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BEATRIZ AZEVEDO Beatriz Azevedo is poet, singer and composer.

She studied at Mannes College of Music and the Jazz & Contemporary Music Program in New York. A graduate in the Performing Arts, she studied Drama at the Sala Beckett in Barcelona (Spain) and has received awards in theatre, poetry and dramaturgy. Beatriz Azevedo was presented with the Virtuose scholarship by the Brazilian Ministery of Culture. The album Bum bum do poeta`, her first, was launched in Brazil by Natasha Records, originally Caetano Velosos label, and in Japan by Nippon Crown. The album features appearances by Adriana Calcanhotto and Z Celso Martinez Correa, among others. Her second album called Mapa-mundi (samba and poetry) was produced by Ale Siqueira. Brazilian label Biscoito Fino has just released the album Alegria. The recording features original compositions by Beatriz Azevedo and special guests like Tom Z and Vinicius Canturia. In Europe, the CD was released by Spanish label Discmedi + French label DG distribuition. Beatriz Azevedos music is also featured in the Union Square Music double album Brazil-The essential album` next to the international stars Tom Jobim, Joo Gilberto and Chico Buarque, a UK release. Two other songs composed by Beatriz are on the cd Bossa Nova Nights` by Manteca. During the years spent in New York, Beatriz formed partnerships with several artists such as Vinicius Canturia, Cyro Baptista, Thievery Corporation and other musicians of the contemporary Manhattan scene. Vinicius Cantuaria recorded Beatriz Azevedos music on his CDs Silva`(Hannibal/Rykodisc) and Horse and Fish` (Ryko). Alongside Cyro Baptista, she sang in concert as a special guest of his 10 piece percussion ensemble Beat the Donkey` in New York. Beatriz Azevedos band in NYC included some excellent musicians, such as Smokey Hormel (Tom Waits, Beck), Mauro Refosco (Forro in the Dark, David Byrne), Didi Gutman (Brazilian Girls), Marivaldo dos Santos and David Heilman (Stomp), Michael Leonhart (Lenny Kravitz, Vinicius Cantuaria) and Bill Holcomb (u-town). TV Cultura filmed her concert bum bum do poeta and presented the musical program with special participation by Z Miguel Wisnik and Ze Celso. Beatriz Azevedos writing has been published in the books Idade da pedra with a preface by Jorge Mautner, and Peripatetico (both Ed. Iluminuras). INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALS - MAIN CONCERTS - CMJ 2011 Music Marathon & Film Festival (New York, USA) - Festival Femmes du Monde 2010 (Paris, FRANCE) - Popkomm Festival 2008 (Berlim, GERMANY) - Dunya Festival 2007 (Roterdam, NETHERLANDS) - Copa da Cultura (Berlim, GERMANY) - Art-Anthropohagie-Aujourdhui (Paris, FRANCE) - Premiere Brazil! MoMA - Museum of Modern Art- (New York, USA) - Verizon Music Festival (New York, USA) - Encontro Internacional de Antropofagia (So Paulo, BRASIL) - Flip - Festa Literria Internacional de Parati (Parati, RJ, BRASIL)

REVIEWS The extraordinary new recording by Beatriz Azevedo, Alegria, has it allhigh literary erudition, carnavalesque exuberance, absurdist humor, and audacious experimentalism the hallmarks of antropofagia. Beatriz further explores the Brazil-U.S. connection in a version of Aint nobodys business if I do made famous by Billie Holiday in the 1940s. I think its one of the best (and funniest) adaptations of an American classic ever recorded. CHRISTOPHER DUNN [USA] Author and curator/advisor: "Tropiclia, a revolution in Brazilian culture", exhibition at Barbican (London, UK) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, US). Alegria is a fascinating piece of work in terms of inventiveness, grace, delicacy, vigor and courage. Beatriz Azevedo has a style all her own and a manner of merging music and literature that doesnt prefer one or the other. Her discoveries are impressive, especially for the impact they create in todays one-dimensional scene. Using elements from Tropicalia in a contemporary way, the album impresses and captivates the listener from the first note. FELIPE TADEU [Jazzthetik / Deutsche Welle-World, Germany] What strikes you is the totally personal stamp of the singer. Beatriz Azevedos lyrics reveal her poetic side, which made a mark from her first album onwards. This care for the lyric permeates all her work and is even more intense in Alegria. The always welcome presence of Tom Z, forever loose and free in Pelo Buraco. Social criticism, humour, mundane stories. Outstanding. Alegria awakens the pleasure of discovery, of imagination. A difficult act nowadays, where everything is over digested on arrival. BETO FEITOSA [Ziriguidum, Brasil] Upon first glance, Beatriz Azevedo might be considered an heiress of the Tropicalia movement and of the Manguebeat. Beatriz makes a tribute to this tradition of digesting and transforming the foreign, mixing it with our Brazilian flavour so as to create something entirely new on the cd Alegria. FRANCISCO QUINTEIRO PIRES [O Estado de S. Paulo, Caderno 2] Poet, actress and composer Beatriz Azevedo launches her treasures on the new album. She composed music based on poetry by the modernists Raul Bopp (coco de pagu) and Oswald de Andrade (relicario). She inspires and bases herself on the Manifesto Antropofago by Oswald de Andrade treating all tracks as true devourings. LUIZ FERNANDO VIANNA[Folha de So Paulo, ilustrada] A delicious interpretation of the classic Speak Low, in english, and as if two languages were not enough to say all that must be said, Beatriz Azevedo recorded a track in french, savoir par coeur, with music and lyrics written by herself. Different, creative, well done. If you havent heard of her yet, you will. PHOENIX FINARDI [Folha de Londrina, Brasil] Poet, singer and composer Beatriz Azevedo is a multi-facetted artist - a sophisticated artist backed by excellent Brasilian jazz musicians. MONDOMIX [France] Being a multi-facetted artist is somewhat in fashion. However, real ones such as Beatriz

