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Content • Introduction • Company profile • Company growth • Retail start up • Export scenario • Entry in foreign retail market • Future plan in retail • Supply chain • Award & recognition • Location • Product list • Product range • Character licensing rights • Price range • Size • Fabric materials • Consumer profile • Trims &findings • Fabric materials • Reference .

. become Narula’s expertise.1 lakh which came from his own savings and as a loan from his father. Booking shops in upcoming malls over the country. As most orders had been from companies retailing in kidswear .2010-11.INTRODUCTION Lilliput could well be a misnomer. with over 4000 state of the art machines and 7000 skilled workforce producing 8. Hezeroed in on Delhi’s Greater Kailash market for his first store. Understanding the market dynamics well. he did not take the franchising route to grow. it had by default. for there is nothing small about this 328 crore kidswear behemoth which spans the country and has inched overseas. It required an investment of Rs.5 Lacks units per month. And upon surveying the Indian market he realized that there was a vacuum in branded garments for kids and the ones which were available were either expensive or tacky. which opened in April 2003. he opened a store in Bahrain in 2007. In 1991. It was around this time that India also liberalized its export policy and Narula moved to make the most of the booming industry. Lilliput is all set to uphold its cult status in times to come. He employed four people and hired tailors on contract to take up fabrication work for exporters. From 25 sewing machines in a dingy workshop to five manufacturing units in Delhi/NCR. Brand Lilliput was finally born. He closed 1990-91 with a turnover of Rs 8 lakhs and it proved to be a turning point. Sanjeev Narula. the number of stores across the country mushroomed to 200. and Planning to open 50 stores in Abroad By FY. another in China in March 2008 and five in Egypt in June 2008. Lilliput’s long journey has been a series of baby steps that began 17 years ago. in five years. With a concrete business plan and an aggressive growth strategy. a young graduate set up a small unit with 25 sewing machines in Delhi’s Govindpuri area.

Pyramids and more and 1000+ point of sales also more stores are coming up in China. keeping in mind the sensibilities of the modern-day parents. Encouraged by the Overwhelming response. it has drawn an ambitious plan to open 600 stores by the year 2010-2011. Italy.COMPANY PROFILE Company produces around 6. with 225 exclusive brand outlets. Lifestyle. . Reliance Trends.00. 153 Cities. the Middle East Africa. for which they have developed a phenomenon that concisely caters to the needs of the children and weaves not just clothes but optimum care. MISSION “TO BE A GENERIC YET EXCLUSIVE VALUE RETAILER OF SUPERIOR & CHIC WARDROBE FOR KIDS” VISION “TO GROW AS AN ICONIC NAME IN THE ASIAN KIDSWEAR SEGMENT IN THE COMING TIMES” BELIEF OF THE COMPANY The company believes that children are the future of the society and their well being is of prime importance to them. Lilliput Stores are evenly spread in india across 18 States. Pantaloon. 250 key multi brand outlets like Shopper’s Stop.000 Garments per Month with an Annual Turnover of US$ 40 Million.

By the end of year 2009 it will be opening 500 retail outlets across the country. Lilliput opened its first outlet in Delhi in April. Lilliput is currently growing @ 88. An early entry into this then untapped market coupled with a superior & trendy range. Strength Statistics: Exclusive Brand Outlets: Shop-in-shops in Multi Brand Outlets: Distributors: Cities: Points of Sale: 225 250 35 150 1000+ .5 % YOY. Lilliput is on the forefront of the Indian retail industry and leads the pack in the branded kids wear segment lucratively harnessing the "pester power" of kids. 2003.COMPANY GROWTH It has annual turnover of 210 crores in FY 06-07. RETAIL START-UP Buoyed by international acclaim in the kidswear arena. Considerable market research and insight goes into the product launches so as to maintain the USP of a superior price value equation. gave Lilliput an edge over emerging competition.

Macys : Primark. Earnest Family ENTRY IN FOREIGN RETAIL MARKET Lilliputs international debut was with the opening of their first store in Gulf in November 2007. International Statistics : – – – – – – – – – Kingdom of Bahrain : 2 1 9 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia : Egypt China Nepal Kuwait Sultanate of Oman Ukraine Kingdom of Yemen : : 10 : : : : : 2 1 1 1 1 . Carters. Next : Carrefour. Gymboree. Gap. Oshkosh BGosh.EXPORT SCENARIO • Lilliput exports to some of the world's best retailer's fastest growing & largest children's wear chains like In USA In UK In France : Gap. Casino In South Africa : Woolworths In Germany : Otto.

Developmental projects in other countries such as :  Qatar  Malaysia  Turkey  UAE  Tunisia  Greece  Indonesia .FUTURE PLAN IN RETAIL Envision 50 stores Abroad By FY-2009-10.

Vardhman Other accessories Zip : Tax Cap ltd (Delhi).SUPPLY CHAIN PROCUREMENT :Fabric Denim : Arvind Mill (Ahmedabad) Velvet : Pioneer Textile (Panipat) Canvas : Mandana ltd (Bombay). Shruti Raj Fashion Label : Uni Royal Intel Threads : Pashupati & Vardhman Hangers : Manity Pasting & fusing : Suvi export Transportation Done normally by suppliers Used road transportation (truck & tempo) Distribution From the dispatch UNIT A-19 (Okhla) distributed to all the stores in INDIA as well as abroad Transportation Companies Used By Lilliput Omax Vega Andhra cargo .

