LDŴ180 Lat|ng D|sorder 1reatment Þrograms

by !asslyn 1urks

urŦ ueSarbo

urŦ !effrey ueSarboţ a Long lslandţ nŦ?Ŧ based 8oard CerLlfled ÞsychlaLrlsL and SpeclallsL ln LaLlng
ulsorder 1reaLmenL has developed a novel approach for Lhe LreaLmenL of eaLlng dlsorders uslng
evldenceŴbased medlclneţ LradlLlonal LherapeuLlc lnLervenLlonsţ and dldacLlc courses ln selfŴesLeem
bulldlngŦ LuŴ180 opened new offlces ln Carden ClLyţ nŦ?Ŧ Lo provlde paLlenLs wlLh a more lnLenslveţ
ouLpaLlenL LreaLmenL programs for moderaLe Lo severe cases of eaLlng dlsorders LhaL requlre a hlgher
level of care Lhan slmply once or Lwlce a week LherapyŦ

1here are several elemenLs LhaL make Lhe LuŴ180 ouLpaLlenL program unlqueť Lhe program ls
supervlsed by an onslLe physlclan/psychlaLrlsLţ Lhe program offers over 30 dlfferenL Lypes of LherapeuLlc
groupsţ course work and speclal acLlvlLlesŦ Meals are sLrucLured under Lhe LuŴ180 Mosalc Meal
8ehablllLaLlon Þrogram whlch reŴLralns cllenLs Lo feel comforLable when eaLlng ln a varleLy of slLuaLlons
lncludlng ln Lhe dlnlng roomţ aL a dellţ a resLauranLţ a buffeLţ and aL food courLsţ a feaLure noL found ln
oLher ouLpaLlenL programs and only a few selecL resldenLlal programsŦ

1he dldacLlc porLlon of Lhe program lnclude such classes as 1hrlvlng ln Chaosţ CreaLlng Papplness ln
Llfeţ Llvlng by a 8uckeL LlsLţ and A Mlndful Llfe amongsL oLhersŦ Croups and courses all come wlLh Lhelr
own LuŴ180 workbook whlch supporLs Lhe recovery processŦ 1he classes were all developed by urŦ
ueSarbo as he has long found success ln eaLlng dlsorder LreaLmenL when lncorporaLlng Lools LhaL
develop Lhe enLlre personť mlndţ body and soulŦ

ºCne of Lhe prlmary reason eaLlng dlsorder LreaLmenL falls ls because we focus Loo much on
LreaLmenL of Lhe eaLlng dlsorderŦ" urŦ ueSarbo belleves LhaL ln many cases a paLlenL goes Lo Lherapy
each week and ls elLher ºgrllled" abouL Lu behavlors or paralyzed ln Lherapy as weeks Lurn lnLo monLhs
and yearsŦ LuŴ180 courses are deslgned Lo bulld selfŴesLeem and creaLe a passlon and moLlvaLlon for
recovery and shorLen recovery LlmeŦ

As a psychlaLrlsLţ urŦ ueSarbo has Lralnlng ln a varleLy of Lherapy sLyles lncludlng psychodynamlcţ
C81ţ and exlsLenLlal LherapyŦ 1he LuŴ180 Lherapy groups and Mosalc Meal 8ehablllLaLlon program have
a foundaLlon ln LradlLlonal C81 whlle Lhe courses are based ln exlsLenLlallsmŦ ºAn exlsLenLlal approach
has cllenLs flndlng selfŴdlscovery Lo some very lmporLanL quesLlons ln llfe such as 'whaL ls Lhe purpose of
your llfe?'" sLaLes urŦ ueSarboŦ LxlsLenLlal lnfluences are apparenL LhroughouL Lhe offlces as ln Lhe
walLlng rooms where gold leLLers above Lhe flsh aquarlum readţ º1he essenLlals Lhlngs ln llfe are Lhlngs
Lhe eye cannoL seeŦ"

lor more lnformaLlon abouL LuŴ180 LaLlng ulsorder 1reaLmenL Þrograms you can go Lo wwwŦLuŴ

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