Radical Effects on Learning: Transforming Communities and Practice

Gordon Research Conference on Visualization in Science & Education - July 10-15, 2011
Pre-workshops (July 8-10) at Bryant University, Visionary Grants, & Community Building
PI: Liz Dorland, Washington U in St. Louis (dorland@wustl.edu) -- co-PI: Ghislain Deslongchamps, U of New Brunswick

Gordon Research Conference Format
1. Sunday 6 PM arrival - Friday AM departure 2. All-inclusive price with room & board 3. Small size, attendees stay on campus 4. Single track morning & evening sessions 5. Afternoons for informal discussions 6. 3 morning speakers - 2 evening speakers 7. Talks are invited Keynotes with discussion 8. Poster sessions open to all

Pre-Conference Workshops
1. Visualization tools and techniques 2. Evaluation methods for projects 3. Online collaboration tools

Stories of Extreme Collaboration
"One of the big boons of GRC are the conversations that sometimes lead to collaborations but more often lead to influences on research, sometimes dramatic influences." -- B. Tversky

Visionary Grant Awards
1. Form an interdisciplinary team 2. Submit a 2-page proposal on site 3. 3-5 awards per conference meeting 4. $6000 to seed broader collaboration 5. Submit report / share results

Multiple Visionary Grant awards

A standing ovation at the end of the conference. Sweet!

Felice Frankel's new book began as a GRC collaboration.

Barbara Tversky

Current NSF Funding
1. Pre-Conference workshop expenses 2. Speaker, grad student, & post-doc support 3. Visionary Grant awards 4. Disciplinary Ambassadors to conferences 5. Community Building and Networking 6. Collaborative report on lessons learned
Schultz, Steiff, Williamson & Heggarty & Ghislain have an NSF grant for molecular visualization. David Uttal

Drew Berry and Maneesh Agrawala win MacArthur Genius Awards Vickie Williamson Graham Johnson's images got our GRC onto the cover of Science 3 times in a row. Mary Heggarty David Rapp Mike Steiff David Geelan Mini-grant with Cooper & Song Peter Roy Art & Shaaron Film on diagrams by Nisselson, Nickerson, Chou, and Tversky.

Maneesh Agrawala

GRC 2011: tinyurl.com/grc-viz2011 GRC 2001- 09: tinyurl.com/grc-viz-history More: tinyrul.com/grc-speakers-workshops

Donna Cox

Drew Berry Squire mini-grant with Roman & Yip Margaret Honey Towns, Mahaffy, Martin and Steiff have an NSF grant Doug Clark for climate change Macknic & visualization. Martinez-Conde

New Life Sci Ed paper via mini-grant w/Jenkinson

Marianne Riis

Ric Lowe

2001 Workshop at NSF envisions an interdisciplinary visualization community

Gael McGil Kurt Squire Bang Wong Brian Martin

2011 Speaker Links & Workshop Info




Peter Atkins

Mary Schultz 4 Cog. Scientists get NSF grants after mini-grants with chemists

Larry Gonick


Shaaron Ainsworth

Chris Watters Roy Tasker Bryant University

Art Olson Shaaron Ainsworth Magdelen College

Mini-grant with Bang

Martin Storksdieck



Kathy Takayama

Lou Pingolet Bolko Flintger Queens - Oxford

Loretta Jones Mt. Holyoke

Mary Jane Schultz Anthony J. Rest Queens - Oxford

Peter Mahaffy George Lisensky Queens - Oxford

Liz Dorland Ghislain Deslongchamps Bryant University

Brian Martin Martin Storksdieck Bryant University ?

Bob Koolvord Katharina Scheiter

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