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#OccupyCleveland  receives  new  permit  for  Public  Square  
  Cleveland  –  October  24  –  The  City  of  Cleveland  issued  a  new  permit  today  to  #OccupyCleveland.    This  will   enable  the  movement  to  continuously  occupy  a  space  adjacent  to  Public  Square  legally  through  October   31st.    The  new  permit  allows  the  group  to  set-­‐up  a  10  x  20’canopy  to  protect  members  from  the  weather   but  prohibits  any  camping  or  sleeping  overnight  on  the  permitted  space.    The  new  permit  is  for  the  use  of   a  10  x  60’  area  on  the  sidewalk  adjacent  to  West  Roadway,  located  just  west  of  the  Mayor  Tom   Johnson/Free  Speech  quadrant  of  Public  Square.     In  communications  with  City  officials  #OccupyCleveland  facilitators  have  stressed  that  their  movement  is   part  of  a  national  and  global  movement,  in  approximately  250  cities  nationwide,  and  in  82  countries   worldwide.    The  occupy  movement  seeks  to  empower  individuals  through  cooperative  living  and   democratic  consensus-­‐based  decision-­‐making.           #OccupyCleveland  is  willing  to  compromise  within  reason,  however  the  original  permitted  120’  sidewalk   space  quickly  became  inadequate  for  the  movement,  and  was  the  impetus  for  the  group’s  attempt  to   move  to  a  quadrant  of  Public  Square.    #OccupyCleveland  will  continue  to  engage  in  peaceful,  civil   disobedience    demanding  a  permanent  home  as  reclaimed  democratic  space  where  the  movement  can   develop  and  grow.         City  of  Cleveland  Ordinance  #s  559.45  (sleeping  in  public  space)  &  559.541  (10:00  pm  –  5:00  am  curfew),   were  passed  in  2007  in  response  to  the  City’s  attempt  to  regulate  the  homeless  population.     #OccupyCleveland  contends  that  these  ordinance  are  unconstitutional  because    they  unreasonably  limit   freedom  of  speech  and  assembly  on  public  property.    By  not  lifting  the  10:00  pm  curfew,  the  City  has   made  it  clear  that  there  are  no  intentions  of  supporting  the  movement's  fundamental  aim  of  occupying  a   public  space  for  an  alternative  civic  commons.    In  protest  of  the  City’s  position  eleven  members  of   #OccupyCleveland  participated  in  non-­‐violent  civil  disobedience  and  were  subsequently  arrested  Friday   evening.     In  response  to  the  City’s  actions,  one  of  those  arrested  said  “  I  believe  there  should  be  no  curfew  on   peaceful  freedom  of  assembly  and  speech,  although  we’ve  made  every  attempt  to  compromise  with  city   officials,  their  position  is  to  refuse  anyone  from  sleeping  overnight  on  public  property  anywhere.    The  

Occupation  gaining  strength  and  support,  call  for  volunteers  to  occupy  square  24/7  


city,  the  Downtown  Cleveland  Alliance  and  Huntington  Bank  had  effectively  evicted  #OccupyCleveland       from  public  square  and  foreclosed  on  our  home  downtown.”     Activities  of  #OccupyCleveland  continue  with  the  most  recent  daily  schedule  including:   1)  educational  programs  at  12:00  noon;  2)  organized  marches  at  3:00  pm;  and,  3)  general  assemblies  at   6:00  pm.    4)  8-­‐10pm  Artistic  Outreach.  All  activities  are  organized  to  commence  on  the  Mayor  Tom   Johnson  quadrant  (northwest)  of  Cleveland’s  Public  Square.     The  movement  also  is  putting  out  a  call  to  community  members  to  join  and  help  the  movement  by   attending  activities  and  volunteering  to  staff  the  #OccupyCleveland  space  on  Public  Square  24  hours  a   day  and  seven  days  per  week.    The  movement  is  being  forced  to  occupy  Public  Square  by  requiring   members  to  stay  awake  and  constantly  be  engaged  in  public  education.    Occupy  volunteers  should  sign-­‐ up  for  rotating  shifts  by  emailing  or  calling  216-­‐212-­‐0610.     #OccupyCleveland  dare  to  imagine  a  new  socio-­‐political  and  economic  alternative  that  offers  greater   possibilities  of  equality.     #end.      

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