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Organization is a systematically designed, scientifically planned, sum total of various functions co-ordinate mutually, synchronized in a format to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. The various functions which contribute to the success of Organization, which plays vital role in well functioning, are the following Departments.  Finance department  Engineering department  Marketing & sales department  Production department  Design and development department  Stores department  Purchase department  Quality procedure department

Each organization has its unique Organizational setup based on its requirements. Organizational study enlightens the following aspects of the organization.  Organizational behavior  Business ethics & corporate governance  Employee / employer relationship
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 Success story of organization  Organization history and drawbacks.  Managerial decision making  Team work  Organization motivation  Quality orientation  Innovation of organization  Organization integrity  Responsibility  Quality services. Thus Organizational study gives a sum total picture of the Company in a Nutshell.

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Title of the study The main aim of the study is to know the overall functioning of SVE. Objectives of the study

To study the functioning and performance of “SVE”

 To understand the organization set-up and identify the right place to approach for getting work.

To know the strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats of SVE.

 To offer suggestions and help the company to fortune their activities.

Method of analysis and expected contribution from the study All the data that was collected during the study was evaluated for its importance towards this study. Only the data, which threw light on the topic, was taken for consideration and recommendation for improvements in the field study. The views of various authors who are an authority in the field of this study were presented in this report for due consideration for their implementation. The expected contribution from the study is to help the organization to implement the suggestions in this report so that it can contribute towards improvement in productivity, quality and also to reduce wastage.
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Limitations of the study

Present study is contained to “SVE” only.

 The study has to be completed with in a short period of time that was available.  The case study pertains to only one production unit due to the limitation of time frame.  Findings are based on the records available at the production unit and the information provided by the shop floor supervisors.

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Industries are the pointing lights to the growth of an economy and are the backbone of the country. The development and growth of a largely depends on industrialization of its economy. India is basically an agriculture based county. After the Independence, India has given importance to the growth of industrial development through 5year planning programmes. For a country, small or big, developed or developing need good infrastructural facilities such as roads, dams, tunnel etc. the infrastructural facilities are the primary need for the transportation or movement of goods. Roads play an important role on this aspect. Tremendous development has taken place in science and technology, which has mechanized every work in every field. Manually carried out work is less productive and time consuming thus, to increase efficiency and productivity. After liberalization there has been tremendous scope for Small Scale Industries in India where it leads to the growth of many small scale industries like Fabrication industry which helps in doing manufacturing welding, polishing, assembling etc. Since then Steel Industries are indispensable part of an economy they form the backbone of industrial development of any country. Metal Industry is by nature a heavy industry. Proximity of raw materials and access of efficient transport network are crucial to this industry. The Chotanagpur plateau bordering West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa and Madhya Pradesh, therefore has been the natural core of this industry. It is an besides metal industry, heavy engineering and machine tools industry are main dealers of metal. These industries have witnessed a phenomenal growth and produce a whole range of capital goods. Highly fragmented, project oriented industry and its industry size around Rs.7500 crores per annum in the world. The industries major activities include both fabricated steel structures and

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5mm thick TIG wilding for stainless steel. A structural steel machine tool base would have 75% welding Major types of welding processes are Submerged are welding used for longitudinal wilding MIG CO2 welding used for galvanized steels and steels<2. brazing.S. soldering. forming.Studies Page 6 . Pressure Vessels & Stainless Steel Fabrication. bending and stress removal. Surana Centre for P.G. Where all these are the semi raw materials which are required by the large industries to produce the goods. Precision Machine Components and Stellite & Die Welding. pressing. In many cases the end product is generally a result of Fabrication and post Fabrication machining. The welding is the major process in the fabrication industries. Manual are welding for small jobs & general steel application Sidhi Vinayaka Fab Engg Pvt Ltd was mainly established to manufacture S. Heavy Plate and Fabrication. Fabrication involves a combination of various mechanical processes including welding.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD transmission towers.

