readme metakodix stealth keylogger version 1.2 contents: --------1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

introduction system requirements installation uninstallation purchasing registration contact information

1. introduction: ---------------thank you for using metakodix stealth keylogger, a powerful logging utility that discreetly records all keystrokes typed on your computer to an encrypted log file for later view. in addition, the program records: * all window activity (caption and time stamp), * all clipboard activity (pasted text), * all visited web sites. it is easy-to-use and invisible to all operating systems (windows� 98/me and windows� nt4/2000/xp process list as well). the professional version of the program also has some additional features: * log report via email. 2. system requirements: ----------------------to install and run metakodix stealth keylogger, your system must meet the following requirements: * * * * * windows� 98/me/nt4/2000/xp, pentium 100 mhz or higher processor, minimum 16 mb (ram), at least 2 mb of available hard disk space, web-browser to launch web pages.

3. installation: ---------------to install metakodix stealth keylogger, do the following steps: * run the installation file. * follow the prompts. the successfully installed program must contain the following files: * msk.exe - keylogger program

* readme.txt - document you are reading now * license.txt - license agreement/warranty disclaimer * uninstall.bat - uninstall script please read the license.txt before using this software! 4. uninstallation: -----------------to uninstall metakodix stealth keylogger, do the following steps: * run the keylogger program. * click the 'uninstall' button in settings/general dialog tab. * follow the prompts. - or * run the 'uninstall.bat'. 5. purchasing: -------------you may use this software for evaluation purposes without any charge for a period of ten (10) days. after you have fully evaluated the software, you are expected to either register this software to obtain a non-limited version, or remove it from your computer. you can register your copy of metakodix stealth keylogger here: * - or (for professional version) * what registering will get you: * a registration serial number (sent by email), which will remove the limitations of the evaluation version, * free upgrades for one year, * free technical support via email. 6. registration: ---------------in order to ensure you get the best support, you should register your copy of metakodix stealth keylogger as soon as possible after installing it. to do this go to settings/about dialog tab and then click on 'register' button and enter your user name and serial number exactly as it appears in the email you received at the time you purchased your license. 7. contact information: -----------------------

please check the web site for news and product updates: * * * * e-mail (general): e-mail (support): web site (company): web site (product):

feel free to contact us to get support, report bugs or give suggestions. if you have detected a problem, it is possible that it has already been found and the corrected version has been made available. make sure you have the latest version of the program. copyright � 2004-2006 metakodix ltd. all rights reserved.

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