Assalamu Alaykum brothers, Despite the ridiculous and outright disgusting statements made by the brothers at Quilliam Foundation

not a single Sunni Alim has said or done anything about them, because they sell themselves as anti-Wahabi, anti-terrorist, hoping to use the strong anti-wahabi feelings among us to trick us into silence or support for them. In fact, they are much worse than Wahabis as you will see. We need a round of denunciations of these people, because they are confusing and deviating many Muslims with their false claim of support from Sunni Ulema. 786

The Quilliam Foundation - A Warning
We focus on the Quilliam foundation because they unlike other secularist organisations they try to claim their authority & reference for their beliefs from classical Sunni Islamic sources, use deceptive methods to get access to masajids and Islamic institutions, and trick influential people and the government ministers into believing they have the best insight on how to deal with terrorism. This group is led by 2 people: Ed Husain, and Maajid Nawaz, who are both co-founders and co-directors of the Quilliam Foundation. It is funded a million pounds a year by the government, Maajid Nawaz and Ed Husain both get £85k a year, which is more than MPs who get paid £63k a year. [] This short document provides a list of direct quotes from these people ANTI-SHARIAH STATEMENTS This group reject that there are some aspects of Shariah that must be applied by the government. They claim that Shariah has never been applied by any Muslim government, sultan or Khileefah in the past, and say anybody that believes in incorporating Shariah in law in Muslim countries is an extremist or "Islamist". In June 2008 Maajid Nawaz went to give testimony in the US Senate, arguing that; "Sharia as State Law is a Modern and Irreligious Innovation" * "This again is a modern innovation unheard of in traditional Islamic sources. Muslim history is in fact bereft of examples of any type of Shari'ah being wholesale adopted as state law...On the contrary, ordinary Muslims are perfectly happy for the Shari'ah to remain a personal code of conduct....." *Maajid Nawaz in the Senate: *"The Concept of State has no Importance for God"*: *"How realistic is the expectation that Muslim-majority countries can really separate church (religion) and state?"*: He also tried to argue in his tour that there is room in a modern interpretation of Islam that would allow homosexuals. Ed Husain says that belief in *" Islamic state under Sharia Law – engendered anti-Semitism, homophobia, intolerance of Muslim women who did not adopt the hijab, and hatred of 'hedonistic Western lifestyles' – everything from clubbing to feminism."*

and flogging people.Majid Nawaz in his talk on the city circle forum entitled “In and out of Islamism”: http://www. he recognises that Islam does not define one political way of doing things or even does not define one social project or one moral standard by which society should *". ) “*Those who believe that a non Muslim is not human enough to lead a state (referrring to Khilafah) have dehumanised a non. outdated mode of stoning.timeout.Muslim…*” . Unless we are prepared to go the whole-hog."* and in response to Sardar *“Not just socialist but secularists” *Maajid said *"Yeah that is right.php?cann_id=195 * Arguing that "This House believes that political Islam is a threat to the West" *from the 26th minute of the debate.Ed Husain *"British Nor do I want to hear facile arguments that suggest Muslim women cannot be heads of state. not God's"* 09/2008 Prospect magazine *“Islamism is an ideology that believes sovereignty belongs to that legislation belongs to God…Those notions are alien to Islam” ...why do we need to go down that barbaric. places such as Pakistan. we would not have been able to argue for the nullification of medieval notions"* .“notions such as sovereignty belongs to God. and liberal Muslims"* With regards to the Islamic prohibition on women or Non-Muslims become at least Caliphs or heads of state (in his eye there is no difference): *"It is not an Islamic or her legal inheritance in a Muslim country to be one-third of a man's." * http://www. A Muslim Socialist can be just as convinced that what he is doing is consistent with the values of Islam i.thecitycircle.asp?d=46&res=hi On PressTV he says that Shariah was never applied by any Muslim government and that there is no Islamic books or chapters on Shariah ruling the state: *"There is nothing in the tradition of Islam that commands Muslims to impose one brand of Sharia or even one interpretation of a moral code on society"* *"What makes an Islamist who is involved in an Islamist party any better then a Muslim Socialist.ram Talking of Tariq Ramadhan they say *"Had he not opened the door to questioning sharia penal codes (hudood). and challenge and call for the overthrow of those types of governments that bring about that (Shariah) madness that ruin so many of our lives. theres no point in constantly blaming the west"* Listen to the interview here: http://www.Let's bring an end to this madness of stoning. or her testimony to be worth half that of a Muslim man in court. are notions that are alien to Islam”* ....thedohadebates..( By the way he had the usual insults towards the beloved Hudud of the Sharia before that. flogging and amputating. Iran and Saudi-Arabia. the Classical Jurisprudence books why do you not see…For example you see Bab al Salah Bab .com/blog2..html *"I don't want Camilla's (his daughter's) generation to suffer the indignities of scripturally justified attitudes of domestic or notions such as this state is Islamic and this state is not Islamic. inhumane.Full Interview here: http://www. it is an unislamic interpretation"* *“In the Kutb al Fiqh (the books of Fiqh) that you are referring

