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Expresso Ghana

Audit Objectives Obtain an understanding of the Marketing Activities and processes. 2. Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the Marketing activities and related internal controls. 3. Evaluate the quality and integrity of information systems supporting the Marketing function.

Audit Procedures I. ENVIRONMENTAL AUDIT Time Procedure Micro Environment

How have changes in the economy impacted the organization or brand? The company has not been able to achieve anything, this is due to financial constrains, so whether changes in the economy or not, it has no impact in the economy. Have changes in interest rates, labor costs, raw materials costs, consumer spending, bad debt ratios, exchange rates, or other economic factors impacted the organization or brand? YES What adjustments were made? Have they succeeded? No, there is no adjustment What additional adjustments are being contemplated? Why


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Procedure Demographics
How have population and other demographic trends impacted the organization or brand? No Improvement, there is no positive impact What adjustments have been made in response to those trends? No Adjustment Have they succeeded? What additional adjustments are being contemplated? Why N/A


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How have attitudes towards business in general, the industry, and the organization changed? Because there is lack of adverts, there is negative impact in the minds of the people that we exist. Have attitudes toward environmental protection had either a positive or negative impact on the organization or brand? Because of lack of accessories or parts of handsets, people does not feel protected, in that in case their handset get spoilt they would be handicap. What other cultural phenomena had an impact? At least the Cliq product has change the culture of the user of late. What adjustments have been made? Have they succeeded? No What additional adjustments are being contemplated? Why? N/A





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How have changes in legal and regulatory requirements impacted the organization or brand? It has impacted Negatively What adjustments have been made? No Adjustment Have they succeeded? No Are changes in either the legal or regulatory arenas expected? N/A How might they affect the organization or brand? Negatively What additional adjustments are being contemplated? N/A

How have changes in technology impacted the organization or brand? Negative because IT support is negative Is leading-edge technology being used? NO Is technology threatening to make the product obsolete? There is no enough capacity to support the number of subscribers in terms of Data What adjustments have been made? We are trying to push IT to create more capacity to hold enough data Have they succeeded? NO What other changes are being contemplated? Why? N/A


Procedure Positioning
Do you know where your brand / products are positioned? Yes both qualitative and quantitatively. For quantitatively in voice we are placed last and for data NCA is yet to bring it out openly Do you have a clearly developed marketing positioning strategy? Yes Do your customers clearly understand what your company stands for? Need to be research Does your company, brand or product make a real difference in the marketplace? Need to be research Do you feel that you have identified all the aspects of competitive advantage your brand or product offers? YES, They have identified value added service (VAS) of DSTV mobile, facebook sms, CRBT and many others, these are yet to be worked on apart from shake up. Do you think you exploit this competitive advantage correctly? YES , All of those products are sent to agency for artwork to be designed for the media, but due to financial constraints only few are being exploited. Do you communicate these advantages actively, consistently and effectively? YES, Internally and externally, the existing offers are communicated effectively Do you think the competitive advantages you communicate can motivate your customers to choose your product/brand over the competition YES But they need IT and financial support to outdoor our new products and services on time to make us attractive.

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New Product Development

How do you develop new products or services? Product development involves: 1. Researching on new market trends 2. Concept of new product is discussed with stake holders, including the commercial dept., IT dept. on feasibility and best workaround. 3. Based on feasibility, a requirement document is drafted detailing the mechanism/product processes and all terms and conditions. 4. Draft document is sent to marketing manager for approval, then to CTO, CCO, CFO, MD & others to approve. 5. A document is sent to IT for impact assesses report. MIB (Marketing information budgeting) Impact assessment is signed off. 6. And equivalent pricing paid. Product is developed How long does development normally take? Up to 6 months, based on technical resources available How many successful new products/services did you introduce in the last year? 1. Cliq 2. Shake up talk plans 3. Cliqweb team portal (facebook) CSP respond online 4. Staff CUG close user group 5. Cliqweb portal (Pending) 6. DSTV Mobile (Pending)

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Are feasibility and investment criteria set for new product assessment? YES We make business case for each product based on impact assessment on network. Do you employ and evaluate launch plans for new products/services? YES



Is your product portfolio managed centrally or locally? Locally Do you link new product development to your business and marketing strategies? How do you do this? YES, products are designed to meet business/market trends. 1. Low tariffs 2. Post paid 3. Data etc.

How are new product/service ideas encouraged and captured? All products / Services are captured in Marketing information bulleting

New Product Development System

Is the company well-organized to gather, generate, and screen new product ideas? The company is not well placed in this regard, basically of technical limitation.

Does the company do adequate concept research and business analysis before investing heavily in a new idea? YES, business analysis and research is done before any product idea is developed.

-Does the company carry out adequate product and