is carried out by the use of hydraulic legs which are pulled from their housing by the operator. Operators wear appropriate type gloves for this operation. f) Screen POD to be lowered to its lowest position possible once it has been demounted from the vehicle transporting it before any attempt to raise the screen inside the POD. g) Screen POD to be placed on firm level ground which is suitable, spacious and clear of obstructions. h) All POD legs to be locked off prior to work being carried out on the POD itself i) Operators are fully trained in the use of fall arrest equipment. j) Area to be cordoned off and made Out of Bounds during erection and dismantlement from the public and vehicles. j) Maximum wind speed for elevated screen to be 25-30mph. Above this speed the screen and pod must be lowered to minimum position k) Twist locks to be in locked position prior to vehicle moving once POD is on rear of vehicle on derig. Assessment of residual risk Specific Site Risk Assessment available on request. Further action required Supervisor or Projects Manager is to keep main contractor informed at all times of any changes to the above. Signed Date Review Date 1st January 2008 1 Year, or if any changes occur to assessment Print Name M NEWTON Position: DIRECTOR

Access times to inside of Cathedral for Winchester Passion There is no problem to access outside the cathedral. We have the following from Bob Forrester to access inside the cathedral As discussed, listed below are the times that you can have access to inside the Cathedral to set up the equipment for the Passion: Wednesday 19 March • Anytime during the day until 5 pm, but silent work from 4 pm

Thursday 20 March • • 12.30 pm - 5 pm, but silent work from 4 pm. The equipment may be left in place during the Concelebrated Eucharist of the Last Supper from 7 pm -9.30 pm Cathedral are open to someone staying on the cathedral balcony from 7-9.30pm while lights are tested (they are aware that we need to test lights outside during this time) and Carlton/Darren will be on Walkie Talkies if this sound (not lights) cause a disturbance 9.30 pm - 10.30 pm to test the lighting

Friday 21 March • 9.30 am - 11.30 am • Can you be silent outside the Cathedral from noon - 3 pm as far as reasonably possible, ie no loudspeaker tests • 3 pm - 4.30 pm (silence from 4-4.30pm) • Access to cathedral again at 5.45pm. Need to be as quiet as is reasonably possible as a service is going on in the choir stalls until 6.15pm (!) • External set up may continue throughout the day The cathedral west end doors will be closed to visitors from 4pm and then cables can be finally run near the wheelchair ramp (left of west end doors) without any concern of visitor access etc. Prior to that if cables are momentarily run across the ramp for testing technology engineers need to be on guard to warn visitors Access to grounds Carlton will open gates at 8am on Wed, Thurs, Fri

Appendix F – Risk Assessment from the Army re Field Kitchen     

Commercial Letter Of Agreement

To: Rev David Williams

organiser of Winchester Passion Plays

1. Your agreement is requested for Catering Support Regiment RLC assisting in the feeding and refreshments of the participants in the Winchester Passion Plays. The kitchen will be established within the Cathedral grounds, location as agreed on the 21 Mar 2008 between the hours of 0800-2330. CATERING SUPPORT REGIMENT RLC 2. I acknowledge that the catering team will have: a. b. 12 personnel The following equipment/vehicles: (1) 2 Four ton vehicles (2) 1 Refrigerated truck (3) 1 Mini Bus (4) Tentage(2x 12x12) (5) Field catering equipment (5 x No5 Cooksets) 3. The event OIC (Officer In Charge) will be: a. b. SSgt Dave Rimmington Contact: Work: Mobile: E-Mail: 0115 957 3308 (Fax 3121) 07985 317 695

SECURITY 4. I accept that the Army always gives security a priority and will have made arrangements with local police prior the event as necessary. 5. The vehicles and field kitchens will not be left unattended at any time.

HEALTH AND SAFETY 6. A health and safety risk assessment has been conducted and is attached.

