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Henry C.H. Hill B.A. (Hons) 21 Egerton Road Berkhamsted Herts.

HP4 1DT Mobile: 07528 604347 E-mail: Personal: Am friendly, polite, confident and articulate. Gained extensive experience of coordinating teams during the course of years of political and debating activity, sitting on the committees of several university societies and conducting two election campaigns. Possess good public speaking skills and can also produce high-quality written work, as demonstrated by contributions to The Mancunion as well as websites such as Slugger OToole, ConservativeHomeUSA, Open Unionism, The Commentator and The Student Journals, where I was the first regular Contributor taken on. My own blog, Dilettante, has attracted attention from the mainstream media, won recognition from the political blogging community and solicited written responses from senior political figures. Education and Qualifications: Sept. 2011 Present: News Associates, NCTJ Qualification

Sept. 2008 June 2011: University of Manchester, Undergraduate in History Graduation, July 2011: Sept. 2001 - June 2008: Upper Second (67.25 Average) Chesham Grammar School White Hill, Chesham, Bucks. HP5 1BA English Literature (A); Politics (A); History (B) Religious Studies (B) Mathematics (grade: B); History (A*); Economics (B); English Language (A); English Literature (B); Double Science (B, B); R.S. (half GCSE, grade A); I.T. (half GCSE, grade A)

A2 levels, June 2008: AS levels, June 2007: GCSEs June 2006:

Work Experience: Sept. 2011 Present: Open Unionism Editor Took over as editor of this well-regarded and popular website, soliciting and editing content from a wide range of opinion-formers and political writers. August 2011 Present: The Bullseye Editorial Board Member and Contributor Contribute to and oversee the house magazine of the European Democrat Students, a pan-European organization with over 1,600,000 members, as a member of the editorial board of BullsEye. First ever contribution was run as the front-page lead of that edition. Oct. 2010 Present: BBC Radio Political Panelist - Represent the Conservative Party on Radio 5 Lives Up All Night Young Parliament panel, and have also appeared on BBC Radio Manchester and other 5 Live programming.

Apr. 2010 Apr. 2011: Manchester Debating Union, Publicity Director

Sat on the five-person Executive of one of the largest student debating societies in the country - the largest debates had audiences several hundred strong. Was responsible for designing, innovating and coordinating the publicity for a year-long schedule of public debates and training sessions as well as the annual Manchester Inter-Varsity competition.

June 2007:

YouGov Plc. Peter Kellner, 50 Featherstone Street, London, EC1Y 8RT - Year 12 Work Experience, where I learned the business of polling in addition to office work. - Invited to work for a month, two weeks longer than the mandatory requirement.

Other awards and skills: Oct/Sept 2010/11: Total Politics Blog Awards: st - 2010: Top 100 Conservative Blogger (41 ) after a few months writing. th th - 2011: Top 20 Right Wing Blog (18 ); Top 20 Right Wing Blogger (16 ); Top th th 10 Conservative Blog (7 ); Top 10 Conservative Blogger (8 ); Top 100 UK th th Political Blog (55 ); Top 100 UK Political Blogger (48 ). - This makes me the top Right Wing student blogger in the UK. Young Writer on Liberty Award: - Won this prestigious writing competition organized by the Adam Smith Institute, winning three books, two weeks work experience and 500. - The Ayn Rand Foundation sent me an extra prize in recognition of my work. Insight into Broadcasting & Journalism: - Well thought-out questioning, writing speed and style drew praise from the experienced journalists taking the course. - Was one of two participants in print journalism (out of forty) to be invited to read my work to the group at days end.

Sept. 2011:

April 2011:

Sept 2010 Aug 2011: Students Union Council: - Elected to serve on the strength of my own campaigning without the support of any of the major factions or blocs. Sept 2008 Present: Debating: -

Represented the MDU at several inter-university competitions, always finishing in the top half of the rankings. Performed at many public debates, and considered one of the best public speakers in the MDU.

December 2008:

Politics Prize: - Awarded the school prize for Politics for the 2006-08 academic period.

July 2007 Aug 2007: World Challenge: - The application involved a spoken presentation, various team-building exercises and fitness tests. - The trip itself entailed spending three weeks in Malawi with a team of classmates, a challenging mountain climb and a week spent helping to renovate a school. References: Available on request.