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Organizational Behavior

1. Individuals with a high need to achieve preIer all oI the Iollowing EXCEPT:
a. Job situations with personal responsibility
b. A high degree oI risk
c. Overcoming obstacles
d. Feedback

2. Emotions that are organizationally-required and considered appropriate in a given job
are termed:

a. Felt emotions
b. Displayed emotions
c. Conditional emotions
d. Exposed emotions
3. In order to maximize the motivation oI a diverse workIorce, the key word will be:
a. Fairness
b. Flexibility
c. Status
d. Money

4. The best approach Ior obtaining knowledge about human behavior is:
a. The common sense approach
b. An observational approach
c. A systematic approach
d. A theoretical approach

5. Which is NOT a weakness oI group decision-making?
a. They are time-consuming.
b. They oIIer increased diversity oI views.
c. They suIIer Irom ambiguous responsibilities.
d. They can be dominated by one or a Iew members.

6. is the degree to which people in a country preIer structured over unstructured
a. Power distance
b. Individualism
c. Uncertainty avoidance
d. Long-term orientation

7. The amount oI inIormation that can be transmitted during a communication depends
a. Feedback
b. Filtering
c. Perception
d. Channel richness

8. Which oI the Iollowing us NOT a dimension oI emotional intelligence?
a. SelI-awareness
b. SelI-management
c. SelI-motivation
d. SelI-evaluation

9. The ability to inspire Iollowers to transcend their own selI-interests Ior the good oI
the company is part oI leadership.
a. TransIormational
b. Reward
c. Transactional
d. Feminine

10. According to Fiedler's contingency theory, iI there is NOT a match oI leadership style
to the group situation, what should be done?
a. Replace the manager.
b. Change the situation to Iit the leader.
c. Either A or B.
d. None oI the above.

11. Learning techniques that allow individuals to manage their own behavior so that less
external management control is necessary are termed:
a. SelI-management
b. MBO
c. Reengineering
d. Mentor programs

12. Which is NOT one oI the steps in the rational decision making model?
a. DeIining the problems
b. IdentiIying the decision criteria
c. Rating alternatives
d. Debating pros and cons

13. Which oI the Iollowing is NOT an external condition imposed on the group?
a. Group composition
b. Authority structure
c. Formal regulations
d. PerIormance evaluation system

14. Which oI the Iollowing were considered higher-order needs by Maslow?
a. Physiological, saIety, social
b. SaIety, social, esteem
c. Esteem, selI-actualization
d. Social, esteem, selI-actualization

15. Tannen's research indicates that men use talk to , while women use it to .
a. Emphasize status; create connections
b. Build relationships; get promotions
c. Establish blame; emphasize status
d. Create networks; emphasize separateness

16. Hersey and Blanchard's situational leadership theory diIIers Irom other leadership
theories most clearly because it:
a. IdentiIies speciIic leadership styles.
b. Focuses on the Iollowers.
c. Makes leadership contingent on the situation.
d. Uses the leadership dimensions oI task and relationship behaviors.

17. teams go Iarther than problem-solving teams in getting employees involved in
work-related decisions and processes.
a. Problem identiIication
b. SelI managed
c. Virtual
d. PerIormance

18. Eliminating any reinIorcement that is maintaining an unwanted behavior is called:
a. Extinction
b. Punishment
c. Negative reinIorcement
d. Positive reinIorcement

19. Which oI the Iollowing skills might be included in leadership training?
a. Vision-implementation
b. Trust building
c. Situational analysis
d. All oI the above

20. All oI the Iollowing are ingredients common to MBO programs EXCEPT:
a. An explicit time period
b. Participative decision making
c. Consistent monetary rewards
d. PerIormance Ieedback