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gurU jI dw hukm
Drm dI ikRq krnI dsvMD dyxw gurbwxI kMT krnI AMmRq vyly jwgxw guru isKW dI syvw krnI gurU Gr dy ivdvwn isKW pwsoN gurbwxI dy ArQ pVny pMj kkwr dI rihq idMRV rKxI Sbd siqsMg dw AiBAws krnw siqgurU siq srUp dw iDAwn krnw sRI gurU gRMQ swihb jI nUM siqgurU mMnxw sb kwrjW dy ArMB smyN Ardws krnI ivvwh AwnMd ibnw igRhsq nhIN krnw priesqRI mW DI Byx kr jwnxI ibiKAw dw iqAwg krnw rhq Aqy nwm jpxy vwilAW gurisKW dI sMgq krnI ijqny kMm Awpxy krn dy hox auhnW dy krny ivc dildR

Guru Jis Command

Engage in honest earning. Give away one tenth of your earning to charity. Memorise Gurbani by heart. Rise early in the morning (to complete Nitnem before 6.00am); Serve fellow Sikhs earnestly. Learn the meaning of Gurbani from Sikh Scholars subscribing to the Guru's school of thought.

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Remain steadfast in your rehat (discipline) of the Five K's (Kesh, Kangga, Kirpan, Kara & Kachera). Practice contemplation of Gurbani and maintain routine participating in holy congregation. Concentrate (focus) on True Form (Waheguru) through a True Guru (Gurbani). Accept the Sri Guru Granth Sahib as the True Guru. Do Ardas (Sikh supplication) at the start of all activities, ceremonies and projects. Do not have bodily relationship (start a family) without going through the Anand Karaj (Sikh Marriage) ceremony. Regard women (other than your wife) as mothers, sisters or daughters. Do not use tobacco (intoxicants). Keep the company of Gursikhs who keep the Sikh rehat (Sikh disciplines including the Five K's) and who meditate on the True Name (Naam, Waheguru). Do what need to be done or incumbent upon you without laxity (carelessness) i.e. do what you need to do (as your duty) with enthusiasm and in good time.



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nhIN krnw gurbwxI dI kQw kIrqn roj suxnw Aqy krnw iksy dI inMdw cuglI eIrKw nhIN krnI Dn juAwnI Aqy zwqI dw ABmwn nhIN krnw mq aucI qy sucI r~KxI SuB krm krny dI sdw ie~Cw rKxI buD bl dw dwqw vwihgurU jwnxw S`qUR dI sugMD pr ieqbwr nhIN krnw

Listen, Sing and interpret the meaning of Gurbani daily. Do not interpret virtues of others with intention to smear their reputation, spread rumours and do not be jealous of others. Do not be proud of your wealth, youthfulness or high caste. Keep your analysing platform noble and pure . Always wish to perform good deeds. Recognise Waheguru as the charitable provider of intellect and strength.


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Do not trust one (opposition) who tries to win your trust by taking an oath(that he will not betray you!). rwjkwj idAW kMmW Do not empower non-believers in administration of your homeland to be subjugated by others and auqy dUsry mqW by alien ideologies.


26. 27.



idAW AwdmIAW nUM Adkwr nhIN dyxw sqrU nwl swm, dwm, Byd Awidk aupwau vrqny jy ienHW iqMnw kr v~s nw hovy qW cOQw aupwau dMf jw juD krnw rwj nIqI pVHnI SsqR ividAw Aqy GoVy dI svwrI dw AiBAws rKxw dUsry mqW dy pusqk ividAw pVHnI Brosw idRV gurbwxI Akwl purK auqy rKxw dUsry mqW dw

While handling an opponent use friendly (Sam) approach if not successful then negotiate (Dam), if still fails then use division rule (Bhed), if all these do not work then resort to armed conflict (Dand) as your duty.

Study political science. Acquire the knowledge and practice the use of arms and horse riding (drive vehicles). Read the literature of other ideologies, but keep your undoubtful faith in Gurbani and the Timeless Being(Waheguru).

