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Amanda Thompson

October 2011

American Living
Do not worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself. Matthew 6:34 Re-adjusting to living in America was quite a difcult transition for me. I remember the rst time I left a grocery store without looking anybody in the eye or having a single conversation. I cried. I was so afraid that I would forget that every person has a story. I didnt want to get too busy to stop and talk with someone in the grocery store. When I came back from the eld, all I had was a dream to go back to Thailand. I started chasing it, but the Lord led me farther and farther away from it. Doors that had initially seemed wide open were suddenly slamming in my face. I started substitute teaching because I really didnt know what else to do. I ended up living with an incredible family that helped get me back on my feet. However, it took a long time for me to accept that my dream might have to be postponed indenitely. After a while, I felt led to move to Gainesville, GA to help serve Adventures In Missions. Right now, I am serving in the ofce. My job is to help mobilize this generation to get out on the eld so they can bring the Kingdom of God to the nations. AIM believes that this generation has the ability to make a huge difference in the world and works very hard to empower them through discipleship to walk out their faith in a way that impacts the nations with the Kingdom of God. And I get to help!!! I have learned a lot as I have come under the authority of AIM and served their vision. I plan on staying in Gainesville, GA for another 3-4 months as I continue to prepare to move to Thailand. While Ive been here, Ive gotten a chance to become involved in the community here. I started going to Antioch United Methodist Church. I was raised in a Methodist Church and I felt the pull to go back to a traditional Methodist church and to just get involved. I dont do anything special - I just show up. And the Lord has been so faithful. I have been able to create some amazing relationships with incredible people.

Next Steps
As soon as I returned from the college age trip that I led to Thailand last fall, my heart has been burning to return to Phuket to serve fulltime. I am blessed to tell you that an opportunity has presented itself and I will be leaving in *gulp* JANUARY!!

Support Needs
Monthly support needed Current Support


Current Monthly Support $60 Needed Monthly Support $1000

The Ministry

SHE (Self Help and Empowerment) is an anti-human trafficking ministry located in Phuket, Thailand. The red-light district in Phuket is located on Bangla Road near Patong Beach. In that area alone - THOUSANDS of prostitutes work the bars every night. Men travel from all over the world to use these women. SHE organizes short term missions teams from all over the world to go into the red light district to create relationships with the prostitutes and to offer them a way out and something they all seem to have lost - HOPE. The goal and vision of SHE is to get women out of the bars, to teach them a trade, and to send them back to their home town to set up a business. They provide a job, a place to live, food, and some education to women who decide to leave their lives as prostitutes.

I need to raise support for my time here in America (my job with AIM is a support-raised position), as well as for my time in Thailand. I need 19 people to commit to supporting me at $50 per month or 28 people at $25 per month. Will you be one of these people? I also need about $1,200 - $1,500 for a plane ticket to Thailand. My total support goal total is $2,500 before January. Please consider partnering with me and SHE to bring KINGDOM to Phuket!

My Job
Through AIM, Ill be joining SHE. I have recently committed to war with SHE for 2 years. My job will be to host the short-term teams, help mentor the Thai women that decide to leave their life of prostitution, organize prayer and worship times, and to fulll my hearts desire to love this community of people. This opportunity is what I thought I had to give up forever but now I feel like it is a dream coming true for me. I dream about Thailand. I pray over Thailand. I pray over the women and men who are caught in bondage. I also know that God is bringing about a change in that area. He is bringing his hope, love, and light to the darkness of Bangla Road. I know that I am supposed to be a part of it. In order to be a part of this powerful ministry I am looking for some partners. Will you consider being on my support team and join me on this journey?

My 23rd Birthday (reversed)

Email: Phone: 561.436.4859 Blog: click on support me to partner with me! or send support to: Adventures In Missions 6000 Wellspring Trail, Gainesville, GA 30506 please write Amanda Thompson in the memo line on the check.