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Choose and do one part that suits you:

1. EASY (Part 1)
I. Vocabulary:

Write the opposite of the following words:

1. Inside
2. Awake
3. Hard
4. High
5. Long
6. Dark
7. Big
8. Late
9. Happy
10. Before
II. Write the correct form of the verb in parentheses:

1. The sun always (rise) in the east

2. We often (come) to school by bus
3. The doorbell (ring) now
4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (build) a new house on Second Avenue.
5. We (have) English lesson three times a week.
III. Preposition in the blank at the right writes the preposition which is needed to
complete the meaning of the sentence:

1. They live …. Washington Avenue.

2. We arrived …. Miami at exactly six o’clock.
3. He listens…. the radio every night
4. We stayed…. home last night and watched V.
5. We waited for you…. an hour.
6. What are you going to do … the weekend.
2. MEDIUM (Part 2)

I. Vocabulary.

1. What is the superlative form of the adjective bad?

2. The opposite of deny
3. To kid someone is to (treat him like a child, make fun with him, beat him).
4. If someone goes somewhere for good he goes there (on a vacation, for his health,
for a change, permanently)
5. Which one of the following verb is a regular verb (see, take, swim, come, count)?
6. Which of these words is a synonym for refuse (deny, blame, punish).
7. What is the plural form of mouse?
8. Quaint means (unusual, worried, attractive)
9. What is the corresponding noun form of the verb obey
10.For a while mean (for a change, for a long time, for a short time forever).

II. Write the correct form of the verbs in parentheses:

1. While the boy was ice skating, he (slip) on the thin ice and fall into the deep water.
2. Before her operation last month, Mrs. Lane (dream) of her daughter who live
3. We wish today (be) sunny so that we could spend the day in the open air.
4. He (visit) California three times.
5. I (use) to eating bacon and eggs every morning.
6. How long you (wait) for her?

III. Preposition in the blank at the right writes the preposition which is needed to
complete the meaning of the sentence:

1. The boys in the class like to play tricks … John.

2. I think that he has fallen … love with Helen.
3. It took me several weeks to get rid … my cold.
4. John insisted … helping me with my homework.
5. You must look … all the new words in your dictionary.
6. I’ll pick you … 7 o’clock
3. HARD (Part 3)

I. Vocabulary

1. A person who can’t speak is …?

2. A synonym of sweetheart is …?
3. Stop functioning (vehicle, machine)…
4. Take off means…
5. An instrument for measuring temperature called….
6. To talk over sometime is to…
7. To put up with someone/something is to…
8. In vain means….
9. Children who have no parents are called…
10. In which of the following words in the final letter pronounced like: takes, puts,
bakes, comes, laughs?
II, Toeic Practice (with file)

III. Toeic Practice (with file)