Scenario 1: Use your workplace as your case study, identify a product or service that you can use.

Please consult with your Facilitator before selecting this option. They will need to know details of the scenario ie Type of workplace that you are going to use and the product and/or service you are intending to use.

Executive Summary
KFC, which belongs to Yum! Brands, Inc, is one of the most reputable and strongest brand names in the fast food market. In 2001, in the trend of the busy life style and the increase in income of citizens in big cities, KFC Vietnam franchise was signed and began to provide the Vietnamese with American taste and convenient meals.

Assignment 1
1) Target Market: Young adults between the age of 19 to 29, children ranging from 4 to 14, and adult males who are single are the targeted segments that KFC will focus on to develop. Young adults between the age of 19 to 29 This segment occurs in a number and is one of the most promising markets. Ideally, teenagers everywhere in the world eat fast food, drink coke and watch MTV. Most of them are financially dependent on their parents. It means that the ability to purchase fast food meals a few times a week is completely possible. Children ranging from 4 to 14 years old. It has come to a conclusion that family value is so strong in Vietnamese culture, especially in the modern age; children are received the best care ever by their parents. Fast food is becoming a trend and trends are for youngsters. Not only do the children go to a fast food restaurant to eat, but also do they go there to have fun with others. Why wouldn’t the parents pay for a healthy place where their children eat well, play well and feel well?! Heavy users, singer working adult males. This segment was identified to be a fascinatingly profitable market. A male who does not cook goes to a fast food restaurant and becomes a loyalty customer. Loyalty customers who keep coming back very often beat up all other light users in term of percentage of food served. The prices are reasonable and applicable for this group of customers.

2) Market Segmentation: The latest statistics data showed that the average income of HCM city citizens was at 1,341,700 VND per month in the year 2003 and would increase dramatically in the following 5 years. This means that more people will be able and willing to go to fast food restaurant for convenience and timesaving. There are several market segments that have been identified to be targeted for KFC. Our survey and researches show that there is a large percentage of KFC existing customers are young adults range from age of 19 to 29. This segment is potential and important to the business. Many of young customers from this group go to KFC with friends on some occasion and many of them went to KFC for that first time and went back again. Observation revealed a huge number of children who go to fast food restaurants on occasion such as birthdays or holidays accompanied by parents. Generally, the demand for fried chicken, which has been a traditional food in regular meals in family is very high. Newly products such as hamburgers and French fries are trend setters in the market. Almost all customers of the fast food industry in Vietnam are now from upper-middle class and upper. KFC meals’ prices are a bit higher than local traditional food restaurants’. Few customers are heavy users. Males who are single and do not cook would go to a local restaurant almost every day. In comparison to the light user segment, this segment would contribute a lot more to the revenues of a fast food company.

3) Positioning and Branding: In 1939, Colonel Harland Sanders first gave the world his most famous taste, Original Recipe® Kentucky Fried Chicken, which was made from secret blend of 11 herbs. In 1952, Colonel signed up his first franchisee and then, began the largest chicken fast-food empire in the world called the KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) brand name. At that time, millions of people have come to love his delicious chicken and hot biscuits. KFC is just one brand owned by Yum! Brands, Inc. Actually, Yum! Brands also owns A&W All-American Food Restaurants, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants. It is the largest restaurant company in terms of system units in the world with nearly 32,500 in more than 100 countries and territories. In Vietnam, although rice, “pho” and other traditional food are favorable, fast food has recently been seen as one of the significant alternatives food in the modern life style when people have less time to cook hearty meals for themselves. As the result, KFC Vietnam franchise contract with Yum! Brands, Inc was signed in 1991. Now, thirteen KFC Vietnam outlets have been opened in Ho Chi Minh City with the target of building a chain of at least 20 outlets in Vietnam in 2006 and 50 outlets in 2010. According to Lisa Ronquillo, general director of KFC Vietnam (2001), although the fast food industry in Vietnam is still in its infancy, KFC expects the market to reach a stage where fast food is a part of everyday life.

