By: YBhg. Datuk Badlisham Ghazali CEO, CEO Multimedia Development Corporation

MSC Malaysia, ICT & Open Source O S

Open Source can leverage on these procurement requirements & regards them as great business opportunities pp
Note: * Total investments required for all NKEAs is RM1.42 trillion for 10 years Assuming 20% of the total EPP investments is in ICT as per the average ICT investments of Enterprises in OECD Countries (2004 OECD Study)


The Ecosystem
The community : stimulate initial demand and create products The government : stimulate demand and create an enabling environment for open source software to thrive

R&D in technical areas such as application development and nontechnical areas, such as legal issues and commercialisation strategies

Community Govt


Edu Institutes I tit t Businesses
The businesses : create demand and technical expertise in the field to address demand The education institutes : produce p graduates with OSS capacity

G Govt

Strengthening The Ecosystem - Government
Government Open Source Framework

active participants in OSCC e-marketplace e-


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Businesses
Local Rev  (Million)
Local Rev (Million) 1,138 

No of OS  Companies
No of OS Companies

Export Rev  (Million)
Export Rev (Million)

R&D (Million)
R&D (Million)

167  512 

169 684  63











37% growth h

60% growth h

41% growth h

39% growth h

Significant growth and performance [revenue, export and R&D] [ t d of MSC Malaysia Status Companies on Open Source over the past 3 years


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Businesses

169 MSC Malaysia Status companies key revenue are derived from Open Source Source. Collectively earning close to RM 1.13 Billion in professional services and customised software developments.
OSS Technology adoption by MSC Malaysia Technology Status Companies
Technology J Java T h l Technology c++ MySQL Linux Language Java Script ERP Package Java Oracle PHP BD LAMP Unix No of Cos 41 15 7 10 17 3 13 30 3 27 7 15 2

Skilled developers in these segments are still small (at 2.3%) with room to grow at 5-6% annually.


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community
Expanding and Enriching the Open Source Communities
Products R&D

Innovation at Promotes and g g encourages greater use and support of open source technologies and solutions. Continue to produce world class Malaysia developers

Service Created

Service Created

Recognition / Skills

No. of Enterprise / Industry


No. of Community Market Share, Revenue


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community

89 Speakers – 57 local, 32 foreign From key Open Source proponents : Google, Mozilla, Free BSD, Adempiere, Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Novell, Microsoft, Cybersecurity
Outcomes: • 804 participants – Govt (36%), (Business16%), Developers/Geeks (16%), Students (32%) • More than 30 new leads for Open Source projects/companies • YABhg Tun Dr. Mahathir, father of Open Source movement in Mahathir Malaysia launched Open Source Developer • launched (open source operating system)


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community

New leads for MSC Malaysia Status companies: 1. OSDC MY Sdn Bhd 2. Virtual Softnet Solutions Sdn Bhd 3. CLIQ Ventures Sdn Bhd 4. AsiaOne Services Sdn Bhd 5. OSC.MY 5 OSC MY Sdn Bhd 6. Xadira Games Sdn. Bhd.

Open Source collaboration projects & partnering: 1. with 2. Ubuntu with IASA 3. with UIAM (CITA) 4. with SAHABAT

FDI OSS leads: 1. with AOSSC 2. MAMPU with AOSSC Total Participants: 710


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community
Target Registrants: Registrants: Enablers: Enablers: 4,000 4 000 + PHP developers registered on

PHP on Windows training kit, virtual
hosted laboratory environment, moderated Q&A forum, administrative modules and Marketing Activities

Target Job Seekers:

4,000 + PHP developers registered on PLUS any individuals/companies interested in posting their services 2,000+ Microsoft public and private sector customers PLUS any individuals/companies interested in engaging software development services Web self-service job matchmaking facility with bidding mechanism, administrative modules and Marketing Activities

Target Projects

To go “live” in November 2010
Enablers: Enablers:


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community

32% of pre-seed projects funded were developed on Open Source Platform


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community

Success Stories
Online/Mobile App Development • 11 iPhone apps On Sale in Malaysia and US iPhone App Stores
The Apps on sale are making an average revenue of USD 1,000 per week for the first 3 weeks after being launched.

Talent Development • 1,000 + trained in basic app development (iPhone &Facebook) • 181 trained (iPhone and Android Advanced) • Android Platform Training – completed pax) (130 p • Job Attachment (350 trainees) attached to 6 companies


Strengthening The Ecosystem - Community
ICONapps Trainee: Jason Khong Group SMS Messaging Sending SMS messages to p p multiple receipients

Ranking #10 in  Android   market

Ranking #11 in  Android   market

ICONapps Trainee: Francis Pang Mobile Micro Blogging Allows users to write micro blogs on a mobile platform and interact with other users

ICONapps continues to show tangible results: • Generation of income • Creating demand • Spawning entrepreneurs


Strengthening The Ecosystem -R&D
Enhancement of Human Machine Interface (HMI)  Human Machine Interface (HMI) system  called Integrator Caching and Acceleration for Broadband and Mobile Devices Development of novel bioinformatics software to predict the dynamics of dengue virus antigenic epitopes in recurring dengue outbreaks in Malaysia. g g y
Alpha Primes a workflow implementation to bind together a specific selection of professional retail software. GlobeOSS Roaming Assurance Project

MGS Recipient

Arahe Quantum Beez

BaseCamp | VFX

GlobeOSS Sdn Bhd

InSynchro (M) Sdn Bhd

Search Engine in Mobile Technologies for Efficient Knowledge Dissemination in Enterprises K l d Di i i i E i X-Net Artificial Intelligence Software Development Kit (SDK).


Edu Institutes

Strengthening The Ecosystem - Education

Open Source Skills Set Java J MySQL Linux PHP5/6 Total 2009 439 371 268 113 1191 2010 Total 806 645 704 396 2551

367 274 436 283 1360

Innovative Collaboration with MNCs, Universities & IHLs in Open Source Curriculum & Certifications

Curriculum enhancement not keeping pace with technology innovation (moving faster)


Widening Skills Mismatch: k ll Supply & Demand Gap

Moving Forward

To cooperate and contribute to the p growth of OSS (Open Source Software) in Malaysia by solidifying Open Source ecosystem To attract both OSS FDI and DDI to invest and encourage business on Open Source platform and technology To ensure contribution to the growth of national GDP by spurring business innovation in Open Source usage & adoption