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SPD Considerations for Final Version

General Considerations: Do I understand very clearly what strategy I am proposing? Is my strategic proposal very clearly stated in the executivesummary? Can I verbalize in 3 sentences or less what I am proposing for strategy and why? I have gone through the paper and made sure that all the information I have included is truly necessary and relevant to the topic. I have checked for spelling errors.(with spell check and without) I have read through the whole paper from start to finish.(preferably aloud) I have had someone else read through the final version. I have checked all charts, tables, diagrams, numbers etc. to make sure they are accurate. If there are charts, diagrams, pictures, photos etc., I have made sure that they are all clearly marked, captioned and explained so the reader will easily understand what they are and why they are included. If I am using charts, tables, pictures, etc. I have made sure that they are relevant and necessary to support the strategic proposal. I have made sure that the paper and the writing are well organized, with bullet points when possible, subheadings etc where appropriate. I have made sure that the writing is clean, to the point, without unnecessary words such as therefore, heretofore etc , I have read the historical section and made sure it is not too long and contains relevant historical material. If I am using value chain, or other theoretical models, I have made sure that I have not just filled in the blanks, but have shown critical thinking and analysis in my use of theorymeaning I have explained why something is included and why it is important to my strategic proposal. I have chosen to use theoretical models that are relevant to my company and my proposal. In my SWOT section, I have given more that a one-word description of each considerationfor example under strengths instead of just saying culture you say cohesive and positive culture. I have made sure that the paper is not too long and that there is a flow to the information.

I have included and explained Critical Success Factors. Throughout the paper I have made sure that I am not being overly descriptive but have included critical thought and analysis which supports my strategic proposal. I have made sure that any quotes or citations are correctly credited.

Final Considerations: Can I comfortably defend and discuss any aspect of my SPD? Have I done the best possible job I can on this paper? Will I be comfortable presenting my SPD for State Exams at AAVS? Would I be comfortable presenting my SPD to the CEO of the company I have chosen?