Brownie Girl Scout Handbook


Be prepared.

Do a good turn daily.

I promise to do my best to love God and my country, to help other people every day, especially those at home.

Girl Scout Laws
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. A Girl Scout’s honor is to be trusted. A Girl Scout is loyal. A Girl Scout’s duty is to be useful and to help others. A Girl Scout is a friend to all and a sister to every other Girl Scout. A Girl Scout is courteous. A Girl Scout is a friend to animals. A Girl Scout obeys orders. A Girl Scout is cheerful. A Girl Scout is thrifty. A Girl Scout is clean in thought, word and deed.

The Brownie B’s
Brownie Girl Scouts join together to: Be Discoverers Be Ready Helpers Be Friend Makers

The Beanie Song
Words and music by Marilyn S. Dean I’m a Brownie in a beanie. ‘Neath the beanie is my face. My face has eyes to see with, My eyes see friends to be with, My friends will all agree with me That we Brownies always brighten up the place.

Brownie Greeting Sign
To make the Brownie greeting sign you hold up your first two fingers shoulder-high. The two fingers stand for the two parts of your Brownie Promise. Your thumb holds down the other fingers.

Brownie Handshake
You shake hands with your left hand and, at the same time, make the Brownie greeting sign with your right hand.

Magic Quiet Sign
This is a bit of magic used by all Girl Scout troops. When a Girl Scout leader has something important for everyone to hear, she does not have to blow a whistle or shout, “Quiet, please!” She just holds her right hand up high without saying a word. As soon as you see a leader’s hand go up, you raise your own hand — and stop whatever you are doing or saying. Soon every hand is up. A magic hush falls over the room, and everyone can hear the leader.

Brownie Ring
Round and round and round about, Take the hand of a Brownie Scout, Here we are in Brownie Ring, Ready for most anything!

Things to Use Outdoors
• • • • • • • • A sit-upon Bandana tricks Knots The jackknife First aid kit Seeing eyes and listening ears Dressing for the weather Your Brownie manners

Discover Fun with Lines, Shapes, and Colors
• • • • • • • Your own way of seeing and doing Painting Stamp printing with odds and ends More pictures from odds and ends Crayon magic Clay Weaving

Discover the Land of Let’s Pretend
• • • • Poems of let’s pretend Games of let’s pretend Playing a story Puppet shows

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