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Issue Eight


Dear Box readers,

Welcome to the eighth edition of The Box Zine. In this issue you will find we travelled around the Midlands to bring you some creative art and not forgetting culture, plus we have guests writers and contributors, and of course the bits we put in for you to enjoy.



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Art and Music In Kidderminster


Boars Head

The Boars Head is a fantastic and vibrant music venue that has recently been taken over by Sid and Sandra. As well as boasting a terrific line-up of bands, the Boars Head is also home to The BHG. The BHG is a unique concept that has been brought to a town that has been crying out for an Arts venue for years. Kidderminster has always been a town with a marvellous brewing creative talent. We have a strong lead with Arts councillor Loz Samuels and a vibrant celebration of Art in August with the Kidderminster Arts Festival (of which saw the recent re-development of the Subways, lead by street artist Dom Deed Dunlea). At the Gallery we currently have artists exhibiting within the self-contained area of The Boars Head Pub. There is wall space available here for new artists and artists who may even be intimidated by the traditional gallery, but find a more social environment easier to approach. The BHG is to be run as a non-profit venue alongside artists involved in KAF (Kidderminster Arts Festival).

We are currently in the process of developing an upstairs arts space that can be used for workshops, events and exhibitions for various groups throughout the community. This area should be launching late autumn. There has been no struggle for enthusiasm, but the only struggle lying in the funding of the refurbishment of the venue. The Arts almost has to function on a low budget and we are currently looking to source materials from outside sources. When up and running we believe The BHG can be a flourishing, artistic hub for the local community. It is also currently and continuing to be the base for KAF Creatives (a collective of artists running projects in and around the Kidderminster Arts Festival). Artists currently exhibiting include: Andrew Vaughn May, Sid Palmer Marc 'melo' Potter, Dom Dunlea, Corina Harper, Matt Beahan and Emma G. would you like to propose an exhibitions, workshop or apply for wall space to exhibit? Please email specific details of size, specifications and prices of work for sale) Do you have any materials you could donate to The BHG or run a business that would be interested in sponsoring The BHG Please email

Mondays Manic Mondays! Drinks offers available; shots from 1, Bottles from 1.75, Spirit & Mixer from 2, 5 Bombs for 10 and more * 9pm till Late. Tuesdays Diversity! Free Jukebox, Free Guitar Hero, Free SingStar!! Open Mic Night with Tina V & This Wicked tongue ; Guitarists, singers, pianists, beatboxers, rappers, comedians everyone welcome!
A selection of the evenings Football & Rugby (sports also shown Mon, Tues & Sat) 4th & 18th Nov The Best of Ragga, Reggae & Dancehall,.. with Ital Sounds. 11th Nov Eclectro, with Bhima Steve Mcardle & Guest DJs 25th Nov SubKon v Shuddervision Soundsystem; The best in old school & new school hip hop & Dubz! A busy, popular night of the week for all ages and clientele Sky Sports & ESPN HD, Multi-screen Venue.
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Hereford Art Trail

Exploring Art in the Shires

e started our creative adventure at the Hop Pocket craft and arts shop which is on the way to Hereford. The Herford Arts Trail is vast covering all Hereford and even the outskirts of Wales. To visit every place on the trails map would take over two weeks but The Box Zine had only one day so had to get a move as we continued our mini trail. At the Hop Pocket we were amazed by all the beautiful glass, sculpture and paintings inside in a new re- opened part of the Hop Pocket we saw a familiar face in one of the studios Charlotte Kessler painting a very attractive painting of a women with a bird I thought looked like a phoenix. Carrying on with our art trail adventure we studied the map that pin pointed all the open studios, exhibitions and workshops that were running over the week. We set off; deeper into the heart of Herefordshire to find our destination, beautiful barn conversions were we met up with Guy Butcher who designs and crafts contemporary and traditional furniture. This year he had opened his studio as a shared space to share with local artists and crafts people. One resident artist was with Alice Arnold who creates original paintings and drawings of animals and wildlife, also occupying the barn conversion was Megan Arnold (unrelated) who makes handmade silver and gold jewellery using traditional techniques for one off individual pieces.

