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Christo Conti
Dekalb Avenue & South Elliott Place, Brooklyn N.Y. 11217 Ashraf Donn
Micheal Golender
• MEET SCHEDULE• Johnson Lau
Darren Lee
Lorris Linton
MEET: Marin Luther King Jr. Relays Andrew Malone
PLACE: Armory Track & Field Center Gyasi Nicol
at 168th Street and Fort Washington Avenue, Manhattan Roger Wan
DATE: Monday, January 17, 2005 Stephen Wordie
Yevgeni Zilberman
DIRECTIONS: Vaibhav Aggarwal
A, #1, or #9 trains to 168th Street, then walk one block west to Fort Washington Thomas Black
Daniel Chan
Peter Deng
Denys Dudnyk
Anthony Guzman
Roger Hua
*Relays will be made as athletes arrive. See title page for list of events.* Rafael Klein-Cloud
Darryl Oliver
Aleksan Sinayev
Toshiki Takei
Field Events Christo Truong
Long jump will start at 8:15 and will be followed by triple jump. Edward Be
Joshua Bryan
High Jump will Follow after the completion of the hurdles. Ka Ho Chan
Tony Chen
Pole vault will begin at 9:30 James Davie Jr.
Solomon Fong
Dillon Fu
Boy’s Indoor City Championship Qualifying Standards Ken Fung
Ricky Mei
Travis Mirchin
Triple Jump – 38’5’’ 55m dash – 6.78 3200m – 10:30.0 Jeffrey Park
High Jump – 5’8” 55m HH dash – 8.70 1600m – 4:44.0 Adam Schwarzenber
Shot Put – 40’7” 300m dash – 37.7 4x200 – 1:37.50 Tommy Vo
Pole Vault – 8’0” 600m run – 1:27.0 4x400 – 3:37.80 Roger Wan
Donald Winston
Long Jump – 19’2” 1000m run – 2:43.0 4x800 – 8:31.80 Henry Wong
Jae Hoo Yeo
Ronn Callada
Patricio Guaiquil
Andrew Jones
Athletes on Roster As of January 17, 2005 Joseph Jensen
Niaz Osman
Keegan Phillip
David Veystman
Hakim Walker
Timothy Brathwaite
Ernest Yushvayev
Harry Chan
Rafi Yusuf
Andrew Chen
Martin Luther King Jr. Relays
*The two event rule applies to this meet, except for the pole vault, which Armory Track & Field Center
can be added as a third event. 168 street and Fort Washington Avenue,
* All events score. There will be separate frosh, and varsity team scores Manhattan
kept. Scoring will be on a 6-4-3-2-1 system.
Indoor Track Monday, January 17, 2005
* Medals will be awarded to the top five places in each event. Plaques to
the top 3 teams in each category.
* The event judges will determine opening heights in the pole vault and Order of Events
high jump. *All events follow this order: Freshman then Varsity. 2x1500 meter race walk Varsity only
The hurdle finals will follow the trials. Invitational 300m Dash-Trials
* The order will be Frosh Girls, Frosh Boys, Varsity girls, Varsity Boys. 3x55 meter shuttle hurdles (Frosh/Soph and Varsity)
ALL Girls hurdle races will run before the boys. The Frosh/Soph 4x800 meters
Shuttle Hurdle Relay teams must contain at least one freshman. 4x200 meter trials Varsity only
This event will be counted in the freshman team scoring. Sprint Medley (400-200-200-800)
* The high jump will begin at the promptly at the completion of the
At 1PM the following events will be held:
hurdles. Freshman and varsity will jump together. Boys and girls
will compete at the same time on two aprons.
Opening ceremony
* An OPEN PIT as described below will be used. The triple jump and
long jump will be run as open pits. When the event is called ALL
Final 300m Dash (Girls & Boys)
contestants for the event must sign-in, get their steps and run
throughs. Once competition starts, only run backs (from the board
Invitational One Mile Run (Girls & Boys)
back to the runway are permitted). When the pit is closed, a time for
competition will be determined by the Referee in conjunction with
Varsity 4X200m Relay Final (Girls & Boys)
meet management. It is the responsibility of the athlete to take
his/her jumps during this time. The athlete must wear their assigned
Track events in progress will be completed before the special events
PSAL number and, in the case of the triple jump, tell the event
judge which board they will be using.
above begin
* The shot put for girls will begin at 8:15 am. Followed by the boys.
Frosh girls will throw the 6lb. Shot. Frosh boys will throw the 8lb
Frosh Distance Medley (1000-200-600-1600)
shot. and Long Jumpers will receive 4 attempts.
* In the horizontal jumps and the shot put, final places will be
Varsity Distance Medley (1200-400-800-1600)
determined by the best of three trials.
* PSAL assigned numbers must be worn by all competitors in all events.
4x 400 meters
* PSAL pole vaulters must be registered on the Qualified List.
4x 200 meter final Frosh

Field Events

2x shot put, 2x long jump, 2x high jump, 2x triple jump, 2x pole vault