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Name: Hoang Thi Diem My (Aiko) Class: E3115

Global Issues
The global issues are the causes and objects of international relation. The development of society, science and technology, the expanding of globalization resulted in and increased global problems. The emerging global problems now can be the poverty, the deteriorated environment, population, energy, diseases and international crimes. The scope of global issues are very large, in this essay I would like to mention one of the issues that are many experts, the concern of international relations in the early stages of the 21st century : Run out of water resources. This issue is given by the risk of lack of fresh water and clean water, which are a major threat to the survival of human beings, human society and all life on Earth. Water, natural things which are considered a gift of nature, is "The sky's fortune" but never exhausted. It was wrong when notions such as these resources are becoming more gradual exhaustion. People know: Water accounted for three quarters of the earth and is a valuable resource for human life and 70% of our body is water, water in our body is red blood flows in every man. No clean water all the life human will be affected seriously. No water will generate more anxious problems about human life. Such as: arising diseases, the environment also affected seriously. Beside, water is used in agricultural activities, industrial, residential, recreational and environmental. Most activities are needed fresh water. So clean water and fresh water need for human life and the Earth. At present, water shortages are a serious problem on worldwide, but more important in the regional and national. Natural Resources Committee of the United Nations said that 40% of the population in the world today and about 80 countries are facing severe water shortage problem. We know that clean, fresh water resources are irreplaceable but it is increasingly scarce because of overwork, the use of waste and also by the measures and we have no better resource management. In order to satisfy the increasing needs of their, people exploited and sweep off all the natural resources (including water resources are valued) to put into production, despite the existence of natural rules, as long as the highest and the fastest profit. Also some irrigation is not reasonable in design, management and use. So made the leaking water flows out, widespread flooding, waste a huge amount of water. The risk that more countries take exploited problems into consideration, use and reasonable management of water resources.

Not only exhausted before the increasing need of man, water resources may also be decreased by the effects of global climate change. Warming global climate is also a cause of reduced water resources. Because the climate change affects water quality and water demand due to rising sea levels, saltwater penetration. Salt water will penetrate deep into the land, killing many species of flora and fauna of fresh water, affecting freshwater resources provide life and cultivation of man. Besides, global warming also causes serious drought lead to water shortages and many places in danger of becoming desert. South Asia is an example, worsening droughts, due to indiscriminate exploitation of groundwater to the groundwater resources of India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh ... to dry out. I think each country or region should take measures to deal with global warming, such as limited and strictly manage the use of fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases. Promote research and application of new clean fuel friendly environment, management and preserve of forests, agricultural lands, water resources and ecosystems is important to firm development that protects the planet out status of water resources exhaustion. Destruction of the ecological environment is also one of the reasons to reduce fresh water resources of the mainland. Despite the warnings, people continue to impact more and faster, more powerful than nature for benefit of its own. Particularly, deforestation in many parts of the world contributes to soil erosion and water shortage. According to statistics: Every year about 11 million hectares of forests are cleared to make land degradation, water resources are destroyed, the ability to absorb and retain water decreasing ... causing serious damage to human habitat. Groundwater is being exploited out of control. The process of leveling: streams and rivers, lakes ... for building works which is cause of water is blocked and water shortages in some places. The state should have a strategy to exploited and use water resources reasonably, to ensure the ecological balance and environmental balance. Put position and role of water resources is also important, need to be protected, exploited and used as the other resources of the country, even as coal resources. Using water is reasonably and necessary. If we waste water, we'll out of water in that someday. Water scarcity is only one side of water issues in the world today. The other side of this issue is "water quality" also being seriously reduced. Water pollution by people identified it as form of pollution is the most dangerous, because all life on Earth associated with water. Water sources may be polluted by waste and chemicals are used indiscriminately. In some areas of the world water was heavily polluted beyond use, even for agriculture and industry ... I think the reason is water that have used but not processed. A toxic substance osmoses into the ground, then goes into underground water and bring many pollutants to the water. Groundwater is polluted, that a fresh water ecosystem is unbalanced and lost clean water supply reliability for life. People have the

sense to protect water resources and some responsible person may reject projects cause water pollution, even though that project has brought great economic resources. The population growth with economic development, besides the increase in demand for clean water for living and production ability to supply is cause of decreasing water resources. UN organizations said that In the twentieth century, world demand for water has increased 7 times and also during that period the population increased 3 times. It makes some developing countries, but lack of water is increasingly prominent, so some countries are being at risk of water resources and cannot satisfy the required of increasing population. Water causes conflicts between nations. Water is the most basic things of life, lack of social relations become tenser, because the struggle for survival and development happen more and more. Water is also considered a tool to cause conflicts. Conflicts due to exploitation, management and distribution of water caused. In the case of some countries that share water sources, if one of that country to build irrigation or implement plans of industrial development agriculture, it will have a large impact on water resources or other side of the other countries in the region, thereby leading to conflict such as China - India and the sub-Mekong region For this situation, I think the country should have responsible for cooperating each other to exploit, use and reasonable management of water source ,and the sustainable development, macroeconomic stability, growth rate of high, but also economic security, improve the quality of growth, including investment efficiency. Before urgent issues as the current, water shortage is a global problem. Everyone will agree to protect water, exploiting and reproducing it as one of the domain, the object of global management, it must be the responsibility of every individual, every nation in the community society and the world. I remember a song on our planet before the global problem is "A beautiful country of Vietnam is that forever or not; it depends on you and only you. This means that we must join hands to build world more beautiful, more spacious. Each individual and nations please to raise awareness before the problems are not only for this one.

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