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TO: Mrs. Lauralee Blackwood FROM: Symone McKenzie Circulation List: Miss Dulcie Moody, Mrs. Sophia Lee, Mrs. Cecile Pennycooke Mrs. Lauralee Blackwood

INTRODUCTION: This report is in response to a memorandum I received on November 2, 2010. I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my abrupt response, which may come across as being rude, it was not my intent. A number of issues were highlighted with regards to the operation of my desk and my personality. I must also state that I also have some of the same issues, which I have listed and have also made some recommendations.

CONCERNS: 1) Inappropriate behavior: I consider your behavior towards me very inappropriate, and I would like to state the most recent incident as an example; The manner in which I received the memorandum with regards to Service Issues you are having. As a supervisor I would have expected that this document would have been placed in my hand and its contents discussed, and then we would try to find solutions to these issues, instead the memo was placed on my desk without a word and you walked away. I found your action very inappropriate in your capacity of a supervisor.

2) The manner in which you spoke to me after you discovered an error in something that I did. I make reference to the SN Travel Reservation, a quotation was sent to SN Travel. After reviewing the quotation you identified an error, Instead of outlining to me where I went wrong, you placed the corrected quotation on my desk and in a loud tone said, your quote is wrong and you need to stop acting as if you know everything and ask questions before you send quotes to our clients. This too I consider very inappropriate.

3) Informing outstation branches of cancellation requests: Whenever I receive a cancellation I ensure it is cancelled in Orion and faxed to the appropriate outstation. sometimes the fax is not received because of one reason or another. I make reference to an Auto Europe Booking for Mr. Keith Bailey, I agree that I should ensure that the information is relayed to an agent at the respective branch, however branch members and myself have a part to play in ensuring that unnecessary mis-haps are prevented. This can be done by ensuring that I speak to someone at the branch in addition to faxing and cancelling the reservation in our system, and by having the outstation checking the reservation in Orion when the customer arrives at the counter, especially Tour company's clients. This is to ensure that no modification was done between the time they printed their report and the client getting to the counter. Another way is by reading documents that have been faxed in its entirety, I say this because Mrs. Lee had re-fax the Auto Europe cancellation request to NMA and in minutes after receiving the fax they called to say they had received it but it was confirming receipt of the request not cancelling it. I had to direct them to the top section of the email where it clearly stated please cancel.

4)Prioritizing my daily duties and seeking assistance: On Mondays the volume of work at my desk is very high and time is of the essence, hence I have created a systematic way in getting the job done. I consider it to be working, however I am open to new ideas of improving how I maximize my time. I do prioritize my work and seek assistance when the need arise, however you have to bear in mind that the reservations department is closed on weekends, hence Mondays most queries I receive will state urgent because customers are not aware that the reservation department is closed at that time, never the less I ensure that I reply to all emails accurately and efficiently.I have been operating this desk for almost three (3) years hence I have formulated a system in which I reply to each Tour company's request, especially after the weekend. Tour Companies like Cartrawler , Caribbean Cars and Rental Car Group will call on Mondays to ask about the reservations they sent over the weekend. I ensure that I deal with these companies before I attend to other queries. I consider every query important and that they should be dealt with in a timely manner, however no matter how hard I try someone has to wait because I can only deal with one query at a time and each is equally important however when you have seventy three (73) net bookings fifteen (15) Tour companys request and ten (10) general queries to reply to it is difficult to satisfy each customer without anyone waiting a few minutes.

With regards to seeking assistance when needed I do ask for help, if I have an auditing issue I will ask an Auditor, if I have a transfer issue I will ask you, based on the issue I will seek help from the person whom I think will be able to best assist me.

5)Conflicting Information: On numerous occasions I have been told one thing and then another by various staff members. Example; SN Travel quotation I was told by you and other staff members that commission is taken off the base rental. I did a quote and deducted the commission before I added the tax and insurance (tour company will collect the commission and customer should pay net balance). Before I sent the quotation I verified this with an Auditor and was told commission is taken off the base rental. After the quote was sent I am told that this was incorrect only discount is taken off the base, commission is taken off the total after tax and insurance has been added. This is causing much confusion, this can be solved by teaching the correct method in the beginning of training. The cut and paste method is inadequate and should be discontinued in order for us to provide accurate information at all times to our clients.

Conclusion: Based on the issues I have listed my conclusion is as follows; Conflicting Information More team work is needed Lack of communication between branches Lack of respect

Recommendations: Respect for all staff members should be shown Avoid Partiality Branch meetings need to be held at least every six (6) months so issues can be delt with as they arise. Open to change and accommodating new ideas More emphasis need to be placed on solving problems rather than the creater of the problem.

I look forward to discussing these issues and I hope some if not all my recommendations are taken into considerations as we seek to becoming better team players with the common goal of providing outstanding service to clients.

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