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Rikhters Thievery

City level


Description: Take the letter that proves your innocence to the guard captain. Summary: You start outside the city walls. As you climb up and reach high altitude for the first time, you see the captains house (where he should be) on top of a huge hill. The guards are already alerted as they know you have escaped from prison. To move up to the house, the player needs to move through streets, alleyways and houses without being seen by guards searching the area with torches. After you sneak your way to the captains house you find it empty but you hear two guards saying that the captain is taking his dog for a walk at this time. He does this at the nearby training grounds where youll find him inspecting the soldiers casually while circling the grounds. The barracks are heavily guarded and you cant approach the captain without being caught. You need to hide in a place where there are no cats or guards and control Roble to get the dogs attention. The dog will follow Roble and subsequently get the captain to your hiding spot. Here, Rikhter show him the proof.

Its night, the streets are sparsely lit up by lanterns. The city is built verticaly to still have a big city that is more linear. The player start outside the walls of the city and as you climb up you see the captains mansion high up on a mountain. The environment is mainly dark. The color palette is composed of contrasting blues for the streets and the oranges for the inside of the houses and the guards torches. The architecture is a mix of medieval and steampunk. The houses are not so technologically advanced.

Level overview

Slum district


Very poor area with beggars, everything is dirty. Medieval feel, low steampunk.


The player will face mele, ranged and spotters. Avoid patrolling guards.

Millitary / commoners


Millitary and farmer area with animals. Some steampunk things sutch as a wind mill that uses steam.


The player will have to take out an enemy sniper in this area, other then that there is only mele guards. Avoid 1 patrolling guard.



Marketplace area. Small buildings around the marketplace, bigger mansions around the city walls. Welathy people sutch as nobelmen, priests, and merchants.


Mele and ranged guards. Avoid 1 patrolling guard.

Noble area


Welthy area with huge buildings, church and the captains mansion. Everything is clean, expensive and good looking and quite mutch steampunk technology.


Mele, ranged and spotter guards. Many patrolling guards. Using Roble


Artifact list

Rocks, mountain, trees, night skydome Boxes, torches, ladders, barrels, fountain, junk, merchant booth Mele, ranged, sniper, spotter, cat Beggars, rats, birds, horses, sheep, cows Dialog between two guards saying that the captain is taking his dog for a walk. Dialog when Rikhter show the guard captain the letter proving that he is innocent.

Fire, steam, smoke, dust Dripping diry water Clean water for fountain Flies