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ARSPAK Global (Pvt) Ltd.

Company Profile / Introduction and Scope ARSPAK Global (Pvt) Ltd; the Specialist Consultants, Manufacturers and Engineers serve various Domestic and International Industrial Market Investors and Customers with Quality, Economy and Innovation in Developing and Executing New Projects and Businesses at all scales. We at ARSPAK recognize that most Investors seek TURN KEY SOLUTIONS from a single source. Hence, we have developed a network of associates and subsidiaries having diverse skills to provide our clients with a full service solution option from Visualization to Execution and even Market Development. ARSPAK can satisfy any client's Consulting, Project Planning, Designing, Engineering and Upgradation needs through GLOBAL INTEGRATION of highly qualified and experienced Strategic Partner Companies and Research Organizations. We are all aware that Pakistan is facing severe challenges on Economic Fronts and so does the Production Sector. Pakistani Imports are continuously increasing whereas local production is becoming more and more difficult with every passing day due to energy crisis and envious global market trends. In this situation, ARSPAK has identified several Projects that are highly feasible and precisely focused on consuming preferred local raw materials but producing either exportable goods or replacing currently imported goods with local production, both ways, saving foreign exchange and providing economic products to local processors and consumers. Low energy consumption and environment friendliness are among key features of these projects. Budgetary flexibility is high, customers may opt an Investment from Few Million to Several Billion Rupees, depending upon desired product and capacity. Generally these projects promise very Fast Pay Back i.e. 2 to 3 Years but ARSPAK also have some projects that will pay back in less than a year, amazing ! We call you to consider diversifying and investing in any of these New Businesses as soon as possible. For further details and setting a meeting, please email, write, call, text or fax us as per your own convenience.

ARSPAK Global (Pvt) Ltd. is Corporate Member of Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and Industries. NTN No: 3550656-3


PLANTS: ARSPAK offers following Technologies and Manufacturing Plants on Turn-Key or BOT Basis (This list is not complete) 1. Coal Fired Power Plants (CoGen, TriGen, CCP) 2. Solar, Wind and Hybrid Power Plants 3. Boilers with Multi Fuel Options 4. Single Super Phosphate (SSP) Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant 5. Zinc Sulphate Fertilizer Manufacturing Plant 6. NPK Nutrients Manufacturing Plant 7. Humic Acid Manufacturing Plant 8. Phosphoric Acid Manufacturing Plant 9. Caustic Soda Manufacturing Plant 10. Sulfuric Acid Manufacturing Plant 11. Fruit and Vegetables Pulping Plant 12. Soya Milk and Soya Yogurt Manufacturing Plant 13. PET Bottle Recycling Plant 14. Metal Ore Enrichment Plants 15. Ammonium Chloride Manufacturing Plant 16. Ammonium Sulphate Manufacturing Plant 17. Sodium Sulphate Manufacturing Plant 18. Ferrous Sulphate Manufacturing Plant 19. Magnesium Sulphate Manufacturing Plant 20. Magnesium Chloride Manufacturing Plant 21. Potassium Chlorate Manufacturing Plant 22. Calcium Chloride Manufacturing Plant 23. Hydrated Lime Manufacturing Plant 24. Di-Calcium Phosphate (DCP) Manufacturing Plant 25. Di-Ammonium Phosphate (DAP) Manufacturing Plant 26. Earth Quake Resistant Concrete Block Manufacturing Line 27. Solid Waste Briquette Making Line 28. Wood-Plastic Composite Decking Manufacturing Line 29. Safety Glass Manufacturing Line 30. Chilling and Extreme Cooling Technologies Applications 31. Water Treatment and Purification Plants 32. Wastewater Treatment Plants 33. Separation and Filtration Technologies Applications etc. ARSPAK also Manufactures / Supplies Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Reactors, Evaporators, Filter Presses, Centrifuges, Pumps, Valves, Flow Meters, PLC Systems, Inverters and other Parts.

CHEMICALS: ARSPAK Manufactures, Supplies and Exports following Chemicals and Materials (This list is not complete) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Hydrated Lime Zinc Sulphate Alum Sulphate Phosphoric Acid Humic Acid NPK Nutrients

7. Sulphuric Acid 8. HCL 9. Caustic Soda / Flakes 10. Hydrogen PerOxide 11. Styrene Butadine Latex 12. Nickel Screens 13. Specialty Lubricants 14. MRO Products 15. Fire Fighting Chemicals 16. Refrigeration Gases 17. Industrial Gases 18. Silica Gels 19. Industrial Resins 20. Enzymes 21. PTFE and PVB 22. Specialty Ceramics 23. Insulation Materials 24. Metals (Steels, INC Alloys (Incoloys) , Haste Alloys, Titanium, Copper, Aluminium, Lead etc.) etc. Through global arrangements, ARSPAK can Source and Supply all types of Chemicals, Reagents and Materials to meet customer requirements.