ur next destination was at a stunning

little cottage in the middle of nowhere with Jenny Pearce basket makers and Sarah Walker hand made paper lamp shade makers. Jenny works with willow from her home and crafts baskets in the English and Celtic design, Sarah works with reclaimed maps to which she makes lamps and shades. Back into the car taking another look at the map we decided to take a chance and just instinctively follow the signs to our fourth destination and came across and impressive manor House and four court that housed an intriguing sculpture yard. Large scale sculpture Jenny Pickford whose work was astonishing and dramatic, her work has been seen at the Chelsea garden show and others, her work was made initially of metal and glass welded together to make breathtaking large scale sculptures.

e hit the road again looking for our

next destination and regardless of the map we thought it would be easier if we kept going down the country lane instead of driving on the main roads, we saw some breath taking scenery and some stunning little villages along the way (there is northing like the Great British Country Side, we ended up being in the right place by following the lanes and ended up on a farm. We could hear loud music coming from one of the out buildings so we took a look and found another part of the arts trail run by a metal sculpture Alan Ross, Alans workshop was amazing, around the workshop were caravans and farm materials and views you be privileged to wake up to every morning, Alan offered us a ride on the bike he had made, none of us wanted a go as it didnt look, lets say safe, so Alan showed us how it was done by drinking cider and riding his bike round the farm. The yard was littered with imaginative large sculptures of sea horses, scorpions and birds all mad from found ad recycled materials

ack in the car we hit the road yet again the

day was drawing to a close so we started to head back when we saw a drive way for a house which was also part of the arts trail covered in brightly colour red bunting welcomed by the home owners we ventured further into the garden of the house and found two yurts in a field with Bridget Drakefords work inside, I had never seen a yurt before and I was fascinated with them, Bridget work combined with fine colourful fabrics created especially for opt decorate the yurts. When we were leaving we also saw Jenny Pickfords statement metal flowers sculpture standing proud in a near by field which was nice to see again and ended the art trail perfectly. Back in the car we headed for home after a long but eye opening and inspiring day which should the hidden gems that Hereford and its occupants have to offer to the art world. The Hereford Arts Trail will be running again next year to find out more information keep your eyes on The Box Zine or visit for more information.

The World Seen

By Andrew Tyler
Capturing the imagination of his viewer Andre Tyler has produced a strong body of surreal art works he explains to The Box Zine why and how he crests these wonderful visuals. What inspired you to be to paint? And where have you studied? Can't remember what set me off originally but, painting and art was always a part of my life right from the beginning, before I went to school even. I just liked to express myself through visual media...and it just carried on... I have studied at Cheltenham Art College(BA) and Chelsea School of Art (MA). Do you have a preferred artist? I have several, Paula Rego, Poussin, Kandinsky, Chagal, Miro, name a few...

What type of art inspires the work that you produce? It can be anything as long as it is vibrant, passionate and/or challenging but, surrealism if I had to pick one Do you use traditional methods of painting or modern techniques? I use mainly traditional methods such as pen&ink, Acrylic on paper and, until recently, screen printing. I occasionally produce a poster (usually for my band 'the oohz') in which I combine traditional drawing with computer programmes such as Illustrator and photoshop. How would you describe your style? Surreal with subtle hints of underlying abstraction and distraction. Could you describe to the readers your current exhibition if you have one or when you may be exhibiting? Next year I hope to exhibit at Worcester Arts Workshop but, have no definite dates set as yet. If this does go ahead, i plan to show my most recent, small drawings and paintings.