Azevedo are rare. But investigation is necessary, because she is far from advertising herself. BETH NSPOLI [Caderno 2, Estado de So Paulo] Beatriz Azevedo is anthropophagic, a modern tropicalist; her music mixes traditional rhythms, contemporary grooves and poetry. With huge musical and poetic creativity, Beatriz Azevedo is the Brazilian artist you must follow. SANDRINE TEIXIDO [Vibrations, France] Chosen by Gilberto Gil to represent her country at the Soccer World Cup in Germany, the songwriter and singer Beatriz Azevedo will perform in Paris at LEntrepot et at the Divan Du Monde. Mixing percussion, traditional grooves and new rhythmic patterns, Beatriz Azevedo performs with great musicians from Brazil in her band. C. N. [Le Parisien, Paris, France]. Perhaps the latest in a great, historic line of poet-songstresses from Brazil, Beatriz's singing is reminiscent of the most recent world star of MPB, sassy Marisa Monte, as much as the likes of the late, vulnerable-voiced Elis Regina. The album from which Cena is taken ('Bum Bum do Poeta', which also boasts the Celso Sim-sung, Azevedopenned gem Circo) ranges from lounge lizard dub to quirky country samba, with the So Paulo siren announcing herself as a major songwriter and singer of great personality. RICK GLANVILL [ENGLAND / UK] (Guardian, NME, Vox and Blues e Soul) Beatriz Azevedo embodies originality and class in the world of contemporary Brazilian music. Having earned the respect of discerning music lovers around the world, particularly in her native Brazil, in the UK, and in Japan, she makes a rare appearance in NY tonight. DANIEL SHIRAI [Flavorpill New York] Beatriz Azevedos position musically stands alongside Tom Z (Bahian, longtime inhabitant of So Paulo), Itamar Assumpo, Arnaldo Antunes, Andr Abujamra (Karnak), all Paulistas, all multi-artistes. With this CD, one can gauge that Beatriz is not the mistress of a certain type of culture or philosophy, nor a complicated musician. Its Pop not the pop music of mass-consumption - she is Pop in the sense of Pop Art. JIN NAKAHARA [JAPAN] Brazilian singer Beatriz Azevedo is as much poet as songwriter. Her samba-driven arrangements may put you in mind of Arto Lindsay, as will her relaxed vocal delivery. K. WILLIAMS [Time Out New York] Beatriz Azevedo is a recognized Brazilian artist currently making an extended visit to New York. She is an extremely energetic creative artist and performer. Her lyrical side extends to songwriting and performing, as she has released the CD "bum bum do poeta" on Caetano Velosos label Natasha Records. All these achievements and her bright personality make Beatriz Azevedo a special artist. CHARLES ANDREWS PERRONE [USA]Ph.D., author of the books "Masters of Contemporary Brazilian Song" and "Brazilian Popular Music and Globalization". Theatres greatest refinement is when theatre turns into music, when theatre turns into dance. Its when prose disappears and all becomes poetry. Beatriz is a contemporary woman in this sense, she is an actress and a poet, above all, a poet, an extraordinary

poet. By being a poet, she wants to be a poet in everything, and she is acheiving exactly that, by mixing everything, and this mix is every artists desire. Z CELSO MARTINEZ CORREADirector of Teatro Oficina, Brazils leading theatrical company Beatriz, we bought your book to have your autograph, a pact of letters and ink and for you to continue your work. My own copy of Peripathetic was so often read that the pages show signs of handling. It will be mailed to your house for you to put your spell and your signature on, and then to send it back to me again, the reader and owner of the book that was yours and now is ours. TOM Z Tropicalist musician and composer.

ALEGRIA, the new CD by Beatriz Azevedo Released by Biscoito Fino in Brazil and Discmedi in Europe, the album ALEGRIA was recorded in Rio de Janeiro, So Paulo and New York. The CD presents original compositions by Beatriz Azevedo and features special guest appearances by Tom Z and Vinicius Canturia. ALEGRIA unites great musicians from the Brazilian music scene such as Bocato, Cristovo Bastos, Jorge Hlder, Carlos Bala, Chacal, Guilherme Kastrup, among others, and was produced by Beatriz Azevedo. In New York, Beatriz recorded with a few great talents of the local jazz scene including Anat Cohen, Jamie Leonhart and Michael Leonhart. With Michael Leonhart (who is the youngest artist ever to have received a Grammy award), Beatriz explored the vintage sounds of such instruments as the Hammond, Wurlitzer, Rhodes, Celesta as well as playing an original Theremim. The CD includes a making of video by Sabrina Greve, edited by Daniel Campos. The album cover and design art are by the award winning artist Gringo Cardia. The repertoire offers compositions, lyrics and music by Beatriz Azevedo and co-writes with Cristvo Bastos and Vinicius Canturia. It also features poetry by Oswald de Andrade, Hilda Hilst and Raul Bopp with music by Beatriz Azevedo. ALEGRIA explores the diversity of Brazilian rhythms (like maxixe, partido alto, maracatu, coco, embolada, samba) and the endless possibilities of contemporary anthropophagy of jazz, tango, afrobeat, Cuban, Indian and French music.

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