Studies Page 7 . Precision Machine Components. COMPANY PROFILE 3.Basheer Ahmed & Mr. Peenya Industrial Area(PIA) is the Biggest Industrial Area in South East Asia. Surana Centre for P. The company will provide services to the customers by producing the products like S. The services of the company have demand in the abroad and the company had started importing his services to aboard the main importers are Switzerland. Pressure Vessel & Stainless Steel Fabrication. C. Our industry is situated in the vicinity of this PIA and we are the Lift Member of this Association.G.S.S.1 BACKGROUND AND INCEPTION OF THE COMPANY During the year 1995. It was started has small company with a partnership by the Two Directors later in the year 2000 the company transferred into Pvt Ltd Co. France and London. Heavy Plate Fabrication. an idea of starting a manufacturing unit on very small scales was conceived by the two Directors namely Mr. Stellite & Die Welding. The efforts made by employees tremendously made the company to earning profit from year to year due to the increase in the company production and for the demand by the customers for the quality provided.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3. which is having all the required facilities to feed any industrial requirements and is just about 45kms away from Bengaluru International Airport. Md.Sridhara joined their hands together and started the industry by Name Sidhi Vinayaka Fab Engg Pvt Ltd.

The company main capability is to provide end to end solutions in steel fabrication as well as carbon steel and it is also expertise in sheet metal as well as heavy plate wilding. first aid. Heavy & Light Engineering Pharmaceutical application equipments. SVE employees follow the safety rules while manufacturing as per AWS standard safety rule and health hazards from welding fumes & dust. Medical Benefits and Transportation facilities to their employees.G. conventional Steel and special grade steel like Hardox&Weldox. in house facilities for bending. technologies and good communication skills. supported by experienced engineers. In addition to the statutory requirements.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD The industry is registered under Small Scale Industry under the Government Act. The company is Certified ISO 9001-2000 quality management system by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance Certification No. SVE is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels. They have very good industrial relation with employees. MUM0061119 Dated: 15/7/2005. Ltd. Certification No: 65-023-1447 Surana Centre for P. SSI Registration on 2/8/96 Peenya Industrial Association Life time Membership Certificate NSIC ISO 9001:2000 certified by Dun & Bradstreet Information service Pvt. They have a well trained manpower of one hundred employees.Studies Page 8 . they have a natural ventilated total working area of 10000 square feet (about 8000 feet for manufacturing activities and about 2000square feet for Office & Administration) with latest machineries. OHNS and HDS. industrial safety awareness. The company has a certification under the following category Certified for U&UM Stamping by ASME Certificate No. Eco-environment. SVE have extended the welfare benefits like Life Insurance. machining and jig boring and the company is will established vendor base for raw material and support functions. To perform the above activities. The manpower is given regular in-house training under Different Fields such as job related work. self development ect. fire fighting. Sve also do general fabrication work of Alloy Steels. supported by experienced.36. 474.

to meet the needs of our valued customers during the time of exigencies. dimensional inspection and leak test etc. They select the tested and quality approved raw material to meet the drawing specifications as per there checklist. who have Conventional & CNC machining facilities. tack welding. chemical composition & mechanical properties. Planning is done on daily. process and planning.Studies Page 9 . they maintain a check list the control plan on each individual component. SVE will outsource some of their jobs to vendors. they have third party laboratory facilities at peenya to ensure conformance to standards and visual inspection based on the customer’s requirements. the company follows the system of procurement. radiography. visual inspection. weekly and monthly basis to meet the delivery schedules. For manufacturing. pre-polishing stage inspection. France.2 NATURE OF BUSINESS CARRIED The main occupation of work is welding. assembling. London. DP test. to maintain the consistency in manufacturing. finishing. in the areas of conventional machining.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3. To meet the requirements of ASTM standard. They plan and maintain the inventory level up to maximum of 5% of the turnover. polishing and testing. As SVE is situated in the industrial area and based on good relationship with suppliers. The company now has the expansions of its services globally where their importing their services to other European countries like Switzerland. CNC machining. Surana Centre for P.G. final finishing.

