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3 Week Schedule/Oct-NOV subject to modifications

Art 3 H/AP/GT Studio Art ~ Howard High Art Dept.

Sketchbook assignments are your response to the given word or phrase. Media choice is up to you. Consider your pages composition carefully please do not scribble on a page and say, Well, this was my response to the work moody. 1 assignment is given each week (1 credit people can choose whichever SB problem); 2 are given to those who are taking the course for 2 credits. Each entry is 10 points 5p for completion, 5p for 5p for craftsmanship. Collection times are posted below. Additional assignments are on the calendar.

Week 9
SB Assignment: 1. Collect three leaves. Draw from observation using any compositional format you choose. 2. Find a new, contemporary artist from the internet or a magazine. Create a one page spread on this artist using written information, collaging, images of their work, etc. You will present this page to the class to inform them of the new artist youve discovered.

Monday 10.24 Christo Wrap

Tuesday 10.25 Christo Wrap

Wednesday 10.26 Christo Wrap MID CRITIQUE

Thursday 10.27 Christo Wrap

Friday 10.28


Sketch books due today

3 pages for 1 credit 6 pages for 2 credit

both periods

Week 10
SB Assignment: 1. Look up the word ethnography. Write the textbook definition. Describe how being an ethnographer is applicable to you as an artist. Design this page however you wish incorporate drawings, diagrams,

Monday 10.31


Tuesday 11.1 New Studio Problem Today!!

Wednesday 11.2

Thursday 11.3

Friday 11.4

Skeleton Mash-up

No School

Skeleton Mash-up

What a great day to work in your sketchbook or HOME ASSIGNMENT! AND NAP!!!

Skeleton Mash-up

collages, etc. along with your written assessment of this word.

2. Artist inspired **(see below)

Monday 11.7 Tuesday 11.8 Wednesday 11.9 Thursday 11/10 Friday 11/11

Week 11
SB Assignment 1. Draw what

is underneath your bed. 2. Draw the wrapper or package of something you just ATE. Do this in COLOR.


Skeleton Mash-up

Skeleton Mash-up

Skeleton Mash-up

both periods

Due Dates at a Glance: OCT. 25 MICA presentation OCT. 27 SKETCHBOOK CHECK OCT. 31 CHRISTO CRITIQUE NOV. 18 SKETCHBOOK CHECK (not on calendar by heads up!) NOV. 29 IDENTITY Home Assignment DUE

**ARTIST INSPIRED (skbk assignment) Create a page in your sketchbook that is inspired by a favorite artist of yours. You ARE NOT COPYING any of this artists work; you are creating a page in your sketchbook that mimics the artists style OR uses the same subject matter the artist often works with. You are to do a completely original page that is directly influenced by the artist you choose. PLEASE do not choose Monet, Van Gogh, Matisse, or Andy Warhol. Maybe you want to use the artist you discovered for your artist research page.OR any of the artists youve logged in your daily Artist Log.

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