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Daewoo CRT TV Repair 20VSSFG Repair

This is the second TV Repair I am doing. It can be seen at my blog here This is the second one and is a Daewoo CRT TV Repair brought in by a customer. Complaint is that it was struck by lightning. I uploaded the Schematic and it can be seen here. I have schematic below also but it is not very clear.

I opened the set and looked around, and found a partially burnt resistor. I checked with the digital multimeter (diode setting)and it read high reading both ways.Then I also checked with Atlas Component Analyser, it read "Component Unknown". I could make out the reading with a magnifying glass it is 1N4148. I uploaded the data sheet on the internet, it is a fast switching diode. It can be seen here. I also took Q404 out and it tested bad with the Atlas Peak Component analyser. What I usually do is check with the analyser and compare the HFE reading with the schematic of the Transistor. According to Jestine Yong, if the HFE has changed value out of specifications it also would not work. This Q404 tested bad, so I directly replaced it.

I continued to look around in the primary side and the fuse and diodes tested ok with ohm meter. I found a bad e-cap connected to Pin 4 (VCC) of Power IC as shown below. This capacitor tested 1.8 ESR with the Blue ESR Meter and I decided to change to avoid problems. The expected value off the chart is between 0.6 and 1 ESR ohm. See the chart and below ( borrowed this from John Preher without permission) and the capacitor I changed.

After this I tested the Horizontal Drive Transistor and and the HOT ( Horizontal Output Transistor) and they tested ok. They are on the diagram below.

So now I went and did a test for shorted component on Secondary Side. I put my Red Probe of the Digital Multi-Meter to ground to ground and negative to cathode side of all secondary diodes. I see no short, then I reverse the probes and again I see no short. So I conclude that if secondary side is bad, I may have to go in and check voltage. See below the test point for check short on secondary lines.

Now I am ready to go in and do voltage testing. Anyone please advise if there is anything else I have to do, I will put in results when I am done doing voltage testing. While writing this I think I will go and test the relay close to the burnt component diode 14148 and Q404 as seen above. For this I will refer back to my book of Testing Electronic Components by Jestine Yong. I don't know if the relay has to work for the Tv to come on but I will check the schematic again.

Ok I tested the relay and it has no continuity. This is 4A/30V DC Relay. I replaced with 5A/10V DC Relay don't know if this will work, but it is the only one I have available. Just in case I get power from flyback because I notice that the relay gets its voltage from there.

After this I went in and check voltages first on the primary side. The result can be seen below. I don't know if this is right but I only get 130V DC at the +ve pin of main filter capacitor, and we operate on 110V here. I got 15.5 V on the VCC pin of power IC. What I did was to connect my negative probe to the Negative pin of Main Filter Capacitor. I had modified this probe and added a crocodile clip. So I then used one hand and place the positive probe of the different test points.

In case voltage of 130V is low, I went and check all diodes out of ciurcuit (1 leg out of board) and they all checked ok with the analog multiumeter at 1X and 10X. Now I checked the voltage at the secondary side. They are all at least 3 volts less. For the main B+ it is 130V instead of 133V. See on the diagram below.

Now this is starting to give me headache. However I went to check voltage on the horizontal driver transistor. This had checked good out of circuit. And I find here things that is hard to understand. See Below. The service manual says that collector Voltage in ON Mode is 27V and OFF Mode is 33V. However it has no volts. I desolder the collector and then the voltage at that point rise to 45 V. So in case the driver breakdown under voltage I replaced with a used one off an old board, but it reads the same. Is it possible 2 of them breakdown under load?

Is it possible that R405 or the primary of the driver transformer T401 breakdown under load? I also get 0.7 volts at the base, maybe that means that I get horizontal signal from the IC.

Please any advise appreciated..... Jorge