Assignment 2
1) Objectives: Increase sale revenue from $480,000 in 2004 to $650,000 in 2006 and increase market share from 46% in 2004 to 55% in 2006 Remain extensive marketing campaign while focusing on intensive marketing campaign in 2006-2010 periods. It means we still broaden our brand awareness but it is necessary to show a clear and impressive image of KFC Vietnam to public. Our purpose is not only to make our customers think of us as a strong American fast food brand name but more important, they should aware of us as a friendly agent that is willing to solve their problems, satisfies their needs and be responsible for social duties. Attract new customers and remain repeated customers. Overall, we should achieve at least six thousand customers per month from our 13 existing outlets Pay more attention on developing children services since it is a very potential niche market. Actually, in 2004, children packages occupy twenty two percent total sale revenue and we hope it will be increased by thirty four percent next year. 2) Promotional Mix: KFC Vietnam has a various types of sales promotion. For example, we offer special 10% to15% discount on holiday occasions such as 1/6, 8/3, summer holiday, Merry Christmas, etc. In birthday party packages, KFC gives party discount, free gifts of toys and decorators to the children. In addition, if people buy medium French fries plus 1,000 VND, they will get new “7 lucky star” French fries. Everyone likes discount and children like toys; therefore, these activities will encourage people to come to try and enjoy our foods.

Provide clear mission statement “We are here to make your life a little bit easier” for public through flyers, leaflets and discount vouchers. Create a simple and attractive KFC Vietnam website to provide timely and interest information. This website will also update menu and food options as well as support for online order service in combination with a door-to-door distribution service. Making “Guinness” hamburger. Issues the discount vouchers at primary, secondary and high schools or universities at school finished time as two of our main target customers are children and teenagers. Improve public relation by providing scholarship presents for poor and laborious students. We will also cooperate with Ho Chi Minh City Youth Association to sponsor lantern presentation for poor children in Mid-autumn occasion or to present Tet gifts for poor children in order to create a generous and friendly image in the society. Notify all of KFC Vietnam’s cooking process criteria and quality certificates. Advertising on Tuoi Tre, Tiep thi Gia Dinh, and HTV9. Open two new outlets in Phu My Hung and Sai Gon Square. 3) Planning and scheduling promotional activities, creating a promotional action plan: The promotional plan will be start at 30/10/2006 and end at 31/12/2006. The promotional will complete among 60 days. This time is the end of year with much events such as the Teacher’s Day, Christmas and the New Year Day. It’s an important time of year. Total cost for promotional plan is $52000. 4) Realistic timelines and costs:

Task and Persons responsible Design statement, discount voucher Printing of statement & discount voucher Decorate two new outlets Recruit new staff Distribute statement and discount voucher Prepare program for opening two new outlets Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

Task and Date of task Design statement, discount voucher Printing of statement & discount voucher Distribute statement and discount voucher Planning and preparing for making “Guinness hamburger” Advertising on Newspaper Personnel Required Hourl y Rate Number of Hours Total cost personnel Resources required Cost per Units Total number units Total cost resources Total cost for task

5 10 100 50

$3.5 $2 $1 $5

80 80 120 40

$1400 $1600 $12000 $10000

 
Motorbike Raw materials

$5 $2 $4 $5

100 5000 100 1000

$500 $10000 $400 $5000

$1900 $11600 $12400 $15000

$700 per month




Other Costs


5) Strategies to co-ordinate the promotion plan: All task must be complete on time. Other department such as personnel department, finance department … will coordinate with marketing department to complete objective of company. Prepare a plan providing for against breakdown. Provide all equipment necessary for staff. 6) Identifying and preparing personnel and resources to support promotional activities: KFC is planning and preparing a event as making a “Guinness Hamburger”, it a biggest hamburger in the world. This event will be display in Dam Sen Park on the occasion of Christmas’s Day.
Promotions Mix Print media Personnel Required Marketing department to arrange media briefing Radio and TV PR department contact and arrange Caterers Team of 10 chefs,20 cook helper and 20 waiter Drinking-water Plastic plate Grocery list Aprons Oven Music society Five best singer will perform in event Venue PR department contact and arrange with represent of Dam Sen Park A large and a prestigious place can attract more people. Limit of 2 songs per singer. Press releases Resources Required Press releases

7) Identifying any legal or ethical considerations in relation to the promotional activities: KFC always serves customers with high quality products. Raw materials are provided by prestigious suppliers. KFC also has Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Certificate of Analysis of Food Hygiene. In order to serve customers with the best quality, KFC undertakes that special cooking processes and equipments that eliminate any chance of contamination computerize control technique to ensure highest quality and safety.

