Steel & Industrial Forgings Limited(SIFL) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified, Public Sector Undertaking fully owned by Government of Kerala. Steel and Industrial Forgings(SIFL) Athani, Thrissur was incorporated (June 1983) and started commercial production in 1986 as a subsidiary of Steel Industries Kerala Ltd. (SILK) with the object of production and marketing of industrial forgings at an installed capacity of 7950 MT per annum and an assessed capacity of 5340 MT per annum. The entire equity of the holding company (SILOK) was transferred (Jan2008) to Government of Kerala. The company is under the administrative control of Industries Department, Government of Kerala. The company is presently manufacturing forgings for sectors like steel, Engineering, Railways, Earth moving equipments, Ammunition depots. The major customers of the company are Indian Railways, BHEL, BEML, HAL, Ordnance Factories, VSSC, ISRO and some private parties. The company was able to turnaround itself from a BIFR referred Company to a consistent profit making Company with an impressive volume of growth., indicating the acceptability of Company’s product range among varied customers base. This is an count of its core competence and reliability in the field of forgings. The company has expanded its activities to aluminum forging for catering to orders from ISRO projects and has installed machinery for aluminum forging using the interest free financial assistance from Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC). The company has already set up a machining unit at Shornur, at the leased out land owned by Metal Industries Ltd with a capital outlay of Rs.12 crore.

Capital Structure
The authorized capital of the company as on 31-3-1011 was Rs.20 crore and the subscribed and paid up capital of was Rs. 15.93 crore.

Organization Structure
The overall control of the company exercised by the Board Of Directors appointed by Government of Kerala and the executive function are vested with the Managing Director. The

03.Babu Abraham Shri. as on March 2011 against the sanctioned strength of 471 nos.Shamsuddin CDR.Radhakrishnan : : : : : : Chairman Managing Director Director Director Director Director EXECUTIVES WORKMEN TOTAL EMPLOYEES : : : Technical. In lakh) . Chartered Accountants. Main Branch.) K. Thrissur Working Results The working result of the company for the three years ending on 31.A. Thrissure.(Retd.)P.M.S.Non Technical & Administrative(65 nos) Skilled(178 nos).(Retd.Suresh Sri.Unskilled(36 nos) 280 Bankers & Auditors Banker : State Bank of Travancore. Thrissur.2011 are given below: (Rs. Registered Office & Works Athani. Board Of Directors CDR. Xavier Chittilapilli Shri. Auditor : M/ has employee strength of 312 nos. Abraham & Jose.Sivarajan Shri.

43 5013. our strength and prime aim is strict adherence to quality standards. wages and allowance Others expenses Total 3 Operating profit Less : Financial charges Depreciation Exceptional/prior items(income) 4 Profit before tax 881.57 988. Our policy is to always attain and wherever possible exceed the standards expected by our valued customers.44 3063.02 1328.51 295.12 278.77 inventory) Total 2 Expenditure Raw material consumed Manufacturing expenses Salaries.98 5388.39 407.06 701.Sl.09 77.38 50.98 4636.92 The profit before tax has decreased to Rs.53 6377. .31 - 908.33 1464.92 836.76 703.37 period 13.58 38.01 2474.03 73. At SIFL.91 5880.68 - 40. The decrease in profit due to lesser quantity of manufacture and sales of highly remunerative jobs like Titanium forgings.86 91.34 43.38 Stock adjustments (Increase in 381.704lakh in 2010-2011 from rs.33 6033.908 lakh in 2009-2010.20 6072.39 820.68 1059.22 1440.56 5473.00 262. No 1 Particulars Income Sales & other Income 2008-09 2009-2010 2010-2011 5985. QUALITY STANDARDS An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. we believe that our success depends entirely on delivering the quality customer demands.47 2053. This is achieved by continuous improvement programme in process discipline.61 856.

