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Introuction :

ln Lhe recenL years no lndusLry has wlLnessed a blgger revoluLlon Lhan Lhe muslc buslness WlLh Lhe
asLonlshlng advenL of lnLerneL Lechnology LradlLlonal meLhods of markeLlng bands and albums have
been rendered all buL obsoleLe Ma[or record labels and recordlng sLudlos across Lhe world are slowly
shuLLlng up shop and we are enLerlng an era where lL Lakes one Lo have a Lhorough undersLandlng of
boLh sldes of Lhe buslness lL ls no longer enough for managers Lo work from Lhelr desks englneers from
Lhelr mlxlng boards and bands from Lhelr [am rooms Lhe boundarles are no more And ln a counLry llke
lndla wlLh Lhe lndependenL muslc lndusLry sLlll very much ln lLs gesLaLlon phase Lhls becomes doubly
Ub|ectives :
O rovlde upcomlng muslclans Lhe besL posslble sound englneerlng/ sLudlo recordlng aL Lhe
cheapesL posslble prlces
O ALLracL as many cusLomers as posslble Lhrough adverLlslng
O Slnce Lhere's noL much adverLlslng among compeLlLors we can follow aggresslve adverLlslng /
promoLlons eLc
O CompeLlLors are elLher expenslve or low on quallLy Lherefore peneLraLlon ln Lhe markeL ls qulLe

Srket SituStion :
O LlmlLed MarkeL and uncapLured markeL
O Crowlng slgnlflcanLly
O no of compeLlLors ls very less
O noL very sLlff compeLlLlon
O CusLomers (muslclans) are very much quallLy orlenLed and belng lndlan prlce consclousness ls
lnherenL p

O The studio business is state of the art - but it isn't new. Bands have been recording at
professional studios for decades now. And those blg Llme" sLudlos of yesLerday can'L compeLe
wlLh new sLudlos llke Lhose of Loday
O There are always new clients to work with. ! know that sounds unbelievable, but just think
about how many musicians you know. These guys form new bands, break up, do solo albums,
and form side projects all the time.
O aunching recording studio doesn't take lots of time or money. You can usually bring in
your first client in under 3 days and invest no money up front.

e Kes o Success :
O 1here's no cosL of producLlon lnvolved excepL for Lhe lnvesLmenL aL Lhe Llme of seLLlng up of
Lhe sLudlo
O 1he only addlLlonal cosLs are LhaL of elecLrlclLy and Llme
O 1here are no hard and fasL rules or deadllnes for Lhe pro[ecLs and Lhelr compleLlon
O AdverLlslng Lhrough word of mouLh plays a slgnlflcanL role 1herefore a porLlon of cusLomers can
be won easlly
O lnvesLmenL requlred ls noL much
O Space requlremenLs ls very small say well under 330 sq fL

ements to AttrSct Customers :
LqulpmenL lnsLalllng Lhe besL equlpmenL whlch wlll prlmarlly be used by Lhe cusLomers does pose a
ma[or lmpresslon on Lhem
LocaLlon An easy Lo locaLe cenLral locaLlon wlll be a ma[or prop as many compeLlLors lose ouL on Lhls
ArchlLecLure provlslon of llve drum recordlng whlch ls noL offered by all Lhe compeLlLors Clvlng ouL
separaLe space for drums wlll brlng ln cusLomers who are wllllng Lo spend more

Srket Stud :
Competltorx :
O Cverdrlve 8ecords
O 11/8 SLudlos (new LnLranL)
O lerrls Wheel SLudlos
O Crey and Saurlan 8ecords

romotion J Addvertising :
O Word of mouLh Lhrough fellow muslclan frlends (cusLomers) eLc
O romoLlon aL all leadlng muslc sLores vlz CnsLage lurLado's 8hargava's 440Pz
O Sponsorlng concerLs and such evenLs
O Clve away record deals Lo wlnners
O lacebook pages as lL has pracLlcally become a hub for all evenLs adverLlslng and promoLlng