timesonline. INHUMANE. Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim .uk/tol/news/world/middle_east/article1685725.ece .nytimes.. and flogging where non-Muslim men and Muslim women are marrying. "Now you see women covering up everywhere in the name of multiculturalism.Let's bring an end to this madness of stoning.ece] Ed Complained: "Hijab in Tower Hamlets was unheard of when I was growing up"* says tracts/article1685726. then goes on to link "extremism".uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/books/book_ex tracts/article1685726. outdated mode of stoning. OVERTHROW GOVERNMENTS THAT APPLY EVEN SOME SHARIAH (PAKISTAN. OUTDATED. more than IRAN) *". had spawned a culture of pent-up sexual frustration that expressed itself in the unhealthiest The implication was that Muslim morality was superior. watching clad women pass by *.html? pagewanted=2&_r=2&ei=5087&em&en=ef59bd95605c9bd4&ex=1180929600] ATTACKING HIJAB *"In the name of multiculturalism we have created ghettos"* . inhumane.why do we need to go down that barbaric.ece *"In my Islamist days we relished stating that Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases were the result of the moral degeneracy of the West... places such as Pakistan. "But in a pluralistic world in 2007.." * Full Article here: theres no point in constantly blaming the west"* Listen to the interview here: http://www.Kitab al-Imarah (book of government)? SHARIAH IS BARBARIC. "terrorism" etc to multiculturalism [http://www. Large numbers of Islamists in Britain hounded prostitutes in Brick Lane and flippantly quoted divorce and abortion rates in Sawm…You never see a chapter on Islamic economics in that way. Iran and Saudi-Arabia. SAUDI.ram MUSLIM WOMEN SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO MARRY NON-MUSLIMS *"In traditional circles..html "Segregation of the sexes." *[http://www. you can't say. flogging and amputating. Unless we are prepared to go the whole-hog. you never see a chapter on the Islamic ruling in that way…”* What about in Sahih Muslim made worse by the veil.." Mr.. designed to undermine the West and inject false confidence in Muslim minds." * Full interview here: http://entertainment. and challenge and call for the overthrow of those types of governments that bring about that [Shariah] madness that ruin so many of our lives. 'You can't do that. I was convinced that this too was Islamist propaganda. Husain said. "islamists"." Full interview here: http://entertainment.