Assignment 3
1) Building the promotional team: To implement the marketing plan, we must be establishing the promotional team to support this promotional. The first team is a Design department. They will design a statement, brochure, discount voucher and printing it. They still design and decorate the interior for two new outlets according to KFC style. The second team is a Marketing department. They will set up a strategies and schedule all timelines and costs and implement it. The third team is a Public Relation department. They will planning and organize the event as “Guinness Hamburger” And the supporting from all department in company. 2) Strategies to communicate with target group: Creating a comfortable and friendly environment. KFC’s interior scenes shops are modern, simple and clear. There are small artificial trees and the ceiling is hanged decoration when they want introduce new products. In some KFC shops, they reserve an area for watching TV and TV’s programs are available through opening time or children area. All staff always to express a friendly attitude. They need to:    Smiling Making eyes contact. Respectful salutation.

Express a professional and a positive image of company as wear a uniform… Committing package and delivery product within 30 minutes.

3) Establish networks that can be used in promotional activities: We used a media print and electronic:  A media print: advertising in Tuoi Tre, Tiep thi Gia dinh, Thanh Nien…  A electronic media: on HTV, VTV, and Radio FM 99.9 MHz, online services, advertising on email and website. Distribute a voucher discount to all school and university in city. Have more than 13 outlets distribute product through city. Some outlets located in supermarket and Plaza will be attractive more people such as KFC Sai Gon Supermarket, KFC Diamond Plaza… 4) Press Release: Press Release

Venue: Dam Sen Park, 3 Hoa Binh St, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City. Time: 8:00 PM. Date: 24/12/2006.

The Guinness Hamburger

On the occasion of Christmas Day, KFC will be introduce and display a biggest hamburger in the word. KFC want to the Guinness Record will be establish in Viet Nam and assert the position and the KFC’s brand is the best company in fast food market in Viet Nam. We hope everyone will go to Dam Sen park to attend this event and share our joy. With you’d like to more information, Please contact Mr. Donald, the Marketing Manager. Phone number: (08) 8152085. Email:

Assignment 4
1) Strategies to gain feedback from customers: Creating a questionnaire. Establish a team of 50 member which has responsibilities to distribute these questionnaire to customers of company. Choose 1000 customers to research, research method is focus group. Choose customers at the age of 13 to over 50. When the customers go to back home, we’ll give gift for them. Limit time is one month. 2) Analysis of feedback: After collecting information from customers, we have carried out an analytics this information and the result is: 40% respondent heard about KFC Vietnam through their friends while about 27.27% respondents aware of us through our daily discount voucher issue in the supermarkets. This word mouth is a considerable advantage for us, as we do not have to pay a large amount of money for media advertising to gain customer awareness. It proves that our extensive marketing strategy has worked effectively. However, this costly effective method has a serious weakness: information can be distorted. The main customers of fast food are from19 to 29 years old. Besides, children show their interest in having party, especially birthday party in fast food outlets with funny party decorations, toys and yummy dishes. These two classes capture the major Vietnamese population. Most people believe KFC price is quite expensive. We will offer flexible price level. For example, with only 10, 000 VND, people can enjoy delicious Prince Burger, Queen Burger and other dishes.

71,11 % respondents of our survey chose KFC as their favorable brand and 77,27% believe KFC is the most famous brand in Vietnam. We’ll continue maintaining a trust from customers and more serve better than. 3) Review of planning, action and implementation phase of the project: Total revenue increased by 30% Uniting the KFC Franchisees within its membership and to represent, protect, and advance their interests Adding fish and pasta to KFC menu. Operating more advertising campaigns for new meals. Maintain and assert the brand image through the “Guinness Hamburger” event. A tremendous budget is spent on advertising, open two new outlet and organize event. Advertising campaigns are run consistently for introduction of new meals served, KFC locations, discount information, and services to consumers.

With the marketing plan, we have achieved the objectives of company with revenue increased by 30% and The “Guinness Hamburger” event have to make KFC brand to become a best brand in fast food market. KFC undertake will provide a best product and services to customer.

Continuous maintain a best brand image in customer. Open more outlets in city. Adding more new recipe for serving better than and meeting customers needs. Attract more new customer and increase revenue more than this year.

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