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The Class War Battlefield The Desire for Leadership and Structure You know whenever Pharaoh wanted

to prolong the period of slavery in Egypt; he had a favorite, favorite formula for doing that. What was that? He kept the slaves fighting among themselves. Martin Luther King Jr., Ive been to the Mountaintop (I See the Promised Land) When they found out that this black steam roller was going to come down on the capital. . .they called in these national Negro Leaders that you respect and told them, Call it off. . .And old Tom said, Boss I cant stop it cause I didnt start it. . . .They said Im not even in it, much less at the head of it. They said These Negros are doing things on their own. Theyre running ahead of us. And that ole shrewd fox, he said, Well if you all arent in it, then Ill put you in it. Ill put you at the head of it. Ill endorse it, Ill welcome it. Ill help it, Ill join it. Malcolm X, The House Negro and Field Negro The media is clamoring for it; the Institutional Left is crying fowl about it; Corporate Conservatism uses it as a weapon to vaccinate their consumers against its practitioners and many more people, mainly the participants, ignore its non existence. What Im talking about of course is the supposedly leaderless structure and lack of a cohesive message of the Occupy Wall Street Encampment and their mirror sites sprouting up across this county (excusing the world for this moment). After hearing so much fuss about these two single points, I began to wonder why it was so important. After excusing the press for its retrogressive fascination with the hippie qualities of OWS; I noticed there was a deliberate echoing of the same questions, now always in words but definitely in context. This reminded me of the near lock-step media march that occurred during the last great social uprising, the 1960s and 1970s. During this time period, institutional forces utilized the media to debase, disgrace and dismantle agitator groups using carefully choreographed strategic moves meant to expose their leaders and discredit their group in the public eyes. Through my knowledge of this time period and my subsequent reading of Robert Greenes, The 48 Laws of Power; I came to see the demand for a leadership structure as a tactical move, employed by the courtier class, aimed at achieving two ends. The first is the institutionalization of the stress being vented by the occupation; this move would deflate its populous energy and draw the people within the higher echelons the organizers, into the political process by promising gradual structural reform. Simultaneously an attempt would be made to corrupt their morality by exposing them to the high life, promising them prestigious positions within the same institutions they were revolting against. If they agreed and because the consequences of not agreeing include jail time, image assassination, actual assassination, exile and a host of other problems, most people do agree their loyalty to these institutions would be tested immediately because theyd be called upon to corral their followers into the stock pens known as D.C conventional wisdom which, if I may take a moment to speak out of context, states {about said system} that the general public has electoral power granted to it by the corporations who provide the media spots and campaign dollars to the politicians, any problem with the system denotes a severe sickness of Marxism, Socialism, Anarchism or Unpatriotic Fever. Sound familiar? But I digress. . .This first process would serve the purpose of isolating the Sheppards from their flocks; setting both up for the second end, a two hit death blow; hit one the fomenting of turbulence within the upper ranks by planting false information or over blown statements in the corporate media or creating jealousy within the group by offering more lucrative positions to some and not to others; hit two the complete co-option of the methods used to release the stress; turning them towards the reinstatement of the norm, lulling the public to sleep with piece meal structural changes wrapped in loop hole ravaged policies meant to leave the current structure unchanged. This plan was used successfully against the Black Panther Party, Dr. Kings SCLC, the Anti-War Movement, Environmental Groups, Conscious Music Stars and various other agitator groups. Readers who are interested in understanding these tactics should read the Church Committee Report and the 42nd Law of Robert Greenes Book, its title hints at my analysis; Strike the Sheppard and the Sheep will Scatter. Too close I want to summarize the above information into two quick points. [1] A leadership structure gives the enemies of such movements pressure points to manipulate, exploit and ultimately deconstruct its participants.

[2] Anyone directly involved with gathering people for this movement should make it a priority to understand their tactics and be ready to counter them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to reach you today.