Expertise obtained in the Nuclear Welding Field. This division is the part which handled prestigious products such as stainless steel pressure vessels. Started the production of STI. Obtained ISO-9001 Certification. equipment it also involves in general fabrication work in alloy steel and special grade sheet like hard ox ohns. pharmaceutical application. dealing with the most popular brands. hds and the strength of there division in nation is wide distribution work and the trained personal is enabling it to cater to the requirement of all the products.G. Practicing for EN/ISO Certification. Certification for manufacturing of ASME ‘U’ and “UM’ Stamp Vessels. Started the Earth Moving Equipment Parts.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT OF SVE SVE product division operates in their challenging area along with large established companies. Housing & CCI parts. Started the Railway Parts Manufacturing.Studies Page 10 . HISTORY OF SVE Year 1995 1997 1999 2000 2005 2007 2008 2009 Developments Started the Organization with Pharmaceutical Sector. Surana Centre for P.

2010 Expecting certification of EN-15085 from TUV Rhineland.G.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Started the EN15085 Welding of Railway Parts Manufacturing.Studies Page 11 . Surana Centre for P. Training of Welders in CCI-AG in SWITZERLAND.

SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD PRESENT STATUS OF THE ORGANISATION SVE currently in their division markets several organizing both for the Government and Private sector. today with India opening up to the world as never before and the world in turn seeking to tap the rich product that only India can produce. Stainless steel housing for filtration (H2O) purpose. be it a traditional item or a consumer products or an industrial products.G. EXPORT DIVISION SVE activities are not confined to the national scene only. but they realized the potential of Indian product in the international market SVE tools on export operation.Studies Page 12 . It has also developed the HRD department for training for developing work force to adapt and get updated to the new technology introduced. They give 10% opportunity to the employees. They have also achieved ISO to their company which states the quality assurance to their product and also now getting recognized as an established private company. housing stainless steel. SVE overseas office places the role of a office to promote trade with European countries. It helps the small manufacturing in marketing of their products. Earth moving equipment.are the few items of SVE handled. Surana Centre for P. SVE started with exporting there product to the European countries in the year 2004 and they reached their sales force which helps in effectively channels of distribution. ECT…. pressure vessels.

Studies Page 13 . Surana Centre for P. machining and jig boring.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD SVE’’S MOTTO Customer is the king and our motto is quality assurance and customer satisfaction.  In-house facilities for bending. SVE’S CAPABILITIES Can provide End to End solutions in Steel fabrication. Stainless steel as well as Carbon Steel  Expertise in sheet metal as well as heavy plate welding.  Well established vendor base for raw material and support functions.G.

Motivated and Committed employees. external customers through excellence in quality of products and processes and quality management system  Satisfied.3 VISION MISSION AND QUALITY POLICY  VISION: To establish SVE Pvt Ltd as a world class steel fabrication unit by undertaking unique projects requiring a high level of technical expertise. Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 14 .  MISSION: To achieve the goal by reaching higher level of quality delivering economically in long term relationship  QUALITY POLICY:  Fabricates of stainless steel products  Satisfied internal customer.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3.G.

Studies Page 15 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  Continual improvement management system in products.G. CERTIFICATIONS  ASME ‘U’-STAMP  ISO 9001-2000  AWS CERTIFICATION  EN-15085(UNDER PROCESS)  ISO 14000(UNDER IMPLEMENTATION) Surana Centre for P. processes and quality  Safe and clean working conditions and eco-friendly environment.

4 PRODUCT PROFILE  De super heaters Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 16 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3.G.

Studies Page 17 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  Vertical pump housing  Pressure vessels  Tanks  Pantographs  HT switch gear cabinets  Wagon couplers  Stainless steel frames for Metro Coaches  Heater Pipes Surana Centre for P.G.