insulting. just as the cartoons of Jews in Nazi Germany did to the German peoples minds about Jewish people.ece *"If Muslims object to the French ban on the The other option of forced uncovering is a violation of religious law." *(Evening and stereotyping fuelling the fire of Islamaphobia." (Guardian March 12th 2007) *"There is no doubt in my mind that what happened in London on 7 July had nothing to do with the war in Iraq.htm l JUSTIFYING SUPPORT FOR THE INVASION OF IRAQ *"In early 2003 Saddam Hussein effectively invited the US army to invade Iraq by playing cat-and-mouse games with United Nations arms inspectors. So superficially they may sound the same. and implemented and the other is a simple an "Islamist" plan. has described the war against Iraq as being "clearly illegal" and added that "the US. others may invoke this right when drawing cartoons criticising our faith. they were blatantly racist. but they are totally different in light of all of the worlds Hans Blix.ece The cartoons were NOT "criticising our faith".ece + already imposed." * *What Islamist Plan? Where? The difference is that one is a real ban. and"*(Ed Husian's Book: The Islamist: p216) Even the chief UN weapons inspector to Iraq at the They wanted to see anything as evidence that the Iraqis had weapons of mass destruction. Just as some Muslims invoke this right when they attack freedom and democracy. Also covering hair does not violate any religious belief. we must also object to the "Islamist" plan to impose the hijab and ban women uncovering their hair."* If Muslim sensitivities are a reason not to draw the cartoons.php? option=com_content&task=view&id=302&Itemid=71 *French Ban on Hijab* http://www. then others' sensitivities are also a reason not to attack freedom and democracy. whereas forced uncovering offends and violates a religious belief. To remain silent in the face of intolerance is wrong. May 1st 2007) . after all.*Calls to Ban Hijab in Schools* http://ummahpulse. were witch-hunters. * JUSTIFIFYING RACIST CARTOONS OF OUR PROPHET TO BE COMPARABLE TO MUSLIM CRITICISM OF WESTERN FREEDOM & LIBERAL DEMOCRACY "Freedom of speech is a non-negotiable right. MORALLY EQUALISING DANISH FILM "FITNAH" COMPARED TO SUPPORTING PALESTINIANS *"If right-wing European films that show Islam to be a violent religion are irresponsible.. Extremism is intolerable. Imposing religion or antireligion are two sides of the same coin. then so are Islamist propaganda films that glorify suicide bombers in Palestine." http://www.thesun.

where non-Muslim men and Muslim women are marrying. In parts of London.yahyabirt..But we must also accept that many extremists are beyond ATTACKING THE VERY IDEA OF KHILAFAH OR MUSLIM UNITY AS ISLAMIST *"One wing of Islamists call for a single caliph to control the affairs of the world's one billion Muslims as a religious obligation. Muslims can spend months without any contact with mainstream British They used Shaykh Ahmed Babikr's name. they will be outlawed.html? pagewanted=2&_r=2&ei=5087&em&en=ef59bd95605c9bd4&ex=1180929600] CALLING FOR THE DETENTION & IMPRISONMENT OF ALL ISLAMISTS WHO DO NOT CHANGE THEIR VIEWS ". The British Government needs to deliver an ultimatum to Islamist organisations that unless they cease promoting their extremist world view.wordpress.. translated by Nuh Hah Mim Keller into English received a confirmatory certificate from al-Azhar University. The security of the majority cannot be sacrificed at the altar of minority The abuse of Hamza Yusuf's name to make Haram.' [Hamza Yusuf] Hanson says Muslim women should be allowed to marry non-Muslim men as long as she can practice her faith.nytimes."* http://www.. Muslim women are not allowed to marry non-Muslim men.. In it Nuh Keller adds a section entitled 'The Caliphate [al-khilafah]' to the original legal manual that he translated (which is called 'Umdat as-salik). Safavids. "But in a pluralistic world in 2007. For these. He said that some opinions allow a female convert to remain married to her non-Muslim husband if the marriage existed before Islam. Moghuls." Ed's full article in the Evening Standard Newspaper is reprinted here: http://www. Husain said. It is against this background that extremist organisations Keller explains his inclusion as follows: . And these empires did not control Muslim populations in China and Africa. detention and imprisonment is the best way to ensure liberty for the rest of us...MISUSE OF SCHOLARLY NAMES Misuse of the name of Shaykhna Abdullah bin Bayyah http://maqasid. 'You can't do that. you can't say.britishidentity The Reliance of the Traveller. But historically. multiple political leaderships: the Ottomans." Hamza Yusuf never said Much of Islamism can be dismantled when analysed in light of history and orthodox scholarship. and consequently had to withraw it for misleading the public: http://maqasid. Muslims have always had simultaneous. Halal as illustrated above by the quote about Muslim Women Marrying non-Muslim men: *"In traditional circles. and that no amount of rehabilitation and ultimatums will bring them back to normality. *[http://www." Mr..