• The Pinnacle Award from Shoppers Stop for the Best Brand in the Kids Segment . • Brand of the Year‘ Award (Kidswear category) by Clothing Manufactures Association of India (CMAI) in ’07.Times logistic V – express Warehousing Do not go for long term warehousing Usually done at the dispatch unit for some time It makes 15% of total supply chain lost AWARDS & RECOGNITION • The Pinnacle Award for Best Brand in Kidswear 08-09. ’08. ’08. • Reid & Taylor Retailer of the Year’ (Kidswear category) by Asia Retail congress in ’07. • Brand of the Year "08 Award in the Kidswear category by Clothing Manufacturers Association of India (CMAI).Kidswear by Lycra Images Fashion Award in Jan. • Award for ‘Excellence in Retail’ certified by IES in Feb. • The Most admired brand of the year . & 07-08 from Shoppers Stop.

Hypercity. Haryana. Reliance Footprint. Maharashtra. Karnataka. Madhya Pradesh. LILIPUT PRODUCT LIST • Apparel • Inner wear • Swim wear • Night wear • Foot wear (socks & shoes) • Eye wear • Yoyo’s (playing instrument) • Belts • Hand bags • Caps • Wallet. Goa. Pantaloons. Purse . Tamil Nadu. Ebony. Spencers. Shoppers Stop. it have 225 outlets in 18 states across Delhi. Uttaranchal. Metro. Megastore. Regal. Kerela. Rajasthan. Jammu and Kashmir.STORE LOCATIONS Available in Retail stores likes Lifestyle. Assam. Punjab. West Bengal. Chunmun. Appeal. Gujrat. Central. Andra Pradesh. Big Bazar. Mochi. Globus All over India. Chandigarh. Ritu Wears. Bihar. Uttar Pradesh. Reliance Trends. Indiabulls.

Bob the Builder and NO RULES. Invisible woman. Shirt. Trouser. we serve as a one stop destination for fans and patrons. Iron Man. sleeve less jacket. Storm. promote and sell their branded apparel in India. Trouser .PRODUCT RANGE • Infant and Toddler :Top. Shirt. Sweater. Cyclops. Full sleeve woolen Jacket. Ordained with the exclusive privilege to manufacture. Cartoon Network : Powerpuff Girls. Trouser. PRICE RANGE The prices has been displayed below in a tabulated manner: 0-6 month PRODUCT BOYS: Full Sleeves Shirts Full Sleeves T-shirts Trouser Price range (Rs/-) 495 545 545 2-3 years Price range (Rs/-) 545 545 595 . Skirt. Human Torch. Incredible Hulk. the International youth lifestyle brand. Skirt. Boys: T-shirt. Captain America. • • CHARACTER LICENSING RIGHTS Marvel Studios : Spider Man. all over. Mister Fantastic. denim jacket. Dress. Party dress. jeans. Sesame Street (Indian Version GGSS) Thomas The Tank Engine. Wolverine. Rogue. Sweater. Jacket. Sweater. Thing. Girls: Top.

Sleeve less jackets Sweat shirt/jacket Sweater with Hood Full sleeve jacket GIRLS: single dress Tops Skirt with attch. leg in Cut sleeve denim jacket Full sleeve denim jacket Cotton trouser Denim jeans 595 545 825 745 945 425 525 495 525 545 595 595 545 875 795 995 475 575 545 575 595 645 For BOYS (3-12 yrs) : 3-4 years PRODUCT Full sleeves shirts Trouser Jeans T-shirt (Rs/-) price range 8-10 YEARS price range (Rs/-) 595 625 625 395 645 695 825 495 .

Denim jacket Sleeveless jacket with hood Sweater 825 795 825 1045 895 1045 For GIRLS (3-12years) : PRODUCT 3-4 years Price range (Rs/-) 11-12 years Price range (Rs/-) CASUAL: Full sleeves tops Trouser Jeans Dangry Denim jacket Jacket with flowerer prints 345 445 625 795 645 1045 1195 845 745 1145 1295 ETHNIC WEAR : 1745-3585 1795.3655 SIZES AVAILABLE IN EACH CATEGORIES .

/ pm) 5 30.MONTH/YEAR INFANT : 0-8 months 8-14 months 14-24 months TODDLER : KIDS : 2-3 year 3-4 years 4-5 years 5-6 years 6-7 years 7-8 years 8-9 years 9-10 years HEIGHT OF KID (CMS) 98 104 110 116 122 128 134 140 CONSUMER PROFILE AGE OF PARENT (yrs) 33 AGE OF CHILD (yrs) INCOME (Rs.000 .

000 30 2 20.000 27 3 months 30..37 8 40.) • Patchwork • Appliqué • Sequins • Snap • Rubber print • Beads and mirror • Stickers • Laces • Embroidery • Hangers FABRIC MATERIAL .000 34 6 35. metal.000 TRIMS AND FINDINGS • Buttons (both functional and decorative of plastic. laser. .• 100% Cotton garment • 100% Polyester garment • 50% Wool + 50% Acrylic for Sweaters • Blended fabric (60% cotton and 40%polyester) • Cotton with Lycra • Velvet • for Ethnic wear REFERENCE    www.

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