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About Edwin Ebreo
Edwin C. Ebreo is the founder and President of ExeQserve, Corporation, an HR Solutions Company. He is also the company’s head consultant for Organization Development and Human Resource Development. Prior to establishing ExeQserve, Ed worked as HR Director/Manager for CheQ Systems, a Software Quality Engineering Company, Athena E-Services Group of Companies, a BPO company and PET Plans, a pre-need company that had a diverse number subsidiaries that Ed was tasked to manage. During his stint with these companies, Ed was able to develop his expertise in managing the HR Department as a shared resource among groups of companies, handling no less than three companies at a time. He was also Head of Training for SPI Technologies, one of the largest and pioneering BPO companies in the Philippines. He also headed the training department of Philippine Seven Corporation, the local licensee of the 7-Eleven chain of convenience stores. He started working as a freelance Human resource and Organization Development Consultant on weekends at the early age of 28. He finally left full time HR Management practice 5 years ago to concentrate on consulting. He eventually setup ExeQserve Corporation in 2007 to cater to his growing clientele. His 15 years of experience helps Ed appreciate organizations and people from various industries and help them achieve their full potential through training and other HR-related interventions. As a Human Resource Management and Organization Development Consultant, Ed has helped several companies and on government agencies establish their HR and OD Strategies. Ed has also designed and facilitated training on the following skills; leadership and management; coaching; performance management; customer service; creativity and innovation; presentation skills; time management; personal effectiveness; visioning; assertive communication; HR Management for line Managers; problem solving and decision making; managing meeting; change management; selling; team building; strategic planning and trainers’ training. He continues to customize programs to meet the unique needs of organizations. Ed is a passionate public speaker. He is an active member of Toastmasters Club with a norm of Advanced Communicator Silver. As a Toastmaster, he has helped establish clubs and mentored members to achieve their full potentials as public speakers and leaders. As a consummate HR Professional, Ed has offered free advice on career, human resource management, leadership and other topics through his popular blog “Anything HR by Ed” (http://anythinghr.blogspot.com) and Pinoy Career Coach (http://pinoycareercoach.blogspot.com) Ed took up Mass Communication at New Era University and has completed various training programs that helped him develop his competence in leading and training. His most important education is his experience as human resource development professional helping companies achieve their full potential through their people.


ecebreo@exeQserve.com (632)8933199 or (63918)9399294

You may ask Ed for his CV detailing his career background and the number of courses and clients he already has.

Our Methodology
We offer more than training
We offer you five reasons to avail of our service. 1. Customization – we are eager to know more about your company and the target participants in order to enhance the accuracy of our program in addressing your employees real needs. 2. Preparation – We believe that training and change go hand-in-hand. We prepare our participants for training by giving them a briefing and helping them prepare for the requirements of the training. Because of this approach, our participants are ready to jump in with both feet when they attend our training. 3. Engaging workshops – We make sure that our courses are highly interactive. We employ the most interactive activities to help participants be more engaged and focused on learning. 4. Post-training report – During our workshops, our facilitators carefully observe the behaviors of our participants and take notes of possible issues and challenges that may get in the way of application of learning. We also observe participants for demonstration of leadership, creativity and communication skills. These, together with the many outputs of the program are organized into a report together with our recommendations for next steps. This helps our clients keep tab of the participants learning and follow through. 5. Follow through session – We offer a half-day session meeting with the participants one month after the session to find out how they applied the learning and what additional help they need so they can be more effective in their jobs.


ecebreo@exeQserve.com (632)8933199 or (63918)9399294

Basic Leadership and Management Development Program (3-day Course)
Investing in the development of leaders is the best investment an organization can make. Leaders fulfill key responsibilities that could spell the difference between success and failure. It is therefore critical that they are equipped with the right set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and habits (K.A.S.H.) to carry out the responsibility of mapping the organization’s future, developing strategies to get the organization there and actually making it happen. These are seldom done through sheer leadership talents. Leaders whether they are called team leads, supervisors or managers need to acquire these K.A.S.H. through an appropriate training interventions and their deliberate effort to enrich their cache of leadership and management tools through continuing personal development. The Basic Leadership and Management Workshop is designed help the supervisors and managers to assess their own mindsets and adjust accordingly to the NEW leadership paradigms. It will also equip them with the basic management tools like planning, organizing, leading and controlling and communicating. It is also designed for them appreciate not only their roles as leaders but more so the dynamics of teams and what they need to do to encourage teamwork. The workshop also contain tools for coaching that they can use to capitalize on the strengths of their team members and work on their areas for improvement. The program also covers leadership styles and covers situational leadership lengthily. Both programs utilize learning games, role plays and case studies for deeper impact. At the end of each session, the participants will be asked to commit to a forward agenda to put learning to action. The facilitator will gather inputs from the workshop and submit a post workshop report that management can use to support the ongoing development of its leaders. Workshop Objectives By the end of the workshop, the learners would be able to: · Shift mindset from worker to leader and from boss to leader · Describe the process in building teamwork · Identify the basic management tools (P.O.L.C.) · Use communication as an important leadership tool · Align actions with organizational values Target Participants New or upcoming supervisors, managers, team leaders who haven’t attended a basic training on leadership and management.


ecebreo@exeQserve.com (632)8933199 or (63918)9399294

Process Objectives Day 1 · Know the course organization and apply house rules



Introduction Opening Remarks House Rules Leveling of Expectations Ice Breaker

9:00 to 9:30

· Shift Mindset from worker to leader Module 1 Transitioning to Leadership Role · From Doer to Leader · From Boss to Leader · Key Responsibilities of a Leader o To the Team o To the Individual Members o To the Organization o Key Leadership Competencies and Qualities · Overcoming Roadblocks to effective Leadership · Describe the process in building teamwork Module 2 Understanding How Teams Work · Understanding What a Team is · 5 Stages of Team Development · Building Blocks of Team Effectiveness Day 2 & 3 · Describe basic supervisory and management tools Module 3: Supervisory and Management tools · Planning · Setting S.M.A.R.T. Objectives · Programming and Scheduling · Action Planning · Leading · Various Leadership Styles · Situational Leadership · Managerial Grid · Motivating · Organizing · Appreciating structures · Delegating and empowering · Controlling · Managing employee performance · Coaching to improve performance · Maintaining Discipline in the workplace Module 4 Communicating with your Team · Basic Principles of Communication · The Communication Process · The Leader as a Listener · Communicating to deal with Conflicts in Teams Closing

9:30 to 12:00 And 1:00 to 2:00

2:00 to 5:00

9:00 to 3:00

Use communication as an important leadership tool

3:15 to 4:00



ecebreo@exeQserve.com (632)8933199 or (63918)9399294

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