MINISTRY OF DEFENCE PUBLIC LIABILITY STATEMENT 7. The Ministry Of Defence Public Liability Statement is below:

a. The Ministry Of Defence (MOD) will deal with any common law claim for compensation the basis of legal liability to make payment, which is to say any claim that arises due to negligence of the MOD, its servants or agents. Any such claim should be forwarded to: Directorate of safety & Claims (DS&C), Public Liability Group, 7th Floor Zone A St Georges Court, Bloomsbury Way, LONDON, WC1A 2SH b. The MOD does not purchase public liability insurance, but accepts its own risks and acts as its own insurer, consequently our cover is without financial limit. The MOD has no legal liability to deal with claims for injuries resulting from pure accident or 'Act of God'. Therefore you may wish to consider personal accident insurance.


PHOTOGRAPHY 8. I understand that photographs may be taken for use in official military publications, including recruiting material. DISCLAIMER 9. I understand that the team may not be able to attend for operational or other reasons out of the teams control. The unit will always give maximum warning of any cancellation.

Signed ______________________________________________________ Event Manager

Name _________________________________________________ (In Full and Capitals) Date ___________________ Position __________________

Enc: Risk Assessment


Address/Location: Winchester Cathedral Grounds & 12 The Square Winchester
SO23 9ES

Assessment No: Feeding Stand

Date: 26 Jan 08 Assessor: SSgt Rimmington

Activity/Process: Field Kitchen

Number Of Persons At Risk:
Cat Sp Regt Public Mil Other General

1–5 6 – 10 * 11 – 50 51 – 100 100 plus Hazards Involved with the Activity/Process:


1. Heavy lifting of all objects (dropping, strain injuries) 2. Uneven or soft ground on which to site certain apparatus (hot water spillage, falling fuel cylinders) 3. Guy ropes, storm lashings, pegs, stakes, trailing fuel pipes (tripping/falling hazard) 4. Risk of burns from naked flame (use of LPG to heat cooking equipment) 5. Risk of burns and scalding from exposed hot surfaces (cooking equipment, hot liquids and steam). 6. Risk of splinters from wooden tables. 7. Risk of cuts to hands (gained from knives and manual handling of rough surfaced equipment). 8. Risk of fire/explosion from stored fuels. 9. Risk of fire from naked flames to canvas/camouflage netting. (No5 cookers) 10. Risk of injury to others from untrained personnel 11. Risk of food induced illness. 12. Interaction with untrained personnel (customers)

Existing Safety Measures/Controls
1. Use mechanical aids, manual handling techniques, sharing loads and lifting. 2. Level ground using boards or mats, use staves and retaining straps for fuel cylinders. 3. Set tent pegs and stakes low, mark trailing fuel pipes, storm lashings and guy ropes with mine tape. 4. Students to be supervised at all times by qualified military staff 5. Visitors to be kept at a safe distance. 6. Use serviceable equipment only. Operators to wear PPE. 7. Stored fuel to be a minimum distance of 15 metres from kitchen, clearly signed and secured. 8. Ensure work area is correctly laid out with good ventilation. Set out fire control & first aid point, to be clearly labelled and cordoned no entry points, containing water, foam fire extinguishers and fire blankets. 9. Ensure all staff are trained on specific equipment that is to be used by celebrities under supervision. 10. Ensure all aspects of FSA 90/FS(G)R95 to be adhered to. 11. Students and customers to be fully briefed on requirements and safety factors 12. Clearly erected signage indicating no entry areas, barriers were appropriate

The Residual Risk: (after existing control

Risk Rating:
Severity x Likelihood = Rating 2x3=6

Presence of general public

Additional Controls Required:
None foreseen

Revised Rating:
Not required at this stage.


Catering Support Regiment RLC

Prince William of Gloucester Bks GRANTHAM Lincs NG31 7TJ

Date of Activity Process:
21 Mar 08

• • •

Assessment agreed/proposed: Additional controls agreed/proposed: Action to be taken:

Yes/No None/foreseen

As Prescribed

Target Date for Implementation: • Lead-in date: 17 Mar 08 •
• Date of Event: 21 Mar 08 Stand down date: 22 Mar 08

Senior line manager responsible for activity/process: SSgt Rimmington

Assessment Review (refer to assessment reviews) Controls effective: Comments: Dated Implemented: Assessment Review Date: Signed (senior line manager responsible for the activity/process):
Assessment review is required when one of the following applies: a. b. c. d. A change in line manager. A change in job task details. Twelve months anniversary. After an accident or incident.



