Darrel Hazell—Ohio State University—Grand Rapids 2006 Winning in Transition: To play WR @ OSU the top 4 skills are: 1.

Catching 2. Release/Escape 3. Break Point 4. Blocking Create a Drill checklist, but watch game film and tailor drills to mirror game like situations. Break Points: 1. Hard Angle Cuts (Hardest skill) a. 2 step cut i. Route side foot 1. hard into the ground ii. Off Foot 1. hard upfield iii. Come back iv. Body posture 1. Eyes 2. Hips 3. Arms 4. Steps v. Change Posture 1. shoulders and head should lunge forward on 2nd step 2. get them over your toes vi. Get your face out of the break 1. the hands should come up late vii. Smooth transition and explosion 1. Feet should be just wider than the hips to facilitate explosive change of direction b. Drills (on Video) i. Cone Drill ii. Posture Drill 2. Speed Cut (easiest) a. Just like riding and turning a bike b. Drop the route side shoulder i. Gravity will then make the turn c. Keep the arms working through the break d. Get the face out of the break e. Drills i. Cone drill

Slight step outside the DB frame to the outside c. Get nose up on the defender in the stem b.3. Get skinny ii. Turn your chin not your shoulders Drills: 4 cone drill Coach R R Synchronized Break R R R R M Drill ( slow paced) = back up Vertical Cut . Vertical a. Explode out and up i. Leverage back on top of DB d.

Double Pop c. Replace the hip (back hand drill) 1. Whip (abbreviated swim) a. get that arm off your body 3. Lower Body i. get skinny ii. smack him on the cheek as you get by him b. target the elbow 2. Release side hand 1. Upper body (bird dog) i. Strike outside part off elbow on move side 2. Drills i. Stutter 1. Jab 1. get your hip past his hip 2. Our release chain drill . to iii. away from break ii.C This slight step occurs 1-3 yards from the defender Q R Jet Drill: works catching off a hard break and getting vertical R R R Q Releases and Escapes: 1. Stack release 1. Backside hand 1. in case you did not clear it with first move iii. to 2. away 3.

for vertical release bubble step out then re establish vertical 3. Curl iii. Used more downfield when being grabbed b. Duck under/Duck Out (good vs. Excecuted vs. DIG ii. Sink and sit 1. trail defender b. With defender on your hip push vertical 1 or 2 steps and snap it off back onto the route. Excecution i. 2 step cut i. near hand on defender’s near butt cheek iv. Crossing routes b. Stack’em a. Stair Step a. drop shoulders and rip through 2. release versus corner who fakes a bail technique 2. Wall technique) a. Out iv. Used on i. . 2 step break iii. Get hip to hip with defender ii. Rip a. Head and shoulder fake opposite c. Comeback b.ii. Roll hips through to get clear Escapes: 1.

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