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English 11R Mrs.

Wade Fall, 2011


IMAGERY, WRITING & ANALYSIS The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Part One: Art & Imagery-A Slideshow For this part of the assignment, you will choose a piece of landscape art and attempt to recapture what you see through your words. You will accomplish this by mimicking Fitzgeralds writing style; you will practice writing with imagery and figurative language. Step One: Open a new file in Smart Notebook. SAVE FILE AS: ________________________________________________ Step Two: Type in landscape art in the search engine and spend some time browsing the images. The style of art (abstract, realism, modern, etc.) is entirely up to you. Once you make your selection, drag the image into the first slide in Smart Notebook. Step Three: You will be making 3 slides. Each slide will contain a clone of the image itself. The first and third slides will simply show the image. The second slide is where you will write your text. TEXT: Write 1-2 lines about the piece of art. Assume that you are observing the scene and attempting to recreate it through words, just as the narrator, Nick Carraway, does is The Great Gatsby. Example of imagery writing from the book: In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars. (39) Definition of Imagery:

Your sentence(s) must appeal to the senses of your reader; figurative language such as simile and metaphor should also be used to enhance your painting of words. Your goal is to enable your reader to see your image through the words you carefully choose to describe it. Wiki Sign-In____________________________ Wiki Password _____________________________________

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Part Two: Paragraph Response

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Chapters 1-4 Focus on imagery and/or figurative language. Using specific details from within chapters 1-4, in a well-developed paragraph, show how the author uses the literary techniques listed above to develop his ideas. In your paragraph, be sure to: Include a concise topic sentence that tells your reader what you will be focusing on in the paragraph. Provide 2-3 examples (direct quotes) from the text to support your ideas. Write the page number after your quote. (See other side of these sheet for an example of how to format and cite your quote.) Thoroughly explain how your examples support your topic sentence and show how the author is using that particular literary technique to develop his ideas. Write approximately 10 sentences. PROOFREAD YOUR WORK FOR CLARITY, GRAMMAR, and PUNCTUATION! This paragraph must be typed, 12-font, and double-spaced.

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