09 Westfalia Separators India Mechanical Separators.G. Air Reservoirs.Studies Page 18 . Diffuser Assembly & De super heater for Power Plant. Fainveley Transport India Ltd. ITT Goulds Pumps Header Pipes. Vertical pumps assy. Areva T&D India Ltd CCI Cabinet for Electrical Transformer. Bombardier Transportation S. Ltd.S. UV Reactor and Vertical pumps assy. Columns.NO CUSTOMERS PRODUCTS 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 ABB LIMITED Millipore India Pvt Ltd. Columns. Flowserve Control India Ltd. Railway Products. Reservoirs & Railway Products. Tanks etc. Schunk Metal & Carbon Pantograph 10 Surana Centre for P. Traction Housing Pressure Vessels.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD ESTEEMED CUSTOMERS SL.

Japan.Studies Page 19 . Aeronautics. Pharmaceutical. Italy. including USA.G. Earth Moving. SVE Pvt Ltd has a reputation as a top quality service provider to its customer’s and it believes in the centricity of its customers SVE also has international presence in several centers. Sweden. Surana Centre for P.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD India Ltd 3.5 AREA OF OPERATION Over the years. Germany. Sve Pvt Ltd plant is in peenya where it has 4units for producing the majority of its customers are regional it is providing services to different sectors of the industry Railway Parts. Nuclear. France. Steam Turbines. Switzerland. Food and Beverages and Power Sectors.

250.Basher Ahmed (Director) Sridhara.6 OWNERSHIP PATTERN The company is a Pvt Ltd company with the share capital of Rs 7.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3.000 where the shares are held by the 2directors namely Md.Studies Page 20 .C.G. (Director) Surana Centre for P.S.

G.V. The wisdom lies reaching customers before competitors reach them with a better quality. The following are the major competitors of SVE are:• S.Studies Page 21 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3. Fabricators • R. The companies in the welding business faces severe competition from the local companies and many are available in the Peenya Industrial Area and the competition will always be heavy. The company should adapt to the new technology.7 COMPETITORS INFORMATION Today’s world is a cut throat competition by companies which is helping the companies to provide better quality to the customers by reach the customer in time is a big job and in the phase of ever growing competition from the other companies the SVE need professional personnel to manage the business.K. Fabricators • Tetra Vetra • Power Tech Fabricators Surana Centre for P.

Infrastructural facilities provided to employee can be classified under two heads STATUTORY  Canteen facilities  First aid boxes  Rest room for employees  Protective clothing uniform  Safety shoes  Goggles for engineering department  Good Ventilation facilities  Laboratory for research purpose to maintain good quality NON STATUTORY  Uniform  Medical facilities  Insurance benefits Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 22 .8 INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES It is the main aspect of the company for the better performance because it boosts the employees and provides energy to work efficiently and contributes for the achievement of the objective of the company.G.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3.

9 ACHIEVEMENT/AWARDS ACQUIRED BY SVE  It has got the award from the ‘REXROTH BOSCH GROUP’ award for adopting good quality system approach in handling supplies to Bosch Rexroth(India)Ltd in year 2005  In the year 2008. Millipore India Pvt Ltd recognized the support rendered by SVE and issued the ‘CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION’ in the development and consistent supply of K-Prime Frames and Quick scale components.G. Surana Centre for P.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  Transportation facilities 3.Studies Page 23 . 9th May.


SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD 3. market various number of products and also service with the aim of servicing the society by providing highly quality products at affordable price. Manufacturing process with continues technological improvement and zero defects to satisfy customers need. Management. It has grown from the humble trading house to vibrant multiproducts. People.11 FUTURE GROWTH AND PROSPECTS SVE a private company.G. multi dimensional marketing and export house offering a wide range of product and service.Studies Page 25 . Following are the Future Plans of SVE: o To update the New Technology o Tolling for composite material o Increasing processing equipments On the whole SVE is in a profitable position by increasing its year by year and probably the only single organization to acquire about 15%of the State Market. SVE concentrate on the total company effort in all areas of management covering Leadership. SVE makes research to correct the deficiencies in order to reduce customer Dis-Satisfaction. Surana Centre for P.

