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EZCALC- polish calculator for pocket pc and pc

EZcalc is an advanced calculator, quick, friendly useful and most necessary in

the diamond industry, which can help you calculate the value of a diamond by
(entering the required parameters (cut, carat, color, clarity
This calculator is very easy and quick and does not require former

:With EZcalc you may have a several options

- Calculation the value of a diamond by entering required parameters

- Estimation a deal and production of a full report of the stones.
- Calculating the cost of polished stones or an option to save two
different results for calculation of profit or loss (M+)
- Calculating percentage from the list price by carat price or total
price of the stone.
- Production of a full report for all kinds of reports
(parches/sales,cashet,memo,and more…
- An option to produce save and print all kind of reports
- Production of a statistics report by professional sorting analyzer
- Update list price from the internet by one click
- An option to export reports to all formats.

Important notes

- EZcalc doesn't come with any Rapaport list or data.

- In order to update the list price you have to own a user name and
password in Rapaport.
- You will be able to use the software for 7 days trial
- EZcalc can be installed on PC’S and POCKET PC.

This 10 parts will help you get to know the calculator and all
advanced features

The calculator screen – fast calculation

Entering stones to the REPORT SCREEN
Statistics screen
Stone improvement – profit / loss using REC button
Using M+ button
List price by carat price or total
Printing and exporting to files
Update price list from the internet
Purchase the application and registration

1. The calculator screen – fast calulation

Chose cut, color and clarity
Enter weight
Press -+ button in order to choose the percentage discount from the list.
On the right hand side the weight, list price, price per carat and the total
value will appear.

2. Entering stones to the REPORT SCREEN

You may save a large number of stones (a deal) to the report screen.
When you get the results of the stone press ADD STONE and the stone
will be added to the report screen.
You may also give a number to every stone you have entered.
After you entered the stones, go to the REPORT SCREEN by clicking
REPORT you will see all the stones that you saved and the total value of
the deal + average carat price + average list price + total weight of the
If you made a mistake you can correct it by clicking on the stones on the
REPORT SCREEN by long click on the POCKET PC or right click on the
pc version. Than you will have an option: REMOVE or UPDATE. That way
you can either update or delete data.
On the REPORT SCREEN on the left side you will see all the marked
stones, if you don’t want to calculate all the marked stones, please remove
the marking from the specific stones.

There are 4 buttons:

SAVE - for saving the parameters of the deal.

OPEN – to open saved report file
PRINT – printing reports
RESET – deletion of all the stones and making a new deal.

3.Statistics screen

By clicking that screen you may see a statistic graph of your calculated
package deal which can help you test and analyze.

4.Stone improvement – profit / loss using REC button

To calculate profitability of a recuting option please enter the parameters

of the stone: shape, color, clarity, weight and discount from the list
then click REC button and enter the new weight after the repair,
then reprise the stone with all the new parameters
, on the right side you will see the results:
M+ = total value before repair
T.B. = total value after repair
DIFF= profit / loss Comparison to the two of the options
COST= stone cost by new list after repair due to the stone before repair.

5.Using M+ button
By clicking M+ the weight doesn’t change which enables you to compare
between two different results of different calculations with the same weight
(same as REC). by price per carat or total

In order to make a reversal action:

A. Discount result by price per carat - > click on PPC area – you will have
an option to type the price manually and you will see the result of the
discount from the list
B. Discount by total price - > click TOTAL- you can enter total price
manually and you will get the discount from the list. of half percentage

By the -+ buttons you will have a button with the number 1. if you want to
change the percents to half – click # 1 and it will change, another click will
return it to default.

8.Printing and exporting to files

In order to print or export files you should enter to the REPORT SCREEN,
than click print, now chose the kind of the report (invoice, memo est.) on
the toolbar click print
If you click on the envelope sign you will have the option to export the
report to: excel, word, acrobat and more.

9.Update price list from the internet

Please enter the CONFIGURATION SCREEN (Tools – configuration) type

username. and Pass. (rapaport membership)
Click O.K.
Click Tools update list
Click update
In a few seconds your price list will be updated

10.Purchase the application and registration

After installing the application a window will open with a registration code.
If you haven’t purchase the application click TRY – it will give you 7 days
trial (round only).
When you decide to purchase you may purchase the license through the
To finish the process please send the code through the e- mail and you will
get a number which you have to type in the right place.
For your convenience the REGISTRATION SCREEN is under HELP.
An unregistered version will work partial time and will expire after 7 days.
Every license is for one computer.