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Register with the State: With a DBA/fictitious name you will be able to register the name with the state to conduct business with this name for the entire state. A lot of very small businesses choose this path, or those who are not sure if the company is going to fly and want to start small and work up to incorporating later. 2. What to Consider: If you choose the DBA as your filing, then name you choose can be used by another company. So the name is not to you alone in Florida. The other thing to consider is that if you file a DBA, there is no limited liability. What this may mean to you is that if someone sued the company, your personal assets would be available in a lawsuit. If this is not a concern then a DBA would be fine. 3. Legal Notice and Business License: Once you have the DBA filed with the state, then you will need to do a Legal Notice in a local newspaper, then obtain a business license with your county. A business license/occupational license or business tax receipt is required by most counties in Florida to have the legal ability to do have a business in that county. Check with your local tax collectors office to see what they require.

4. Florida – DBA

5. File a Florida DBA
6. A DBA must be filed in Florida when an individual has selected a business name different form the business owner’s personal name or a corporation, LLC, LLC, or partnership chooses to operate a business under a name different from the incorporated registered name. 7. 8. 9. Choosing a DBA Name Florida statute decrees a fictitious DBA name cannot include the words, corporation, incorporated or their derivatives. A DBA cannot contain any vulgar or obscene language. A DBA should include a proper description of the business. 10. Filing Exceptions 11. A DBA does not have file their fictitious name if the business entity is an attorney licensed in the state of Florida. A DBA does not have to file the fictitious name if the owner is licensed to practice by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Department of Health. A DBA does not have register with the state of Florida if the owner’s full name is included in the DBA title. For example, John Doe’s Jewelry Shoppe would not have to register a DBA. However, John’s Jewelry Shoppe would have to register their DBA. 12. Requirements for Filing In order to file a DBA in the state of Florida the following information is required: 13. Name and address of the business Name and address of the business owner or owners If the filing entity is a corporation the tax identification number is required Notarization of the DBA form Filing fee of $50.00 A DBA does not have to list its name in a local newspaper 14. Once the DBA has been filed, the state of Florida will mail out a letter acknowledging receipt of the DBA registration. The letter will include the name registered, registration number and the date the name was

one must provide the name and address of the business and the name and address of each owner. the DBA must be notarized. A DBA for a corporation. or renewal. 16.O. 15. to comply with a license permit or registration. If the ownership changes. Department of State Division of Corporations Corporate Filings P. For corporations. Proof of filing must also be provided to many banks in the state of Florida in order to open up a business bank account. The Division of Corporations will mail out a renewal application 90 days prior to the expiration of the DBA to the mailing address recorded with the DBA." "limited liability partnership. unless the person or business for which the DBA is registered is incorporated or has obtained a certificate of authority to transact business in Florida pursuant to chapter 607 or 617. the DBA may not contain the words "corporation" or "incorporated. to apply for the issuance of a Federal Employer Identification Number. at least once. In addition. One does not have to file if the business is formed by an attorney licensed in Florida. To contact the state of Florida with a DBA questions or problems write: 19. the Federal employer's identification number (EIN) is required. one does not have to file any corporation. the owner must file a cancellation re-register within thirty (30) days after the occurrence of the change." or their abbreviations." "limited partnership. When filing a DBA in Florida. or by a person licensed to practice by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation or the Department of Health. DBA licensing Auto sales . or to facilitate the creation and maintenance of a database (including a directory of businesses containing any information regarding the activities of such businesses). in a newspaper as defined in chapter 50 in the county where the applicant's principal place of business is located is also required. 17. A Certification of publication. Or call: 21.com customizes your legal DBA filing to comply with local requirements." or any abbreviation thereof. Any other information deemed necessary to adequately inform other governmental agencies and the public of the DBA must also be submitted. and there is a fee for registration. However. Proof of filing must be provided to the state to obtain an occupational business license." "LLC. no matter where you live. or limited partnership is not required to contain the type of legal entity in which the person or business is organized. or other commercial entity that is organized or registered in Florida. FL 32314 Department of State 20. Box 6327 Tallahassee. Forms are available at the Secretary of State and may include the Uniform Business Report to create index records as a substitute for any annual report or renewal filing. When filing a DBA in Florida. LLC. cancellation. unless the business uses differs from the name as licensed or registered. they are listed below. Failure to file a DBA is punishable in the state of Florida as a misdemeanor. The name is valid for five (5) years and expires on December 31st of the fifth year if it is not renewed before December 31st. From a procedural standpoint. limited liability partnership. Electronic Filing/Internet Access Help Desk (850) 245-6939 Registrations/Renewals (850) 245-6058 FLORIDA STATUTORY GUIDELINES LegalZoom.registered. Contact the State of Florida 18. partnership. A DBA once filed in Florida is good for five years. as well as the Florida incorporation/registration number. There are some continuing obligations associated with filing a DBA in Florida. if you're interested in the specifics. including the terms "corporation.