Studies Page 26 . responsibility is easily understood by the entire worker in the organization which it make very one realize to whom he/she answerable to the chart of the flow of the power of SVE is as shown is as shown below: An organization chart displays the organizational structure and shows job titles. It is the arrangement by which tasks are assigned to men and women so that their individual efforts contribute effectively to more or clearly defined purpose. The polices and Surana Centre for P. Organization can perform effectively if it has sound organization structure where the designation given to each every person The organization structure that has been adapted by SVE is very simple and commonly used one. It is the Line Organizational structure format.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE OF SVE The word organization is derived from the word “organ” which means various limbs or parts of the body and a musical instrument.G. lines of authority and relationships between departments. by adapting this structure authority.

SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD procedures which govern the way in which the organization acts within itself and within its environment.G. Chapter-4 FUNCTIONAL DEPARTMENTS  Purchase Department  Stores Department  Production Department  Quality Assurance Department Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 27 .

Waseem Baig is Purchase department head. The Purchasing Department is directly headed by Technical Director Mr. Purchasing will be made on Big Quantity. Surana Centre for P.Basheer Ahmed and Mr. As and when there is complaint in Raw-Material complaint will be loaged to stores department and verification will be made by concerned authorities.Studies Page 28 .G.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  Finance Department  Design and Development Department  Human Resource Department  PURCHASING DEPARTMENT Purchasing of Raw Material is made when the inventory level reaches the minimum which is 5%.

Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 29 .G.Venkatesh. Basheer Ahmed the Technical Director of SVE and Mr. Stores Department is directly headed by Mr.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  STORES DEPARTMENT Preservation of Raw-Material and Customers property which includes products which are ready for dispatch will be ready for delivery until the final settlement is made by customers(In order to avoid the physical damage to the product stores department will look after the product which are ready for dispatch).

G.Md Basheer Ahmed where the production department is mainly classified into two category they are:*ProductionPlanning *Production Operation *ProductionPlanning:Production Planning Department is in charge of Technical Director of Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 30 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  PRODUCTION DEPARTMENT Production Department is mainly headed by Mr.

Unit1 Production Department Super-Visor cum In-Charge is Mr. Production operation department as been divided into 4Units where all the units are situated in Peenya Industrial Area. In this department the Production process. It is the main process in SVE which gives the ultimate outlook of a products manufactured in Unit. then the product reaches its final stage where it is ready for the dispatch to be reached to the final customers. it is welded and after the welding process is finished the inspection is done to check the product outlook then painting.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD SVE Mr. Here Production planning includes DESIGN of product through various software’s like AUTOCAD. the raw material is cutted.Md Basheer Ahmed. polishing and testing is done.ShivKumar and his Team Leads are:  Manjunath  Prasanna  Khan Surana Centre for P. Product design. There are different stages of manufacturing process performed in SVE. then it is send to the filling stage.G.Studies Page 31 . Design Department is headed by MD.Basheer Ahmed and Department in charge is Ashoka an AUTOCAD DESIGNER. *Production Operation:Production operation will start its production depending upon the criteria given by Production Planning Department which depends upon the customer requirement. Product Quality will be determined by the Technical Director depending upon the Customer requirement.

Studies Page 32 .G.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Unit 2 Production Department Super-Visor cum In-Charge is Mr.L  Mahendra Kumar Surana Centre for P.M.Yegova and his Team Leads are:  Rajanna  Narayanappa  Balaji  Kadivel Unit 3 Production Department Super-Visor cum In-Charge is Mr.Maheshappa and his Team Leads are:  Umesha  Munsif  VenuGopal  Hanumanthappa  Ramesh Unit 4 Production Department Super-Visor cum In-Charge is Francis and his Team Leads are:  Jamsheed  Santosh  Chetan  Ramesh.

SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  QUALITY ASSURANCE DEPARTMENT Q&A Department is headed by VIJAY KUMAR Manager of Q&A Department and Ashok and Shivakumar are Q&C Engineers of Q&A Department  To maintain specified standards of quality  To assets conformity them  To take corrective actions  To prepare and improve standard. In SVE inspection is done TWO times. It is mandatory and which meet the requirement of customer Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 33 . one is at the initial inspection and the other is the final inspection.G. It is which check out the defects and damages of the products before reaching the customers.  INSPECTION Inspection plays a very important role in the SVE. The most profitable quality level is achieved by a balance between cost of quality to manufacture and value of quality to customers  To ensure total quality management.

G. which carry on production and distribution on a largescale provision of adequate finance. It cannot work unless it has got sufficient amount at its disposal to purchase machine and materials. is a very challenging task. build premises. Money is the lifeblood of any enterprise. as it is required to purchase machines and materials to pay wages and salaries to employees and to allow credit facilities to customers. It affects all the business decisions where money is involved. All the important financial decisions are taken by the board of directors of company. the problems of finance for modern business is for all practical purposes of the problem of corporate finance.Studies Page 34 . For companies.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD FINANCE DEPARTMENT The finance function deals with the procurement of money at the time when it is needed and its effective utilization in the enterprise. An important requirement for the success of any business organization is the provision of sufficient amount of funds or capital. Surana Centre for P. since the large commercial and industrial undertakings are set up in the form of companies. and meet day-to day expenses and for several other finance for the functioning of the enterprise.

Studies Page 35 . The objectives of the finance department should be so devised that they contribute directly towards the achievement of the overall organizational  Ensuring regular and efficient supply of capital to the business. Manager Accounts: Finance and A/c managers concerned with measurement of income/expenditure for specific periods of time such as month and year (income/expenditure statement) financial reports at the end of the period.G.  Ensuring better utilization of capital by following the principles of Liquidity.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Objective of finance department: Since financing is one of the functional areas of any business enterprise. the objective of financial management must be done with the overall objectives of the enterprise. Manager Costing: It is concerned with determining relevant cost and performing other analysis like preparation of budgets and performance analysis based on budgets. Manager Finance: Surana Centre for P.  Coordinating the activities of the finance department with those of the other department of the enterprise. profitability and safety.  Ensuring a fair rate of return on capital to the supplier.

 Perquisites shall be evaluated as per IT rule wherever applicable and in absence of any such rule perquisites shall be evaluated at actual cost.Studies Page 36 . Act not excluding 12% of the basic salary. Ms. Matt Rick System: To make attendance of employee by pressing his thumb on machine.S. Raw materials. auditing and capital budgeting.SriDhara the Finance Director of SVE is handling the finance department and under his supervision he as two young and dynamic person they are Ms.Sunitha for Documentation.Geetha and Ms.  The company has given interest free loan and advance in the nature of loans of employee’s recovery are made according to the stipulated time. M.S. Tally: To mention accounting records. Stores & Spares are physically Surana Centre for P. Gratuity will be limited to half a month’s salary for each completed year of service. Software’s used to maintain accounts or records.S. Mr. fund management.C.Prathibha for billing and Ms.-Word. Normal windows software like M. forecasting.-Power Point etc for required official uses.G.F.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD He is responsible for overall financial planning and for raising capital he has the following functions to perform major activities are financial.SumaLatha and Ms.Priya for Accounts department. Practice/ Procedures:  Companies contribute to PF and super annual fund as per the rules of P.  The Stock of Finished goods.

4. Improve communication and secure co-operation from employees. Grievance RECRUITMENT POLICIES: 1.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD verifies every quarterly. Build employees enthusiasm and loyalty and increase their confidence.Mohamed Baseer Ahmed for Technical related Recruitment HUMAN RESOURCES POLICIES: The following are the some of the HR polices. 6. Training & Development 3. Recruitment & Selection 2. Provide formal statement of corporate thinking 2. Job analysis 4. Establish consistency in application of policy over a period 3.Saraswati for Administrative purpose and Mr. Offer guidelines to managers for thinking action. HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT: HR dept is mainly headed by Ms. They are as follows: 1. 5. Performance Appraisal 6. Provide criteria (measuring yards) for performance evaluation of persons involved in recruitment.Studies Page 37 .G. Salary Administration 5. Surana Centre for P.

