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general paper 2

1.Tetanus immunization of women is completed between ________ weeks pregnancy. A.16 and 36 weeks b.4 and 10 weeks c.36 and 40 weeks d.8 and 14 weeks

2. An Apgar score of ________ indicates severe asphyxia. a. 2 or less b.3 or less c. 0 d. none of the above

3. In children , growth appraisal involves correlating the following parameters of growth. A. weigtht and height b.height and age c.weight, height and age d.age and sex

4. Which one of the following is incorrect? A.ICDS scheme was introduced on September 02, 1975 B.ICDS scheme focuses the growth and development of under six child population. C.ICDSscheme comprises healthcare component, nutritional component and educational component. D.none of the above. 5.Anganwadi centre covers a population of___________ in tribal areas. a. 700 b.900 c.1000 d.1100

6.In elderly, overflow incontinence is caused by _______ a.prostatic hypertrophy d.exercise 7.In patients with severe arterial insufficiency , the whirlpool temperature should not be raised above a.neutral water temperature b.92 F 96 F c.28.5 C 30.5 C d.both a and b 8.Which one of the following statement is true____ a.delirium , intoxication , withdrawl are mental symptoms b.a mental disorder designates a mental symptom for which etiology is unknown. c.delirium and dementia do not have global cognitive impairment. d.delirium and dementia do not have short term memory loss. 9. Which one of the following is the side effect of levadopa________ a.dyskinesia b.orthostatic hypotension c.a and b d.none of the above. b.intrinsic bladder contractions precipitated by infections c.functional incontinence

10.The American collage of sports medicine recommends training intensity of _________ for developing cardiovascular fitness in older healthy adults. a. 60%-85% of vo(2)max b.40%-60% of vo(2)max c.85% of vo(2)max d.75% of vo(2)max

11.Contraindication for IPPB theraphy a.atelectasis b.chronic hypoventilation c.tension pneumotherax d.decreased cardiac output 12. Which one of the following is the characteristics findings of RNS study in LAMBERT EATON MYASTHENIC SYNDROME. a.100% increament in two muscles in high rate RNS b. post exercise exhaustion c. incremental response at low rate RNS d. normal response of high rate RNS. 13.The afferent limb of the blink reflex is____________ a.facial nerve b.opthalmic division of trigeminal nerve c.occulomotor nerve d. none of the above 14. Which is true in case of F wave________ a. 5_50% of M wave b.afferent is 1a fiber c.stimulus is submaximal d.afferent is motor fiber 15. Complex Repitative Discharges are same in a.amyotrophic lateral sclerosis b.muscle cramps c.tetany d.thyrotoxicosis 16.SNAP(sensory nerve action potential) is absent in __________ a.amyotrophic lateral sclerosis radiculopathy b.cervical spondylotic myelopathy c.axonal neuropathy d.lumbosacral

17.The normal level of base HCO(3) in the blood is____________ a.10 to 15 mmol/L b.22 to 26 mmol/L c.30 to 33 mmol/L d.44 to 46 mmol/L 18. Which one of the following is true in the management of patients with cardio pulmonary dysfunction secondary to head injury a.Avoid tracheal suctioning in order to maintain normal intracranial pressure. b.PCO(2) must be maintained around 40 mm Hg c.mechanical hyperventilation and maintanence of PCO(2) around 25 mm Hg is indicated d.mechanical hypoventilation and maintanence of PCO(2) around 45 mm Hg is indicated 19.Contraindication for portural drainage in a neonate________ a.acute congestive heart failure

b.chronic congestive heart failure c.apnea and bradycardia d.persistent fetal circulation 20.Oral Polio Vaccine is a_________ attenuated vaccine b.killed vaccine c.sub unit vaccine d. none of the above 21.Hypotheses in qualitative research studies usually a. are very specific and stated prior to beginning the study b.are often generated as the data are collected, interpreted and analyzed c.are never used d.are always stated after the research study has been completed 22.Reliability is most simply known as ________a.consistency or stability b.appropriateness of interpretations on the basis of test scores c.ways in which people are the same d.rank order of participants on some characteristics 23.Another name for a likert scale is a _________ a.interview protocol b.event sampling c.summated rating scale d.ranking 24.When a researcher starts with a dependent variable and move backwards , it is called ________ a.predictive research b.retrospective research c.exploratory research d.descriptive research

25.What is called when the participants are not revealed to any one but researcher and staff_______ a.confidentiality b.anonymity c.discretion d.none of the above