REFERENCES: Following is the list of our Major References and Distinguished Customers (This list is not complete) 1. Nishat, Faisalabad 2. Chenab, Faisalabad 3. Crestex, Faisalabad 4. Nishat, Lahore 5. Kohinoor, Lahore 6. Hi-Tech, Lahore 7. Sadiq Feeds, Multan 8. Saleemi CNG, Faisalabads First CNG station 9. Al-Rhmat Traders (Textile Mills) Faisalabad 10. Five Star International, Faisalabad 11. Kay & Emms, Faisalabad 12. MN Chemicals, Faisalabad 13. Clarient, Jamshoro 14. ARC, Faisalabad 15. Dawood Textile Industries, Faisalabad 16. Fine Processing Mills, Faisalabad 17. Zafar Fabrics, Faisalabad 18. Arif Textiles, Faisalabad 19. Sweety Textiles, Faisalabad 20. Sadaqat Textiles, Faisalabad 21. Ittehad Textile Industries, Faisalabad 22. Niagara Mills Limited, Faisalabad 23. Ahmad Textiles, Faisalabad 24. Fateh Textiles, Faisalabad 25. Crescent Bahuman Limited, Bahuman 26. Punjab Beverages (PEPSI), Pakistan 27. Engro Power, Pakistan 28. Pagel, Pakistan 29. Thia Land Embassy, Islamabad 30. Chaman Chemicals, Pakistan 31. Water Care Laboratories, Sri Lanka 32. Melbourne Textiles Washing Plant, Sri Lanka 33. Eskimo Knitwear, Sri Lanka 34. MAMUJEE Trading, Sri Lanka 35. DEVI Trading, Sri Lanka 36. JAYS Trading, Sri Lanka 37. UNIKEN, Sri Lanka 38. GALPAYAGE Enterprises Panadura, Sri Lanka 39. Unilliance Textile, Bangladesh 40. Rahim Textile, Bangladesh 41. Islam Garments, Bangladesh etc.

PRINCIPALS: Following is the list of our Major Principals (This list is not complete) 1. YongDa, China Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Reactors etc.

2. HIJC, USA Adsorption Chillers 3. Nishiyodo, Japan Adsorption Chillers 4. Trisep, USA Membrane Separation Technologies 5. ROPV, China FRO Pressure Vessels

6. Orival, USA Filtration Technologies 7. RD Specialties, USA Microprocessor Controllers

8. Cognitoquam, Greece Industrial Automations, Robotics and Specialty Electronics 9. Prime Chemicals, Canada Specialty Chemicals, Enzymes and Reagents 10. Zozen, China Boilers, Oil Heaters and Heat Exchangers (Coal, Oil, Gas, Biomass etc) 11. Virok, China Textile Machinery 12. Mitsubishi, Japan PLC, Industrial Automation etc.

KEY PERSONNEL: Chief Executive Mr. Arshad Munir Kazmi Cell: +92 300 8650465 Email: Director Engineering Division Mr. Amir Qayyum Cell: +92 332 8661110 Email: Director Chemical Division Mr. Anjum Sharif Sheikh Cell: +92 333 6512355 Email: Company Secretary Mr. Nizam Jahan Khan Cell: +92 300 6202726 Email: General Manager (Head Office) Mr. Muhammad Athar Munir Cell: +92 321 2385465 Email: Lahore Office: Mr. Yasir Ilyas Choudhry Cell: +92 300 4008702 Email: China Office: Mr. Max Gao Jun Cell: +86 1380 1508378 Email: Bangladesh Office: Mr. Mirza Muhammad Younas Cell: +88 0192 4938443 Email: Sri Lanka Office: Mr. Adil Asmat Cell:+94 77 7705054 Email:

ADDRESSES: Head Office: 21 - Sabina Town, Main Boulevard, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610. Pakistan. Telephones: +92 41 875 6521, 875 6522 Fax: +92 41 875 6523 Email: Factory: 22 - Sabina Town, Main Boulevard, Sheikhupura Road, Faisalabad - 37610. Pakistan. Telephones: +92 41 875 6521, 875 6522 Fax: +92 41 875 6523 Email: Lahore Office: FBL Group, 1-D, Nawab Town, Mian Center, Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Tel: +92 423 531 4491, 531 4492 Fax: +92 423 531 4493 Email: China Office: YuanJin Impex, 14-1, QingDe JiaYuan Business Zone, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China. Tel: +86 519 8688 6026 Fax: +86 519 8669 8062 Email: Bangladesh Office: Arslan Traders, Road No 12, House No 23, Sector No 3, Uttara, Dhaka, Bangla Desh. Tel: +88 0167 3569395 Email: Sri Lanka Office: Standard Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, 61 - Abdul Caffoor Mawatha, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka. Tel: +94 11 2370799, 4378931 Fax: +94 11 2573213 Email:

WEB ADDRESSES: Commercial Website of ARSPAK Global (Pvt) Ltd. Commercial Website of Environment Friendly Adsorption Chilling Technology by ARSPAK

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