There are totally 3 types of workers.. knowledge. They divide workers according to their skill. qualification and work. So at all work..Studies Page 38 . The majority of workers in HIPL is Non-Technical workers are doing their work in production but Non-Technical workers are handling all related work of organization.E. all activities of business are based on man power of the organization.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD MAN POWER: Man power is major aspect of any business or organizational activity without man no production.  Technical.I.. and no business. management etc. Diploma and I. Non-Technical : Non-Technical employees are those whoever comes or works all related jobs of marketing. etc.  Non-Technical  Labor Group. dispatch accounts. B. 193 are Male-employees and remaining 5 are Female-employees. They have 198 workers.G.Sc. They must qualified as any technical course like B. Success of every organization is depending on man power of that organization.T. security. The workers or employees of technical are:   Engineers Section or Shift In charge Lab Attainder etc. Technical: The Technical workers are the base of production. Man power or human resource of HIPL is very good. Non-Technical workers are: Management  Security Surana Centre for P. store.

No 1. 2. 4. The working hours for an employee are 8 hours.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  Accounts  Stores  Marketing etc Requirement of employees is depending on their work. Labor Group: These are the employees of HIPL who works under or who works as assistant of employees. The wages are given before 10 th of the month. Surana Centre for P. 3. They are just for normal or minor works as cleaning.G.Studies Page 39 . Sl. helping etc. who work in the administration section. EMPLOYEES STRENTH There are 190 employees in the factory. The SVE holds 4 shifts per day. Shift A B C D In Time 06:00 AM 02:00 PM 10:00 PM 08:30 AM Out Time 02:00 PM 10:00 PM 06:00 AM 05:30 PM Total Hours 8 8 8 8 Wages are given on time basis. The wages are paid directly to the employees through cheque and through direct cash to the employees.

Studies Page 40 .  Responsibility and authority for design and development. Design and development planning: For the process of design and development. Surana Centre for P.  Review verification and validation that are appropriate to each design and development stage.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Design and Development Department Objectives: a) To design and develop quality products that area reliable and economical.G. planning the following points are determined  Design and development stages. b) To consistently try and improve the quality of the product.

G. and those external to the firm can be classified in as opportunities (O) or threats (T). Such an analysis of the strategic environment is referred to as SWOT analysis. Environmental factors internal to the firm usually can be classified in as strengths (S) or (W).SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Chapter-5 SWOT ANALYSIS: A scan of the internal and external environment is an important part of the strategic planning process. The SWOT analysis provides information that is helpful in matching the firms resources and capabilities to the competitive environment in which it operates.Studies O = Opportunities O = Opportunities Page 41 . As such. it is instrumental in strategy formulation and selection S = Strengths S = Strengths T = Threats T = Threats SWOT SWOT W=Weaknesses W=Weaknesses Surana Centre for P.

SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Strengths:  SVE is supported by experienced and qualified Directors.  Good coordination between employee and employer.  Easy availability of raw material. Surana Centre for P. The Directors are from engineering background and their services are available to the company.  Products are ISO 9001:2000 certified  Productivity enhancement through both quality and quantity of the product.Studies Page 42 .  SVE provides healthy working conditions and safety equipments to the workers and fulfils their needs and wants.G.

 Wastage of raw materials due to non Handling of raw material in a scientific manner.  Professionally managed company.Studies Page 43 .  Effective distribution of work in the organization. machine tool and general engineering sectors – varied customer segments  Continuous updating ensures a spirit of constant learning among the employees. the Railways Production Process located in multiple locations.  Established customers in automotive.  Requires heavy capital expenditure. Surana Centre for P.G. This results in transport of semi finished goods to other units back and forth for further process results in high production cost. In house availability of technically skilled manpower and superior technology helps SVE to supply best quality product.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD   SVE has adopted modern technology for its operations. Weakness:   Dependence on only one major customer .

SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Surana Centre for P.G.Studies Page 44 .

