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Next Generation Mobile Networks

Backhaul Evolution Project integrated QoS

Miguel Alvarez Jerry Verschoore de la Houssaye 23rd september 2011

Backhaul Evolution Project

Starting point: how can we face the expected usage growth? Two streams: Small cells backhaul: mobile networks will become denser, the backhaul may need to adapt Integrated QoS management: better cooperation between RAN and transport to improve user QoE
A coherent approach to classification Network visibility at the RAN level

Backhaul Evolution Project

Project Structure

Project coordinator:
France Telecom / Orange

Leads per stream:

Small Cells: Cambridge Broadband QoS: Tellabs

Working pairs per technical topic:

ALU / Telefonica Cambridge Broadband / Everything Everywhere NSN / Deutsche Telekom (+ Orange)

Integrated QoS stream


What is meant by integrated?

Coherent and common to both RAN (eNode B and EPC) and transport elements.

What types of integration will we address?

Implicit integration: classification of flows and service level definition (QoS KPIs) Explicit integration: information exchanges (Control or Management Plane level) to improve QoS management

Stream structure

Part I: classification and marking of flows

Target: propose one/a few coherent classification schemes for mobile backhaul flows Actions:
Use classification template from P-OSB as a basis Develop a first proposal of coherent traffic groups Request input from operators Agree on recommended classification schemes, including number and type of classes, included flows and associated KPIs.

Stream structure

Part II: RAN+transport QoS management

Target: recommend the best RAN+transport coordinated QoS management solution for the short/medium term. Actions:
Review existing exchanges between layer (signalling, control plane exchanges, implicit information in protocols) Review potential coordination approaches:
Proposed new standards Proposed extensions/modifications to existing standards Other industry mechanisms (eventually proprietary)

Recommend a preferred approach for RAN-transport cooperation


Planning overview
23rd Sep End Oct End Nov Jan 2012

Develop a first


Review existing


global scheme
for flow

Operator input
and agree on

-based on P-OSB template -using standards, vendor and operator schemes as input -grouping by QoS needs, traffic traits and constraints

recommended approaches
-synthesize current operator mechanisms -Compare to proposed schemes -develop a small number of approaches based on operator and service context

information exchanges and coordination proposals

-based on P-OSB work and other implicit exchanges -analysis of other SDO/forum proposals (IETF, 3GPP, ATIS,) -study changes to existing mechanisms

for integrated QoS and make a

-compare all studies and gathered input -study the integration in backhaul network, feasibility in the short/mid-term, efficiency -recommend an approach to coordinated QoS management

request position statement to NGMN members/partners

include also methods proposed by vendors