Occasional Hell
By Glenn James
Woodlit slept for a very long time, but he couldnt set an alarm. His slumber was not a time you could measure with a clock, more by the reigns of Kings and Queens, or the duration of Empires. It was a long, slow sleep, deep in the earth, where he had trowled his way down through the soil with nails like sytheblades and made himself a warm, comfortable cell where no-one could disturb him. It was a tactical retreat, when the Norsemen reduced the town to ashes, because if theres one thing Woodlit couldnt bear it was fire. It was his oldest enemy, a shifting biter, and an unpredictable thing the Sons of Day had always used to fight him, so Woodlit cannily avoided it. He had done just that, and he had been safe down here, far below their feet, deep where he had been forgotten in the dark. But that was a very long time ago, and as he gradually woke up, he scratched in his slumber at the earth, with lengthening nails, and gnawed at his many forked tongues in terrible hunger. Once upon a time there were once images of Woodlit in the Cathedral, showing him feasting, as part of a terrible Last Judgement painting. It was always said to have been pained from life, and it wasnt a comforting thought. His name caused men to shiver at their firesides, at tales of a thing who could climb like a panther, who had scales instead of skin, and nails of glass. An insatiable thing who snatched you from your beds in his ravenous hunger.. There were echoes, vibrations now that finally penetrated the deep slumber. As he stirred Woodlit could feel people up above, moving about. He could sense the huge proliferation of them running riot across the land. It shocked and delighted him. There would be easy pickings now, no more breaking into thin little stockades, isolated in the middle of nowhere and filled with skinny halfwits, scratching a living from next to nothing and who wouldnt feed a fly. People felt much fatter now, spoilt and sheltered. They also felt slower, not so fast to fight, and Woodlit could sense it. Even deep underground Woodlit could almost smell the sheer bounty of food, and the long sleep had given him a real appetite. With burning hunger driving his soul, he began to dig upwards. It had been a long time since he had made his presence known, and he knew they always got complacent when he was asleep. Surprise had always been his great talent when hunting, and he would be well and truly forgotten by now. Woodlit smiled himself, to think that when he reached the surface not only would it be a hell of a good meal, but that after all this time, they wouldnt know what had hit them.

Photographer of the month

The Rat-Man Part Two

By Suz Winspear

Scott Sneddon
What inspired you to become a photographer? Possibly the most profound inspiration came from a family member; my uncle, who introduced me to the Digibox Camera Club. The club contains photographers with mixed photographic abilities, for Example, Martyn C is a very talented underwater photographer, Mick T produces quite unusual abstract work and John H is very well known in the club for his landscapes. The club is very social and we all help each other progress our skills further with lectures and friendly competitions. To anyone considering a career in photography, I suggest joining a club such as the Digibox. Have you got a favourite photographer? No, Ive got three. Joe Mcnally, Scott Kelby and Frank Doorhof. I believe these three photographers are the best at what they do. I have learnt so much from training they provide on Kelby Training and they all have fantastic portfolios and I truly aspire to be like one of them one day. What type of work inspires your photography? The work I find most inspiring is studio photography. Photographers who have started with a blank backdrop and been able to put lighting set-ups together and produce fantastic results. The three photographers I mentioned previously all use different techniques in the studio yet produce results that any advertisement company would kill to use. Digital and Film? I have dwelled into film in the past but digital is where my heart lies. The photography world is always evolving and photographers need to find the next thing. Film produces fantastic prints but you cant check the display on the back of the camera, say to yourself Oh, Ill up the iso or adjust the fstop etc. Film is a risk I prefer not to use, but I have great respect for all those who do.

The next time I went down there, the whole area was fenced off, and over the next few months the sheds were torn down, the ground was flattened, the rubbish was taken away and the weeds were all pulled up. Designated cycle-paths and designated pedestrian routes
How do you describe your style of photography? I dont know how to answer this to be honest, The style of your shot depends on what you want to capture and what your client expects to receive. A portrait would be a lot different to your basic advertisement shot. To put it simply, my style is a combination of the work Ive seen and my experimentations. I presume the question is meant to be: Where and how long did you study? I am mostly self-taught, I began an interest in photography about 5 years ago and I have photographed every day since. My camera has become my life, almost as if it is a part of me (I know sad right ;) ) Current Exhibition: My current work is adaptation in the studio. Experimenting with different lighting techniques that most photographers would use in a standard fashion shoot. My work has mostly been conducted with newly formed band Jack of Hearts who are brilliant. Art and culture in Worcester: The art industry in Worcester is interesting, Worcester and the surrounding areas are fantastic for all types of artists. This includes producing work and selling it on. There are many galleries, art shops and magazines (your reading one) that are always looking for fresh talent and if your trying to be serious you need to take that opportunity.