Surana Centre for P.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Opportunities:  Introduction of Mass rapid transport system in India & other countries  Raising cost of fossil fuels  Huge investment in Infrastructure development in India  Huge flow of Foreign Direct Investment into India Threats:  Growth of Cheaper modes of air transport  Dumping of similar products from China  Counterfeit products .G.Studies Page 45 .

 Highly qualified top management.  Provides opportunity for the employees to enhance their learning by conducting various events and other orientation programs. Surana Centre for P.6 FINDINGS & CONCLUSION Findings:   SVE is rich in technology as they are using CNC machines.G.  There is no proper canteen facility in the organization.  Effective distribution of work in the organization.  Good communication with workers.Studies Page 46 .  Training is the major tool for maximizing the productivity.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD CHAPTER. SVE has provided a family atmosphere in the organization.  There is no labour union.

the practical steps of production. distribution. A study on the history of the company reveals that the past years of the company were really magnificent and excellent. the purchasing procedure etc was discussed and the risk involved in doing the business was understood.G. During the training period.Studies Page 47 . Surana Centre for P. The company is working more efficiently. The company is utilizing the resources at its maximum for healthy production. Mainly the study of individual departments was very enlightening and the knowledge gained has helped in understanding industrial practices. SVE is headed by experienced and qualified Directors and their experience in the engineering field will take the company to greater heights.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Conclusion: The training gave valuable information and helped to know the practical part of the theories and problems studied in the past years.

 Facilitating the customers to buy and interact through e-marketing can enhance the sale unimaginably it also helps to attract potential customers in and out of India.  The company should improve machine utilization and take corrective action to minimize production loss due to idle time. The company has to make effective utilization of available resources.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD CHAPTER.  Enlarge the warehouse capacity to stock the raw materials / finished products. Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 48 .7 SUGGESTIONS AND LEARNING EXPERIENCE Suggestions:  Innovate and develop new and existing products.  The production department should provide more and more safety measures for the employees.  Conducting sports and cultural events to harmonies the relation among the employees.   Increase the productivity by providing rewards and appreciation.G.

This is because every human being learns hence only out of experience and experience is the way of life.  It should take more care towards customer retention. confidence and competence.G. without which facing the corporate world is a difficult task. In this organization study I have learnt a lot. Interacting with an Organization that has existed since long was an experience of a life time. and by being exposed to the real conditions in a systematic manner.Studies Page 49 . The employees of SVE had been of tremendous support to me in doing my project work.  The company should control the expenditure and cut down unnecessary cost. Learning Experience Learning is synonymous to experience. They guided me in Surana Centre for P. Today’s corporate world demands for all these qualities. Students coming out.SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD  Participation in interstate and international trade fairs frequently would help in promoting the product and bringing the brand identity internationally. In life a person enhances his knowledge only when exposed to real world situations. He understands how to live and face various unforeseen situations. The MBA course has the organization study as the part of its curriculum to make the students experience the actual corporate world and learn its ways of functioning. as MBA’s would be ready to have an interface with the corporate world with determination. In this competitive world this kind of an approach is extremely indispensable. This is exactly what the MBA course does to its students.

This has made me learn that people in organization are accommodative in HR. Without their support it would have been highly difficult.Studies Page 50 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD every step and gave all the necessary information for doing the organization study. strategies regarding their competitors its future growth and prospectus etc. During the 5 weeks it was my pleasure to work with Sidhi Vinayaka Fab Engg Pvt Ltd.G. It was my first exposure in a manufacturing industry. It gave me immense knowledge about how a manufacturing industry works. Surana Centre for P. the nature of production . This organization study helped me a lot in learning towards the corporate exposure as it is a practical way of learning about organization to develop and understand the organization system . culture .

SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Chapter-8 Bibiliography BOOKS:  Company manuals  Department manuals  Financial statements  Interaction with Manager Surana Centre for P.Studies Page 51 .G.

Studies Page 52 .SIDHI VINAYAKA FAB ENGINEERING PVT LTD Surana Centre for P.G.