presstv. The session involved introducing the work of The Quilliam Foundation to the Saban Center.. & FEEDING WRONG INFORMATION TO POLICE The American Jewish Committee . and other masters of ours.thepeninsulaqatar."* Then he goes on to discuss in various chapters headings such as "On the Denial of Khilafah by designation.asp? section=Local_News&subsection=Qatar+News&month=March2008&file=Local_N ews200803041416. So how can anyone claim that the Shariah is not applied by the governmnet and that there are no chapters of the classical Ulema dedicated to the Islamic State. accordingly. the teacher of the great Imam al-Ghazali in his book.Our purpose in this book is to proclaim the basic principles of the topic {of Khilafah} and . Umar. has a section dedicated to the need for a But campaigned to allow racist anti-Islamic Geert Wilders into the UK. But Qaradawi & Hamas should be SUPPORTED BY ANTI-ISLAMIC ZIONISTS & NEO-CONS IN AMERICA.. The Washington Institute for Near East Policy .. we cite those that are certain.Established by the later US Ambassador to Israel .core of the Israeli Lobby The Brookings Institution. http://www. "Our (Sunni) doctorine affirms the Immamate of Khalifa Abu-Bakr. may Allah be pleased with them all. and says it is fundamental to the deen.yahyabirt.Spent it's time campaigning to lift boycotts in the US and UN against http://www. The discussion centred around what Quilliam could offer the US. They also argued to allow Ehud Olmert the Israeli Prime Minister not be banned because in the case of the Israeli’s it is not an issue of a deliberate attack on civilians but one of “collateral damage”. and it's spawn the Saban Center for Middle East Policy involved in an Israeli Espionage Scandal "Maajid Nawaz and Ed Husain then met with staff from the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at The Brookings Institution. why did not one classical Muslim text have a chapter dedicated to this?" Imam al-Haramayn al-Juwayni. Uthmanm. unless they are ignorant or liars! FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR THOSE THAT INSULT THE PROPHET. In the Last Section "The Doctrine of the Immamate" Imam Juwayni says: *"The Qadi. and confirming that it is by election". OR ZIONIST MURDERERS BUT NOT FOR AL-QARADAWI They campaigned with success to ban Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradwi from entering the UK for hosiptal treatment: http://www. and vice versa. their characteristics. whether there was a . Imamah or Khilafah. "On Elections. and how the Imamate is to be appointed". and Ali"." Ed Husain said *"It never occurred to me that if Islamic governance was of such importance. have written books which cover the subject of Imammate exhaustively."This section has been added here by the translator because the caliphate is both obligatory in itself and the necessary precondition for hundreds of rulings (books k through o) established by Allah Most High to govern and guide Islamic community life.

. without exception. There is nobody who does more on behalf of Israel than Joe Lieberman." http://quilliamfoundation.php/component/content/article/305 Maajid Nawaz has been carrying this vitriolic message against all Islamists and trying to create a definite causal link between Islamism and terrorism to people like anti-Terrorism head Marc Sageman of the New York Police Department's Intel division: http://www... Lieberman currently ranks fourth on the list of candidates who received money from pro-Israel Political Action Committees (PACs) in 2006.. chairman of the pro-Israel National Action Committee Political Action Committee (NACPAC). is the No. 1 pro-Israel advocate and leader in Congress. and hope to assist in any way possible to liberate Islam from They also visited the Los Angales Police with the same mission: http://www.php/component/content/article/312 In his statement to the senate there is a heading from Quilliam Foundation website: "Islamist roots behind the tactic of terrorism" under which Nawaz says: "government cooperation with Islamist groups provides them with much-craved legitimacy and should be avoided" and ends no conditions .The Quilliam Foundation's staff stand ready to be called upon whenever they may be required. has stated that "Joe Lieberman." According to The Center for Responsive Politics.quilliamfoundation. That is why he is incredibly important to the pro-Israel ." Mark Vogel. "Senator Leiberman..radicalization problem in the US and how the Saban Center and Quilliam could cooperate in future on this issue.

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