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Edwin Ebreo
ExeQserve Corporation 2108, 88 Corporate Center, Sedeno St. Makati City 8933199 * ecebreo@exeQserve.com 9/26/2010


Provide consulting services to help client: 1. Identify the most important human resource management and development needs; 2. Develop a strategic Human Resource management and development plan; and 3. Assist in the implementation of a suitable human resource management and development program

This is to formally offer the Services of ExeQserve as your company’s partner in helping your HR Department succeed as an organizational strategic partner. As the demand for HR Department to play a more active role in aligning employees with organizational directions and strategies become more critical, the need for a stronger, more capable HR leadership becomes even more apparent. At present, The HR Department recognizes that it needs help in developing a program that will help create the right working environment for people to stay, grow and contribute to organizational effectiveness. As a representative of ExeQserve, Corporation, I offer my services as a coach/consultant in helping the HR team succeed in their roles. My 15 years of experience as an HR practitioner, my training and exposure in coaching and consulting will be of much use in this endeavor. Through regular consultation and technology transfer I can assist your HRD establish a holistic HR strategy that is aligned with the organization’s direction and carry out implementation plans that will bring in the desired results. From a technology transfer perspective, I can assist in developing the following: • An HR Strategy Plan • An HR system that integrates all subsystems such as recruitment, training, performance management, career and succession planning, rewards and recognition, employee engagement, compensation and benefits • Establish strong partnership between line and HR so that line managers can get the most help in managing their people. • Develop all the necessary tools to make all these possible. From a coaching perspective, I can help the HR Staff; • Build more confidence in their abilities by removing blockages that stop them from engaging in more progressive HR management activities; • Help them develop skills in communicating upward to top management, downward to the employees and sideward with their peers.


Assist them in identifying and addressing personal areas for improvement so that they can take on their roles more effectively.

If we succeed in carrying out all the aforementioned activities, it will impact on the organization in the following areas: 1. Attracting the right talents (recruitment and placement); 2. Developing employees’ capacity to perform (human resource development); 3. Aligning employee performance with organizational goals (employee performance management); 4. Preparing employees for bigger responsibilities and develop bench for succession (Career and succession planning) 5. Increasing employee engagement (Employee relations/engagement activities) 6. Improving employee retention (Through compensation & Benefits rationalization and other strategies); 7. Ensuring compliance with company policies and directions (Policy administration); and 8. Equipping managers to assume responsibility over implemented HR management and development programs. We have the experience and tools to carry out all attendant actions related to aforementioned objectives.



Recruitment and Placement
Human Resource Development

HR Audit

HR Policy Administration

HR Strategy Planning
Employee Engagement

Integrated System
Performance Management

HR Strategy Implementation

Compensation and Benefits

Career and Succession Planning

We propose to establish an integrated HR Strategy that connects all HR subsystems that aligns with the organization’s objectives and link them to each other. The following paragraphs explain how this will be achieved. HR Audit We shall conduct a thorough audit of the company’s HR management-related documents, records and activities to determine the company’s current progress in managing its human resources. We will see if there’s alignment with organizational goals and if there are gaps that need to be filled. A report detailing our findings will be submitted to management together with our recommendations. HR Strategy Planning We shall help develop an HR plan that aims to align all HR actions with the company’s goals. The plan will take into consideration all the findings and recommendations from the HR Audit report. The Scope of the strategic HR plan will include: 1. Recruitment and Placement (Estimated time frame: 1 month) – Development of tools for ; a. identification of needed talents; b. Internal and external recruitment and placement strategies;


c. sourcing strategies; d. Screening and interviewing mechanism; e. Employee induction and on boarding activities 2. Human Resource Development (Estimated time frame: 1 ½ month) –Development of strategies that will identify and address training needs both from the perspective of human resource and organization development. The strategies should also include follow through and application of learning in the workplace. This strategy should include; a. Training needs analysis b. Training and development plans c. Follow through tactics to ensure application of learning 3. Employee Performance Management (Estimated time frame: 6 months to 1 year) Development of a system for: a. Setting performance goals; b. Monitoring performance; c. Developing employees capacity to perform through training and coaching; d. Appraising performance on a regular basis; and e. Rewarding and recognizing good performance 4. Career and Succession planning (Estimated time frame: 2 months) – Development of policies and tools for preparing employees to take on higher responsibilities and to build a deep bench for succession planning. This should incorporate; a. Internal placement policies b. Screening tools c. Human resource development d. Performance management e. Compensation and benefits management 5. Compensation and Benefits (Estimated time frame: 3 months) – Development of a compensation and benefits administration plan that is designed to attract and retain high performing talents. This program should consider the following: a. The company’s compensation philosophy b. Industry practices c. Performance based incentive schemes and rewards programs d. Value-based rewards and recognition


6. Employee Relations/Engagement Program(Estimated time frame: 1 month) – Establishing a set of strategies to build a stronger sense of community among members of the organization. This typically include: a. Traditional company activities such as Christmas parties, outings, sports fest b. Nontraditional activities like involvement of employees in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and other company events designed to enhance cohesiveness among members of the organization c. HR Communication strategies designed to draw employee opinions and respond to the employees need for important information. 7. HR Policy Administration (Estimated time frame: 2 months) – Updating of the company’s existing policies to establish bases for the aforementioned programs and to strengthen compliance with desired performance and behaviors from employees. Final Implementation plan with corresponding time estimates shall be established after the creation of the plan. Please note that the pace of development will depend on the availability of the participants and the speed by which they respond to the needs of development.

Strategic HR Plan Implementation
ExeQserve Consultant shall help the managers facilitate the steady development of needed documents, tools and activities to achieve the strategic HR plan. Outputs of this stage should include: 1. Needed policies and forms 2. Facilitation of the necessary training/briefing 3. Change management

Client shall take responsibility for:  Provision of documentation and information as required  Ensure Timely Submission of deliverables.  Provision of work area and equipment of consultants as needed  Ensure attendance of identified employees for briefing sessions and meetings ExeQserve Consultants shall take responsibility for:     Serve as a consultant/coach in helping HRD Managers develop the necessary HR plans and initiatives. Ensure correctness of data gathering methods and approaches Ensure Timely Submission of deliverables. Review overall impact of new processes to be introduced into the system.


 

Conduct coordination and follow through meetings to ensure proper implementation of initiatives and action plans. (at least once every week. Ensure security and safety of confidential information and trade secrets


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