Do not adopt and practice superstitious or believes (Follow the teachings of the True Guru).

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33. 34. 35.

aupdys Dwrn nw krnw rihrws pV KVy ho Ardws krnI sYnkwl kIrqn sohlw paux gurU slok pV sOxw dsqwry ibnW Asnwn Awid smyN qoN ibnW kys nMgy nhIN rihxW isMG dw ADw nwm nhIN blwaunw Srwb nhIN pIxI BwdxI nUM kinAW nhIN dyxI

Do Ardas while standing after reciting Rehras. Recite the Kirten Sohila and the Selok starting Pavan Guru pani Pita before bed time. Do not be without dastar (Sikh turban)or head covering. Do not keep your hair uncovered other then while taking hair bath. Do not call a Singh (Amritdhari Sikh) by his half (i.e. first or nick) name.(To include Singh or Kaur). Do not take alcoholic drinks. Do not marry your daughter to non-believer. Give her in marriage to a family which believes in One God and which earns livelihood through honest work, is good natured, who is of literary bent (i e understands Gursikh way of life,and is knowledgeable.


jnm QIN lY AMq qk ivvwh Awidk kwrj gurbwxI Anuswr AwnMd krny
cuglI kr iksy dw kwrj nhIN ivgwVnw kOVw bcn iksy dw ihrdw duKwx vwlw nhIN bolxw gurduAwirAW dy dRSn XwqRrw krnI bcn krky pwlxw AiqQ pRdysI loVvMd duKI Apwhj mwnuK mwqR dI jQw Skq syvw krnI puqRI dw Dn ibK jwnxw sWg idKwvy dy isK

Carry out all the ceremonies / rites in the presence of Guru Granth Sahib according to Gurbani (i e Guru's teachings in Guru Granth Sahib). Do not harm or undo another's work by spreading damaging rumours i.e. through ill intended gossip. Do not speak harshly so as to hurt another's feelings. Travel and visit Sikh historical Shrines and Gurdwaras. Fullfill and keep to all promise made. Serve according to your means: a guest, a foreigner, one in need, one who is suffering or one with any physical handicap or deformity. Treat as poison i.e. do not take, the earnings through your daughter. Do not be a Sikh of appearance only.



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nhIN bxnw isK Drm sIs sMg inbwhuxw corI AwrI T~gI DoKw dgw nhIN krnw isK isKdw ieqbwr kry JUTI guvwhI nhIN dyxI JUT nhIN bolxw lMgr pRSwid iek rs vrqwauxw mwnuK Aqy iesqRI dw mUMh nhIN iPtkwrnw

46. 47. 48. 49. 50.

Retain your Sikh faith till the last breath and always be ready to sacrifice for the faith. Do not indulge in theft, extra matrimonial relationship (adultery), deceit, treachery or betrayal of trust A Sikh should trust and not doubt or belittle another Sikh. Do not give false testimony. Do not tell lies. Distribute the Langgar (Sikh community kitchen) food even-handedly (impartially). Do not condemn any man woman.



jMmx mrn ivvwh AnMd Awidk sB smyN iqhwvldw pRSwd kr AnMd swihb dIAW pMj pauVIAW pVH Ardwsw kr pMj ipAwirAW dI hjUrI gMRQI isMG dw vrqwrw ipRQm rKxw, aupMRq vrqw dyvxw jd qk kVHw pRSwid vrqdw rhy, swrI sMgq AfOl bYTI rhy

During the ceremonies of the birth, education, Amrit, Anand Karaj (Sikh marriage) and death recite the first five stanza of Anand Sahib, do Ardas (standing prayer) and serve the karah parsad (holy sweet food) first to Panj Piar (the Five Beloved Ones) and the granthi conducting the ceremony, and then the rest of Sangat (the holy congregation). The holy congregation should sit quietly while the karah parsad is being served.

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