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Page 1 of 6 Q.1) The .NET Framework provides a runtime environment called..... ? A. B. C. D.

RMT CLR (your answer) RCT RC

Q.2) In ASP.NET in form page the object which contains the user name is ______ ? A. Page.User.Identity (your answer) B. Page.User.IsInRole C. Page.User.Name D. None of the Above Q.3) Find the term: The .NET framework which provides automatic memory management using a technique called ______________ ? A. B. C. D. Serialization Garbage Collection (your answer) Assemblies Overriding

Q.4) Which of the following denote ways to manage state in an ASP.Net Application? A. Session objects B. Application objects C. ViewState (your answer) D. All the Above (correct answer) Q.5) What is the base class from which all Web forms inherit? A. B. C. D. Master Page Page Class (your answer) Session Class None of the Above

Q.6) WSDL stands for _________________ ? A. Web Server Description Language B. Web Server Descriptor Language C. Web Services Description Language (your answer) D. Web Services Descriptor Language Q.7) Which of the following must be done in order to connect data from some data resource to Repeater control? A. B. C. D. Set the DataSource property Call the DataBind method Both A) and B) (your answer) None of the Above

Page 2 of 6 Q.8) Which of the following is FALSE? A. ASP.NET applications run without a Web Server B. ASP+ and ASP.NET refer to the same thing C. ASP.NET is a major upgrade over ASP D. None of the Above (your answer) Q.9) Which of the following transfer execution directly to another page? A. B. C. D. Server.Transfer (your answer) Response.Redirect Both A) and B) None of the Above

Q.10) If one has two different web form controls in a application and if one wanted to know whether the values in the above two different web form control match what control must be used? A. DataList B. GridView C. CompareValidator (your answer) D. Listview Q.11) Which of the following is used to send email message from my ASP.NET page? A. B. C. D. System.Web.Mail.MailMessage System.Web.Mail.SmtpMail Both A) and B) (your answer) None of the Above

Q.12) In my .NET Framework I have threads. Which of the following denote the possible priority level for the threads? A. Normal (your answer) B. AboveNormal C. Highest D. All the Above (correct answer) Q.13) In .NET the operation of reading metadata and using its contents is known as ______? A. B. C. D. Reflection (your answer) Enumeration Binding Serialization

Q.14) In ASP.NET the < authorization > section contain which of the following elements? A. < deny > B. < allow > C. Both A) and B) (your answer) D. None of the Above

Page 3 of 6 Q.15) The type of code found in Code-Behind class is ________ ? A. B. C. D. Server-side code (your answer) Client-side code Both A) and B) None of the above

Q.16) Common type system is built into which of the following: A. CLR (your answer) B. RCT C. RCW D. GAC Q.17) The actual work process of ASP.NET is taken care by _____________?

A. B. C. D.

inetinfo.exe aspnet_isapi.dll aspnet_wp.exe (your answer) None of the Above

Q.18) Which of the following allow writing formatted output? A. Response.Write() B. Response.Output.Write() (your answer) C. Both A) and B) D. None of the Above Q.19) Which of the following denote the property in every validation control? A. B. C. D. ControlToValidate property Text property Both A) and B) (your answer) None of the Above

Q.20) How many classes can a single .NET DLL contain? A. One B. Two C. None D. Many (your answer) Q.21) Suppose one wants to modify a SOAP message in a SOAP extension then how this can be achieved. Choose the correct option from below: A. B. C. D. One must override the method ReceiveMessage (correct answer) One must override the method InitializeMethod Both A) and B) One must override the method ProcessMessage (your answer)

Page 4 of 6 Q.22) Which of the following can be used to add alternating color scheme in a Repeater control? A. AlternatingItemTemplate (your answer) B. DataSource C. ColorValidator D. None of the Above Q.23) Suppose a .NET programmer wants to convert an object into a stream of bytes then the process is called ______________ ? A. B. C. D. Serialization (your answer) Threading RCW AppDomain

Q.24) The technique that allow code to make function calls to .NET applications on other processes and on other machines is A. .NET Threading (correct answer) B. .NET Remoting (your answer) C. .NET RMT D. None of the above Q.25) The namespace within the Microsoft .NET framework which provides the functionality to implement transaction processing is .................... A. B. C. D. System.EnterpriseServices (your answer) System.Security System.Diagnostics System.Data

Q.26) Which of the following method is used to obtain details about information types of assembly? A. GetTypes B. GetType C. Both A) and B) (your answer) D. None of the Above Q.27) Which of the following is TRUE about Windows Authentication in ASP.NET? A. B. C. D. Automatically determines role membership (your answer) Role membership determined only by user programming ASP.NET does not support Windows Authentication None of the Above

Q.28) What tags one need to add within the asp:datagrid tags to bind columns manually? A. Set AutoGenerateColumns Property to false on the datagrid tag (your answer) B. Set AutoGenerateColumns Property to true on the datagrid tag

Page 5 of 6 C. It is not possible to do the operation Set AutomaunalColumns Property to true on the D. datagrid tag Q.29) Which method do you invoke on the DataAdapter control to load your generated dataset with data? A. B. C. D. Load ( ) Fill( ) (your answer) DataList DataBind

Q.30) In ASP.NET the sessions can be dumped by using A. Session.Dump B. Session.Abandon (your answer) C. Session.Exit D. None of the Above Q.31) ASP.NET is a _________________________ ? A. B. C. D. Server Side Scripting Technology (your answer) Client Side Scripting Technology Programming Language Database Programming Language same as SQL.

Q.32) What is ASP+ ? A. ASP+ is the same as ASP.NET. (your answer) B. ASP+ is the Next version of ASP.NET (your answer) C. ASP+ is just an early name used by Microsoft when they developed ASP.NET. (missed) D. ASP+ is a programming Language Specially developed for ASP.NET E. ASP+ is the new Web Server by Microsoft after IIS. Q.33) ASP stands for ____________ ? A. B. C. D. Active Side Pages Active Script Pages Active Server Page (your answer) Active Script Program

Q.34) ASP.NET provides increased performance by ____________________? A. supporting active variables. B. running CLR. (your answer) C. running compiled code. (correct answer) D. using IIS Server Q.35) What is the extension of ASP.NET web pages files A. .ashx B. .aspx (your answer)

Page 6 of 6 C. .asp D. .ascx