were put in, paved in different colours so everyone knew which path they ought to be in. Ornamental shrubs were planted and lawns were laid, and someone from the council was given the job of mowing and pruning. Litter bins and dog-mess bins were installed, and it all became another civic amenity, a place to go and take healthy exercise. The magic and the melancholy have gone, everything I loved about the place has been lost, and if I smoke there now I get stared at. Sometimes someone even comes up to me and lectures me about the health hazards. Its the wrong sort of activity for what the Local Authority calls a Healthy Living Zone. Theyve even got what they call Well-being Rangers, girls in turquoise tracksuits who are supposed to hand out leaflets about healthy lifestyles. As a result of which, I very rarely go there anymore. I havent seen the rat-man again, or his animal companions, but there is a place on the canal-side Im sure its the place where he stopped and spoke to me - where the formal municipal lawns have never grown. However many times they re-lay the turf, it always turns yellow, wilts and dies. Its a spot where litter and fallen leaves always collect although there seems no reason for it, and where thin weeds constantly sprout despite the efforts of the council workmen to eradicate them. So a part of the urban wilderness is still there. It hasnt gone completely, and when humans eventually go away and stop tidying up, it will all come back. Its only waiting for the opportunity to take over once more. And then the rat-man will have his home again.

Ive been Scott Sneddon from S Sneddon Photography, thankyou.

Pregnant Fish Perform

Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening is a hard hitting; hauntingly
beautiful and comically inspired production touching upon on the trials and tribulations of being a young teenager in 18th Century Germany, based on the original play written by Frank Wedekind but brought in to the 21st Century with the aid of modern day rock music . The Pregnant Fish theatre company was formed by nine friends from The University of Worcester in 2010 and has now expanded with and extra four talented young actors. The company and has performed a number of diverse and highly entertaining productions around the UK. The Box Zine was invited to review the final night. The play was performed not on a raised stage but on the same floor level of the audience giving the actors the opportunity to interact with the audience on a more intense and personal level. The setting was perfect being located in the grand hall of the Angel Centre that resembled an old school hall. The music provide by solo the guitarist added and extra dimension to the show. Spring Awakening have updated the traditional musical and so moving it into modern day appealing to a young and more open minded audience. The songs were very dark and comically gritty and emotionally stirring. The actors delivered a hard hitting emotional and dramatic piece driven by teenage angst self discover, sexual enlightenment and the consequences of both mental and physical abuse. Set in a time were educational establishments ruled with an iron rood and freedom of speech and thought were frowned upon Spring Awaking is bi product of the effects of the strict and repressing parental and a educational systems of the18th century .

Theatre Review

Into the Dark with

Her Dark Embrace
The Box Zine appreciates a good variation of music so interviewing lead man Will Brooks from the Bristol based band Her Dark Embrace gave us a great insight to what the young up and coming musicians have to offer there fans.
1. When Her Dark Embrace form?

I first met Mike around Valentines day of this year. Superhans & Maddox joined the group around the end of the summer. We're currently working on new music as a four piece, whilst continuing our search for a full line up.
2. How long Her Dark Embrace been together as a group?

4. When did you first release a single/album?

We have been working on music together for just under 8 months, and in that time, have amassed a great following online!
3. How did you guys form?

We're actually yet to officially release either a single or an album. The demo's that we released for free online have been met with a great deal of interest from people all over the world though, which is amazing! We even had people offering to buy them!
5. what are Her Dark Embrace main inspirations, musical, artistically and visually? As a group, there is a great mixture of influences. I suppose the strongest influences we have are 80's goth and rock. As far as lyrical inspiration goes, I just tend to write about what I am feeling, or cast my mind back to times in the past that have effected me emotionally. 6. How would you describe your sound/music?

As an audience we were on side with young protagonists we cheer for the rebellious and repressed youth and become emotional evolved with each characters individually inspiring story. The Pregnant Fish company delivered a refreshing performance a masterful version of a play written years ago but very much ahead of its time, the narrative of can be used and related to in the 21st century context. I would encourage all young people to watch Spring Awakening learn and gain from it. For more information about the Pregnant Fish Theatre Company please visit.

Initially, I placed an ad online looking for like minded souls to make music with. Luckily, Mike responded, and we have been working on music that we are both really proud of ever since. We began creating music as an advertisement as a way to attract like minded musicians to us. Eventually we found to such minds in Superhans and Maddox. They joined the band after finding us online, and sending demos our way.

There is definitely a dark romantic theme going on. Mike has been kicking the term 'Hurtcore' around HDE HQ and it does have a ring to it. Wouldn't be a bad thing to have our own genre!
7.How can our readers find out more information about you?

Our website has a tonne of content, with news, bios and more. There is also a forum for people to join if they want to talk to other fans of the band. ( Other than that, you can find us on Facebook ( and on twitter (@herdarkembrace)