Multiple deaths


Death to one person


Major injuries to several people


Major injuries to one person



Minor injuries


Trivial injuries



1 Most Unlikely

2 Unlikely

3 Possible

4 Likely

5 Very Likely

6 Certain


RATING ACTION BANDS AND ACTION REQUIRED 1–3 4–6 8 – 10 Minimal risk – Maintain control measures Low risk – Fine control measures Medium risk – Improve control measures

12 – 36 High risk – Improve controls immediately and consider stopping work.



Waste Water

Dry Waste PREP
OFCS Tables 5

OFCS Tables

DAF Vehicle (Tail Gate)


Refrigerated Vehicle (Rear Door)

2 1

OFCS Tables

OFCS Tables

OFCS Tables

OFCS Tables

OFCS Table


OFCS Table


Access to No 3 The Square





Additional Parking



Appendix G – Organisation Chart for the Winchester Passion    Responsibility Tree showing Producers and Directors    Telephone numbers of key contacts 

The Winchester Passion
Howard Mellor Co-ordinator Juli Wills Project Manager (with Naomi Honey, Admin) Ewen Huffman Technical Philip Glassborow Artistic Director

David Williams Site & movement of people

Roly Riem Discipleship resources & personnel

Jeremy Davis Financial

Yvonne Secker Wardrobe

Fred Randall Peter Davey Helen Revans, Site Director Geoff & Angela Vaine Outreach Director Prayer Directors

Carl Clausen Music Director

Michael Orpen-Palmer Production Director

Helene Beaven Scenery Mike Simpson Publicity Director Roly Riem Mission Director

Peter Smith Company Director

Ray Cousins Stewards & Security Director Laura Chase Schools Team Director

Roland Burberry Health & Safety Director

Ken Liddell Electronics Director

Lorna Browne Matt Howson Staging Director Website Director

Marjory Monro Llyn Parker Melanie Tibbitts Costume & Wardrobe Directors


Juli Wills Naomi Honey MIKE SIMPSON PUBLICITY TEAM Philip Tutt-Leppard

Responsibility Coordinator/Producer Project Manager Administration Publicity Director

Telephone 01962 867278 0770 256 2789 01962 878948 / 863057 01962 849559 07817 897731 07785 718901


DRAMA TEAM Michael Orpen-Palmer Dorothy Lusmore DRAMA DIRECTORS Neil Simpson Geoffrey Burnaby David Simpkin Cecily O'Neill Carl Clausen Peter Smith

Scriptwriter/Overall Director Production Director Production administrator (Act 1) (most of Act 2) (Act 3) (Act 5) Music Director Company Director Producer (Technical) Staging Director Electronics Director Lighting/power director Cathedral Lighting Scenic director

01962 877443 01794 388440

TECHNICAL TEAMS Lorna Browne Ken Liddell Doug Bennett Jim Webber Helene Bevan

01962 623727 01962 865432 01962 85302 01962 890722 0790 3824670 01962 840800 01962 868770 01794 388717 07769 727443 07791058089 07766005459

01962 867310 /07755014355


Matt Howson Heather Evans

Website Director Website updater Producer (Finance) Fund Raising Producer (Site & movement of people) Site Director Stewards & Security Director

Peter Russell

SITE MANAGEMENT Fred Randall Ray Cousins

01962 877334 01962 865689 01962 854454 01962 884244 (preferred)

Roland Burberry Laura Chase

Health & Safety Director Schools Team Director Producer (Discipleship resources & personnel) Prayer Director Prayer Directors Outreach Director Producer (Wardrobe) Wardrobe Director Wardrobe Director Wardrobe Director


01264 860553 Work: 01264382969 Mobile 07910800494 01962 854454 01962 857216 01962 866826 07866344535 01962 865061 01962 880406 01962 854454 07891310517 01962 620056 07961847465 01962 862826 07771788577

OUTREACH Helen Revans Geoff & Angela Vaine Peter Davey

WARDROBE Marjory Monro Llyn Parker Melanie Tibbitts


Public Liability Insurance    Ecclesiastical Insurance Policy Schedule     

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