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Purchasing Process Flow

In the process Olim`s company, several issues oI interest in reducing the risk oI loss and
maintain the quality oI purchased materials. This is because, the Olim`s company order
quantity oI material according to orders. When there is demand Irom customers, the Olim`s
company will conIirm on quantity orders. AIter approval, the purchase will make a report and
purchase materials Irom suppliers in progress.
As a business that provides services and service products, the Olim`s company very detailed
in purchasing supplies and materials Ior basic supplies. In the Iirst step, to avoid the charge oI
raw materials and quantities oI materials, the Olim`s company purchase request Iorm and
quantity oI items to record the quantity and quality oI the materials required to meet orders.
More importantly, the purchase request must be authorized by designated members oI
management to check and veriIy, make sure the purchase is necessary Ior each operation.
AIter the Olim`s company have to choose a provider that can Iollow the desired criteria.
Olim`s company will place an order. StaII involved in the purchase will provide a report oI
purchase. This report will be matched with pranumbered Iorm to ensure acceptable quantity
corresponding to the ordered materials.

AIter receiving the goods ordered, the company has to pay suppliers and get an invoice. In
this process, the Olim`s company pay attention to these issues cut, ensuring liability and
acceptance oI inventory recorded in the same period.
AIter approval, the Olim`s company need to select qualiIied suppliers to supply orders. In this
process, the Olim`s company should pay attention to the risk oI unauthorized suppliers.
Background research may be conducted prior provider. Other relevant inIormation such as
credit terms, delivery should be reviewed. Purchase oI journals should be recorded with the
purchase and the account in the Olim`s company. In this company is playing an important role
as well as inter-related in order and record the liability Ior each purchase made to the supplier.
When the goods ordered and received, checks the quality and quantity oI goods to be carried
out so that the order is received correctly and the quality oI the material is not aIIected. In
order to ensure the accuracy oI the goods received, the Olim`s company using original
documents that record the price and quantity Ior each order..

rganization involved members in the purchasing activity

In Olim`s company, the three main departments involved in the purchase oI the marketing
department, purchasing department and accounts department.
Marketing department serves as the receiving requests Irom customers. AIter conIirmation by
the marketing department in a request, a report made and sent to the purchasing department to
purchase raw materials. This case because, according to company Olim purchase ordering
Purchasing department will select the provider in advance. In selecting suppliers, the
department is concerned with things like the quality oI materials, shipping materials and a
minimum price. AIter the supplier is selected, the purchasing department to place an order
according to a report released by the marketing department. This department will place an
order aIter a report released by the marketing department conIirmed in advance. This case
because, to ensure accurate orders made and there is no error in an order. AIter the order is
carried out, the department will make a report on the total quantity and price oI materials
ordered and recorded. This report will be sent to the department account to be recorded.
AIter receiving reports and invoices Irom the purchasing department. Accounts department
will record the total price to be paid to the supplier. Amount to be paid is based on reports
Irom the purchasing department. This department will take care oI liability against the