manufacturing methods and Quality Systems. Untiring efforts of two decades has saddled SIFL firmly in the Indian Forging Industry Scenario and abroad with best ratings for its products and services. a number of complicated and high precision forgings out of Titanium for Indian Navy for their classified project are now supplied by SIFL . Forgings with exquisite designs and shapes. In fact. .. Many of them are international names who manufacture Commercial and Agricultural vehicles and Earth Moving equipments. SIFL's technological knowhow and quality standards are manifested best in its contribution to our Nation's Space Research and Aero Space industries. Our success is in regular interactions with National Laboratories. flawless forms and contours. SIFL's most notable achievement is in successfully catering to the stringent quality standards of Defense and Space Research establishments in India and establishing import substitution for customers like Bharath Heavy Electricals Limited. THEIR TEAM They had a team of experienced professionals and workforce committed to quality and timely delivery. The support from prestigious public and private sector together with guidance from Government of Kerala makes us one among the best performing State Public Sector Units in Kerala THEIR CLIENTELE SIFL's blue-chip clientele speaks volumes for the quality of the forgings. yet another testimony to our expertise. broad bands and spectra of metals including Titanium and Aluminium. premier forging institutes and of course long term association with our prestigious customers. Indian Space Research Organization and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.. SIFL has received the coveted SIATI award for Excellence in Aerospace indigenization. all in wide range of weights and unmatched quality have made SIFL the most sought after Forging company in the country for critical components. Larsen & Toubro.

And. MANUFACTURING Main production machinery of SIFL comprise closed die forging hammers of 10 Ton(16000 ft. in meeting the entire range of forging requirements. SIFL has developed and trained various units in and around to do machining jobs suiting to our quality standards. Pneumatic trimming press of 1000Ton and 500Ton capacity. Alloy steels. fortified by such performance. Aluminium alloys. Other supporting facilities include shot blasting machines. Stainless steels. Billet shearing machines and a number of oil fired and electric furnaces for soaking as part of forging process. our products are now poised for a big entry into the international arena. FUTURE VISION Having established reputation for making quality forgings in the domestic These units. Maraging and 6Ton(10650 ft. There is a modern heat treatment plant equipped with number of furnaces both LDO fired and electrically heated and a charging machine which takes care of loading and unloading of heat treatment charges. as a means to supplement the capacity. SIFL now aims at exports with a new technology base of computerized die designs. Hydraulic trimming press of 1200Ton capacity. form an effective backup for SIFL.SUPPORTING UNITS Though SIFL is fully equipped with post forging facilities. SIFL is launching a major thrust into the world market. They manufacture closed die forgings in the weight range of 5 kg to 450 kg and open die forgings within 1kg to 75kg net weight per piece and ring rolling upto 650mmOD. The company has got the capability to manufacture forgings out of Carbon steels. therefore. Inconel (Su 718)etc . Our annual capacity is around 7500 Metric Tons. Open die forgings requirements are met with a 1Ton clear space hammer. Titanium alloys.

capable of producing forgings with close dimensional tolerances FORGING & HEAT TREATMENT FACILITIES The billets for forging are heated in oil fired or electric furnaces. SIFL is able to maintain greater control over heat treating process. CNC Die Sinking Machine. By providing heat treatment services in-house. To keep pace with hi-tech developments. hardening. of course. At SIFL. And the decision on the type of die to be used..DIE DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT SIFL's design & engineering capabilities are ably backed by a well equipped Die Shop. to carry out annealing. In addition. Electrical Die Sinking Machine.All these qualities have helped SIFL grow quickly into a premier forging unit. CNC Turning Centre. Close temperature control and process monitoring with the help of temperature recorders ensures uniform properties duly supported by evaluation of metallurgical properties through representative test pieces. Radial Drilling machines. set up along modern lines with Double Spindle Copy Milling Machines. tempering. Heavy Duty Plano miller. The design and development of the die holds the key to blemish-free forgings. Lathes. The care that goes into the design of each die. The facility comprise batch furnaces both oil fired & electrical. etc. To facilitate uninterrupted operations. thereby minimizing the development cycle time . we design both single-impression and multi-impression dies. SIFL has equipped itself with CAD. also goes into the selection of raw materials and the sequence of operation that follows. iso-thermal annealing. SIFL is equipped with standby Power Generators. The design. Tool & cutter grinders. Die & Tool design etc.CAM facilities like DELCAM for three dimensional modeling of Product. closely controlling the temperature to reduce the scale formation and overheating so that the metallurgical properties are ensured in the final product. solution treatment etc. normalizing. . continuous electrical heating furnaces. is based on the specific requirement of each case. in-process inspection is carried out at all stages and 100% inspection for visual defects after forging. is related to the forging drawings. The accepted forgings are duly heat treated to ensure its mechanical properties. solution treatment etc or other operations as specified by our customer.