sell. When registered. You must wait until this occurs before you can file an electronic return. http://dor.aspx?id=8920 ( When you apply for a license.In general.eflorida. applications sent to Tallahassee that pertain to other regions will be sent to the appropriate regional office and could delay processing time. However. Apply for an Employer Identification Number (EIN) Online Check Out Our Interview-style Application No need to file a Form SS-4. no matter how you apply (phone. applying for business licenses. Make sure to return the form to the regional office that serves your locale. You can then download. Wholesale Dealer: allows you to buy. you still may need additional tax registrations such as sales tax. it will take up to two weeks before your EIN becomes part of the IRS' permanent records. and print your EIN confirmation notice. including opening a bank account. through bidding. and deal only at wholesale prices with other licensed dealers. and filing a tax return by mail. However. make an electronic payment. vehicles from other dealers. fax. employment withholding tax and income tax registrations. home or web based businesses as well as big businesses must register for business taxes. mail.myflorida. Requirements to Obtain a Florida Motor Vehicle Dealer License . or pass an IRS Taxpayer Identification Number matching program. also available at any regional office of the Division of Motor Vehicles.html http://www.com/Why_Florida. you'll need to specify which type you need: Independent Dealer: allows you to deal in used motor vehicles only. for retail or wholesale sales. you will receive a business tax registration certificate most commonly called a business occupational license. or online). We ask you the questions and you give us the answers. Note: You will need the free Adobe Reader to download and read PDF files.com/dor/taxes/registration. save. This EIN is your permanent number and can be used immediately for most of your business needs. After all validations are done you will get your EIN immediately upon completion. Auctions: allows you to sell. Franchise Dealer: allows you to deal in new motor vehicles in agreement with a manufacturer. It also allows for the sale of used vehicles. The Application Process To receive your motor vehicle dealer license. You'll need to provide required documentation and pay any applicable fees. It also prohibits retail sales. All small. you must complete the application.

The continuing education shall include at least two hours of legal or legislative issues.o o o o o o o o Completed application $25. This is in accordance with Florida Statute 320. Such certification shall be filed once every two years commencing with the 2006 renewal period. fictitious trade name registration.27 (4)(a). and five hours of relevant motor vehicle industry topics. All independent dealers must provide proof of at least eight hours of continuing dealer training upon renewal.000 personal injury protection.25 (per person) for fingerprints and processing License renewals Dealer licenses must be renewed annually. officer of the corporation. at a fee of $75. Please check with any Division of Motor Vehicles regional office for details. partner. one hour of department issues. federal employee ID number) Fingerprints Note: Franchise dealers may have additional requirements.000 bond or letter of credit Garage liability insurance Copy of business lease or proof of ownership of location Approval (by DMV representative) of dealership location Certificate proving completed dealer training seminar Business documents (copies of corporate agreement. Auction dealers. Wholesale dealers and Salvage dealers have the option of providing a garage liability insurance certificate or a general liability insurance policy coupled with a business automobile policy. or director) has completed eight hours of continuing education prior to filing the renewal forms with the department.000 combined single-limit liability coverage including bodily injury and property damage protection. Fees o o $300 per approved location $54. Both must have at least $25. Independent Dealers  Independent dealers. . Also necessary is $10. which reads: o "Each independent dealer shall certify that the dealer principal (owner. sales tax number." Continuing (and initial) dealer training can be found at the following locations: o o o Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association: (888) 587-0004 Advanced Dealer Training Institute: (888) 791-9511 Florida Auto Dealer School: (866) 884-0549 Find more information on approved dealer training sites at any regional office of the Division of Motor Vehicles.

the effective date and the expiration date of the policy. you'll have to meet credit-score requirements and pass a background check. phone and fax number of the insurance agency also must be listed on the certificate. Requirements and fees vary. so contact your state's Department of Transportation or Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).000 at time of application. the bond number.General Certificate details  The general liability certificate must contain information displaying the insurance company's name and address. The name of the surety bond company. Florida 32399. Signature on the bond can be of the surety agent or the attorney in fact and a power of attorney for the attorney in fact must accompany the bond. The insured's name and address must be listed with the garage liability box checked. Tallahassee. the typed name of the surety agent. The name. phone number. the name of the dealership with the signature of the principal of the dealership are required on the bond as well. This provides protection in case someone is hurt on your used-car lot or in the event of an accident in one of your cars before you are able to sell it.  3 Secure liability insurance as well as insurance for the cars you'll sell. Surety Bond  Auto dealer applicants must provide a surety bond in the amount of $25.com/list_6807166_florida-auto-dealer-insurance-laws. Room A312. the effective and expiration date must all appear on the bond. The certificate holder must be listed as Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles.com http://www. 2900 Parkway. In some states. Read more: Florida Auto Dealer Insurance Laws | eHow. .html#ixzz1ZCSeuxlS Meet Your State's Legal Requirements  1 Get a dealer's license.ehow. MS# 65 Neil Kirkman Building. This bond is intended to ensure that consumers can recoup losses if you commit fraud or employ unethical business practices that cause them to lose money. The complete address. The bond must show the exact business name and all fictitious names to be used by the dealership. address. Mobile home dealers who do not sell recreational vehicles are not required to get a surety bond. the amount of coverage.  2 Pay a surety bond. the policy. This is an expensive but usually mandatory part of becoming a used-car dealer.

