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This is the world’s best solution for fast and worry free housing. Simply the most versatile, cost effective residential building method yet devised. www.kuma-

Engineered to last
Special points of interest ordinary. Every home is pre-manufactured and pre assembled in our factory so you inside: inside: know it will come together on your land just the way you want, and 100% to your
• • • • • • • Factory pre-assembled 5 days to lock up No lifting equipment needed Low cost Highest quality construction Designed for all conditions 40% more insulation efficient than conventional brick and frame Flexibility in design Single storey and Loft layouts From 45 to 450 square metres Your choice of interior design Termite proof High fire rating Solid—rattle and squeak free Cyclone rating to 216 KPH
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Using our revolutionary system, Kuma Living Design homes are anything but

own specifications. With Kuma there is simply no margin for error, and no mystery, it will be precisely as you have requested.
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Speed and accuracy in construction Gentle site “footprint” No onsite cutting Eco friendly, recyclable components & construction methods All tools and detailed step by step instructions supplied for the DIY handyman

Mining communities DIY holiday homes Eco hamlets Schoolrooms

Indigenous housing Resorts Residential parks Granny flats

Retirement complexes Artists studio Your design Shops

• • • • • • • •

3 - 4 m a n a s s e m b l y t e a m - 5 d a ys t o l o c k u p
In just 5 days you will have your home complete to lock up stage. You can then install your pre-manufactured Kuma Living Design Internal walls, specialty fit-out, bathrooms, en-suites, wardrobes, kitchens, patios and laundry—all exactly the way you planned it. Our qualified architects will work with you to ensure the final design is just the way you envisaged. Wall and roof frames use our proprietary powder coated extruded aluminium system for ultra strong, ultra light corrosion proof construction.

Example designs
Typical cost ex factory
5 Bedroom home 2 bath, 2 ensuite, kitchen, laundry 4 Bedroom home 1 bath, 2 ensuite, kitchen, laundry 3 Bedroom home 2 bath, 1 ensuite, kitchen, laundry 2 Bedroom home 1 bath, 1 ensuite, kitchen, laundry $61,500 $89,000 $116,500 $171,000 $226,000 N/A $90,500 $117,500 $172,599 $227,000 N/A N/A $119,500 $174,000 $229,000 N/A N/A N/A $176,000 $230,500

45 sq. m 67.5 sq. m

90 sq. m

135 sq. m

180 sq. m

1 Bedroom home 1 bathroom, kitchenette, laundry Studio 1 bathroom, kitchenette Open Shell open shell Dormitory Bedrooms with ensuites Clinic 2 toilets, sink nook Shop 1 toilet, sink nook
















$58,750 2 bedrooms $56,500

$88,000 3 bedrooms $83,900

$117,500 4 bedrooms $111,250

$176,000 6 bedrooms $166,000

$235,000 8 bedrooms $221,000






Prices Shown are in AUD include GST – Bathroom, Ensuite, Kitchen and laundry fit out and Decks and floor covering supplied to your specific needs

90 sq. m Living area plus decks– with your choice of internal floor plans

Examples of floor plans

Versatility and Flexibility
Because the engineered strength in Kuma Living Design construction is all in the outer shell walls and roof, you have absolute freedom to design your own internal walls and layout in any way you desire Spacious open plan or maximum utilisation of the floor space, it is entirely up to you If you need to change in the future you can move, add or remove walls with ease Renovations and makeovers are as simple as calling us and we will design and quote The innovative alcove modules in

Kuma Living Designs means you
can readily plan wardrobes, nooks, entries, staircases, cupboards, storage and wet areas to meet your own imagination — the choice is yours Call us and our designers will plan and cost with 100% guaranteed accuracy your very own personal home design

Kuma Living Designs

Contacts: Mobile: +61 (0) 411 22 333 6 Email: Email: Office: 18 Emily Street Seymour VIC 3660 Website:

Structural Insulated Panel — What is it?
If you have special requirements call us: we can provide solutions for homes, factories and warehouses In fact, all manner of commercial and residential buildings
Mobile: +61 (0) 411 22 333 6 Email:

The concept of Structural Insulated Panels is not new. Beginning in the USA in the 40’s and originally using paper fibre as the core material, many thousands of fine houses were constructed and remain sought after properties today. With the development of permanent structural polyurethane foam core utilised without the need for harmful adhesives, today's SIP provides great strength and excellent thermal properties combined with ultra flat, accurate level surfaces inside and out. The external and internal cladding material is available in a full range of styles and finishes. However, the real benefits for SIP comes alive when it is used in conjunction with our uniquely designed beams, frames and trusses. Lightweight and exceptionally strong they provide a fully sealed, weatherproof wall and roof home that is simply unsurpassed for strength, durability, fit and finish.

Unique Panel Cam Lock System

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