Facilities certified by premier inspection agencies viz: IBR. Evaluated by the Central Boilers Board and has been granted recognition as a "Well Known Forge". Best vendor award from BEML. SIFL has set up a system of total quality control consisting of an array of state-of-the-art specialty equipments where your products go through a series of rigorous tests.Certifications/Approval. Ministry of Defense. Assessed and approved by NQA Quality Systems Registrar against the quality assurance system standards ISO-9001:2008 for manufacture and supply of forgings. carbon-sulphur determination. Engineers India Ltd. Magnaflux crack detection. Setting and control of quality standards at all stages right from the receipt of raw material to the finished product through quality plan makes us deliver superior quality forgings with close dimensional tolerances and metallurgical properties. Indian Registry of shipping . They are now equiped with a new digital ultrasonic flaw detector which has got a range of 5mm to 5m in steel. wet analysis. Microscope. ISRO. jominy and impact testing.CUSAT etc.TESTING/INSPECTION FACILITIES Surface conditioning is done by shot blasting/grinding and final inspection is carried out once again to ensure quality requirements. Ultrasonic flaw detection etc. Non-conformities are taken care of by timely corrective and preventive action. SIATI 2003 Award for excellence in Aerospace indigenisaiton. Calibration of electrical furnaces of SIFL are done by NABL accredited laboratories like HAL. Govt.STIC. the destructive test including tensile. insitu metallography(where microstructure can be observed without destroying the job) and nondestructive tests using Spectrometer. RDSO. Die Penetrant.DGAQA. QUALITY STANDARDS RECOGNITION OF OUR QUALITY SYSTEMS Certification from DGQA. . of India.

they are aiming further to improve and attain a total quality culture. Their objectives include inculcating quality and cost consciousness among employees. These prime manufacturers have been approved as vendors based on the evaluation of their capability and quality systems. This is achieved by continuous improvement programme in process discipline.2006 . manufacturing methods and Quality Systems. establishing Quality Management System and ensuring compliance by all and customer satisfaction. As envisaged in our Quality Policy. the raw material required for any forgings are bought only from prime manufacturers in the country viz SAIL. 2009-2010 An ISO 9001:2008 certified organization. premier forging institutes and of course. QUALITY OF INPUTS At SIFL. 2008-2009. they believe that our success depends entirely on delivering quality products to customer. . VISL. they put into practice the theme of standing committed to the complete satisfaction of customer needs of good quality forgings competitively priced and delivered on time.Kerala's Best PSU Award Winner . Their policy is always to attain and wherever possible exceed the standards expected by our valued customers. MUSCO etc. Special Award for notable achievement in Enterprise Performance. They achieve this through continuous improvement of quality and efficiency of our work at all functions and levels adhering to a firmly established Quality Management system. Their strength and prime aim is strict adherence to quality standards. 2007. long term association with their prestigious customers.2008.2007. At SIFL. After establishing the Quality System to ISO requirements and achieving the goal of recertification to the revised standards of ISO 9001:2008 within a short time span. Their success is in regular interactions with National Laboratories.