through online and in-person auctions and from private sellers you find through newspaper ads and for-sale signs. Remember . what type of surety bond is needed. you may be able to sell them for a 50 percent profit or more. which requires a dealer's license from the state. The process is very similar to apply for a business loan. After making sure they're in acceptable condition. and financials.com/how_2309932_start-used-car-dealership.com/list_6648308_florida-new-car-sales-laws. how much experience does the business have and of course. Keep in mind that they may need licenses in some states. if you are applying for a $50.com http://www.Start Your Used-Car Business  1 Find a lot on which to park and sell your used cars. making sure it has proper zoning for use as a used-car lot. collections. To get a license. The surety company requires that your financial equity be at least five times the bond amount.000.  3 Hire salespeople to assist you. a dealer's sales site has to be approved by the state. The surety company will evaluate your credit.ehow. Therefore. experience. Also.ehow. Keep in mind this is different for each bond type and state because some types of bonds have a higher loss ratio than other types of bonds. anyone who sells or displays for sale three or more vehicles in any 12-month period is assumed to be a car dealer.000 Surety bond the surety is looking for a net worth above $200. Rates vary on a multitude of conditions such as which state is it for.com http://www. what is the financial outlook for the company or individual. This can be one of the most expensive parts of starting a used-car dealership.html#ixzz1ZCTgrpnr We must first understand what a surety bond does as well as the factors that are involved that will determine the rate as well as obtaining a surety bond approval. Read more: How to Start a Used Car Dealership | eHow. make sure you'll be able to meet any applicable signage regulations. They also review your business financials to make sure that your company has a positive net income and worth.html#ixzz1ZCSyCYVq License  According to Florida law. Most companies are looking for a credit score above a 670 with no public records. Read more: Florida New Car Sales Laws | eHow.  2 Buy used cars from other dealers. or slow pays. which surety company is writing it. and he must file an application along with the $300 fee.

You may say to yourself well I would rather post the money with the state instead of paying a little more for my surety bond. Fortunately. Many Surety Companies will require collateral or simply decline your submission if you cannot qualify. So using a $25.000. after your bond is no longer needed or you are no longer in business the state will not release the collateral for several years. Keep in mind that each surety has a minimum premium for a bond. If you meet these requirements and the type of surety bond is not considered hazardous such as a financial guarantee than you should be able to qualify for a preferred rate of 1% to 3% of the surety bond amount.com/1351593 PUBLIC AUCTIONS To begin your search for public auto auction in Central Florida. Therefore. the following places are one of the best locations to go: Copart Salvage Auto-Auction at 8100 Mccoy road in Orlando. Gulf Coast Auto-Auction along 11807 Little Road of New Port Richley. and Central Nite Auto Auction at 1125 Thorpe Road of Orlando among many others. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.00. Insurance Auto-Auction at 151 W Taft Vineland road of Orlando. you can of course do that but keep this in mind the state will not release your collateral until the statue of limitations is up. there are still programs that will not decline your bond due to credit or other conditions they will just charge a higher rate. especially with the surety bond market tightening due to an influx of claims. financials or experience do not meet the surety companies requirements instead of declining you the rate will be higher for an example if you where approved at a 5% rate the cost would be $5.00 to $250. but you only run into these scenarios if your bond amount is under $25. Big Sun Auto Auction along 1205 NW 27th avenue of Ocala. Here is how is how it works if your business does not qualify for normal bonding the rate can be anywhere between 4% to 25% rate this is only for License and permit bonds.000.000 Surety bond and your credit. Valle Auto Auction LLC at 30115 State Road 54 of Wesley Chapel. not every person or company can meet the surety requirements for preferred rates or even qualify for bonding. Unfortunately.com/2981779 .that you are indemnifying the surety so the surety wants to make sure you are able to pay a claim if one occurs. Article Source: http://EzineArticles. Clearwater Auto-Auction at 5152 126th avenue at Clearwater.00. which is usually $150. So if you where applying for a $100.000 surety bond as an example and the rate was at a 3% the cost would be $750.00 with no collateral.

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