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Listeners in Jmeter Day 1

Save Response to File This listener is used to save response which is coming from server to a file. Here we can define prefix of file name and we can set so that suffix of file name will automatically generate. In this case a folder will create which will have all response file coming from server. It can be mainly used when we want to check whether we are getting correct response from sever everytimg.

Simple Data Writer This Listener is used to create XML(JTL) or CSV file having response coming from server. Here we have a configuration button in which we can set what are the response which we want to save coming from server.

View Result Tree Listener This listener shows all the requests which are going to server in tree format, we can set xml of each request and response as well. Assertion Listener Assertion listener is mainly used to view results of assertions. It display assertion name along with data shows why assertion have been failed.

Day 2 Aggregate Report It is a matrix having rows and column, it shows each row for each separate request

Created on basis of response we are getting from server. Label: shows label of the request. # Samples : Shows how many requests of same sample is send. Average : Average time taken by rwequest. Minimum: Minimum time taken by each quest. Median: It shows median of request. Error % Throughput : Request/ Seconds KB/ sec : Throughput in the form of data. 90% Line. : 90% of the samples took no more than this time

Summary Graph : It is similar to Aggregate graph, but is take less memory than aggregate response. 2 more extra fields we have here other than aggregate report. 1 Std Deviation 2 Avg Bytes : Avg size of sample response coming from server in form of bytes. Aggregate Graph It is similar to Aggregate report, but here we can generate a bar graph which can be saved in .PNG format. By default it generate graph in 450X250 pixel format. View Result in Table Display each sample in a row like view result tree, it takes lot of memory

It display data for each sample, if a sample is loop for multiple time it will display its result in separate rows, no avg, no min-max etc is calculated. It display Sample time(time taken by reuest), Bytes( response in bytes which we are getting)

Day 3 Graph Result Graph Result display graph in which time taken by each sample is placed by a single dot. Here we can see multiple graph on basis of Avg Time Taken, Median, Deviation, Throughput etc. Graph Full Result Spline Visualiser It gives a view of all sample time from the start to end and then connected them to create a spline. Mailer Visualizer It is used to configured mail if too many results have been failed.

Compare Assertion Visualizer It display result of any compare assertion