Heavy Engineering sector. Defense sector. Thermal Power Stations. Strict implementation of established processes. The latest of which involves the supply for project CHANDRAYAN by ISRO. Germany. and Automobile sector. Agriculture sector. SIFL's ISO 9001:2008 quality system covers the whole ground Acceptance plan and testing of 100% raw material supplies.. to meet the requirements of Oil Field Equipment manufacturers. which itself asserts that at SIFL. Choke Bodies etc. in Carbon and Alloy steel material. measuring equipments. The company has made significant contribution in Aerospace/Aeronautical sector by way of developing complex forgings for various Aero engines. Refineries.All their die blocks are imported from the prime die manufacturers viz M/s EDELSTAHLWERKE BUDERUS A.G. Earth Moving sector. IRS and other inspection agencies. and thermal control PRODUCTS SIFL's critical forgings are supplied to various sectors like Aerospace sector. Railway sector. Calibration and maintenance of testing. EIL. SIFL is equipped to manufacture high pressure application forgings like Gate/ Valve Bodies. Corrective and preventive actions are implemented promptly for minimizing defects to a zero level. Setting and control of quality standards for forging as per quality plan. Continuous vendor evaluation. . Maintenance of high vendor rating with customers. In-depth testing and research. In fact. we do not compromise on QUALITY. based on specific customer requirements. Petro-Chemical Industries and Nuclear Plants.. Certification of facilities by IBR. Constant and continuous consultation with customers and suppliers on all technical aspects.

15CDV6 Forgings Steering Knuckles Carrier HEAVY ENGINEERING SECTOR 12. 8. Steering Knuckles. Trivandrum LPSC. 15. 11. Trichy Vehicle Factory. IISU. Gears. Axle Arms. Hydraulic & Power Divn. Stub Axle. Rail Coach Divn. etc. BEML. Madras Mahindra & Mahindra TELCO. 13. Diffcages. BEML. BEML.Indonesia. Heavy vehicles Factory. Truck Divn. Spring Seats Hubs. Lower. 3. Jabalpur Flange Front LH & RH Cold Swaging Blank RAFD Houlings. List of Major Customers and Products SL. BEML. 14. Earth Mover Divn. 6. Forgings are also being exported to countries like USA. HAL. 4. Avadi Ordinance Factory. Ltd.NO CUSTOMERS PRODUCTS AIRCRAFT & SPACE SECTOR 1. .Malaysia and Middle East. Ashok Leyland. 7. Trivandrum VSSC. Pune VST Tillers & Tractors DEFENCE SECTOR 9. Hubs Crank Shafts Crown Wheel. Trivandrum AUTOMOBILESECTOR 5. Hubs. Bangalore Titanium Alloy steel & Nickel Alloy Forgings 2. Guide. Crank Shafts Crank Shafts B51-S Alluminium Alloy Forgings Alluminium Forgings Alluminium Forgings.So far the company fast developed about 800 different types of forgings and the development of new components are continued. 10. Shafts Bevel Gears etc.

Tata Iron & Steel Company Ltd. Coimbatore Hindustan Motors. 21. Steel Authority of India Ltd. Chocke Bodies Crank Shafts. Flanges Fly Wheels. Bangalore Gears. Diesel Locomotive Works. 16. 2. Flanges Crank Shafts Yoke . Misra Dhatu Samskar Nigam Ltd. Diesel Component Works. 22. Pune KSB Pumps. 6. Sleeve Yoke. Hosur Kirloskar Pneamatic Company. Super Forgings & Steel Ltd. Southern Railway Main Gearing Caps Rods. Main Bearing Caps. Con Rods Stub Yoke. Body Various Tooths. 18. Coimbatore L & T Komotsu Ltd. Visweswaraya Iron & Steel Ltd. Patiala Connecting Gears 24. 17. Main Bearing Caps. (SAIL) 4. BHEL. Rods. 20. Sprocket Hubs. TRichy Elgi Equipments. Major Raw Material Suppliers 1.15. 5. 19. Varanasi Connecting Gears. Bhopal BHEL. Motor Housing RAILWAYS 23. 3. Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. Tiruvallur Hindustan Motors. Hubs 25. Pinions Valve Bodies. (VISL) .